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183 Upper Thomson Road
#01-03 The Longhaus
Singapore 574429

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08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm


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From the Burpple community

A sourdough roll is roughly hewn open and stuffed to the brim with a cheddar omelette, lettuce and caramelized onion. ($9)

As usual, their sourdough rolls are amazing. Perfect tang with the crunch from the exterior and the pumpkin seeds. I love how generous they are with the cheddar. Granted, it's not melty any more since it's been out for a while, but there's such a generous amount of cheese that I didn't quite mind that.

The sharp saltiness of the cheddar cuts through the more one-dimensional flavor of the omelette. The omelette has really good texture though; nice and fluffy. The only complaint I had would be that it's slightly watery. The caramelized onion injected some sweetness which went perfectly with the cheddar. The lettuce leaf was strategically placed to prevent the inside of the bread from getting soggy and also just gave a touch of freshness to the sandwich.

It's a really good sandwich with nice flavors. The execution could be better (eg. Assembling the sandwich to order) but given the scale and the amount of effort it takes I really cannot complain.


The pumpkin seed crust was very crunchy and was my favourite part of the sandwich roll. The egg mayo, cheese & arugula went well with it!

I liked the babka a lot, as there were bits of chocolate and raisin in every bite, and the bread wasn’t dry. I love warm, cinnamony flavours and this was satisfying!

The roasted mushroom tartine was topped with different mushroom varieties, cheese, arugula and finished with pesto + olive oil. The pesto was great and I enjoyed how the mushrooms were juicy with textural variation as they were of different varieties.

I was so excited when I saw these majestic rings of fried dough. They have classic and Blueberry, I got this one for $4 which is okay for a beautiful handmade donut like this one.

It's really generously-sized, incredibly airy and fluffy. Bite into the crispy exterior and you can see the huge air pockets in the dough. Definitely not a dense donut. Yet it's chewy, tangy and yeasty like sourdough, and has a bread-like texture past that gorgeous glazed exterior. It's hard to put a finger on it.

The glaze is perfect; just the right amount of sweetness and provides a slight hint of fruity blueberry to this. I don't eat donuts very often, but WSD's donut is worth that caloric investment.


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First time trying a financier and we were hooked! The pastry was moist with a pleasant almond taste, and the soft apple/pear (?) was a great topping. We really enjoyed this!

The banana walnut date tea cake was also really good. The natural sweetness of the banana and dates shone through, and I liked the texture of this: slightly crumbly but not dry :)

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I love the concept that every day is a different special. 😊 They post the menu of the day on Instagram so I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for that. This sandwich consists of their sourdough roll cut open and stuffed with egg salad made with their in-house mayo, gouda, rocket leaves and pickled onion.

$9 might seem an exorbitant price to pay for such a sandwich, but it is really worth every bite. And it's so generously sized too; at least the size of a Big Mac with the fillings all bulging out with every bite.

The roll itself is delicious and crusty; studded with sunflower seeds for that extra crunch but yet chewy in the middle. The tanginess of the sourdough is so distinct it shone through even with the fillings.

The fillings themselves are really a match made in heaven. The egg salad isn't too rich and creamy and is seasoned perfectly. The gouda gives a background of umami and saltiness, while the pickled onion injects a unique sharpness to the sandwich. Even rocket leaves, which I normally don't like, added a slight nuttiness to the entire sandwich. So satisfying and delicious, and kept me full for hours with that mix of carbs, fat and protein.


Focaccia sandwich was delicious! I liked that the outer parts of the focaccia were crunchy. The juicy tomatoes were really enjoyable, and the cheese & spinach rounded off this sandwich well. The herby taste (rosemary, I think) was very pleasant and not overwhelming!

The financier was great as usual (we came here quickly after seeing that it was on the menu posted on Instagram) :p

Brownie was rich and chocolately, but it was rather sweet, so do share it! One thing though - the almond and hazelnuts weren’t crunchy, but soft instead. Otherwise this was a satisfying, but I personally prefer byb’s brownies.