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Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars: July 2015 The heat returns, which signals more new ice cream options! This July, go forth and try Taiwanese soft serve with moustaches, cheekily-named Neh Neh Pop creamsicles and green curry gelato (?!). There are cool steak and waffle burgers too!
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Burpple Guides, Steak 15 Best Steaks in Singapore This list is your answer for days when you just need a glorious piece of perfectly charred, succulent steak. Whatever you're looking for – a casual, affordable option or somewhere swankier to bring your special someone to, we've got you covered.
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Cheap & Good Food in Singapore Who says you can't eat well and not burn a hole in your wallet? Here's a list of restaurants, cafés and eateries in Singapore with great food and value for money, even on a budget.

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Chilli Crab Tempura Fish

The ramen burger here is essentially cup noodles + Mamee seasoning, resulting in a very MSG but yet still delicious soft "buns". Delicious as a snack, not as a savoury meal because it got really jelat. That aside, the deep fried fish was quite thin but thankfully not over fried (I really didn't have high expectations). The sweet spicy sauce that was supposedly chilli crab was alright. Not a dish worth trying even though the poster looks really good. $9.90, comes with a drink.

Terrific Tarts ($7 each)

Without a doubt, both of these were worthy of Drips Bakery Cafe's claim to be a specialist in tarts.
I found the the lemon custard in the Lemon Meringue Tart to be sufficiently zingy and sweetly harmonised by the meringue. A good choice if you're craving the taste of summer.
Prefer something a lot richer? Well, I reckon the Dark Chocolate de Tart should do the trick. Bound to illicit sighs of bliss is the velvety, dense ganache that's the colour of night which comes sprinkled with plenty of cocoa powder.
Do note the tarts here have the slightly crisper type of base that I personally prefer 😊

Italiana Grilled Chicken

First bite into it and I know the problem. The liberal amount of sauces - mayonnaise and also Italian herbed tangy tomato sauce, made it quite unbearable. Even the side salad had a different thousand island sauce. The whole meal got a bit sickening, but I did manage to finish it. At least the chicken thigh was tender and well cooked.

Lam's Abalone Noodle and Salt-baked Chicken

Was super excited to try this and it did not disappoint. The ba chor mee was cooked to perfection - it wasn't too soggy and was at the right consistency. The tamago egg was a welcome addition; something a little more unique and interesting. I would have preferred it without the abalone pieces, so it would be cheaper than $6.80. As for the salt-baked chicken, it was super tender and well marinated. I was trying to swipe at the last bit of sauce/juice with the last piece towards the end of the meal. Would be fantastic with a plate of rice to soak up all the chicken juices.

from Yeung Kai Ho