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The Workbench Bistro

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The Workbench Bistro is about practical food creation. We serve honest good food, handcrafted coffee, ice cream & homemade waffles. Recommended comfort food here includes Salted Egg Wings, Pulled Pork Burger, Crab Meat Linguine and Signature Truffle Fries. We are open on Public Holidays from 10 am to 10 pm.


From the Burpple community

Looks real fancy with those cute marshmallow toppings and there is so much color in one plate. Sadly, waffles were meh and I’m glad not to end up like a unicorn puking rainbows.

This is one monster dessert consisting of three layers of waffles (including a red velvet and blue velvet waffle), large and mini marshmallows, whipped cream, a choice of chocolate sauce or maple syrup, and four scoops of ice cream of your choice. The waffles are only prepared when ordered, so you can be sure to get warm, soft and chewy waffles with crispy exteriors. I don’t think there was a difference in flavours in these three waffles, probably just a matter of colouring but this is an instagrammer’s dream for sure. Not a fan of the whipped cream or marshmallows as they just made this dessert a lot sweeter than it needed to be but it did make it look prettier. Unlike what’s depicted in the TSL video that keeps looping in the cafe, the marshmallows are not toasted, which was a bit of a disappointment as they weren’t melty or gooey.

For the four scoops of ice cream, we went with: chocolate, coconut, earl grey and black sesame. All of the ice cream flavours were really good, with the exception of coconut which paled in comparison to the others as the coconut flavour didn’t come through although I could taste some grated coconut inside. The chocolate one wasn’t too sweet, while the earl grey ice cream was fragrant and very aromatic. My favourite of the four was the black sesame which was fragrant and not too sweet.

This is a dessert meant for sharing with friends and family, and be sure to eat it fast because the ice cream melts and causes the waffles to become soggy! I wouldn’t necessarily order this again but I’m curious to try their sweet potato waffles because their waffle textures seem to be on point. Also, the ice cream here is good too so I’ll definitely be back!

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Since the closure of On The Table at Pasir Panjang, I haven’t really found a place that served up chicken wings similar to their famed chicken wings (apart from Lola’s cafe). Stumbled upon The Workbench Bistro and ordered their salted egg wings, which were delightfully battered and fried to crisp perfection. The eight wings are slathered in delicious salted egg sauce. This is an example of salted egg sauce done right as it’s creamy and the salted egg taste is prominent. Though not exactly the same as On The Table’s, the wings were delightfully crispy and I loved them even more with the salted egg sauce. I know where I’m coming when I want my chicken wing fix!

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Don’t bother with the matcha latte here as it’s so milky with almost no matcha flavour. The colour is already pale green, and our first sip was just disappointing. Haven’t tried their coffees, but I’m not inspired to try the other drinks after having this and the sweet potato latte. Just go straight for their chef’s recommended menu items instead.

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Had high hopes for this since they’re known for the sweet potato waffles. I was hoping that their expertise with sweet potato might translate to their drinks. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Don’t waste your money or stomach space on this. The sweet potato latte here is made from powder, and the sweet potato taste is almost undetectable. It just tasted like a cup of sweetened milk with some hints of sweet potato. Not worth the $5.90.

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In line with the ma la craze, The Workbench Bistro serves up 麻辣 pasta in their innovative menu and honestly it satisfies ma la cravings even better than most ma la stalls. They don’t shy away from using Szechuan peppercorns here, so be ready to feel your tongue go numb. It’s not uncomfortable at all, the feeling is actually super addictive! The linguine is done al dente, and is coated with a nice amount of chilli oil so it’s not too dry nor too slick. There’s tons of garlic, peppercorns and some chillies inside, which makes the pasta very fragrant. I felt that medium spicy wasn’t spicy at all, but that varies from person to person. If you do eat spicy food regularly, just go straight for the 大辣. The fried chicken cutlet was also pretty good. The batter is very crispy, and the meat is quite tender. For the ma la pasta, the chicken was coated with some chilli powder and it went very well with the linguine.

With such awesome ma la pasta, I’m definitely coming back to The Workbench Bistro!

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