Woodlands Sourdough

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  • Previously at Serene Centre, now at The Longhaus in Thomson
  • Few seats, prepare to queue on weekends
  • Bakes, sandwiches, great coffee by Cata
  • Cauliflower Pizza, Brownie, Donut, Babka

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From the Burpple community

Takes 10mins to toast

It's decent, the sourdough is rustic w an obvious tang. Very jelat though, get it to share. There's onions and tomatoes as well, I think they change the veggies sometimes. Not super stunning to me

Also it's only takeaway so it's wrapped very tightly. Yes no oil leaked out into the paper bag but it's really a hassle to eat

Quite a good slice, it's hefty and the lemon comes through very well. Sweetness was appropriate for its density too

We couldn’t help ourselves and almost ordered 1 of each baked good they had from tarts and cakes to rolls and bread. Pictured are the chocolate roll and seasonal fruit tart. The chocolate roll was so decadent with a tinge of sourness from the sourdough. The apple tart was not bad but forgettable. Another that we tried and liked was the rye hazelnut almond brownie.

We also got their sourdough loaf. Pretty gummy and moist on the inside, which was a challenge to slice even with a bread knife. I liked the sourness and how healthy it tasted, and I’m ok with how moist it is inside which I know a lot of ppl don’t like. I think it all boils down to personal preference.

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Very nice! Cheese was tasty but not super sharp, the flavour doesn’t hit at the start but ends nicely as you savour it. Liked the French butter too, the whole bun came together really nicely. I love the sourdough roll, it has a nice tang, great crunch from the crust + pumpkin seeds, I could eat it on its own and I’ll be satisfied :)


This was not bad too! The slice of country sourdough was v crunchy. It’s hard to go wrong with sliced almonds + frangipane, and the orange syrup with raspberry jam gave it additional flavour. The orange syrup kinda tasted like apricots. We got a pretty hefty slice (in comparison to the smaller pieces we saw on display) so thank u to the lady at wsd :)


Sticky date cake: liked the pecans! Quite dense, sweet bc the sauce was q permeating. Had a pretty strong spice taste, it’s not for everyone haha my bf and sis didn’t like it but I’m okay with it!

Kanelbullar: very heavily spiced with cinnamon + cardamom also (I think?). This didn’t rly have their signature tangy sourdough taste, but i must say it’s very Scandinavian style, the cinnamon buns are mostly like that in Norway/Sweden! I didn’t really like it tho, prefer their other menu items. But do give this a try if you’re looking for a scandi-style cinnamon roll :)