335 Smith Street
#02-215 Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre
Singapore 050335

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From the Burpple community

Have always been pretty intrigued by the signboard of Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master 元朗油鸡博士 — situated in the yellow zone of Chinatown Complex Market, Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master is located at quite a prominent location in the hawker centre just across from Shang Hai Chee Cheong Fan. What had really attracted us to the stall is its rather odd depiction of live chickens on the field in a photo on the left; the right side of the signboard features a whole Kampung Chicken that is poached and laying on the plate — something which our satirical self just couldn’t get past the irony of. Whilst Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master could pass off as any other chicken rice stall around the island otherwise, it is noted on the photo of the chickens on the field that a text is being laid over stating “Hong Kong” — not sure if they are indicating the style of the chicken rice / noodles they are serving here, or if they are referring to the source of the chickens that they used. Nonetheless, while the namesake of the stall suggests that they serve Hong Kong-style Soy Sauce Chicken, the stall also serves up what they seem to be Kampong Chicken as well. Patrons will be able to opt between different chicken parts (depending on availability) — think specific parts like thigh, drumstick or wing, as well as to have their choice of chicken to come with either rice or noodles.

Having been intrigued by their Kampong Chicken being hung in the display cabinet, we thought that it would be good to give their Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice a go despite the stall seemingly specialising in Soy Sauce Chicken. All items served at Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master are served on disposable styrofoam plates — the rice dishes also comes with soup in a plastic bowl as well. On first look, the Kampong Chicken here does somewhat differ from the usual poached chicken that one would get when they visit a stall serving Hainanese-style chicken rice. The skin of the chicken is noticeably more yellow than the white chicken rice that most would be familiar with. It is also noted that the Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice at Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master also comes with leafy greens rather than slices of cucumber as well.

Digging into the Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice, we went straight for the Kampong Chicken Thigh and what got us pretty impressed here was the texture of the chicken — despite the pieces that we were served up with being pretty bony, the meat was juicy and tender; the skin of the poached chicken being all smooth, moist and gelatinous. We also felt that the skin of the Kampong Chicken Thigh was a little more saltish that what would expect from the white chicken rice served at a typical Hainanese chicken rice stall; quite briny and brings it closer to say salt-baked chicken with a more controlled level of saltiness that was pretty interesting — the flesh also falling off the bone cleanly. Whilst we found the fluffy flavoured rice below to be a wee bit on the dry side for our liking, the rice does carry quite a profound savouriness that was quite good to have on its own. The leafy greens were definitely a better inclusion than slices of cucumbers in our opinion; more akin to poached vegetables than provided a soft crunch for a more wholesome feel. Pairing up everything with the chili, the chili was pretty different from what we expect it to be — somewhat closer to being that sort of savoury, smoky and umami mix than one would expect to have with Hong Kong-style Chee Cheong Fun or Din Tai Fung-style Egg Fried Rice that carried a light fiery kick that would suit those whom are tolerable to lower levels of spiciness; something which we found so intriguing that we wiped out the portion that we took by having it even with the rice. Even the soup impressed us here; one that was pretty clear that we found to be clean yet flavourful.

Having read up a little more about Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master while we were enjoying the Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice that we had ordered, we found out that the stall is helmed by a chef from Hong Kong whom have worked in Hong Kong and Indonesia before; the latter of which he worked at in hotels and resorts. The chef does seem pretty no-nonsense on first impression when we made our order; that being said, he did come around to ask if his food is good and if whether we liked it subsequently when he had breaks in between — pretty friendly as long as he has the time it seems. The Soy Sauce Chicken / Noodle at Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master is priced pretty reasonably at $5.50; that being said the Kampong Chicken Rice / Noodle offerings are priced higher than usual — the Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice being the cheapest at $7.00, while the Kampong Chicken Drumstick Rice being the priciest at $8.50. Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master’s offerings does somewhat subtly remind us of what we have had previously at 厨皇香港贵妃鸡 Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken; the items at the latter are also priced lower in comparison. That being said, Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master does make for a decent option from the usual if one disregards the price points set especially for the Kampong Chicken dishes — something a little different from the other stalls serving up soy sauce chicken within the same hawker centre.

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So I cannot understand why there is such a long queue at the past Michelin stall but no queues here. IMHO, this stall has the better chicken albeit kampung chicken.

Ordered the salt baked kampung chicken drumstick noodles for $8.50. But worth every cent. Noodles were al dente and springy, chicken was tender and juicy. Comes with sweet Kai Lan instead of Chye Sim. Yums!

Will try their soya sauce chicken next time.

The Kampong Chicken Thigh Rice came with a good amount of thick chicken slices, and a side of chilli.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/yuan-lang-soy-sauce-chicken-master/

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Tried this HK styled soy sauce chicken and found it good. Chicken is the Kampong chicken which is not too fatty and the marination is just right not overwhelmingly salty. The rice is tasty not oily which is suitable for me. Overall it’s good and I’ll come back to try the savoury Kampong chicken which is unlike our chicken rice type.


Yuan Lang Soy sauce chicken master

Continuing my series on the hidden treasures in Chinatown complex food centre .....

While others are happily queuing for the Michelin Star Soy sauce chicken , my joy comes from finding the true hidden gem .

Intrigued with the signboard - “ Soy sauce chicken master “ - they better be good to live up to that name .

I was about get the Soy sauce chicken noodles but saw the uncle before me with what I thought looked like a delicious plate of Hk style wanton noodles .

And boy did I squeal with delight upon my first taste of the noodles. The wanton noodles tasted as good as they looked . Served with 4 very plum wantons filled with fresh and juicy prawns and a perfect Hk style noodle that is cooked to perfection , has the right bite without the alkaline taste and smell and a delectable kai lan ( instead of the usual cai Xin ) - this was like heaven on earth for me .

This , in my opinion was so many times better that what you would get in the Hk chain of restaurants in Singapore ( you know where... the jade .. and the treasures 😝).

The chilli was the next thing that elevated this whole dish - fiery spicy ; it went brilliantly well with the noodles that were lightly seasoned

. A very clean tasting plate of Hk style wanton noodles as compared to the ones that are drenched in msg - laden sauce .

Exactly the way I would like my wanton noodles .

A challenge to find this stall as they are hidden at the back ( just next to the infamous duo ji chee cheong fun which has been there from the beginning of times ). Kudos to you if you manage to find it 👧🏻

This is undoubtedly one of the hidden treasures in Chinatown complex food centre .
And did I mention this plate of heaven was only 3.50 ?

Do give this a try and see if you concur with me :)
Will be back to try their soy sauce kampong chicken which looks so succulent and delicious 🤤