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From the Burpple community

In addition to the supposed must-try char siew and siew yoke, we ordered the roasted chicken too since we saw good reviews on Burpple (thanks Julius 👋🏼).

It looked a bit different than the photos (didn't look as juicy), only to realise that we were in a "branch" of the popular restaurant (though when we asked the owner of original Wong Kee, he says they do not have any other). 😅

Forgettable chicken aside, the superb char siew was slicked in a sticky, sweet sauce with the ideal meat to fat ratio (~60:40). The siew yoke's skin was wonderfully crisp too.


Forget the chicken and just get their char siew and sio bak for their porcine perfection (not that the chicken was bad). The char siew had that sticky, crusty bite that’s just soooo addictive and the sio bak was the perfect ratio of crispy crackling, tender meat and just a littttttle bit of fat. Perfect way to start the morning!😂

Wanted to go to Wong Kee Restaurant but accidentally ended up here. Definitely still pleased with the food though we think we uncovered some kind of rivalry (this one has “分行” on their sign but Wong Kee says they have no other branches). Just take note if you’re grabbing/ubering down to either! 🚕