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Burpple Guides, Breakfast & Brunch, Desserts 18 Best Places for Toast in Singapore We've sifted through all the options to roll out this list, and it's everything you knead to know. Whether soaked in custard then fried, or warmed then slathered with butter, these toasts will no dough-t satisfy at any time of the day.
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Cheap & Good Picks (Vol. 1) As you cross into the second half of the month, your wallet might be feelin' a little empty. We've got your back with our first volume of Cheap & Good Picks! This guide will ensure that you're still able to indulge — without stretching yourself toooo much. Think $10 pulled pork rice bowls for lunch, $11.90 whole spring chickens for dinner, and $8 tipplelicious craft beers!
Burpple Guides, Buffets, Good For Groups 10 Best Buffets in Singapore Buffets are for those times when mindless, passionate indulgence is what you want. Occasionally, it also comes with regret when you're done eating. Always go with an empty stomach and clear your schedule for the rest of the day because you'll need to nurse that food coma!
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars: July 2015 For the second half of July, we have included gastronomic farm-to-table plates, simple but really good Thai toasts and milk tea, spectacular eclairs and a delightful date-night option.

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Avocado Risotto

ODP is one of those extremely rare places which I can recommend without reservations. Rich and creamy -- breakfast food for posh grown-ups.

Valrhona Chocolate Waffles

Packed on a public holiday. Heard the waffles here were awesome so came by to taste it for myself. I find the Valrhona chocolate waffle too rich in taste, while adversely affecting the fluffy crunchiness texture I am searching for in my perfect waffle.

Glazed Marshmallows

My favorite dish of the day! Unlike a toasted marshmallow, the outer shell is hard and sticky. There is a wonderful citrusy smell that greets you once you bite into the glazed layer.

Quail Eggs With Caviar

Very expensive! $15 per egg, ouch. But it's the signature dish so I couldn't pass it up. Egg is cold with a liquid centre that bursts into your mouth, mixing with the yummy caviar.


I misheard my friend and consequently missed out on having Wagyu at Burnt Ends -- huge regret. But the onglet was good: meat itself was flavorful, charred on the outside while juicy on the inside. Accompanying salad was also very tasty!

W. A. Marron

Juicy and surprisingly fleshy. Meat was sweet but sauce was almost too rich -- perhaps fresh seafood deserves a simpler treatment. Nevertheless, was very yummy!

Maple, Almond, Roasted Onion

Strong mix of flavours, with sweetness from maple unexpectedly dominating the combination.

Squid, Pico de Gallo, Feta

Burnt Ends has been on my radar for a long while, and comes highly recommended. This tapas-style dish was tangy and smoky, with crumbled feta adding to the kick.