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(Rating:4/5๐ŸŒŸ) Blueberry cheesecake bingsu (rm26) Definitely a refreshing dessert to cool me down during this hot weather! Itโ€™s actually topped with vanilla ice cream but we requested to change to extra cheesecake cubes. (tastes better than Hanbing tho)

(Rating:5/5๐ŸŒŸ) Soybean rice pancake (rm19) The taste is interesting as it has crispy surface but chewy inner part! It topped with generously sized soybean ice cream with nutty flavour and perfect amount of peanut powder which makes it tastes even better. Iโ€™ll definitely come back for this.

I'd go so far to say this is 8.5/10 which is fairly decent considering it's only 20 over bucks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ The Honey Butter Garlic Pork is so honey-ly sweet and so butteryyy! I always wrap my BBQ meat with lettuce and eat it with garlic, pepper and gochujang. But it's such a waste eating with its cause you can't really taste the buttery and sweetness from it... It's so nice eating on its own.

Whenever I'm in a Korean restaurant in mood for carbs, Kimchi Fried Rice it is (RM19.90) comes with seaweed soup and refillable banchan. I was craving for some cheesy rice (in my mind was thinking of fried rice surrounded by cheese ring like those dalgakbi), so requested to add on with cheese (another additional RM5). At the end, when they said cheese is added it's just your usual kraft cheddar cheese mixed in which was super dissapointing. The stickiness of the fried rice is on point and stir fried with tons of pork cube. Hence it is super filling. It certainly isn't "sour" enough to my liking to be called kimchi fried rice.

They called this "Gimmari". Basically it's deep fried seaweed roll wrapped with glass noodles. If you've tried sundae before, both of them have very similar taste. Very crispy and tasty!

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It's so aesthetically satisfying to just look at these overflowing egg. Gotta agree with me ey?

Was craving some kimchi fried rice with cheeseee. Hence, decided to order this Kimchi Fried Rice ๐Ÿš (RM16.90). To my dismay, I can hardly taste any cheese from it. I even seek the waiter's confirmation that this has cheese in it. ๐Ÿ˜” The Kimchi fried rice is tad sweeter compared to those that I've had. The yellow ring is egg mixture and probably 0.01% of cheese ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ™„ Overall reasonably priced but more cheese pleaaeee!

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This is my all real time favourite bingsu place whenever I'm craving for korean bingsu. This Milk Injeolmi Patbingsu (RM34.90- friend sized) can be shared among 3 friends. The shaved ice blends so well together with the yellow bean powder, red bean paste that is not overly sweet and the tokk (rice cake) that is soft and chewy! You can add more condensed milk on top of you have huge sweet tooth like me!

Stir fried octopus ๐Ÿ™ not cheap for such portion but you get very fresh, chewy and flavourful octopus.

Authentic fries, however the sauce rather not be there, very plain flavor, doesn't complement the fries. It is better eat it clean. Price: Unknown, Food: 8/10

The first time I saw a pepper flavor soup pot from a korean restaurant. I must say it it was 99% similar to pork stomach soup, and it was really spicy, pepper kind of spiciness. Immediately warm you up in a rainy night, and wanted more of it. We finished all the soup, the vege, and various type of pork meat. Feeling good. Price: Full meal with beer cost RM40 per pax, Food: 8/10

What is it korean style chillax night without fried chicken and beer? Sincere food, crispy skin, sweet korean sauce and soft meat, I am feeling easy with it. Price: Full meal cost RM40 per pax, Food: 7/10