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[CLOSED] Yellow Submarines (Toa Payoh)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Halal-certified


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Compared to legit Philly cheesesteak, this is nonsense (too stingy). In an alternate universe without cheesesteak, this is okay.

Nothing to shout about. Just an ordinary beef sandwich with abundance of cheese. However, it was not that memorable. The beef needed some 'chews'. It was not that impressively packed, but good enough to fill me! That's all that matters to a hungry stomach. HAHA. The ambiance is great, especially in second floor. Homey and relaxing. Great for some gelato afternoons! 😘

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I just moved for a few steps, it started to melt already. I liked the Sea Salt Caramel although, it was too sweet for me. Nothing to really shout about their gelato tho. 😉 Anyway, any gelato is a joy to have!
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Popular for its Cheesesteak sandwich, the cheesy fries here are good too. Liked that they were nicely fried crispy outside yet not overdone inside, non-oily and tasted so wonder with those cheese.
You may find their pop-up stalls at some events, or just find them in TPY Central or Bugis Junction now. #burpple

Very mediocre beef sandwich - beef was dry, cheese was too cheesy, and the mix of tomato sauce and mustard didn't quite work or blend at all. The fries tasted good with the cheese though, which is weird cause I'm pretty sure it's the same cheese used in the sandwich. As an entry under Burpple's Hot 100, I was fairly disappointed.

Heartiness (portion): 3.5/5
Tastiness (product): 1.5/5
Worthiness (price): 2/5



Beef Philly Submarine. Comes with a set if you like, a regular drink and slightly smaller cup of cheese fries. If you like quarter pounder with cheese burger from Macdonald, this is similar in sandwich form! Filling in with onions, not much of cheese and no veggie. The sandwich itself might be shorter and slimmer than Subway's 6inch. Overall, fulfills the tummy especially the cheese fries. For just $10.90 for set and chicken option is also available.