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Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars: October 2015 We may be down to the last quarter of the year but new places continue to pop up! This month, gather your foodie troop and indulge in an incredibly good meal at Unlisted Collection's latest concept, try flavour-packed charcoal tandoor-roasted kebab rolls or seek refuge from the heat with some Bangkok-inspired ice cream rolls!
Burpple Guides, Supper, Late Night, Hawker Fare 10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories From stressful and terrifying (but so worth it!) midnight yong tau fu adventures, to post-mahjong kuay chap cravings and impromptu late night prata sessions in university, these nostalgic #Hawkerpedia stories are testament to Singapore's undying love for food, any time of the day.
Burpple Guides 15 Ooozesome Places in Singapore This very seductive list is bound to see some oohs and ahhs, especially from fans of lava cakes, surprise liquid centres and anything that involves out-of-control ooey gooey goodness! Get ready to hunt down luscious milk puffs, stuffed muffins, fried Baileys dumplings, and more.
Burpple Guides, Halal Best Halal Cafes & Restaurants [Newly Updated] In need of new Halal places to visit? This list features an array of cuisines, from Vietnamese to Latin American, Western to Chinese. Grab your friends and start checking these places off your list! Enjoy ;)

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Smoked Salmon Latkes

4 munchies: Crispy stacks of latkes with smoked salmon and sour cream – I liked how I could bite on the potato and onion bits in the pancakes that were neither doughy nor too greasy. The dollop of sour cream made a nice contrast to the fragrant latkes and salty smoked salmon. And oh, the great service amidst the quiet ambience made the overall dining experience a much more pleasurable one.

from Marc T.
Malt Milkshake

4.5 munchies: Loved the thickness and consistency of this malt milkshake, served in a tall stainless steel cup. I found myself scooping up and savouring the thick layer of malt powder (think of Horlicks dinosaur) covering the sweet, milky frappe that gave me the sugar rush that I wanted. A must-have for malt lovers!

from Marc T.
Watermelon & Raw Snapper Salad

5 munchies: Start your Golden Jubilee weekend right with this Watermelon & Raw Snapper Salad – topped with avocado, feta, edamame, onions, and mixed greens. I loved the thick chunks of super fresh raw snapper and sweet watermelon, which balance the flavours and textures of the buttery avocado, salty feta, and crisp-tender edamame. I'd also highly recommend the Pacific Benedict and Peanut Butter Jelly Milkshake for a wholesome meal!

from Marc T.
Bacon & Egg Cup

4.5 munchies: Another OMB signature, these cute little bacon and egg cups with sun-dried tomatoes were so good that I wish I had more than one for the tasting. Other than the yolk that could have been slightly runnier, I liked how the salty bacon and tangy sun-dried tomatoes complemented the bed of rosti that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

This was a hosted meal by OMB.

from Marc T.
American Fare

4.5 munchies: Spent my Hari Raya evening with new friends from Japan and Taiwan over good food and drinks against the Singapore skyline. My picks are the Truffle Mac & Cheese with Wild Mushrooms, Malt Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, and Spicy Buffalo Wings.

from Marc T.
Pacific Benedict

4.5 munchies: What a brilliant combination of poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, and hollandaise on crab cakes! I loved the chunky and moist crab meat in the pan-fried crab cakes, while the hollandaise had the right consistency with a tinge of acidity. This is what a hearty brunch is all about, albeit the poached eggs were slightly overdone and there were bits of shell in the crab cakes. I also appreciated the great service by proactively checking on how the food was and even offering to get my poached eggs redone.

from Marc T.
Bacon Bomb

4 munchies: Minced pork, beef and mozzarella all rolled into one and wrapped with bacon. Baked and glazed with BBQ sauce, this OMB signature sure has the sweetness, saltiness and tang. Unfortunately, the bland mashed potatoes did not do anything to complement the dish.

from Marc T.
Contemporary Western Fare

4.5 munchies: I'd order everything on the table again, albeit the slightly overdone poached eggs: Brioche French Toast with Caramelised Bananas & Bacon, Watermelon & Raw Snapper Salad, Peanut Butter Jelly Milkshake, and Pacific Benedict.

from Marc T.