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Top 10 places for Craft Beer

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Was randomly working at 3pm when I got to go invited to try media bar's tandoori chicken flatbread with sweet potato fries ($18) Def didn't pass up that opportunity.

The chicken was really really good, well seasoned and went super well with the flat bread and mint sauce. The fries were a bit disappointing but hey it's free, I will not complain. 馃槀

Excellent Chilli Crab Ravioli

Wow, really nice. The gravy tasted more like a thick tom yum soup though, not the chilli crab type of gravy. The ravioli were well stuffed with crab meat. Overall a very spicy dish and incredibly tasty. A must try.

This doesn't look like much but it's actually a bowl of really awesome crispy deep fried chicken skin with southern spice flavours!

Love that it is surprisingly not too oily and light so it's incredibly addictive @alteregosg
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It's a cold and rainy Monday morning....

I could do with a stack of tender pork ribs grilled cheese 馃榿 super generous with both the ribs and cheese! Love the cheese strands that oozes out with every bite! Filling and satisfying! @alteregosg
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How Do I Live(r) Without You

Finally managed to put that Alchemist voucher to excellent use (thanks, Burpple!) with my dad and a couple of friends. My dad, being the fanatic for foie gras that he is, ordered the smoked duck liver parfait with no hesitation whatsoever. And boy did his prescience pay off handsomely.

Unlike all the foie gras I've had until this one, I always found the texture far too dense and rich for my liking, and some were far too gamey in scent and flavor, which is why I'm not particularly fond of foie gras. Alchemist's smoked duck liver parfait, on the other hand, is more than enough to convert me.

The foie gras is ridiculously light and airy, almost like a mousse, while still being ravishingly rich and superbly savory without being too gamey. The taste and texture is just utterly phenomenal! You could just pop it in your mouth and let it melt, that's how amazing it was. The mildly sour green apple 'slaw on the side helps to cut through the richness of the foie gras, letting you appreciate and enjoy every single morsel of liver.

Simply put, if you can only get one dish at Alchemist, get the smoked duck liver parfait. It's beyond amazing, and you'd be robbing yourself if you didn't order it.

It's St Patrick's Day and the whole of Boat Quay is packed with people!

While their Monster Green Lager seems to be the perfect drink for the occasion (well, it's green), my friends and I stayed on the safe side and got a RedDot Lime Wheat (right) and English Ale (left). Happy St Patrick's Day!

Let's all raise a drink for the weekend.


Enjoyed this glass called Victorian Lemonade mixed with mint leaves and a huge slice of grapefruit here at @alteregosg. The food here is out of this world and really innovative. A place full of comfort food. 馃檶

Will be ending the day with emma watson at @shawsg. Heard a lot of good reviews about the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast. Just cant wait to finally watch it! Have a great day everyone. 馃槑

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