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💕 Beef Set - Mala Beef Broth
💕 Pork Set - Mala Ban (dry)
💕 Seafood Set - Tomato Broth.

The sauce, broth all packed separately so Customer don't worry that it turn soggy.

For place order, Customer can visit this link : yangguofumalatang.oddle.me.


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I paid $10.50 for 1 pkt of noodles, a few slices of meat, 1 meatball, 1 tau kwa and 1 veggie. The meat was rather rubbery after cooking, and the broth was too thick. No rice was available.

You can find much better malatang over at GongYuan Malatang for an equivalent or lower price.

This place only accepts cash. Not very with the times, especially now with Covid and the move towards cashless payments.

The peanut sauce has a strong peanut taste. But take away the peanut taste, there's still a solid mala spice in the background, and it's a very familiar sweet variety. Cant rmb where I've had this before but nonetheless, super addictive.

This was xiaola and it had quite a bit of heat. Maybe one bowl of sauce is small heat and 2 bowls would be medium heat? Not sure but We mixed in 2 bowls so maybe it's our fault haha(they gave us 2 bowls tho)

This is gf's bowl. As u can see clearly it's nearly all veg, and it costs a good 10 bucks. Skip the heavy veg like 娃娃菜 etc

The tomato broth was good as well. One of the numerous amazing tomato broths popping up lately. It's a little sweet but there's a very full tomato flavour and a luxurious mouthfeel. Great choice for ppl who don't take spicy(beef broth can be without heat as well)

100g for 2.88+gst, same price for all items and all bases

Small tip: some veggies are very, very heavy. Gf got all veggies and her bowl looked much smaller than mine but it's 1.5x my price(I got more meat etc)

Their beef broth is incredible, full of flavour and not the blatantly MSG kind. Medium heat was a nice tingle, definitely get at least medium if you're a spice lover. The chili oil is also fantastically fragrant, somehow it's not as impressive after being mixed into the broth.

Pork and pork belly were cooked well, their signature tofu is pretty solid. Overall it's a really good bowl, no wonder they're the most popular chain in China I heard

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All ingredients are priced at $2.88 per 100g. Including meats, seafoods, veggies and noodles. Choose from 3 flavours options: mix mala (dry), beef stock (soup), tomato flavour (soup) with little, medium & extra spicy.

I ordered beef stock Mala Tang, the taste of the soup has a hint of sweetness and blend to tanginess of of the spices.

Overall satisfaction 8.5