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From the Burpple community

Must say the eggs are on point and the teh was with reduced sugar as requested but something felt missing, like it was strong or milky enough. As for the kaya toast, props for homemade kaya but I have a personal preference for the nonya kaya and the one here is hainanese served on thicker toasts. Appreciate its freshness but not exactly one that I truly enjoy. If you do like hainanese kaya however, you'd find this a treat.

Delicious homemade rainbow mee hoon kueh and ban mian. A hidden gem at the fringe of CBD.

City Gate at the former site of Keypoint has recently opened and this place is probably the only few shops open at the moment.

You could easily find this place as they located outside facing Beach Road, serving asian cuisine.

The crispy chicken rice was surprisingly good with the hot and spicy sauce on top of the crispy skin; served with dress salad. If you purchase the Fave deal you can get a set of it for only $7.90 that comes with a warm soup and a drink.


The teh was decent. A bit sweeter than I would've liked even though I asked for less sweet. A bit pricey also but I guess unless you go to Golden Mile Food Centre, this is the sort of price you would have to pay around here.

Fluffy, slightly sweet bun coupled with thick and fresh muar otah. Helps with revving engines on weekday mornings. Coffee here is good too.


S$9.80 set (incl. $1 barley drink - thick and sweet). Had to try this out cause they just opened! Good balance of the sweet-tangy sauce over the grilled chicken, perfect when paired with rice. Though a native Filipino tried this and said it’s nothing like the adobo chicken they make back home, this stands well on its own. Loved the egg as well β€” it was light enough to offset the flavouring of the sauce. Might order again if I return πŸ‘ŒπŸ»