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From the Burpple community

Crispy Pancake (80 cents) I didn't see it on the shelves most of time when the normal pancake placed it at. They cooked it on spot as it sold it out so fast. But the crispness of the pancake is still there but peanut is not fragrant as I thought.

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You have to be here in early morning when they just open at 8am, this is because their pancake could sold out pretty fast.

This old school pancake really popular here and many people love the texture of their pancake, and also for its super affordable price.

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Really grateful that I always get hot pancake (80 cents) in serving during morning time while they cooked on live basis. Their lotus seed paste is a bit slightly sweet but the pancake got chewy texture even though I didn't eat it on spot after buying.

Decided to order peanut pancake (80 cents). I noticed that she made in hot but I didn't eat it when it's served in hot. But the peanut topping seemed like thinner when they use blender to cut down the peanut.

Coconut Pancake ($1) I felt that it's average taste for coconut flavour but not much taste. Need to eat immediately when you buy straight away from the store.

You get a choice of coconut or pancake fillings, and either a traditional or crispy pancake. I chose the traditional coconut pancake. It came piping hot. I really liked the pancake dough, which was thin and crisp at the edge, and soft and chewy in the middle. The dough is chewier than other places, a bit on the mochi spectrum of dough. The coconut filling was not too sweet and just right in amount. The portion of both the dough and the filling is good for a snack, satisfying min jiang kueh cravings without loading up on the calories.