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We had Marinara (RM15) and Smoked Beef and Rocket (RM29). Definitely love the marinara, if only they put more of that sauce 😩 (and more garlic because I’m that kind of whore). The smoked beef was spot on 👌🏻 the rocket adds on a nice fresh crunch to every bite. Definitely coming again to try their cheese AT LEAST

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Also infusing a pinch of Asian touch and some colorfully eye pleasing presentation •

Various type of pasta that goes beyond expectation because of how handmade-springy-thick it felt and definitely made fresh, with a generous amount of topping and sauce at a very affordable price •

Ravioli may not be protein filled but absolutely stuffed with ricotta if you’re a fan, purity from tomato sauce,superbly thick texture of smoked salmon and huge portion that comes with toppings more than you can bargain for #highlyRAEted 🍝 •

Donald’s Nightmare // Olive Oil RM18.90 • The Formiolli // Pomodoro RM18.90 • Son of A Beach // Pomodoro RM21.90 • The Cheesy Elbows RM18.90 // Cream Sauce • House Smoked Salmon RM15.90 •

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Ravioli, another rare finds in Italian restaurants in KL. Which means, I need to try it. Stuffed with eggplant and ricotta cheese, it was just delicious!

This is RM63. A pain to my pocket since there isn’t much of it.

I wanted this pizza to be good because it looked good. This pizza with spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken and bell peppers was kind of underwhelming. Nothing really stood out and the crust could be better.

This is RM55.

Layers of zucchini, mozzarella and parmesan.
Nicely baked. Every bite was delicious.

This is RM33.

Their in-house special, the Boom Duckalaka is a mess of rendang gravy with mushy duck meat and overcooked carrot bits over chewy fettuccine, which looks more like a murder scene. Few bites in, i'm done. Their angel hair pasta with seafood called the Prawnstar, the divine fresh seafood pasta ruined by overpowering Bonito flakes, transferring you from the lovely seaside to the back alley preserved seafood market. Wished that they put in more effort in harmonizing the flavors the same way they perfected the punny dish names. Rebel Pasta proved us that some changes are not worth rebelling for.

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I LOVE crabmeat pasta. This one is pretty spicy (awesome!). It’s balanced out by the sourness. Probably from the tomatoes and I think some lemon juice as I found some lemon seeds in the dish.

This comes in different portion sizes. Make sure you tell the waiter. I did the mistake and the waiter placed the order as the larger of the two options.

The smaller serving is RM35 and the bigger is RM52.

This snazzy joint at The Hub is perfect for casual date nights over Italian-inspired dishes. Start with their Scallop Crudo (RM40) to share – raw scallops served with green apple and bottarga (cured fish roe), which Burppler Thokoh Makan praises for its freshness, flavours and presentation. Next, get the Smoked Guanciale Tajarin Pasta (RM45) with housemade pasta and the Lamb Loin (RM108) yielding lovely juice and tenderness. Finish with the refreshing and tart Balsamic & Berry Sorbet (RM34). Ps. If you feel like going all out, give the 7-Course Tasting Menu a shot (from RM229).
Photo by Burppler Thokoh Makan

This place is known for their Italian food ✨ Celebrated my foodie partner’s birthday here a while back so I can’t really recall the price
🍝Beef Streaky & Mushroom Carbonara (RM36.50): Actually, the carbonara here is yummy too. Just didn’t go as often eventhough its good due to limited branches. I could say they do a decent carbonara and could be in the area of my top list of yummy carbonara (for no egg yolk version tho) Abit pricey for me ⭐️8.5/10
🍕 Salmon Carpaccio Pizza (RM38.50): Pizza is topped with generous amount and size of smoked salmon, alfredo sauce, mozarella & gorgonzola cheese. Its okay, not my favourite but still worth the try ⭐️6.5/10
If you’ve been here, what have you tried? Do comment below if you want me to try something else from here!
📍Italiannies The Curve Petaling Jaya Selangor @italiannies (not sure if they still have a branch in pavillion kl)

we really enjoyed the Bonet (RM35) - an Italian chocolate custard cake 🍫served with ice-cream and hazelnut cream. Imagine a moist chocolate pudding spiked with rum and amaretto.

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Meat was perfect, having being cooked rare to yield lovely juice and tenderness. The loin is paired with pickled sardines 🐟 and lamb jus, with sweet potato providing some levity.

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