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The barista told me to expect lychee sweetness and that’s exactly what I got. They stick to one type of tea to cold brew – Nepal Chiyabari Estate – which they say works the best for them. I’d definitely order this again the next time I want a caffeine alternative.


Pu Er Latte (RM13) 😘
∼ the richness of pu er tea complements the coffee
Coconut, mango & Pineapple (RM16)

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Famous for its fine French dessert, I came to try one of their little delicacy. It was about a thumb size, packed with the flavor as listed by its name. It uses real ingredient and thus the flavor is rich. Basically, it is a pistachio mousse sitting on top of a green tea moist cake, having them stick together with passion fruit purée. Good place to have little indulgence to take away your stress. Little pricey though. Price: RM17, Food: 9/10


Daifuku strawberry, Neriki, Sakura Mochi, Hot Hojicha.
Great desserts and tea house.


The large deveined prawns have a nice snap, and swim in a delicious sweet and spicy sambal that will have you wanting to add more rice. I wish I had more time to try more dishes at Ho Li Chow, but it’ll have to wait till next time. #burpple


Ho Li Chow is the mother/grandmother/aunty that decided to open a restaurant. They offer a best of Penang Nonya style food that’s home cooked with passion. The tau yu bak is slow cooked and not too salty. Offset with the bite of peppercorns. Stuff of my childhood. #burpple

Nicely cooked bang kwang with a nice bite and right amount of moisture to not be soggy or dry, and topped off with a sour spicy chilli sauce. The shells are delicate and not too thick. This is the food of my childhood. #burpple

Delicious lemak pork curry cooked down to a thick sauce and served with fluffy long grained rice. Very generous curry to rice ratio. #burpple

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Lemon curd, Nutella & The Elvis (PB & Chocolate Banana) for sharing with the fam! Too bad that most of the popular pies are sold out at night but these are good for now!

💰: RM15+ per pax


Chicken is well fried together with the sweet&sour sauce, mashed potato is well cooked, brocolli and corn is boiled moderately. What I like is the crispiness of the chicken and the half grilled tomato is topped with different herbs.
Price : RM17
Rate : 9/10