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Newly Opened, Burpple Guides New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars: December 2014 December: the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the festive season with these new restaurant/ cafe/ bar openings. Time is ticking, so see how many new and noteworthy places you can squeeze in before 2015 comes! Know of any awesome places we've missed out? Let us know at
Supper, Burpple Guides 9 Best Steamboats in Singapore For the rare times when Singapore gets gloomy, "cold" and rains all day, there are few things as comforting and delightful as getting a bunch of friends and having a hotpot together. These 9 places are sure to warm you up and leave you feeling satisfied!
Burgers, Burpple Guides, Western 12 Best Burgers In Singapore Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger. You know what we're talking about... Thick patties with juicy centres, topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all other sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two perfect buns. Lucky for you, we're giving you the low-down on the best burger spots on the island!
Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Ramen In Singapore Always on the hunt for good bowl of steaming hot ramen? This is a guide to the best places for in Singapore, featuring favourites, underdogs and unknowns.

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Fried Shitake Mushrooms With Wasabi Mayo

Guess I'll order anything that has mushrooms and wasabi mayo 😂 can't resist wasabi mayo! Rare dish to dish out in cafés but, i still prefer the one at swenson! In comparison, the mushrooms here are cut smaller in size, i taste more batter than mushrooms.

Chilli Crab Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried crispy mantou w Softshell crabs and chilli crab sauce ($12 for 4) so hard to stop at 1.

For Dinner With The Boys

Roadhouse has a communal table just right for all of you to sit down to a fantastic burger. Don't leave without trying the Bacon Marinated burger, it's everything you'd want in a beautifully Josper-grilled wagyu burger. If you're dining with a bunch of big eaters, go for "The Terminator" challenge- finish a burger of 6 wagyu patties in 20 minutes and you'll get it for free!

from Burpple Guides
Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato & mozzarella pizza

Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato & mozzarella pizza ($31++). One can see the dough been made on the spot.

Salted Egg Everything

Soo addictive. I might just love this over truffle fries anytime
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When Bacon Meets Nutella

Scheming pancake! How could you work just like a molten larva cake? This really caught me in surprise as it is not a popular pick from the reviews I read. But I swear that it tastes sinfully good with the MEAT! When Bacon meets Nutella, they lived happily after in my stomach! 😁 #schemingfood #吃了再说 #ileftmyrationalbrainathome

from Duckyhero 🐥
Truffle Carbonara

$20. Not the usual cream base type. Taste with a hint of spicy. Egg coated pasta reminds one of fried prawn noodles.

Asian buffet

I only managed to snap this picture, but it doesn't taste as good as it looks though. Overall, buffet was quite a spread, more on Asian cuisine, meat, vegetarian food, Indian food, Nonya kuehs, tutu kueh, icecream and ice kachang station etc. I think I wouldn't go back again though.

from Rachael Wong