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Double Cheese Turkey Panini

Great service and cafe environment. The food came really quick and was really good. Pretty good on the whole. My friends and I got the lunch set meal which included a double cheese turkey panini and a glass of ice lemon tea for $10.90 yum

Buta Shogayaki Don

We were very pleasantly surprised when we went to this Japanese restaurant at Kandahar St called Box n Sticks. The food was so affordable and value for money!

Pictured is the buta shogayaki (pork) don with onsen egg, chawanmushi, kakiage tempura, miso soup and iced lemon tea. All for $16.90! The marinated pork and rice were tasty while the chawanmushi was silky smooth.

They have even cheaper set lunches available. Even their dinner ala carte menu items are affordable too! You ought to check it out.

from Kenneth Lee
Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast

🍞 Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($19.90++) Best over priced toast I've ever had with my favourite person! Fell in love with the setting of the cafe. It's a girly pretty place 😊 #happyplace

#huanishappy #eatmusttag #dazzlingcafe


Always enjoyed dining here! Please do remember to make reservations or be prepared to wait 30-60 minutes for seats. Their sushi is deli! Recommend their tofu cheesecake as well!

Rainbow Cake

The much raved about rainbow cake. In my humble opinion, the cake is too dry and ice cream too hard. Their durian macarons beat this fanciful rainbow cake hands down!

Shrooms Bite

My all time favourite at TCC - Shrooms Bite

Deliciously buttery pastries filled to their puffy brims with an exquisite sautéed mushroom ragout

Tasted like tiny pops of creamy shroom soup in a pastry cuppie #happyfood #eatmusttag

Claypot Hokkien Mee

Claypot Hokkien Mee
Bubbly goodness! Not the best hokkien mee but definitely above average

S$15 for a notverybig claypot but I like the crispy sio ba! You know how prawns in hokkien mee are usually overcooked and tough? Prawns here are still bouncy hehe