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Matcha 🍵 An acclaimed Hokkaido’s dessert shop that offers premium matcha in its obanyaki, warabi mochi, parfait and soft serve •

The high quality Uji Matcha powder used doesn’t fall short of expectation and even better when combined with red bean from Taiwan •

To name a few obanyaki: there are so many options - either matcha or original dough (hence the color difference) with fillings like red bean paste, matcha custard, original custard and chocolate •

Unlike the “thick and dense” mochi we’re mostly used to here, these handmade fresh daily Warabi Mochi has a promising soft yet melty texture, coated in distinct matcha powder •

The matcha culture here has been emerging more lately, their highest grade of quality tea leaves used will definitely please matcha lovers out there #highlyRAEted •

Obanyaki RM6.50 - RM7.50 • Warabi Mochi Cup RM12.50 (8 pieces) • Iced Hojicha Latte RM13.90 •

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• Diavola - beef salami, chilli, tomato & mozzarella cheese
• RM35
• 8.5/10

• Caprese - buffalo mozzarella cheese
• RM48
• 9/10

Of course, my camera drank first 😜
🍵Paris Rose Matcha (RM18.90): The Paris Rose Matcha drink is super pretty and insta worthy because of the rose petals! From the first sip, you will smell the roses then taste abit of sweetness 😍 But once the drink is at the end of your throat, you will taste the matcha. As for the iced ones, its less sweet (because of the ice). You can really taste the quality of the matcha. Matcha lovers should give this a try, it might be your favourite ⭐️8/10
🌰Tokyo Rose Azuki Red Bean (RM18.90): I’m not the biggest fan of red bean tbh, but this drink surprised me of how good red bean could be. The milkiness compliments the red bean taste. Rasa lemak manis macam tu. Also, loving the hot drinks here. After taking pictures for awhile, my drink is still warm. Must be the material of the cup or something.🥰 So you can definitely do your work here while enjoying a hot drink ⭐️8/10
📍Dal.Komm Coffee @mydalkomm (available at KLCC, SS21/37 Damansara Utama, SOHO KL, Mont Kiara, Plaza Arkadia & Sky Avenue Genting)

But forgot to have their Pistachio Cheesecake again damn :(

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A board of Goan street food, good for 2 person at only RM58.

Its a creamy egg based sauce with parmesan cheese. There was no egg, but the sauce was indeed creamy (from cooking cream I suppose?) Not the best choice of pasta but surely it makes me full quickly! 😍 I have no complaints about this tho, its decent 👌🏻
⭐️ 7.5/10
🍝 Carbonara Pasta (RM23)
📍Two Sons Bistro (available at KLCC, Publika and the Starling Mall)

🥘 Chilli Buttercream Clams (RM25): You can choose whether you want clams/mussels and the sauce/gravy it will be cooked in (choose from 16 types guys!). Got chilli butter cream because this was people’s most fav and I’m curious. You can also choose sides such as: fries, garlic bread or mini mantao buns. I went for garlic bread. The sauce taste like buttermilk sauce. The aromatic smell from the curry leaves makes it more appetising, but for me its a bit watery than I expected. Maybe next time I will definitely want to try with other sauce thats more thicccc! (Maybe cheesy baked or cream & bacon 🤪 or even tomyam?) so many options! ⭐️7.5/10
I would definitely want to come back and try their seafood with other sauce/gravy options. Also their desserts like their creme brulee and lava cake seems interesting and worthy of trying 🤔
📍 Two Sons Bistro (available in KLCC and Publika) @twosonsbistro

So good ✨☕️ Loving the Dotty’s art on top of that too! Do you guys know any cafes around KL that have cool & creative latte art on their drinks? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻
☕️ Salted Caramel Latte (RM15)
📍 Dottys Pastries and Coffees @mydottys (available in TTDI & KLCC)