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Always only had Da Zui Ba’s mlxg via food deliveries and even then, it was usually a great bowl. Finally got to try it freshly fried and it didn’t disappoint!

Think there’s a minimum order of $7, which came up to a huge portion for me for the ingredients I picked. Other than the lotus slices, everything were pretty fresh. Loved that it was very thoroughly fried and bold on its flavour, spice and peppercorns. Even the wide potato noodles that some stalls usually undercook, are done nicely soft and chewy here. Their spice levels are a tad higher than the usuals, so make sure to adjust accordingly!

Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi / Yong Xing Coffee Shop
Blk 155 Bukit Batok Street 11 Singapore 650154


It’s #spinachnoodle made with spinach juice! Highly interesting, esp when found at a #hawkerstall. Although green with visible spinach bits, the noodles hardly have spinach taste. That said, it’s of a nice springy texture & for $4, it’s a worth it meal considering it comes with quite a lot of cha siew that’s slighty tough but nicely marinated and 3 big dumplings 🥟 that were filled with a juicy prawn & well-marinated tender meat. Felt that more sauce could be given for the noodles as it was a bit on the dry side
📍Crystal wok noodle house, 155 Bukit Batok Street 11

For a mere $4, it is a simple but highly enjoyable meal of tasty and tender pork meat atop rice, served with a well-cooked and flavored egg.
📍Famous Taiwan Street Food (阿信著名台湾小吃), 155 Bukit Batok Street 11

The Baby Squid Prawn Mee topped with crispy deep fried pork lard @ Yong Xing Coffee Shop, tasted so good that I can’t resist eating every single bits of it!
Did I mention that it’s free serving of these delightful pork lard?

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The Hokkien Mee was wet m, the way I like it and the wok hey taste was there.

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This stall is plastered with awards given by various Ch 8 food shows, and named "Fried Baby Squid Prawn Mee" (炒苏东仔虾面), so I had the impression that it was different from typical Hokkien mee. I like the creamy consistency of the "zhup", the sweet sambal chilli and the thin noodles, but my plate had nothing of the baby squid that the name was based upon, and nothing like their display pic which showed three beautifully cooked squid on the plate... I felt kind of cheated by the meagre slices ☹️ Well, still decent tasty fried noodles with some prawn despite a lack of lard, and the blow to my expectations.