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It’s a challenge to get roasted goose in Singapore. To my surprise, I found a pretty good version at the legendary Oversea Restaurant in KL. It’s not as popular as the signature char siew but do have it if you have enough stomach space. I love how crispy the skin was of which there’s a good layer of fat which simply melts in your mouth. And the meat was succulent and tender. The sauce was a bit too salty though.

Behind the consistency and quality for every dish are top culinary chefs from mainland China itself •

The famous handmade Xiao Long Bao’s one of the signature, skillfully made with consistency by ensuring the filling and the layering of each XLB’s skin are of the same •

Hand pulled noodle; La Mian which has its own authentic process, complements the fried pork that is rather non-greasy so well, making it such a hearty meal •

Soy Sauce Chicken RM1 • La Mian w Shanghainese Deep Fried Pork Ribs RM19 • Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings RM15 • Braised Beancurd w Minced Meat & Chili Sauce Szechuan Style RM23 • Fried Rice w Shrimps RM22 • Stir Fried Bentong String Beans w Minced Pork RM25 •

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Comes in a claypot. They will allow you to break the claypot with a hammer provided by them and later served on a plate as shown in picture. Very yummy!

Lala noodles have grown to become a crowd favourite at this retro coffee shop located at the fringe of KL’s Chinatown.

Every bowl is cooked upon order and this can lead to long waiting times during peak periods. A generous serving of fresh clams is boiled in the stock that contributes to the sweet flavour profile of the soup. Superior chicken stock, clams, rice wine, chilli, spring onion and ginger are some of the many ingredients that makes up the broth. The clans and soup are poured over bee hoon and it’s filled almost up to the brim.

The soup was packed with umami. It’s slightly spicy as there’s chilli added (no chilli available upon request). Adding rice wine to the soup stock definitely brought out the best of this dish. The clams were sweet and succulent which made it a delight to eat it. It’s superbly good and I finished the soup down to the last drop.

They’ve got other noodle dishes on the menu but I’ve yet to try them. Will be back for sure. Do check out the other stalls such as the famous beef noodles or char koay teow.

Don’t be deceived by the usual soupy deal, this fried Assam Laksa is to die for. Fresh prawn, refreshing slices of cucumber and just the right amount of Assam flavour! #musttrythis