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tea tastes very high quality and the honey adds a nice sweet hint, this is a refreshing drink but not overly sweet

We love bubble tea and we love taro too, but this just didn’t make the cut. Read so many good reviews about it that we decided to give it a shot, but it was disappointing. At 50% sugar level, it was not sweet at all and the green tea was very, very, very faint. We aren’t even fans of sweet drinks! Our usual bbt sugar level is 25% and the max we’ll go is 50%. The taro was (very) mildly sweet and we understand that it’s supposedly their plus point, but with everything so mildly flavored, the whole drink was just one dimensional and tasteless.

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25% sugar & less ice (0% might be t00 s0ur i think😅) as rec0-ed by @blancheeze 👍
c0mes with a wh0le crunchy plum within é drink 😁
thirst quenching 0n a h0t sunny Sg day!

I considered myself a skeptic towards new milk tea establishments because there was a sudden spike in numbers lately, but Taro Green Tea Latte (S$5.80), I like!

It would be one of the few places that used mashed taro as the base, as seen with the “orh nee” at the bottom. Taking it down with green tea and milk balanced the sweetness really well, though it might be a bit difficult to see the greenish side of green tea in the drink.

However, I later realised that the best way to enjoy the drink was to shake thoroughly before poking in the straw. This was because I spent a long time trying to scoop the remaining yam paste from the cup after the liquids were gone, and much of them had to be wasted because there was no provision of a spoon to scrape the last bits of the ingredients.

They used the taro imported from Taiwan, freshly mashed and adding on with fresh milk and green tea. Stir it well so you can slurp most of the taro bites.

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🥤🥤🥤 Introducing Taro Latte and Taro Green Tea Latte. Fans of Taro should give this a try. The sweetness level is mild and would recommend trying the Green Tea version 😍

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