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One of the ice cream chain in Malaysia that has been opened a few outlets across the cities.

Beside their ice cream, they also sell beautifully crafted cakes as well.

Went to their outlet in Penang and gotten myself this flavour made of raspberries with lychee and rose sorbet.

Refreshing and vegan.

They are popular for their Tsukemen, which you need to dip your ramen with the dipping sauce.

Their Japanese springy noodles are freshly made in house, which you can catch the making process in front of the shop.

The marutoku comes with everything you need like roasted pork, half-boiled egg, assorted vegetables and seaweed.

I really like the yuzu dipping sauce, tasty but not too overwhelming. You may ask dashi soup if you need.

For a classic streetside supper option, you won't go wrong with a Ramly Burger. These sinful burgers sport a signature layer of egg that wraps around a grilled patty and is drenched in mayo, Worcestershire and chilli sauce to create a flavour bomb (and a mess on your hands) you won't forget. Fun fact: These burger patties were originally created as a halal Western option for Muslims! You can find vans or stalls selling these all over town, but Uptown's famed Brader John is worth a visit – just be prepared to queue for up to an hour. Order the Master (from RM11.50) that comes with two patties (choose from beef, chicken, lamb, fish or prawn) and two slices of cheese. Alternatively, the Double Special Cheese (from RM10) will also satisfy!
📸: Burppler Reyshma Selva

Iron Lady Kakigori

Back here for my favourite kakigori at the moment, the "tie guan yin" tea kakigori. Serving with taro ball, boba, cincao and jelly pearl.

The tea gave a nice fragrant with the not too sweet sugar level, pairing very well with the topping. Taro ball and bubble serve on the side to retain the perfect texture instead of placing on the kakigori that harden the texture.

Underneath the shaved ice, the jelly pearl surprised me with the nice crunchy and lighter texture compare to traditional boba.

Perfect dessert to share on a hot afternoon.

📸 & ✍️ : Burppler Alyssia Yu