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It’s a first having a vegetarian crispy roll wrapped with rice rolls. Suitable for vegan filled with julienne of red cabbage and carrots and the soy dressing isn’t that salty. RM15 per serving.

A bowl of velvety Chinese congee with century egg, sprinkles of spring onion and that saltish flavour from the sundried oysters, quite comforting. RM13 per bowl.

Home cooked baby spinach in superior broth with two kinds of eggs and Goji Berry. Barely taste any preservative in it. RM18 for small serving.

Crispy homemade black bean beancurd topped with minced pork, mushrooms, bitter beans(petai), chopped spring onions with some sesame soy sauce. This is quite appetising and surprisingly the bitter beans matches well with the rest. Very affordable price. RM18 per serving.

Had a quick brunch here after a friend's recommendation and was surprised at the crowd on a Tuesday morning.

Made sense when the dim sum was served as everything was pretty solid but the highlights for me where the char siew pao (fluffy and packed), Portuguese egg tarts (divine!), and most surprisingly, the mango pudding which tasted like a gorgeous mango lassi in pudding form.

Finger licking good and here it came with a dipping sauce that’s slightly spicy and slightly sour, which really whets the appetite. I really enjoyed this.

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Duck with mantou buns she said. So that’s what we ordered. I’ve forgotten how good this is. 6 adults 3 kids and the kids wiped out the duck sandwiches. You should watch them chomp it down. The adults only had one each. Also, so much for keeping leftover duck for Choy Keok, the only thing remaining was the head!

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Delicious dim sum, the Wu Kok was so good that the boy wanted to demolish it all. The little girl loved the custard bun. Will be back to try their dishes.

Signature pineapple bun with ham and cheese RM7.95