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Pulled Duck & Apricot Croissant ($19++)

Yes, it's an expensive sandwich but after cramming it in my mouth, I can conclude it is deserving of its price.
For one, the duck confit filling is amazing. You know how some versions are dry and stringy? It is not the case here at all. They cook the leg of the duck very well, retaining juiciness and rich flavour. Also, the slight saltiness of the duck meat gets along like a house on fire with the creamy mayo, sweet apricot preserve and caramelised onions. Oh, and do you see that gorgeous egg puffing up my croissant? Now that was a yummy surprise because there's no mention of it in the menu. Excellent sandwich aside, the fries were crisp and the salad, fresh. A must-try.

from Veronica Phua
Doing It Amsterdam Style ($1 with a cup of coffee)

Travelling all the way from the Netherlands to accompany my cup of cappucino is the unique Stroopfel. Formed by two very thin wafers sandwiched together with caramel (that has a hint of cinnamon) in between, it's meant to be placed over a hot cup of coffee. This allows the heat from it to soften the caramel, making it slightly oozy as you munch on the Stroopfel. It tastes really lovely with sips of coffee.

from Veronica Phua
Pork Knuckle Platter

Long time since I have had pork knuckle or any German food for that matters. To be honest, the pork knuckle was a bit disappointing. The skin was a bit too starchy, sticks to the teeth and wasn't crunchy enough. ( my favourite is still paulaner brahaus) The sauerkraut was also not sour enough. Nevertheless, the ribs and sausages were pretty good! The ribs had a slightly spicy and nice BBQ flavour. While the sausages were right on the dot for flavour and texture. So I would say Brozeit is still more of a sausage place than anything else!

Chicken Parmigiano ($25++)

After watching Guy Fieri on "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives", I have been craving Chicken Parmigiano for the longest time. Finally got to sink my teeth into one and I must say, I was all smiles. What it is, is a slab of crunchy battered chicken breast meat (that's been tenderised beforehand), topped with sliced leg ham, then smothered in a layer of tangy Napolitana tomato sauce. Finally, a thick blanket of mozzarella and cheddar cheese is piled on and the whole thing goes into the oven so the cheeses can melt to become a gorgeous oozy thing. Now imagine having all of that in every bite. Yum-mee!

from Veronica Phua
Sunriser Brunch Set ($12.90)

An original item I have yet to see anywhere else in Singapore. Featuring a pair of golden brown pastry crust cups filled with some truffled mashed potato, chunks of chicken sausage and eggs, these baked delights were tasty and filling. Included as part of the set is a glass of either orange or cloudy apple juice. Add $1 if you fancy a cup of long black.

from Veronica Phua
For Fantastic Stuffed French Toast

If you're approaching French Toast as a dessert, this one will satisfy you. Served as 2 slices of brioche stuffed with bananas and drenched in maple syrup, vanilla yoghurt and blueberries, this is sweet and decadent without being too heavy. The texture and portion is perfect, definitely a must order! Photo by Gavin Chan.

from Gavin Chan
Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pork that's been braised for 7 hours in a tangy BBQ sauce and pulled to shreds, topped with cool coleslaw, all sandwiched in a warm bun with a good crunch. With a side of spiced carrot and raisin salad, this was hands down the best pulled pork sandwich I've had. It surprised me as they were just testing their new menu this weekend. Definitely try their food and give them feedback, this new cafe seems extremely promising especially since not many cafes produce great food.

from Jayne Tan