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From the Burpple community

aka regular milk tea topped w oreos. used to get this all the time when i was younger at those old school bubble tea shops, so it was v reminiscent :”) may sound slightly weird but they actually go rly well tgt! super generous portion of oreo crumbs which is always welcomed hehe

30% would be better, 50% was too sweet. Price was okay. Abit milky but not bad!

There's always time for tea, especially the fragrant floral Osmanthus Oolong Tea ($3.60, large) from Yocha at Velocity Novena Square.


For a wide range of teas. Feeling a bit on a calorie and sugar high over the past few days. Decided to go with their healthy brew tea range. Chose the interesting sounding osmanthus oolong at 0% w a treat of lychee coconut jelly. Osmanthus taste was a bit tooooo light but it does adds a slightly floral note to the oolong. So imagine the pokka oolong tea but not such a dark brew and a a slight floral note. Haha. The lychee coconut jelly adds a tinge of sweetness to my tea which complemented my sugarless tea 😋😋


With the recent explosion of fruit tea stores, it was inevitable that one opens up right next to my office.

I tried the uncommon honey pomelo ($3.50 for regular) at yocha and was pretty impressed. They used Korean yuja (citron) and pomelo before being slightly sweetened with honey. It leads to a super refreshing drink but it does get slightly sweet after a while.

I did like how they have the option of having 100% pure honey and not honey flavored syrup, granted this naturally would cost slightly extra.


New tea on the block! Yocha has replaced the original Taiwanese teahouse chain Chatime at Velocity @ Novena Square #01-07 (opposite Cedele).

Similar to the previous franchise, Yocha serves different series of milk tea, Yakult with tea/juice, fruity mix, smoothie, coffee, healthy tea brew and honey tea/juice. Yocha have desserts such as grass jelly and ai yu jelly too.

What I liked was the choice of sweetening my drink with natural pure honey instead of sugar for additional cost of just $0.60 (M) and $0.80 (L). 😘

Adventurers can try Mango or Lychee Milk Tea and toppings such as Lychee Coconut Jelly and Oreo or Caramel Cookie Crumbs. 😄

I've been back for Yocha's healthy tea brew series - Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, Roasted Brown Rice Tea, Pu'er & Chamomile Blend, Four Seasons Spring Tea and my favourite Rose Petal Black Tea. 😍 The fragrant rose aroma is simply therapeutic and the floral aftertaste is just lovely.