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From the Burpple community

Well-simmered in an umami rich soy sauce-dashi based stock, Yatagarasu Yakitori’s Oyako-Don ($12.80) was so satisfying. As one of the 4 donburi available during lunch, it was a slightly wetter rendition but no doubt a classic soul food. Hearty and comforting, the bowl was served pipping hot and pleasantly savoury. Love that it isn't sweet like some you get elsewhere and the egg is cooked to just about the right consistency like soft egg curds. The chunks of chicken sitting above the plump pearly white rice were also nicely marinated. And to fully enjoy the item, I would recommend giving it a good mix before tucking in as the oozy raw egg yolk counters bit of the richness and adds a nice creaminess.


Did not expect the shiso to be wrapped in a strip of bacon - awesome!


SO GOOD! Super tender octopus perfect for snacking on along with mega Highballs. Everything that’s fried here is superb - the batter is so tasty.


For a trendy yakitori to bring your friends, this fairly new one in town guarantees a good time. You can expect to chomp on mindblowingly good Chicken Karaage ($9.60) and a varied selection of yakitori, while nursing a very tall glass of Mega Highball (from $18). In case you’re hungry for more, bat for the hearty Oyako Don ($12.80) — just pray that it hasn't sold out!
Photo by Burppler Kenneth Lee

Unwind with freshly Fried Chicken and a super tall, ice-cold double-shot Mega Highball with a small group of friends. From the yakitori selection, the Dumpling ($4) stands out. The Coriander Salad ($6.60) is a surprisingly refreshing side to go with it all.
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

Probably one of the best karaages I’ve ever had. Superbly flavoured, tender morsels - we ordered three plates for six of us! The yakitori in general here is good, and the mega highballs make it all the better. Great to chill in a small group. Order the Coriander Salad, it’s surprisingly delicious and refreshing!