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Recommended lists of Best Chinese Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Chinese Best Places For Chinese Food in SS2 We revisit the gem-filled neighbourhood to discover another pool of foolproof places for Chinese cuisine! Whether you need a bowl of silky noodles for breakfast or a warming mee sua dinner when it's cold outside, count on this list for a slice of SS2's best Chinese.
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good, Chinese, Hawker Food Best Chinese Eats Under RM25 In Subang Jaya There is more to 40-year-old Subang Jaya than cafes and colleges — take it from born-and-bred Subang girl, Tastemaker Amy Yeoh. For years, this neighbourhood has been home to her and her family of foodies, and a household haven for tasty Chinese eats that comfort the soul without hurting your wallet. From Hokkien mee with plenty wok hei to traditional pan mee and Klang-standard bak kut teh, let Amy lead you into her 'hood of pocket-friendly Chinese delights!
Dim Sum, Burpple Guides, Good For Groups, Chinese Best Dim Sum In KL Whether we're sitting on plastic stools as carts chock-full of dainty delights swivel by or in air-conditioned restaurants ordering using a pen and a chit, dim sum has always been a tradition close to our hearts. Choices are aplenty in the city and to get you from dreaming 'sum' to eating 'sum', we've narrowed the list down to these 10 best places in Klang Valley. This guide is all that and dim sum!
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Late Night, Chinese, Hawker Food Bukit Bintang's Best: Jalan Alor Eats At bustling Jalan Alor, your abundant choices for street eats stretches from one end of the street to the other. Let us lead you to the best picks, from divine roast pork noodles to delicious grilled fish and drunken chicken noodles!

Top 10 Places for Chinese

Top 10 places for Chinese
Explore Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, Steamboat in Chinese

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Mee Hoon Kuih is also known in Pan Mee by many locals around but this is hokkien way of saying it and it’s also different type that you usually get from the shop which is noodle like strip. This type is similar to China northern style noodle which is cut but this is more labour intensive that it requires a skillful people to pull to same consistency or else you’ll be having too thick and too thin pieces of flour.

For small size it only cost you RM4.50 without adding any eggs or whatsoever but I would recommend you to pick Medium or Large or even XLarge if you’re really hungry.

The wait can be excruciating if you’re famish but hey good food deserve to be wait right? They make each bowl individually in each pot and to pull the noodle into such delicate texture trust me you don’t want to finish it up too soon. The soup is very clear and flavourful you’ll surely bottom it up too.

Avoid lunch hour. Go before 12pm and after 3pm or else expect to wait for 1h onwards

Tried duck tongue & feet for the 1st time! Well, I'll just go back to chicken feet 😅

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The steamed tofu and the mutton curry were my favourites tonight. Need to try making the steamed tofu at home. #vegetarianmeal #burpplekl #burpple #vegetarian #tofu

This is my first time having dinner in Purple Cane Tea. I have order their Eggplants (RM16) as I am a super eggplant lover. Their eggplant taste is decorate with some little spring onion and small cut chillies. I personally felt the eggplant is a bit too oily and not enough tasty. I have ordered their abalone mushroom ( RM19). They cook it in Gong Bao way, they have add some dried chillies, onion and some ginger slices. The taste for the abalone mushroom is a bit sweet but overall it taste really good. I have also order Chicken Boxing (RM19) and it taste really good. The fried chicken come with small cut fried dough stick with sweet sauce. Beside all the dishes, we have order their green tea rice ( RM2.20 per pax) and their signature Shui Xian Tea (RM2.50 per pax) that introduce by their waiter. There are also plenty of choices of tea you can choose. Overall, I would recommend Abalone mushroom and Chicken Boxing if you want to have dinner here.
Overall experience: 6/10

** currently they are having renovation so the restaurant is closed**

Tasty indeed! Glad my mum decided to give this neighbourhood haunt a chance, which led to our discovery of this delicious porridge. Hidden in that good-for-one claypot are chunky dollops of minced pork and more salted egg than a healthy portion of porridge needs (welcome nonetheless). The smooth texture with a slight bite is precisely the kind I prefer. The eatery also provides a jar of fried onions (yas!) as an optional topping.

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Pork leg is one of the key ingredient for bak kut teh, at pao xiang they do prepare them with the traditional cotton string tying method. This method help to extract excessive fate from the meat and also keeping its form better.

Together with the thick herbal soup, this became the favourite item for my guest from Australia and Taiwan on their very first bkt experience.

Different from the regular bak kut teh place that usually doesn't come with air-con and most of the time you're sitting on a plastic chair. This come with a comfortable air-con dining area at the strategy location.

Klang style bkt usually serve in individual portion according to different part of meat. We ordered different variety of meat to try it out. The high quality cut of pork was done right with nice texture. Some of my personal favourite include pork soft bone, 軟骨 (As photo shown). The texture is tender with the nice flavor from herbal broth.

The white rice that serve here is cook with shallot oil which gave the really nice aroma to the rice. I couldn't stop myself from eating it.

Most part of pork at rm22/portion.

Noodles here are handmade and seafood here is fresh. Will definitely come back again to try other dishes #burpple #instafood #food #foodie #seafood #instafood #instafoodie #seafoodoodles #delicious #good #nice #brianleowfoodhunt #fresh #freshseafood #reasonablepriced


This bottle it’s perfect for a party of two. Chocha uses fresh tea leaves from China for this, which results to a light and sweet cold brew tea. I liked that it’s not too heavy either.


Probably not as tantalising as their Signature Roast Duck but this plate of barbecue pork does bring out some attention. Nicely glaze pork serve with additional glaze sauce. RM24.80 per serving.