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Plump and juicy sausages grilled on the spot. Taste very different from the ones in Singapore, in a good way tho. 🤔

They only open after midnight. It’s not bad and definitely will satisfy your midnight hunger 😂 oh and you walk around ximending during midnight you can find many street snack stall. Every tourist is packing food back to hotel to eat 😋😋 Address: No. 54-31, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108



Izakaya bar and lots of nice bar food that matches beer very well. But it’s quite costly to dine here, similar to sg izakaya prices. I forgot the name of the bar but it’s near the multistory carpark beside Amba #jxeatstravel

i tried it in Sg and probably because the mango in Sg is super sour and the person who made it do not know how to make shaved ice, it sucks. lol tried this near the hotel i stay in Ximending and it’s surprisingly good. texture of the shaved ice was soft and melt instantly in ur mouth, so much nicer than Bingsu 😂 #jxeatstravel

Mango flavoured ice with milk. This is the best i've ever eaten. The ice was thinly layered with milk. Mango was sweet. Melts in your mouth almost instantly. Mango syrup definitely up the mango flavour.

Plenty of sweet treats in this area

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