13 Purvis Street
Singapore 188592

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11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Free flow beef / chicken / salmon steaks, salads, pasta, freshly squeezed watermelon juice, and even satay at the price point of $50-ish is a steal! 🤩 Surprise surprise~ we enjoyed the chicken satay the most. But sadly, I just found out that this hidden buffet gem, Yummo Chow (at Hotel NuVe Heritage), is permanently closed on 27 Apr 2024. I heard the staff shared that they will re-open after the hotel is done with the renovation works. I shall look forward then. 🫡

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Saving the best for the last, the fried chicken burger was probably the best dish of the night.

The grilled chicken thigh was juicy and tender and the bbq mayonnaise sauce was well executed. This is one dish I wouldn't mind being back for.

Yummo Chow is currently running a 90 minutes ala carte buffet for less than $40 per pax. It's good value if you consider the variety involved but just expect that there will be hits and misses...

Specially thanks as always to the good folks from #Burpple and Yummo Chow for hosting us!

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Yummo Chow's double cheeseburger was my least favourite dish of the night.

At this price tag, I am kinda expecting a fresh beef patty. However, the beef patties looked like those you could have picked up from any grocery store (and tasted like one too). It's really hard to justify paying this price...

Yummo Chow is one of those places that could do better. The execution for the dishes were actually decent or above average and their sauces were quite tasty. The main letdown for me was the quality of their ingredients. It's gonna be tough (even with their #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deals and affordable buffet promo) because people who visit this area probably can afford to pay and will naturally expect more.

I am no restauranteur or F&B guru but it may help if they streamline their extensive menu to focus on certain dishes and put some work into their procurement process. I am rooting for them because I think their chefs are actually decent and their service staff lovely.

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Yummo Chow serves a decent fish & chips. I quite like the thin crisp batter. I did not fancy this dish though as the fish fillet was rather mushy rather than flaky.

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Yummo Chow is a little cafe located on the ground floor of Hotel NuVe Heritage along Purvis Street.

They very kindly hosted a group of us for a #Burpple #Eatup session recently. The chilli crab pasta is one of the mains available under their #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deal.

The noodle was cooked just right and the sauce was sweet and tangy. My only qualm was that they seem to have used frozen crab meat which explains why the flesh turned out to be rather soft and mushy.

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BBQ Pork Ribs (25.90) - Flavour was good and generous portion. but meat was not tender enough. Will go for the chilli crab pasta next time