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Duck Egg Noodle

It's a shame I did not capture the noodle in this noodle soup dish. It's the thin. yellow Hong Kong style noodles. It's super value for money with this at $12, it's delicious

Saigon Lotus At Marina Square

There is a lot of attention to detail in all the dishes with ingredients coming directly from Vietnam. Here's a photo of pork chop. Read more:

Saigon Lotus

Saigon Lotus is on my Vietnamese restaurant list, before I go for the authentic ones in September! Spotted some of the menu highlights such as "Hu Tieu", Vietnamese pork noodles soup with sliced pork, quail egg and prawns, and "Mi Vit Tiem", braised duck egg noodle soup. I also saw some diners having Vietnamese drip coffee and fried ice cream oh my gawd I want!

Three Colours Vietnamese Dessert

Three Colours Vietnamese Dessert aka Cendol! I still prefer the Malaysian gula melaka cendol over this!

Beef Noodle

Slow in service and I find the foods more to the salty side. Don't suit me.

Sliced beef pho.

Sliced beef pho. Very solid! :D @huilingchann @ongjeremy88 @kokyinghui #vietnamese #food #foodporn

Hehehe director treated us to #lunch!

Hehehe director treated us to #lunch! Sad as it is, this is the second time in my life that I have had #Vietnamese food. First time being in London 😅 Should try it more often. #foodporn #yummy #shiok #the🍳&🍲omg #internship #burpple

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