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New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: January 2016
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Lobster, Salmon, Abalone Yusheng

Happy Chinese New Year! 祝大家新年快乐 猴年愉快🐵! Here's the Lobster, Salmon & Abalone Yusheng from #SzchuanCourt #FairmontSingapore that teams sweetness of fresh fruits (rock melon, honey dew and peaches) with treasures of the sea (lobster, salmon and abalone).

The Original Yusheng

Totally a work of art. Every single one of my family members love their famed Yusheng. It's unlike what I had for years, that's sometimes I wonder why we didn't come here for louhei yearly. The way they prepare is on reversal. They mixed the sauces up first before throwing in slices of abalone and tossing the slices with the sauces. Next would be the crushed peanuts, the respective vegetables, jellyfish and finally topped generously the golden pillows. Not presentable, and hardly Instagram worthy, but honestly the best. After tossing and making a mess, the end result is one hell of a gorgeous mess, with each strand deliciously coated. Urgh, just so good.

Crayfish Seafood Soup

Soup was so smooth and rich I downed the whole bowl wanting more! Ingredients used - crayfish, prawns, fish and minced pork were so tender, fresh and well cooked. All the components were well balanced of savory and sweet. $10 for this but take my money please!

酸辣粉 Suan La Fen

Finally back in Singapore and this was that one dish I craved soooooo badly!!! I should probably create the geotag for this place. With the downtown line opening, Bugis is 15 minutes away from my house and that means? That means MORE Suan La Fen in my tummy! Woohoo! Thick sweet potato noodles are chewy and q, soup is addictive, generous portion of vegetables, and even without much ingredients, this is that one bowl that keeps me coming back. Top ups for meats and other ingredients are available along with customizable level of spiciness.

Sea Urchin and Crab Tart ($18)

Meet Lolla's Sea Urchin Pudding counterpart from Lollapalooza. The super smooth custard sits on a buttery and flaky pastry topped with generous chunks of crab plus luscious sea urchin lolling over the top. Love the refreshing finish of lime zest confetti, though I wished I could squeeze a teenie weenie bit of tangy lime juice to counter all the savouriness. Regardless, this was absolutely delish and you should order it stat!

Prosperity Yusheng (Large)

($86.90+) Currently rolling around with a stuffed tummy after reunion dinner, but here's this year yusheng pick: Imperial Treasures' prosperity yusheng.
Things are kept simple with only 3 ingredients as base: the finely shredded yam, carrot and radish.Yet they pack a whole lot of decadent flavor tossed in all the other condiments. What makes the yusheng particularly different is the fragrant, meticulously fine yam shreds that make things crunchy and substantial. Not your usual yusheng that just feels like a concoction of vegetables.
Another ingredient worth special mention is the 甜酱 that gives a refreshingly sweet finish to your bowl of yusheng. Here's wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year, filled with family, friends and Love.