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Potato balls of heaven, it was cooked with herb butter and some prawns. We also had the pizza (with Gorgonzola cheese!). For drinks, get the ginger ale and Tabasco if you’re going alcohol-free.


Which, you know, great, but if that's true, I genuinely have no interest in going to Naples for pizza. Tokyo has ruined me. Seirinkan, Savoy etc (see previous reviews) are playing in a completely different league. Overall impression: Overpriced, but I can't think of another Neapolitan spot in Malaysia. Probably in the top 3 or 5 pizzerias in town, though I very much prefer Monnalisa's pizzas.

I wonder if the feel of the place influenced my judgment. No filtered water, a cold and clinical vibe, no service but 10% service charge, and an overall feeling that it's the stark opposite of an inviting, welcoming pizza parlor. Plus the bit about their 60 year old mother yeast coming from Naples...doesn't the yeast 'localize' when brought here? And not-cutting the pizza is annoying when the pizzas are bigger than the plates and they don't give you a cutter, you have to struggle with a shitty table knife instead. Authentic!

But eh, on to the food.

Verace margherita: RM86 and I didn't enjoy it at all. My cheese and toppings slid right off thanks to the authentic, watery tomato. The mozzarrella was quite good. In Savoy, each chew yielded a new burst of smoke and salt. Here, the crust was a lot chewier, and all I got was more salt in the dough. Still, it's better than most crusts you'll get in KL. The cornicione was really bleh though. Also, where's all the smokiness?

Bianca: Better than the margherita. Always love scamorza, but strangely there's not that much smoke in this pie either.

Prosciutto en rucola: RM108! That DOP 18 months parma ham aint cheap eh. Was alright.

Mortadella pomodoraccio: probably my favourite of the night! Loved the sun-dried tomatoes. I'd recommend getting this one, and perhaps the bianca.

Now let this weaboo circle back to the Tokyo pizza scene: the Tokyo boys don't give a shit about being authentic. They care about making the best pizzas possible. I applaud Dihyang for the efforts in bringing a slice of Naples (lol) to Jalan Yap Ah Shak but I can't help feeling like if they go the Tokyo route, authenticity be damned, we could potentially have a truly great pizzeria


It was pretty close to the gelato in Italy. As rich. Not overly sweet.

Single flavour is RM15, double flavour is RM16.


For a fun and adventurous meal with your gourmand partner, give this posh restaurant’s tasting menu a shot. Look forward to a seven-course meal decided by the chefs, based on their take on Italian cuisine. And for the final touch, let the friendly team recommend a glass of wine to match that tasty feast.
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Nothing spells romance like warmly lit dinners over Italian grub. The restaurant exudes a welcoming vibe, and the classic Italian dishes are more than satisfactory for two — wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes for the win. Portions are rather generous, so we suggest turning this night into a double or triple date night out. The more the merrier!
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I requested for salad as i am on a low-carb diet and the chef was very kind to remove potatoes from my plate. Overall experience at 33 Blue Room was good and i am happy to have such succulent grilled pork steak and it was definitely value for money.

We loved their pizzas... thin crust, baked in a wood fired oven, large and cheesy - what's not to love? Just look at those hands swooping in to grab a slice before I can even get a good picture.
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Deep fried potato at the bottom. Crispy with a taste of ikura. I find it a little bit salty, but it is acceptable when you have a bit with the potato. Love it

Gooddam offers a la cart or 7 courses menu. The dinner starts with a complimentary appetizer. This is one of the signature pasta, tajarin yolk pasta. The pasta made of egg yolk, looks like Taiwan tan tan mee, but it taste totally different! We all were amazed! And of course we like it!

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We're had really good tiramisu and bad tiramisu, and this was definitely among the best.

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This dish sounded so intriguing we just had to try 😁 They were really generous with their fresh, springy scallops. The pesto linguine was not bad, but I felt that compared to their other dishes (which were spectacular), this was more average.

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The gravy they ladled onto the lamb shank was so delicious. Tomatoey and chock full of carrots 😍
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