KL Capital of Foods

KL Capital of Foods

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Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Famous for their fruit shaped cake and also their delicious ice cream. Sadly I’m not ready for any cake so just here for their ice cream.

For something refreshing, I definitely recommend their mango cherry.

An old school vegetarian restaurant at Chow Kit serving cai fang style of meatless foods.

Selling from morning till late afternoon, you could easily find anything that display on the shelf.

For morning, they have the fried rice, noodle and beehoon to choose from; with some fried ingredients to addon as well.

Unlike the usual fish & chip, their comes with a real fish with head and tail.

A tandoori marinated fish was fried till crispiness while still get to enjoy the soft meat inside. Served with crispy kale, hand-cut chips & tartare sauce.

The Chow Kit is a boutique hotel strategically located at Chow Kit, and the ground floor restaurant is also a popular place for local inspired meal.

The bar served wide range of cocktails, but of course if you prefer non-alcoholic; there’s some options as well like this one.

A combination of green apple, guava, asamboi, cinnamon and lime. Taste refreshing and sour.

The famous Tsutaya Books has finally opened their outlet here in Malaysia and within the bookstore they also have a cafe as well.

A good spot to grab their signature drinks and foods and have a read or just chill.

Do look out for their seasonal special item like these 2 items here, which is under the current autumn season.

The iced hojicha chocolate taste strong with the chocolate after mixing them. While the dorayaki definitely a good dessert to enjoy, with the sweetened chestnut purée topped on the mochi filling, soft and delicious.

They are popular for their Tsukemen, which you need to dip your ramen with the dipping sauce.

Their Japanese springy noodles are freshly made in house, which you can catch the making process in front of the shop.

The marutoku comes with everything you need like roasted pork, half-boiled egg, assorted vegetables and seaweed.

I really like the yuzu dipping sauce, tasty but not too overwhelming. You may ask dashi soup if you need.

When you looking for some authentic unagi place in KL, Makoto definitely the top on the list. They use live Japanese eel and freshly made upon order.

As much as what I expected with the taste, I found it a bit over burnt to me, but overall they still grill it well enough to savour the sweetness of the meat.

The popular matcha shop has expanded their business with the introduction of 2.0 at Chinatown.

Expect long queue when you come on weekend, limited space inside as well.

So I choose to takeaway and enjoy it on the go around this neighbourhood.

They have a few types of matcha to choose from. For REN, it has super high umami savouriness, high creaminess and clear aftertaste. For people who like it strong enough.

One of the popular food spot at Chinatown, serving their signature wantan mee for many years.

Unfortunately I came too late and they already sold out for their char siew. So can only grab their dumpling noodle.

I still enjoy much of their stilt style of noodle, which is like lor on it. Dumplings was really soft.

Hidden at one of the alley between shophouses, this is a popular food stall serving only one item on the menu.

They make the pan mee here, which you could see the auntie constantly making it.

The pan mee comes with the mushrooms, veggie and sliced meat. A comfortable meal for the day.

A bakery cafe open early morning from 8am, where you see people constantly coming in to grab some of their daily bakes from the display.

They also serve dine-in menu offering with their signature sourdough like this one.

One of the best seller on the menu is this roasted sweet potato hummus, poached eggs and toasted pine nuts / walnuts; serving with pieces of their sourdoughs.

The dip of hummus with the sourdough turned well but sadly the poached eggs seems tasteless to me, which made a downturn for me.

Truly a legendary place located at one of the small alleyway in Chow Kit Market for more than 60 years old. You might find it hard to locate this place if you come for the first time. Just follow the pin on Google Maps and you definitely able to find it.

Here early morning just right after they opened ar 7am, there’s already uncles queueing up. You would see many of them will tabao a few packages.

Of course you can choose to dine-in. There’s wasn’t any tables and chairs in this shop, so you can bring it to the nearby coffee shop along the alleyway, do remember to order some drinks.

The nasi lemak comes with the basic condiments of fried anchovies, egg, sliced cucumber, stir fried Kangkung and Sambal.

Then do add their famous Hakka braised pork belly and the curry as well. It looks heavy for a meal in the morning but I would say it totally worth it.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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