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Reviews at Xi Xiang Feng 喜相逢 (724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Xi Xiang Feng 喜相逢 (724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre)

Choose min 5 pieces - Yong Tau Foo first and pass to stall owners for ordering which types of noodles (50 cents) (tbh I like chee cheong fun 80 cents ea because it's unqiue to replace noodles) and choose between dry or soup version. It was a long queue after 11 a.m. but it is worth it for waiting good food at there. I didn't like the soup because it is so sweet and salty for my taste.

Had the chance to try this famous Yong Tau Foo in AMK. Price starts from $0.50 per ingredient. Other than the dry version, you can also choose to have the soup version or laksa. They also have chee cheong fun if you want something else than the usual noodle. When I was there at around 3pm, people are still queueing, although it didn't take too long. I love the sauce, it has the right kick of spiciness. I will definitely eat this again if I am in the area.

Kept hearing about this amazing YTF at amk and when we arrived on a weekday at 1.30pm there was about 8 people in the queue.

It was good, nice broth but abit salty. Definitely decent but I wouldn't come all the way and queue just for this

One of the best yong tau foo i've eaten in SG. Good variety of fresh ingredients to choose from and the home made sweet sauce is just so good!

Located in the same food market as Centre Satay Bee Hoon, Xi Xiang Feng doles out lip-smackingly good bowls of Yong Tau Foo (from $0.50 per ingredient). The secret to Xi Xiang Feng's success is the thick, flavourful soup made with ikan bilis and soybeans, as well as their homemade chili and sweet sauce. "Gritty, but beautifully blended, it is by far one of the more superior sauces I have ever had," says Tastemaker Denise Ong, while the fish paste used is "fresh and bouncy"! There is also the option to substitute Chee Cheong Fun ($0.80) in place of regular noodles. Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang loves how the chee cheong fun "pairs harmoniously with the sauce and fragrant sesame seeds sprinkled over". Pro tip: Any orders after 11am warrants a 30-minute wait, so come early to avoid the queue!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Denise Ong

[喜相逢, #01-23] With plenty of ingredients to choose from and interestingly, the choice of silky chee cheong fun for carbs, the dry version was drenched generously with sweet/chili sauce - not usually a fan of yongtaufoo but this was one of the better ytfs I've had. The soup took me by surprise. I would have skipped it (I hate beans in most forms) but the soup was intense and flavourful with loads of beans and ikan bilis for sweetness - couldn't stop drinking it.

PS. This bowl costs only $4.60!
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I’m not one to go for dry YTF normally but the sweet sauce that Xi Xiang Feng serves up got me hooked. Best part, you get to opt for chee cheong fun instead of the normal carbs, which paired harmoniously with the sauce and fragrant sesame seeds sprinkled over.

The accompanying cloudy looking soup was filled generously with soy beans and ikan bilis! It looked like it was simmered for a long time, which definitely paid off as that combination of the rich savouriness and sweetness was absolutely lovable! #BurppleAMKHawkers

📍 Xi Xiang Feng
724 Ang Mok Kio Central Market & Food Centre
724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-23
Singapore 560724

We saw Denise'a post on Burpple about this YTF from 喜相逢(#01-23, 724 AMK Central Market) and we had to have it. Despite heading down at about 4pm, there was still a short queue – testament to the stall's popularity! 🙌

Besides drenching the goods in separate spicy and sweet sauces, they also offer up rolls of chee cheong fun which went perfectly with the sauce. I think we were all also shocked by how good that soup on the side was, packed with soy beans and the flavour of ikan bilis, it was super flavourful too. 🤤

If you're in AMK food centre and thinking of breakfast, please do yourself a favour and head down to this stall. I can't even begin on how much I love their YTF, the soup is boiled down and intense with soybean and ikan bílis. The fish paste in everything is fresh, bouncy and a lot of QQ bite.

Be warned, anything after 11pm is a good 30mins or more waiting time.

Breakfast can't get any better than this! Honestly, cause any other times, it's virtually impossible to have this bowl of goodness for the queue will be endlessly, and most probably you will die trying to get to the finishing line. Their Yong tau foo, are certainly very fresh, with the stuff YTF being refried. The sauce, made in house, which have some patrons asking if they could sell their sauces to them. Only to have the owners firmly reject them. Gritty, but beautifully blended, it is by far one of the more superior sauces I have ever had. Now, don't get me started on the soup broth. Cloudy, and absolutely divine, it painstakingly boil with a lot of ikan bilis and soy beans! So hearty and nutritious that you just have to drink it to the last drop!

So much delight in one simple dish. I love a good bowl of YTF. Here, there are plenty of ingredients to choose from, and you can choose to have chee cheong fun with your YTF instead of the usual noodles or rice. Special mention goes to the soup. Thick and savory, it was delish! TIP: Unless you hate chee cheong fun, go for it. It goes super well with the YTF sauce and the sesame seeds!

One of the better made YTF I've eaten!

1)Don't be in a hurry to join the queue! Mind you, the queue can be pretty long!! Choose your ytf ingredients and give your orders to the uncle. (Choice of tau gay and kang kong to be add in)

2)Eating the Dry version seemed to be the way to go! (Saw alot of people ordering that) - the uncle would place both sweet and chili sauce for you!

3)Start by drinking the soup provided! Super good! Chew on the yellow beans in the soup too!

4)Time to wipe the bowl clean!!

Simple and fresh stuffed bean curd. The long Q created a constant flow of ingredients and upkeep their quality. If you love to eat chee cheong fun, you replace the noodle for S$0.80.
Xi Xiang Feng (喜相逢)
Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Cooked Food Centre
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Opening hours: 7am to 7pm, closed on Sunday

30 mins queue for this. It was good and damn unique! You can choose to eat with chee cheong fun. How cool is that?! Their fish ball is hand made! I love the soft chewy texture ☺️

Still one of the best and most amazing ytf featured in one of our early posts. If you detest sweet sauce, this place will be life changing for you. Their spicy chilli sauce is blended from hae bee(虾米), shallots, garlic and mixed with homemade sweet sauce that we think pair beautifully well with dry noodles. The soup gets its thickness and flavor from yellow beans simmered til tender, ikan bilis and dried scallop which lends its natural sweetness. Pick 5 types of ytf for $4. All servings come with default kang kong and beansprouts! You can also choose to have 猪肠粉 in place of the usual noodles too!
Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo
724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
#01-23 724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre
Singapore 560724
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