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Wow, this porridge was wonderful! It was flavourful and quite thicc, with tender pork slices. Kinda reminds me of weng kiang kee porridge in Chinatown complex, but wkk is cleaner tasting but of similar consistency / texture. Would definitely come back for this. The constant long queue is a testament to its deliciousness!

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My favourite and usual dish is the Century Egg and Pork Porridge which cost $4.00. I will usually add an egg for $0.50 to make the texture creamier and provide more flavour. The amount of ingredient given is quite generous (you can see the amount of century egg given in the photo above).

The porridge has a grainy texture as it is well cooked till the grains are broken into slightly smaller pieces. Each bowl of porridge comes with generous toppings of fried fritters, spring onion, shallots and preserved vegetable. There is no need to add additional seasoning as the porridge is flavourful, not to the extent of salty, and the preserved vegetable will provide additional flavour.

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Most delicious porridge in this Hawker Centre, IMO. Its “pork” actually comes in both sliced and minced meatball, and I especially love the springy texture of the meatball and it seems like they added salted fish in it, which goes well with the velvety porridge!


Not the best photo, but I always go back to this place! Worth the queue, it doesn’t take too long to get to your turn anyway! Love how good such a simple dish tastes, how fresh the ingredients are and how clean the store is. Perfect comfort food!

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