10 Best Child-Friendly Places In Kuala Lumpur
Burpple Guides, Kid Friendly 10 Best Child-Friendly Places In Kuala Lumpur It may not always be easy, but eating out with kids can actually be lots of fun! Here are 10 places that passed the test for a family-friendly venue to please you and your young dining partners. While you kick back and enjoy the good food, let the kids take a swing at this safari restaurant in Petaling Jaya, play chef at a brunch cafe in Kota Damansara and gobble up greens at this salad spot in TTDI!
Best Places To Eat In OUG (Overseas Union Garden)
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In OUG (Overseas Union Garden) Strategically located between KL and PJ, this unpretentious neighbourhood is only ever cited for its food. The sheer number of local delights we found in OUG proves our point, and to bring you the best of the best, we've narrowed it down to these 10 places for cheap and good steamed fish head, legendary Penang-style curry noodles and pisang goreng to get in line for!
Best Kopitiams In Kuala Lumpur
Best Kopitiams In Kuala Lumpur The next time you're in search of kopitiam comforts to kickstart the day, think of this guide — your handbook to KL's best coffeeshops, old and new. You're in for good mornings with Penang-style chee cheong fun at Taman Paramount, kaya butter croissants with kopi in Cheras and mini egg tarts in Imbi.
Best Places To Eat In Klang
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In Klang Klang is the place for bak kut teh — we can be sure of that. But a closer look at the humble town uncovers delightful secrets, known only to locals (and now, us!). As we found out, Klang is also a place for crispy roti canai, comforting fried porridge and fresh seafood. On to the foodie town with this guide in hand!

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"Dendeng Balado"- caramelised beef with kaffir lime chilli & lemon basil (68rm)
Stir fried vegetable with kailan taufu asparagus & chilli (26rm) and jasmine rice (8rm)
Be careful when ordering cos servings are big, for 2-3pax and the dishes were really delicious! 😋 #Mamasan
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everyone was asking me about the fancy ice cube thing ! It's complimentary fruits provided by the generous owner! Better make reservation before you there, because I can see this place going to be the new hipster place to go, because where to find such good deal?

My current favorite place to dine in! Start with fried French quails with roasted grapes, it only cost rm9 😱 we ordered lamb and seafood as main courses. Chef Yeong is so generous, the main course is served with sough bread, which make me fall in love with this concept 😋 Girls ended their meal with dessert, cendol cake. And everyone was asking me about the fancy ice cube thing ! It's complimentary fruits provided by the generous owner! Where to find such good deal?

This smokehouse and bar brings with its entrance to Bangsar a casual-meets-classy concept that fits the bill for both laidback lunches and fanciful dinners. Exuding trendy vibes, the restaurant features fine art pieces alongside its wood-and-steel decor, plus a soothing touch of greenery. Foodwise, expect the kitchen to fire up fine food at reasonable prices. Meats make a prime choice, like the Wicked Wagyu (RM79.90) that sees a delicious smoked wagyu inside skirt with potato puree and beef gravy. While simple in execution, the dish is satiating for all who can enjoy a nice piece of steak. Apart from meats, Rubs also turns out other mains not to be messed with. The Rice & Shine (RM36.90) is easily a standout for risotto, measuring up to those at Italian restaurants. Redolent of smoked duck meat, the moist rice dish is topped with a wobbly slow-cooked egg that adds to its lusciousness. There are also set lunches from only RM35.90, but we strongly advise you spend a little more for the full experience here — it will be worth it.
Avg price per person: RM65

Not long after its inception, RAY gives way to BOTAK:Liquor Bar, a largely similar establishment. They have retained the relaxing tropical vibes and their penchant for cocktails on tap, but with the new name comes an all-new menu to get excited about. The bar now turns to homegrown botanicals to build its best tipples, balancing the hard-hitting nature of liquor with the gentle fragrance of florals. The next time you're out for an easy drink early in the day (the bar opens at 3pm), bring a friend here to BOTAK. The Sweet Pea & Elderflower (RM48) makes a refreshing choice, blending un-aged whiskey with sweet peas, organic elderflower cordial and lime. If it's the cocktails on tap you're after, the Jasmine & Tarragon (RM38) makes a nice, sweet sip while also racking up points for pretty presentation. Food is not served here, but feel free to take your drink down with you to Chocha Foodstore.
Avg price per person: RM70
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Located within the PJ8 building's stately garden square, this hole-in-the-wall joint hopes to evoke the flavours of home at the workplace. Co-owner Cheah hails from Seremban and his Peranakan roots are to thank for the delicious Nyonya recipes reinvented here. Takeaways aren't only tasty, they're highly encouraged as there are only three (likely occupied) tables to vie for at lunchtime. Go for an order of Baked Stingray with Baba Kuat Pesto (RM15.90). Supple to the bite, the fish is glazed in a scrumptiously spicy sambal-like sauce that hits it off with rice (lots of it). From 11am to 2pm daily, the set comes with a quenching drink of lime, cucumber and tonic — plenty useful to take the heat off your tongue. Those with a palate for milder flavours might consider instead the fork-tender Turmeric Chicken (RM8.90), doused in fragrant yellow gravy. Individually packed desserts, sometimes a local kuih or chocolate cake, are available at the counter if you're one for sneaking in an after-meal sweet.
Avg price per person: RM20

Taking over now defunct Lids & Finch, Dungun embodies the essence of its office building location with coffee, cakes and sustaining lunch-hour meals. For a break from the food trucks in the area, head here with a colleague or two. The kitchen whips up simple, quick and easy to satisfy recipes like the Roasted Chicken (RM23) that comes in the form of a tender thigh atop mash, along with a homey brown sauce. Alternating white and black charcoal bread for a play on colour and texture, the Chicken Cheese & Pesto Sandwich (RM17) also packs hearty flavours with no lack of that tasty pesto sauce. Otherwise, the Smoked Duck Sandwich can also be a rewardingly smoky-savoury choice. If it's a mid-afternoon tea break you're here for, order the house-baked Lemon Poppyseed Cake (RM13). Its sweet and tart balance will go well with a cup of the cafe's dark, roasty coffee.
Avg price per person: RM30