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Feel slightly Less guilty 😆.

📍Yu Kee Duck Rice outlets: Fusionopolis, Singpost Centre, Funan Mall, Jem, Kallang Wave Mall, Punggol Oasis Terraces, Century Square and Wilkie Edge.

Delicious as ever, again super nostalgic to me. Their braised sauce is extremely well balanced and thick enough, duck was tender, and the hae bee was so fragrant and full of umami. Unfortunately when you dabao they don't add the lime chili, the two kinds of chili mixed tgt is really killer

I’ve grown up eating this Yu Kee (友记) DUCK Rice from this Kim San Leng coffee shop at Bishan. ✔ While it still remains a decent plate, it does not seem to be as good as what I remembered it to be. 🤔
Their Specialty Duck Rice ($4) features some tender duck meats 🦆🦆🦆 laid atop a bed of fragrant yam rice, accompanied by cucumbers, beancurd, braised egg & braised peanuts. The yam rice was really soft, fluffy & savoury - so good on its own! 😋😋😋 I thought there used to be yam cubes in there but there was none in my share, which I left me slightly disappointed. 😔 While they could be more generous with their meats, I must say that they were very well-handled - succulent with no gamey taste at all! 💕
Absolutely love their secret traditional braised sauce doused over the duck meat & yam rice! ❤❤❤ Another worthy mention is their chilli sauce - a winner from the incorporation of ikan bilis which packs a punch of savoury goodness & aroma! 🌶 Even if you can’t handle spice well, the heat level is pretty manageable. 👌🏻
The side of firm beancurd, sweet braised peanuts 🥜, half a braised egg 🍳 & crunchy cucumbers 🥒 added some layering of taste & textures to the already flavourful plate. 😋 The soup that carries a tinge of herbal taste complements the plate of rice really nicely & helps to cleanse your palate. 👍🏻
This may not be the best plate of duck rice in Singapore but it definitely was a plate of nostalgia. 🥰

Duck was quite tender, but it is on the fatty side. The herbal soup that came along with the duck rice is awesome!