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From the Burpple community


First time trying Yomie, wanted to get the Hot Pumpkin Fresh Milk with Pistachio, it sounds so good but they ran out of Pumpkin. Will definitely come back and try it

Purple Rice Yogurt (recommended by the staff)
- drink is really thick and rich
- they blend/mix the drink upon ordering
- felt that it can be a meal replacement since the portion is generous and the thick texture

- simple shop layout with music
- not many tables to sit (maybe due to covid)

$5.60 | Have been wanting to try this for the longest time! Creamy and smooth yoghurt blended with purple rice. Super generous amount of purple rice given and very chewy. Great as a post workout meal as it’s very filling! Would be back to try out other drinks as well!

Finally got the chance to try Yomie's Rice x Yogurt after hearing about it from my friends. I bought their signature purple rice yogurt drink, and I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot. The rice was chewy and reminded me of bubble tea pearls, and the yogurt was both refreshing and sweet. Would definitely recommend!

Finally got to try Yomie’s yogurt drink after hearing so many good reviews about how delicious and nutritious their drink was. I ordered the Passionate from Miles Away, which was passionfruit mixed with the yogurt smoothie! It was really refreshing, and the passionfruit was a really good combination with the yogurt! I highly recommend it!

I had the Yoomie's Purple Rice Yoghurt drink and it is a pleasant change from the Gong Cha/Koi! The yoghurt balanced out taste of the purple rice nicely. The purple rice also made the drink filling such that I actually regretted eating anything before this :P I recommend finding another place to enjoy the drink with friends instead of having it in the store though, the loud sound from the blender drowned could drown out your conversation. And don't come if you're in a rush, your drink takes some time to prepare! But if you have time, the quality is well worth the wait :) Prices range from $5.60 to $7.20, so I would say its comparable to froyo prices (not fair to compare to bubble tea la) but well worth for its quality (again!)

The drink was thick and refreshing! Loved the taste of avocados. Alexandra Village one might taste more avocado-ey but this is great too! Could work as a meal replacement as well ($7.20)