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The famous "Midnight Yong Tau Foo" that opens only around midnight.

Lucky to get our metal bowl of "liao" at around 11.40 and check out that queue. People(including us)could be seen camping around around as early as before 11 😰

Rushing and excitement begins when the signage flickers on and simultaneously everyone starting participating in their 100m dash, while I scored fourth place 😂 *auntie mode on*

Being a first timer here, I hear experienced uncles chanting their order in fluent hokkien while I tried my best to decipher whatever they said and caught the main point at least

The fierce owner uncle will not ask you what you want but you have to tell him...

1) Vegetables?
2) ikan bilis?
3)soup or dry?
4)noodles or been hoon?
5)sauce on it or not?

My bowl of ingredients without noodles cost me $5 with really fragrant ikan bili soup lots of kang kong and soft handmade yong tau foo. Cheap and yummy yet healthy supper for us!!!

Macha Cream Puff

This place is well known for its cakes and pastries especially the puffs. So when I heard they have a nice puff I come back and it didn't disappoint. Creamy matcha with crispy puff exterior. Wonderful tea break.

from Ah Leong San

That day's blend was the Four Chairs blend from Nylon. It was goood.

Sanook Chicken Mee Sua In Tom Yum Soup ($10.90)

Throwback to last Friday's team bonding lunch at Thai Express before our Bubble Bump Soccer. I tried the set lunch menu of Sanook Chicken Mee Sua in Tom Yum Soup ($10.90), which confuses us a little in the beginning. We initially thought that they used mee sua noodles, those that noodles stalls in food centres use, but what came were flat rice noodles, something like a slimmer and softer version of ban mien. This makes me wonder, why does a Thai restaurant wanna use "mee sua" as a description of a dish? Overall, it was acceptable as the tom yum broth saved the dish.

A must-try, vying for the top spot with my all-time fave at Marmalade Pantry

This is undoubtedly one of the best sticky date puddings I've had. Shockingly hot and moist pudding, perfectly caramelised on the outside, doused in a sticky toffee sauce. The earthy dates were very pronounced here, each forkful revealing clumps of the stringy fruit. Paired with the cold vanilla bean ice cream, this made the perfect ending to our Sunday brunch.

And psst I totally dig how the toffee and ice cream melted into that yin and yang shape!