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[CLOSED] Yu Kee Duck & Noodle House (Bugis)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Authentic and affordable braised duck rice store. Largest braised duck rice chain outlet in Singapore.


From the Burpple community

Think this was my go to place before they moved many years ago. So glad to find them again at bugis and the taste is good as ever. Apart from their spectacular standard fare I particularly love the sweet smoky oily chili as well. Goes so well with the kway teow zai

Kuey Chup Set for 2 ($18)

Yu Kee is synonymous with braised duck to me and is usually my go to fix when such craving descends upon me. Thankfully, it’s conveniently available at most food courts. I had this at the standalone coffeeshop at liang seah street. Yu Kee’s duck is well seasoned and braised till the flavours really get infused into the duck. The accompanying sauce is perfect for drizzling all over the braised rice. Kuey chup items were average and their char siew can be skipped. I would say come here for braised duck without the frills add-ons.


Yums! Really like the tasty rice. The duck is a little dry though. The egg, salted vegetables, tofu and cucumber compliments and completes the duck rice. I 'da bao' this from time to time if I pass by bugis. An easy and satisfying meal! πŸ‘

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The kway chup set tastes quite normal. The portion is very small for a $5 set. I will stick with their duck rice as that is their signature dish.


Great to have this for lunch with a group of adventurous colleagues who didn't mind quite a walk under the sun. This $7 dollar set totally satisfy my desire for tender duck meat, appetizing seasoned salty vege & silky smooth kueh 😘😘 #burpple


🐦 So damn unhealthy but who gives a duck when it's so yummy πŸ˜‹ #burpple