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working title - Burger Bar

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*Halal-certified The early tale of (working title) brims with nostalgia and grit. Fresh off our newcomer’s high of starting our own business with The Shophouse Boutique Hostel, (working title) was initially meant for nothing more than breakfast and brunch for our guests. But the black hole in the rooftop pantry had expanded and there we were, in a space barely recognisable as a kitchen, finding ourselves suddenly flipping patties onto buns. From the old days of having just the “One and Only Burger” to our current gourmet menu of hand-pressed patties, (working title) encapsulates the essence of The Black Hole Group and our growth over the years. Artisanal coffee, gourmet burgers and curated furnishing - the black hole is full of it.

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My boyfriend and I dined here this evening with Burpple Beyond (1 for 1 main meals). We each had a burger with fries. Boyfriend had the Bacanater (bacon cheeseburger) I had the Cheese and Whiskers (a beef patty adorned with a quartet of cheeses: cheddar, provolone, mozzarella and monterey jack), both priced at $17.90, exclusive of a 10% service charge. It was simple and hearty fare done well, and we both enjoyed the juicy pub-style patties. The fries were also really good—fluffy on the inside and not overly salty. The atmosphere of the restaurant was good too, nicely decorated and well-lit.

The only thing we felt could be better is that the drinks were pricey (e.g. $3.50 for a can of Coke) and the only water available was sparkling water. It would have been nice to be able to have tap water or even mineral water for sale. I know it’s not difficult to bring your own water when you’re out, but I’m not sure what that would mean in terms of dining etiquette.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience and worth it because of the 1-for-1 deal. We would recommend this place to others or even come back to dine again.

I really like it, fries was crispy, bun was crispy, beef was so soft and tasty❤️❤️

💵: $15.90

📈: 6/10

🤔: Small portion for original size, but justifiable with Burpple Beyond. Patty was a bit too salty, so I didn't finish it. Love that they serve fat fries instead of shoestring! Overall an okay burger, wouldn't see myself returning for it.

It was worth the Long wait ! Looking at the food i just want to quickly dig in! The fries are crunchy just how I like it and the burger just creates a juicy mixture in your mouth when you give a one big bite. You can see the 2 different meat put into one burger. Couldn’t wait to try how it would taste like? Book a reservation now!

It was a small shop so if you want to eat for dinner I would highly recommend calling for reservation.

Note that there’s no meat in this dish! Maybe that was why I thought that something was missing from this burger! Enjoyed the fries tho.

Used Burpple beyond 1 for 1. Overall, an okay-ish meal! Worth it with the deal.

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No dish to describe as it is still not here after an hour of waiting. There is only one cook during lunch time and average waiting time is about 40 minutes which is totally ridiculous. Not even worth it even if there is 1-for-1. Floor staff is also rude and unhelpful. Will n.e.v.e.r visit again, please do not patronize them unless you have 3 hours to spare.