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We enjoyed the squid ink spaghetti 🦑 (RM39) - it comes with two sizeable Hokkaido scallops and topped with flower crab meat 🦀 and ikura. The pasta had a nice bite with the the various seafood flavours complementing each other.

Another beautiful cake by this artisanal dessert place. Look at the gorgeous butterfly topper. This is a chocolate cake with a mix of different textures. Not too chocolatey, which is good for non-chocolate lovers, and not too sweet either. Perfectly balanced.

This is RM22.

➡️Whoever who hasnt try their burnt cheesecake please go and try it because it is really this good that defo worth a try ! 😂😂 A not “jelak” cheesecake and so far the best that i have ever try in my life. Always a MUST when I am in KL 🍰
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It's best for someone who dislike bun / bread. Definitely very filling. I like the "bun" 's crispy edge, the griller chicken patty is very well-seasoned. Bu the downside is the overwhelming amount of sauces like waterfall (lol). Chicken is pretty standard. But fries are soggy and very "hollow" 😅

Don't be alarmed by Blonde's duck breast 🦆 that is served medium rare. Blonde's Seared Dry Aged Shanghainese Crusted Duck Breast (RM55) was perfectly cooked with tender flavourful meat and a lovely seared exterior. We especially like the crunchy bits on the top.

It takes a special kind of idiot to order a salad at a cafe, because A. they’re always overpriced, and B. the main ingredients that got you to order the salad in the first place are few and far between. This salad is guilty of both those points, but was still yummy nonetheless. And I am guilty of being said special idiot, as I knew this would happen and ordered the salad anyway.

This is probably one of the most satisfying big breakfasts I’ve had in a while - it’s big, and it’s unhealthy enough to make your brunch trip feel worth the calories. There are two slices of whole grain bread, a decently sized chicken sausage, grilled tomato, crispy kale, potato croquette, mushrooms and an egg done your way. I got extra mushrooms because I swapped out the bacon. All in all... worth it. Have it by yourself if you’re ravenous or share it.

Pour over coffee/filter coffee are known to be priced slightly higher than the usual espresso based coffee (Cappuccino, Americano, Latte) but here at Kings Hall, their brew of the day costs only RM10.

This particular cup, is actually an Ethiopia Guji Sidamo from The HUB roastery which can be charged about 15++ in other cafes. I think they’ll be changing beans for the BREW OF THE DAY soon, but for now it will be an Ethiopia goodness (My favourite)

This is my go to sandwich whenever I’m at Sunday, reason is because it’s basic yet delicious. It’s actually just tamagoyaki with bread, but the tamagoyaki alone tastes amazing.

It’s so thick and it can be quite addictive. Also, the sandwich has a hint of wasabi to bring out the goodness of tamagoyaki.

Pork lard noodles RM13
Salted egg yolk chicken rice RM17
Pause fried chicken RM15
Onsen egg RM3
Coke RM8
Hojicha RM14

Dull afternoons call for a good cuppa. Thoroughly enjoyed this cup! There was a harmonious milk-coffee balance, what with the subtle sweetness from the milk and just enough of the caffeine to keep me up for work.

Park yourself at this minimalistic cafe and find respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the hopper, you'll find beans from KL roasters like The Hub and Toothless Coffee (spot them tucked at the back of the cafe!), which you can sample in the no-fail Black Coffee (RM8). Otherwise, the Brew Of The Day (RM11) is also good for coffee drinkers who prefer something fruity and light-bodied. On food, look forward to simple and belly-filling eats like the popular Chicky Egg Sandwich (RM15) that sees scrambled eggs and cheese on a waffle. Psst! Gluten-free cakes like the Cotton Cheesecake (RM11) are available here too.