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This is one very sinful appetiser - mozzarella fritta)(RM19) basically it means deep fried mozzarella! It's whole lot of goodness in this small pocket. If you're a connoisseur of cheese, you wouldn't want to miss this!

Simple dishes always put the chef to test. This could easily be one of the best Aglio Olio w/ bacon (RM30+) in town.

Lemongrass infused lamb, bechamel and cheese. Wasn’t my favourite of the night but for rendang lamb lovers, this would be a real delight.

Tomato base, mozzarella cheese, assorted mushroom, green chilli, onions, oregano and olive oil. Love the mushrooms! As a meat eater I really liked this pizza.

Who said you can’t play with your food? This tiramisu was special. I’ve never had my tiramisu in a crispy tuile cup before. I happily smashed the cup open with my spoon :)

The spice and heat creeps up to you after a few spoons but it was a welcomed one. It comes with a slice of toasted bread as well.

With a resounding YUM, this was one of the table’s favourite of the night. Rocket wasn’t bitter, mushrooms were delightful and balsamic vinegar was bright but not overly tangy. I wouldn’t think of ordering rocket salad at a restaurant, but I would happily order this again next time.

The taste and aroma of goat cheese hit me like a deer (wrong pun) in the headlights at first but after a few chews I was pleasantly surprised at how the apple chutney paired the cheese so well and cut out some of that gaminess.

Layered espresso flavoured sponge finger with mascarpone cream in crispy tuile cup dusted with cocoa powder. Personally love the tuile cup that gave the crunch to the soft tiramisu. Not to mention, nice presentation as well.

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Tomato based pizza with assorted mushroom, parsley, green chili and mozzarella cheese. Love the green chili that give the heat for this pizza

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