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From the Burpple community

I know I’m being dramatic when I say this but this is the love of my life.

When I’m back in Singapore, I crave this so much. This was the whole reason for my trip to Hong Kong this year.

It was so smooth and so milky. For a person like me who loves the taste of dairy and milk, this is a godsend. Overhyped? I think not. It is definitely an acquired taste though.

Australian Dairy). The cold weather made us opt for the hot milk pudding here. Although it was crowded, the turnover was pretty fast so we merely waited 5mins for a sharing table. Decided to give Yeeshun a try since we have not been here. I don’t remember it tasting this good the last time i tried. Not sure if it’s because we had the hot version this time or the cold weather made it extra appealing. But i could really taste the milky-ness in this bowl and finished it in a split second. Well, we strictly came for their milk pudding and didnt try their food though.
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No queue at 3pm+! The macaroni soup was surprisingly good! Because of the soup, which tasted like diluted mushroom soup? On the other hand the scrambled egg with toast was meh to us.. it was like food we can prepare at home by ourselves. We had the original milk pudding (cold) as well, but it wasn't totally mind-blowing for me. And it was the first meal when we realised HK food isn't cheap.. this meal costs 86HKD!

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