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I am a fan of pork patty, but it is unusual I can find a good one out of my own house. Reason being hardly I could find a business that maintain using mince pork by hand chopping from a big piece. It will taste a lot more chewy than the machine minced pork which completely breaking all the tendons. As usual, this shop using machine minced pork I think, luckily meat patty was not too soft, so it is ok. The coriander flavor pork patty tasted good. Portion was generous. And you could serve yourself with the free flow pork lard. Food wise not too bad. However, I think owner need to pay more care to the hygiene of utensil. Almost all of the sauce plate and chopstick is either oily or with white stain that looks like bird shit. I am not sure what are those stain though. Price: RM7.80 per bowl, Food: 7/10, Hygiene: 5/10

Food is good. Portion is generous too. Good dinner place. Price: RM20 per pax, Food: 8/10

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Available on every Sunday until 2pm. Rm68 for adult and rm38 for kids. They are now having buy 4 free 1 promo. Fried fish, fried mihun, lo bak gou, porridge, pork intestine soup, Siew yok, Peking duck, rojak, red bean soup, dessert, ice-cream. You name it, they have it! Plenty of variety !


First time tried out theirs pork noodles, the pork noodles do have some minced pork meat, liver and intestine. The pork lard make the soup broth taste more better, for me the taste quite okay and acceptable. Can give a try.


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Must order at Chinese restaurants and definitely did not disappoint. Tender chicken served cold (not many places serve it cold) drenched in the signature mala sauce. For those with low spicy tolerance please prep your drinks!

My comfort food and I prefer the texture of thin noodles. Love it when you can adjust the spicness level to your desire. Suitable to come with children as they’ve a variety of Pan Mees.

The flaky roti canai Taiwan version, nice and simple. Good snack. I had the mushroom and egg, mushroom sauce is a bit too salty, I will opt to get just the simplest egg sandwich next time. Price: RM7+, Food: 7/10

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