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07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

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What you should order at Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室)

You should order these at Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室)

Reviews at Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室)

Reviews of good food at Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室)

Weekends at KL city's foremost Hainanese kopitiam come with a clause: a 30-minute wait, minimum. But what fuels the unceasing crowds is the promise of Yut Kee's weekends-only Roast Pork (RM19.90). The elusive dish yields a yummy, crackling roast pork with apple sauce, alongside potatoes and vegetables. Since you've already made the trawl, make the most out of your experience. Order also the Roti Babi (RM9), a wonderfully greasy deep-fried bread with pork and onion filling. For a lighter breakfast, the Kaya Butter Toast (RM3) stars a fantastic homemade kaya that is, to our delight, also available in a take-home jar at RM4.80. End your meal with a classic local cake — either the soft, fluffy Kaya Roll (RM1) or the buttery Marble Cake (RM1).
Avg price per person: RM15

Fluffy and aromatic belacan fried rice, not-crispy-at-all kaya & butter toast with not-so-well-done half boiled eggs and 2 cups of lack-of-oomph hainan tea. Crowd as usual and we queued for 30 minutes.

Ever since Yut Kee moved from its old location to the more spacious and comfortable Jalan Kamunting lot, the kopitiam has gained an even stronger cult following. The heritage decor makes an Instagrammable feature, paying homage to its near-90 years in business. Do like regulars and come for the greasy Roti Babi (RM9), minced pork and onions stuffed in deep-fried bread. A friendly uncle will be on the lookout to make sure you eat it right — with drizzles of Lea & Perrins' Worchestershire sauce. Also not to be missed are their fresh bakes. The Kaya Roll (RM1 per piece) is deliciously dense while a buttery Marble Cake (RM1.20) sends our tastebuds straight to cake heaven. If you are willing to wake up (extra) early on a weekend, beat the crowd for their Roast Pork (RM15 for two slices). The crackling favourite flies off the shelves within minutes. Pro tip: Head to the small corner parking lot behind Yut Kee for a RM3/hour valet rate — the best in the area.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Muriel A.

It seems like to be a favourite breakfast or brunch spot for people. An old kopitiam but moved to new row, not too far from where it used to be. Old school interior design of kopitiam that surely make you nostalgic of those good old days when your parents brought you to kopitiam for breakfast. Can't denied that it always full house here during office break or lunch hour. The infamous hainanese chicken chop (RM12.50) that serve with two pieces of huge chicken chop, potatoes, orange and green peas with sauces. Guess it's one of the top seller here as you can see almost everyone is ordering this. Compare to other restaurant, their chicken chop is quite thick, high level of satisfaction on every bite, but since I'm not a fans of that sauce, I'm always order other kind of food there. If you wonder where to park your car, there is an open parking just behind the restaurant whereby you will pass by it if follow the main road. Or you can take monorail to Medan Tuanku station and have a 10-15 minute walk.

Came before noon and the weekend roast pork was already sold out. 💔 Still left satisfied after combining two of their bestsellers though. Couldn't stop spooning the uber tender pork chop's gravy over the flavour-packed fried rice! 👅💦 Their kopi (RM2) was pretty damn solid too. 👊🏼

Having been around since 1928, time-honoured Yut Kee is extraordinarily famed for Hainanese delights, like its breakfast toast and eggs. But the next time you hit up this heritage restaurant, make it a weekend afternoon with your family to snag a plate of their weekends-only Roast Pork (from RM16). Served Swiss roll-style, the pork belly is loved for its soft, lean meat coupled with a scrumptious pistachio-peach stuffing and homemade apple sauce. There is also an option to make this a full meal with potatoes and blanched vegetables on the side (additional RM3.50). Better still, bring a whole roast pork home for celebrations — the 2kg slab costs RM170 and will require ordering at least three days in advance.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Cynthia

Awesome local food! The pork knuckles is even better than the westernised version! The Hilam noodles and toast and Kaya and Kopi O kosong were so so delicious too! Worth the long wait!❤️

Pork chop is a "must order" when visit to Yut Kee Kopitiam | RM12.50 per plate

Kopitiam style breakkie | Toast, Kopi Peng & Teh Peng | Love the homemade kaya, not as smooth as those kaya selling out there, but the taste is really good, very strong coconut & egg smell, the best part is not too sweet | RM3 for toast, they do sell their Kaya at RM4.80 each

Roti kahwins dipped in half boiled eggs, hainanese pork chop, kaya rolls and kopi peng. My kind of breakfast. Mmm :9


Eggs done right, kaya toast, Hailam Mee and of course - kopi peng. This is as classic as it gets! Weekday mornings aren't too packed at the new relocated Yut Kee so don't worry too much about long waits.

Dry Beef Noodle. Starchy sauce to toss with, good amount of beef belly. 👏🏻 Roti Babi (Pork Bun), good fresh chunk of pork. 👍🏻 Cham O. A bit sour to my liking. 😝

Pork Chop. This is one juicy well done pork chop, not too thick nor thin. The outer fried layer has the taste just nice to every bite and chew on it. Satisfied 😊👍🏻 #shircvenus

Hailam mee, Lum mee and Hainanese pork chops (which got swapped out to chicken for some reason). Gentle flavors, great presence. Never leave a country without eating it's street food.


Love its chicken chop! Too bad never get to try its famous roasted pork which only available on Fri, Sat & Sun.

Crispy roast pork that's only available on weekends.. Not to be missed

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