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11:30am - 10:30pm

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11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm



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What you should order at White Restaurant - The Original Sembawang White Beehoon (Sembawang)

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Reviews of good food at White Restaurant - The Original Sembawang White Beehoon (Sembawang)

Most Singaporeans would have heard it before.

Ate there recently and here are all the food!😊 A Large Bai Mee Fen ($10), Signature Fried Mid Wings ($8) & Home made Fried Beancurd ($10)! First time trying the Fried Beancurd, I honestly don't really like it since it's quite tasteless as compared to other dishes they offer. Other than that, ❤ the Fried Mid Wings and Bai Mee Fen.

The portion is really big. We couldn't find it in the end and have to dabao the Wings & Fried Beancurd back 😂 On a side note, would like to try out the Claypot restaurant near it!

Flavour and consistency on point! We had 3 pax and ordered L size. Wondering if it would taste as good if we do a takeout..

[Sembawang] The famous Sembawang white bee hoon ($13) @whitebeehoonrestaurant is soaked with a light yet flavoursome stock, with generous amounts of egg and seafood. Their special chilli sauce is spicy and slightly sour, which complements the prawns and squid perfectly, also adding a kick to the light gravy. It's definitely one of the more decent white bee hoon stalls around.
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Medium is enough for 2 or 3 adults (depending on what else you are ordering). Wok hei is good and the gravy is quite thick and eggy. Overall not a fan of white bee hoon (my taste buds are more "heavy") but this is a pretty good one for its genre. [⚠️nearby Street parking is almost impossible to get and the summon guys are very prompt (this dinner cost me additional $70 💀contribution to nation building fund)]

Great inertia I had to try the signatures at White Restaurant - The Original Sembawang White Beehoon as I read about the long long queues. The first time I had was at Punggol Settlement which I felt like it tasted ordinary.

The white beehoon here tasted really different. It was soaked in a rich broth with ingredients like vegetables and seafood. I especially enjoyed the egg clumps and eggy flavor because it reminded me so much of my mum's egg porridge, something that I have been eating since young. The chili that goes along with the beehoon definitely packs a punch! Though there's a strong citrusy lime taste, the chili itself was pretty fiery.

Another recommended dish by my friend was the signature meat and seafood roll, more casually known as the hei zor. He thinks it's so good that we ordered the medium size for 2 of us. But I have to agree, the rolls were fried till crispy but not oily, and generously stuffed with meat, prawns and water chestnut that gave the crunchy juicy taste in each bite. Dip them in the Thai sweet chili, so good that I couldn't stop.

Sorry for this not-very-flattering photo of the beehoon! I'm a long time fan of this place and have visited many many many times 😂 The beehoon is always excellent! Firm and flavourful and filled with so many ingredients 😻 The other dishes, though, are pretty normal.

I always wondered how it would taste when it's dabao-ed and thankfully it still tastes as great!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how the beehoon managed to m stay firm even when I only got to eat it like 4 hours later. Yumz!

I wasn't very impressed with the Sembawang White Bee Hoon at Sun Plaza so I decided to try the food at the flagship restaurant at Jalan Tamping. Please read my review at

Ordered a large plate of their signature white bee noon, fried tofu and chicken wings. It's my first time trying and all of Tue dishes is damn good!! Loving their chilli which complements their white bee hoon

Normally we would ordered the signature bee hoon but today we decided to try their zhi char..
The petai was delicious and not too oily.. salted egg fried squid is to our surprise that is very juicy and tender.. will try out the other dishes next time!

We got takeaways so by the time we had it, the Beehoon has soaked up all the broth but all was still good. There's always long queue here and after trying it, we finally know why this is so. • We feel that the Mee Goreng is a hidden gem since there isn't much talks of it. Jae feels that it's even better than the famed White Beehoon though it was a little too spicy for her (It's quite obvious that Jae can't take spicy food right). Overall the Mee Goreng was SADAP!

White Beehoon - 7/10
Mee Goreng - 8/10

Both are large and costs $15 each


.....and not great leh the white bee hoon :'( the other dishes taste better than the bee hoon itself so highly doubt i'll be back

Finally got to try what my boy has been eating since young! Not a fan of white beehoon ($5, $8 and $10) which is why this trip has been delayed for so long but hey, its good, and so are the 虾卷($10) and sambal kangkong($8)! Queue can be long but turnover rate was pretty fast. Worth a try!

no complaints about this dish. just strong salted egg yolk taste with sotong. YUMS

this is THE BOMB! so so so yummy! the soup gravy mixed with the beehoon with slight lime taste. I have to return!

Tried the same dishes at this branch instead... Simply love the Indonesian wings.
Overall yummy but the ones at Punggol Settlement were unforgettable..
Plus 3 drinks, total bill was just $30 nett :)

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