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YAYOI is a JAPANESE TEISHOKU RESTAURANT. We serve “TEISHOKU” which includes a good balance of steamed rice (Japanese’s staple food), miso soup, main dish, side dish and other items on a tray. YAYOI will pass down Japan’s delicious food to the future and spread it to the world


From the Burpple community

When 1 can't decide, this is a good choice as it has fried pork cutlet, healthy salmon salad, teriyaki salmon and sukiyaki beef. I've also swap the miso soup for clam soup! Yummy!

Had @yayoisg sukiyaki for lunch just now! It was so flavourful 😋

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My friend recommended this as her go-to Teishoku (Set Meal) and I can see why for its simplicity and clean-taste. The food presentation does look very different from that on the menu but I guess no issue as all items were accounted for. The best item in this set was the bowl of Japanese Kinme rice - each grain is separated and comes with a nice chewy density. Break the onsen egg into the rice and you will have yourself a simple and rather enjoyable dining experience. I also enjoyed the grated yam (reference to the white blob in the bowl with salmon slices) for it’s interesting slimy, sticky and slightly rough texture. A good meal for days when you want to eat clean!

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Salmon don ($16.50) came with miso soup and a small dish of pickled vegetables. Yayoi’s rice was softer and fluffier than most others, and served warm. Don’t miss out on the $5++ Asahi mugs! Great value for the price, a reliable but vanilla place for Japanese cuisine.


This is Yayoi’s unagi menu called Unjayu, with a smaller unagi portion than the one my friend had in their Millenia Walk branch. The grilled eel is not too charred and is very fragrant 🙃
💲: $20.90++

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Looks totally different from the menu. Salmon, veggies and rice. Staple Japanese meal. Simple and tasty, and pretty affordable!

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