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Top 10 in Damansara Utama

Top 10 places in Damansara Utama, Kuala Lumpur.

Latest Reviews in Damansara Utama

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Damansara Utama, Kuala Lumpur.

Minimalistic interior and probably have around 10 tables or so. It was packed when we went with a 30 minutes wait. If you鈥檙e there for drinks, takeaway would be quicker. In frame: Signature beancurd served with soymilk and 2 toppings (choose from rice balls, grass jelly, pearls or adzuki beans).

Smooth shaved iced with grass jelly and adzuki red beans in the middle and topped with boba and crushed peanuts. Get your cameras ready as it鈥檚 being served! :)
The soy ice is already sweeten so we didn鈥檛 add the sugar syrup that came with it.

There's a new and healthy way to enjoy desserts thanks to Soylab's soy milk-centric menu. Order the refreshing Soy Frozen (RM13.50) that sees shaved soy ice topped with grass jelly cubes, adzuki red beans and crushed peanuts. It's served on a dish filled with dry ice, creating the perfect misty backdrop for that epic Instagram shot. The Matcha Red Bean Soyffle Pancake (RM23) is one of the more decadent options, and one that Burppler Alyssia Yu declared to be her favourite in town.
Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

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Soy Frozen
Glass Jelly Soymilk
Shuai Beancurd

Heaven for soy bean lovers

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A great starter, just to take the edge off the hunger. The p芒t茅 is smooth, and the taste of mackerel is well balanced with the other ingredients.

Funky, slightly savoury yet sweet, the housemade kefir water on tap is absolutely refreshing on a hot day. They鈥檝e got Kombucha on tap too!

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The new place for non GMO soy creation in Damansara Uptown. Extensive menu ranging from soymilk, soy beancurd, shaved iced, souffle pancake to even a boba drink.

The soy shaved ice come with glass jelly, boba, redbean and brown sugar syrup. The dried ice definately making this dessert more insta-worthy.

We also had the Christmas special souffle pancake. Three thick airy pancake stacking up and served with a side of red bean and matcha ice cream. I believe this is by far my favourite souffle pancake in town.

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Crispy chicken topped with creamy Japanese curry is the ultimate comfort dish and still relatively affordable

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Rich and refreshing, occasionally found on their 鈥榙aily specials鈥 menu, don鈥檛 hesitate to order!

Excellent selection of sauces with cream or tomato base, comes with a basket of garlic bread for dipping 馃い

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鈥淚 think of music as creating a space. I like to put things in that are comforting to me and are nostalgic. To me, that鈥檚 what sampling does in songs; it鈥檚 making deeper layers for people who know where it comes from, but also referencing another part of my history and my memory or a memory that I have.鈥- Jamilla Woods
Trying out an Islay Single malt whisky tasting which has a rather reserved yet smokey notes that is slightly aggressive for the 8 year old which is best to enjoy it with either a clear ice cube or a drop of water to help in open up its other dried fruits and sweet baking spices but it gets better with the 10year old which exudes a more umami together with smoky and slight sweetness.. The most enjoyable whisky from Laphroaig is the Quarter Cask as it has an attractive aroma that just reminds you of a Christmas cake with the sweet baking spices accompanied by a hint of dark chocolate and slight sweetness from toffee! Quite surprised being that it is the most full bodied and austere peppered with a hint of tobacco and smoky notes amongst them all!

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