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Gin based cocktail shaken with finest French Citadelle, yellow chartreuse liqueur, dash of orange bitter and lemon twist for garnish. If you’re a gin and tonic fan, this would be one of those drink that you’ll enjoy. Smooth, citrusy and opens up your palate. RM42 per glass.

Sipping cocktail doesn’t seems right in a whiskey bar that houses more bottles than you could imagine, however their French Martini is something that makes you return for more. A vodka based cocktail shaken with pineapple juice, raspberry liquor garnish with a fresh raspberry. Easy light drink that opens up your palate before going into something more serious. It’s an off the menu item. RM 47 per glass.

Masterchef alumnus Marcus Low's creations were really delish. We shared 3 cakes - yam + pine nut, chocolate + calamansi, watermelon + asam boi. My favourite's choc + calamansi, the tartness of the calamansi curd in the middle is lovely with the dark chocolate. Yam lovers will love the yam mousse plus the crunchy pine nut base. Watermelon + asam boi is very good too, even though I'm not an asam boi fan. Overall not too sweet and a lovely little spot for a sweet tooth. Too bad their special desserts are only available at night!


Food was generally good...😋 Pork Bone soup noodles with giant char siew (RM13.90)

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Decked out in bright-coloured walls, this cheery Tex-Mex joint in Damansara Uptown is a good spot for casual dates. The menu consists of tacos, quesadillas and burritos with meat of your choice – there is chicken, beef and lamb. We enjoyed the Pulled Beef Barbacoa Taco (RM6 per piece) and the Pulled Lamb Barbacoa Quesadilla (RM16), both loaded with juicy strips of meat and drizzled with a tasty guacamole creama. If heat is what you're after, drizzle on a little (not too much!) of Orale's homemade hot sauce, a tangy dressing made with the spiciest chilli pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper.


It’s pop from Mexico! Comes in three flavours: lime, pineapple and mandarin, and they make a great refresher with the spicy grub.

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Another spot-on recommendation by the team. This one sees more juicy cuts of beef with fresh tomatoes, veggies and chillies. It’s good on its own, but it’s even better with the housemade salsa. You’ve gotta ask for it! Expect a pineapple-like chutney that’s tangy, fresh and super spicy. It contains Carolina reaper pepper, which is apparently the hottest chilli in the world!!!


There’s a new Tex-Mex joint in Uptown and it’s good. Recommended by the staff, this large quesadilla (it’s cut into 4 generous slices) is hearty; stuffed with pineapple chunks, peppers and the meat, which could have been a bit more juicy. Love the guac cream drizzled over it! Really helps to cut through the meatiness.

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Let the strong coffee do the job.
Stronger Coffee, Great taste, Better Value
***Starbucks replica*** Iced Hijao Latte (RM7.50)

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