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Assam Curry Fish Head is Zai Shun Curry Fish Head's signature fish. The wild-caught red snapper's head is sweeter than it's body. It's flesh is softer at the front of its head and firmer towards the back. So fresh, it is absent of fishiness. The tangy gravy is robust with strong notes of tamarind with a lighter.consistency than your regular curries. Drench your rice over with its addictiveness, with the flavours of pineapples, okra and brinjal and tomatoes stewed in. The fish meat doesn't absorb the curry's essence, however, and is denser and tougher than expected. Perhaps that explains why most tables ordered steamed fish instead.
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If you need a green dish at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, this Salted Egg Bitter Gourd is recommended. Chicken eggs, bitter gourd and chopped bits of pre-cooked duck egg harmoniously brings this dish to flavour. Amazingly fragrant are the scrambled eggs. Seasoned and savoury, they retain moisture while fully exuding wok hei. The thin slices of gourd, still firm, are moderately bitter. White bits of salted duck egg white lend a sharp, salty edge, highlighting the main ingredient. A well-executed dish this is.
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This Soo Mei fish head was particularly amazing - super tender and tasty on its own! (Do note it’s rarely available and requires a pre-reservation through the boss). The ngor hiang, bittergourd with salted egg, homemade fish cake, and hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal) are also a must order!
📍Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, 253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, S600253

Everything was sooooo good. Sadly our fish was slightly overcooked (though still extremely fresh and yummy) but that bittergourd omelette was da bomb - and I don’t even eat bittergourd normally. It was most definitely the salted egg in it. Must orders include the fish cake (that bouncy texture - yaas!!) and the quintessential salted fish minced meat patty (best I’ve tasted).

Discovered a new favourite dish today: 木耳炒蛋! IDK HOW THEY COOKED IT BUT IT'S SO GOOD! Everything else was really good as well, I'm glad i tried the food here! Happy tummy for the night😊 9/10 for zi char! Will be back to try the curry fishhead!

Steamed, topped with a piquant tau cheo sauce which was savoury and not overpowering and accompanied by deep fried crunchy bits of lard, this was just so good. Let's just say I probably ate the lion's share of it.

Due to its popularity, a lot of restaurants these days serve the farmed versions of this prized fish. Well, today we are lucky enough to have the wild caught Soon Hock. Steamed to perfection the flesh is sweet and has a certain bite to it, unlike the farmed ones which flakes more easily. So yummy! Iggy and Janice, thanks for ordering this. Thorougly enjoyed it.

It may sound like a simple homecooked dish but it's really one that is hard to execute well. Here, they aced it! I don't know what the secret is but it's good enough to convert the non bittergourd lover amongst us to one now, well only at Zai Shun. I personally loved how they added in some salted eggs along with the eggs. So good that I shamelessly took the last helpings of this dish.

My first time having rabbit fish today (I was told that this is a very Teochew type fish) and I love how well it's done here. Steamed to perfection and topped with preserved pickled mustards and freshly fried bits of lard, this was so amazingly good! Even if you don't like fish, you'd be converted after having this dish.

Zai Shun's version is legit and really tasty. You can eat it as is, or with your congee or rice like me.

Uncommon but tastes oh-so-good, this is the "Shovelnose Shark". At "Zai Shun Curry Fish Head", it is served steamed and covered in the most lip-smacking sauce of "tau cheo" (fermented bean paste), garlic and chilli. A truckload of fresh-tasting fried cubes of pork lard and chopped spring onions complete this ambrosial, collagen-and-nothing-but-collagen dish. I think I may have wiped out all the wrinkles on my face with the whopping helping I had today. #wishfulthinking 😂😂

Thanks to Iggy and his wife Janice, the owners of the Michelin-Starred Iggy's restaurant, my makan kakis and I finally made our way to this hotspot out in the (wild, wild) West: "Zai Shun Curry Fish Head".
We left it to the foodie couple to do the ordering as well because they're regular customers here, and I mean 4-times-a-week-regular! Smart move on our part of course because that meant we got to try the best dishes 😄
This platter of white-spotted rabbitfish was one of them. A traditional Teochew dish that peaks in popularity during Chinese New Year due to the belief that it brings luck and prosperity, it came steamed with plenty of "kiam chye buay" and cubes of crispy fried pork lard. The fish itself was exceedingly fresh and tasted pristine with none of the bitterness sometimes encountered if it hadn't been properly cleaned (burst the gall by accident and it becomes quite unpalatable).
Having eaten at "Zai Shun" at last, I can finally understand what's all the fuss about. It's quite a drive from the Eastern part of Singapore but I'm planning to take my parents for breakfast one of these mornings since they open very conveniently at 7am.

Don't miss out on ordering this when you dine here. It is possibly the best rendition of the popular "zichar" classic of bittergourd and eggs I have ever had.
While the "wok hei" is strong, the eggs are gently fried. I could taste salted egg in my first bite and upon closer inspection, spotted bits of it nestled among the thin slices of bittergourd. How clever of the chef to add that small but transformative ingredient.

Wrapped in lotus leaf, this was another tasty dish from the very popular "zi char" stall in Jurong East.
Contrary to appearance, the gravy was not filled to the brim of the "bowl" but only about a third of it. There's plenty of fish maw and pork ribs though, with the latter cooked till extremely tender - so I got to munch on my favourite soft cartilage bits.
If I'm not mistaken, this item costs $20. Sorry but the stall's handwritten receipt, like those from most of them, isn't so detailed 😂 I suggest you double check before ordering.

Seldom does one meet a "hae bee hiam" that's worthy of special mention but this scene-stealer can be found at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head Seafood.
Very fragrant and tasty, a little goes a long way. As demonstrated by Iggy and Janice who introduced us to this place, you just have to add a small spoon of it to your bowl of porridge or rice, to best savour the minced dried shrimp's potent umami.
Usually I don't get excited at all about "hae bee hiam" but this, I loved. Especially with a squirt of fresh lime juice.

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