Woodlands Sourdough

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  • Previously at Serene Centre, now at The Longhaus in Thomson
  • Few seats, prepare to queue on weekends
  • Bakes, sandwiches, great coffee by Cata
  • Cauliflower Pizza, Brownie, Donut, Babka

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From the Burpple community

Texture of the bread is like their kanelbullar, studded with lots of crunchy walnuts and covered with sweet coffee icing. Like this more than their kanelbullar as I’m not a fan of cardamom. Will get this again.

This was very sweet. There’s a slightly crunchy at the base, and melty dark choc bits. The rest of it was quite mushy. The rhubarb was tangy and somewhat savoury; texture-wise it was soft and fibrous. Would love to try more rhubarb in bakes! But I don’t think I’ll get their blondies again, it was rather saccharine.


Lots of cheese, with mushrooms and a quail egg.

I really liked this. Topping to bread ratio was perfect. Bread was slightly crusty outside but not too hard and chewy and tangy inside. Loved the generous amount of cheese with mushrooms.

Will get this again.

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It was nutty and moist with blueberries inside and pistachio on top. I like the flavours but prefer it with less syrup so it will not be so wet and sweet.

Not bad. May buy again.

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Banana, chocolate, frangipane, peanuts, desiccated coconut.

I love their frangipane tarts but this had too much going on. It could do without the peanuts and coconut as it overpowered the other flavours. I could not taste the banana at all.

My fav tart of theirs is still the apple tart. Will not get this and the treacle tart - which is way too sweet - again.

Chocolate tahini bun = chocolate + tahini
Chocolate bun = chocolate + plenty of whole hazelnuts. The chocolate bun reminds me of their hazelnut brownie but in bread form.

I enjoy the nuttiness with the addition of tahini but I still miss the version with whole hazelnuts. Would be perfect if they did chocolate tahini + whole hazelnuts. The bread this time was abit dry too.

Still prefer the chocolate bun (with hazelnuts).