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Quite excited initially to try their lunch set (their outlet in the Timbre +) as we think normally the dishes at XLX are catered to group diners. ($$$$) The spring onion fish slice rice $ 6.20 tastes alright with many ingredients (fish slices, ginger, carrot, onion with oyster sauce base). However, we find the main dish got an over-powering fishy smell going on and as such not manage to finish it. 🤔

The sides come in 2 bowls (curry veg & omelette pumpkin). Maybe skip the fish dish in this case.

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Stay warm with Xin Long Xing's home-cooked food with over fifty zichar and seafood dishes to choose from! We’ve tried lemongrass pork ribs, wine lala and Signature prawn cake. The pork ribs were meaty and accompanied by the aroma of lemongrass and chilli padi. My mum disliked having lala. But, she is good with wine lala soup from Xin Long Xing. She has noted that there were lots of ginger slices and wine so no gamey taste. The Signature prawn cake may be a little oily but it tasted good with the sweet sauce. .
There is a minimum order of S$38 and they deliver to anywhere on the island. .
Lemongrass Pork Ribs (Small - S$18.80, Large-S$28.80), Stone Pot Wine Lala (Small - S$18.80, Large-S$28.80), Xin Long Xing Prawn Cake at S$15.80.
Where to order?
Xin Long Xing
Online: https://xinlongxingseafoodmodern.oddle.me/