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From the Burpple community

Malay rice always been my all time favourite as I love spicy food. I love the messy of the gravy all over my rice, love the chilli spicy goes with my rice the taste w chicken, fishcake and the sweetness of tofu with long bean. This is always the place I will come to in yishun. Is been around more than a decades owned by a malay family currently I believe on 3rd generation . Price: $7.50 ambiemce: 2/10 food taste: 8/10 variety to choose 6.5/10. My all time fav is ayam merang (I hope I spell right). Remember ask for balacen chilli ( I hope I spell it right)

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Apparently this place was famous among the local to be one of their breakfast place. Was here during the lunch time and they still selling before closing down around 1pm. The pork lard given was generous with that huge pork skin on top. $4


Saw a long queue for this fishball noodles near the Chong Pang food centre, and decided to join in.

I’m a fan of the dry version with its vinegar (no lard for me!) coupled with the minced meat and meatball/fishball/dumpling. The mee pok was al dente and at the end of the dish, felt that I should have gone for the larger version!

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Choice of thick rich prawn paste or healthier pale sourish sauce for fruit or normal rojak. The owner is a nice friendly lady who is ever willing to customise each plate to your taste. Definitely better than rojak stalls in the Chong Pang area.

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This dish has lots of ingredients and some of them is not found in other Teochew noodles. Items such as braised pig trotter, dried fish aka 香鱼 etc. Get the whole works at $4.80 is really worth it.


filling and satisfying. the oyster omelette was disappointing though haha was expecting it to be starchy but it’s not. Open till late night, in the heart of chongpang.