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Recommended lists of Food and restaurants for Date Night in Singapore
Best Places for Dates Under $70 in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Date Night Best Places for Dates Under $70 in Singapore Planning a special meal doesn't always have to hurt your wallet or be in a fancy restaurant. We've compiled a guide to places where you can have fun with good food and "date vibes" — specifically catered to a budget of $70 and under per couple. Whether it's digging into a huge paella while sipping wine in Robertson Quay or sharing stellar Western fare in Kembangan, bring your sweetheart (and appetite) for a date that is set to impress! *Note that dishes may vary on Valentine's Day
12 Best Places for French in Singapore
Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.
15 Places to Impress Your Date
Burpple Guides, Fine Dining, Date Night 15 Places to Impress Your Date Trying to impress your date for the very first time, or simply romancing your special someone with a good meal? Here's a list of 15 romantic spots with incredible value for money, brought to you by The Good Life®!
5 Best Omakase Places in Singapore
Popular, Date Night, Japanese 5 Best Omakase Places in Singapore When you say omakase, or “it’s up to you”, in a Japanese restaurant, you are entrusting the entire dining experience to the chef. In return, the chef will present his finest ingredients and culinary creativity for your dining pleasure. Check out Amanda's picks of the top 5 mouth-watering omakase restaurants - add these to your lists!

Top 10 Places for Date Night

Top 10 places for Date Night

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Date Night
"The Wild Child"..

a cocktail named after a young French girl from Champagne who survived in the wild for many years. Upon returning to civilization, she became a nun.
This has vodka and champagne along with other components. A very sexy red which was sufficient to seduce one to slowly sip and savor. I dont take alcohol but judging from my friend's look, it must have tasted pretty amazing. A fine touch to use the teeny tiny clothes peg to secure the sprig. A cocktail that silently screams daintyness and elegance with a robust flavor.
Thank you @chunyengee @fynnssg for the invite to an awesome dining experience. Thank you Ling for your warm hospitality. Thank you Aun and team for an amazing meal.
Thank you @tiara_star @with.rachelle for being my wonderful guests and it was a superbly fantastic bonding time.

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[New blogpost up!] 
Delicious cod fish that melts in your mouth!

Love the dish presentation which reminded me of a garden full of delectable treats for the taste buds! @italianosteriasg @entertainersg
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[The Disgruntled Brasserie] - the Bailey's Creme Caramel ($18) will delight those that enjoy's alocohol in the dessert.

There are Remy Martin cherry compote, cocoa rice crisps and kahlua ice cream.
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[New Lunch Menu] Steak Tartare with Caviar ($25).

This steak tartare made from grass fed fillet mignon was my favorite dish during yesterday's tasting.
The creaminess from truffle aioli and egg yolk was given a lovely contrast in texture from chives and shallots. The whole dish was lifted by zest from cornichons and lemon juice with a hint of spiciness from mustard mixed within. Overall, creamy, yet refreshing with a hint of spiciness.
Spread some tartare on the fried rye bread which was light and crispy, top it with some umami from the avruga caviar and feel free to mix it with more dijon mustard for added excitement.
#steak #tartare #caviar

Ryo Sushi - Omakase 15 Course Menu : Crab Hand Roll - (カニのハンドロール) 🦀
Never expected much for this Crab Hand Roll.

It captures curiosity well & it will grab your attention after the first bite. Crispy Seaweed, Generous & Tasty Crab Meat was what made this Crab Hand Roll kinda memorable. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Oshibori おしぼり, the Warm Wet Towel you receive prior to commencing your sushi meal, Please use it. After cleaning your hands, Roll it Neatly so that the Towel looks the same as it was Presented. 🎏
Some Restaurants will replace it while others will let you keep it for the Duration of meal. Definitely Use it to Wipe your Fingers during the Meal Especially when you're eating Sushi with your Hands. 👌🏻(Traditionally Eaten with the Fingers, Even in Formal Settings)

Honey Rosemary Tart ($7).

This lemon curd beneath torched meringue would have been more beautiful if these rosemary weren't so sloppy strewn all over.
The lemon wasn't too sour, so I liked that it was more like honey (perhaps the name) and less lemon.
Overall, wasn't madly in love with the desserts here, but it's a nice place nestled within nature.
#dessert #lemoncurd #rosemary #teatime

The aroma of szechuan peppers rises up into the air.

A whiff of it triggered the "salivating" sensory. It is hard not to drool . 🔸🔸
The first bite was a fiery explosion on the palate. Pop pop pop into the mouth and I can't stop popping. It is salty. It is spicy. Second bite, the spicyness was manageable. Third bite, so used to the heat. After which it became so addictive. 🔸🔸
A great dish to devour. A great spicy dish to drown my bad moods. A great dish to share with people I like.

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Kimcheese Bacon pancake

Everything about this is comfort. Think bacon, chives, cheese, on a pancake base fried to a crisp. Not bad really, if only it wasn't half as oily/sinful and had actual pieces of kimchi instead. Not sure if bacon made for the best topping too, since the texture of fried bacon in itself is craggy, add that to the already-crisp pancake.
Portions here at this mod-Korean bar are on the small side for the price. They have makgeolli which tastes more like soda.

Ryo Sushi - Omakase 15 Course Menu : The Last Nigiri Sushi : Prawn/Shrimp - Ebi (海老) 🦐
The cooked Prawn have that sweet bounciness which reminisce of a fresh Prawn & it consists of a surprise once @veronicaphua & I bite into it...

"It has a familiar taste of something, something I adore so much..." Oh❗️
Underneath the cooked prawn was Sea Urchin Miso, it was a combination that I never tasted before which was quite a nice surprise experience. 🖖🏻

ACAMASTIPS💮: Never Pour your own drink. It's Customary to serve others Alcohol, but it's Bad Manners to help yourself. If you're Low, pick up your bottle & offer your guests & eventually somebody will return the favour. You can offer to the Chef too of course. "Kanpai 乾杯"!! 🍶

Wednesday Night!!

What better way to celebrate it by heading to Basilico for a three-course dinner, made-to-order mains with free-flow of Prosecco. Not to mention getting specially crafted treats from Head Chef Luca Beccalli. Do order their oven-baked focaccia with black summer truffle and robiola cheese when you are there! The cheesy pizza with strong truffle is just to die for.

Basilissimo For Her
Every Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
$98 per lady, with free flow Prosecco

Basilico Italian Restaurant
Address: 1 Cuscaden Road, Level 2, Regent Hotel, Singapore 249715
#sgbuffet #italianfood #BestofBasilico #Basilissimo #regenthotelsingapore

New Post- Botanico at @thegaragesbg is gonna be my go-to for desserts and drinks!!

And also for surf with a touch of turf, like this hand-dived Hokkaido scallops with Lardo! More on Active link in bio.

Gorgeous beetroot dish!

Looks like a bouquet of 🌹 roses right. I don't like flowers and men. But I don't mind cactus🌵and women. 😁 #latergram


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