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Recommended lists of Best Desserts in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Desserts Best Desserts in KL There's nothing quite as divine as the sweet satisfaction of a good dessert to make things all better. Here are 10 places in town for decadent delights when your sweet tooth acts up. Ready to indulge in moist, airy souffles, Chinese desserts rich in heritage and history, and exceptional French pastries!
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Top 10 Places for Desserts

Top 10 places for Desserts

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It’s a delicate chiffon cake with jelly instead of cream in every layer. It’s well balance and trust me it’s not even sweet. Perfect sweet treat if you’re looking for a healthy dessert for munching.

Price is RM 9/ 250g as 1kg is RM45. I would suggest buying the 500g size it’s the perfect size to be shared with and doesn’t feel too small.

Flavour available: Pandan(famous), Corn (2nd best), Yam, Pandan+Corn, Pandan+Yam, Durian (seasonal)

Just type in Waze and it will redirect you to the shop directly. Make sure to go during the off peak hour between 2-4pm as when there’s a queue you’ll need to wait slightly for your turn to be serve.


After dinner, my friend and I decide to have some dessert. We decide to give a try to this new dessert shop in Bangsar. We have order their tasting platte1r that consist four different type of ice-cream for RM15.90. You can choose any flavour of the ice-cream. Their tasting platter is a opening promotion for this July only. We have choose Earl Grey Tarik, Black Forest, Musang King Durian and Rum & Raisin. Earl Grey Tarik taste okay but is not my taste because I can't stand the strong smell of Early Grey. I more prefer their Black Forest ice cream, it taste more better compare to other ice cream but is still a bit sweet to us. Rum & Raisin tasted more like a vanilla , I can't feel any special of this ice cream. My friend and I put a quite high expectation on the Musang King Durian but it disappointed us. The musang king ice cream taste salty , they do have the taste of the durian but you can taste it does not have strong durian taste and let us feel it is really not a very pure natural durian ice cream. According to the waiter, all of their ice cream are handmade without any preservative and pigment but frankly speaking overall their ice cream tasted not good. Hope they will improve since is still the first month of opening. You guys still can give a try if you are ice cream lover.


If you can’t buy happiness, you definitely can buy desserts or a good slice of gâteau as they are pretty much close to it. 😅

Just before Tiny Temptress say Au Revoir to all fans out there, I decided to pop in for one last time to get my sweet tooth fixed. The jackfruit cheese mousse is soft and light, jackfruit and mango insert in the center gives you that bursting local fruits flavour on your palate topped on a almond sablé. Although I think the biscuit base was a bit hard, but overall this petit gâteau made out of local ingredients, love and passion is worth trying. Hurry up, catch them while you can before the end of the month. RM18.90 per slice.

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Finally made it here... but not the end, because I’m definitely coming back for more. .
💰:RM13. .
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Blueberry&Camembert Cheesecake(RM19)
Basil Lime Tart(RM19)

Is been three years I have not been to here. So I decided to come and revisit and try out same new dessert on the menu. I have ordered Brownies & Mousse Verrine (RM20) ,it is actually a chunks of brownies, topped with dark chocolate mousse and whit chocolate whipped ganache, served with chocolate topping sauce. You can choose your own topping sauce. I have choose dark chocolate as my topping sauce because I love dark chocolate. It will be better if the dark chocolate taste more bitter. Overall, the taste is still okay but I will recommend two person to share for this dessert so you won't be fill too heavy to have it.



Desserts = short term happy pills if you can’t go travelling anytime soon. Who’s with me ? 🙆🏻‍♀️
20 minutes waiting time (stated in the menu), which I think is reasonably ok since it’s being prepared upon ordering. The cafe is also famous for its salted egg yolk molten cake too, which I’ve tried earlier and it was equally good! .
Located at double storey shoplot/ factory, surrounded by car workshops, and its right behind Garage 51.
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The newly launch afternoon tea set at Four Seasons includes an array of delicate patisseries, canapés and sandwiches to enjoy with The Lounge Tropical Signature blend. It is a blend of black and green tea leaves enhanced by Tropical flavours like coconut, guava, Hibiscus, strawberry, Marigold and corn flowers. I personally love this tea as the fruitiness and floral taste pair so well with the sweet and savoury delicacies.

Some of the highlights of the savoury items include truffled egg salad in mustard seed soft roll and watercress, goat cheese with tomatoes on a toasted ash crostini topped with olive oil caviar, smoked salmon rolled in a whole wheat roulade with spinach and caviar (personal favourite) as well as carnation of chicken salad with fresh sprouts in a bun roll.

Afternoon tea Pâtisseries include “Snicker bar” made out of 66% Callebaut dark chocolate, passion and coriander Religieuse (puff), very berries fruit tart, blsck forest gâteau with Valrhona chocolate ganache, macaron with rose crème, dulce de lèche and raspberry . Not to forget their freshly baked plain and raisin scones that are serve with British Devonshire clotted cream, Lescure butter and homemade raspberries coulis.

Overall I think the afternoon tea set was well execute as I always trust the pastry chefs from Four Season ever since they open Decadent. Definitely worth trying! RM115 per person with unlimited refill of tea.


Visually, it had an elegant and simple look. It’s made of a milky camembert cheese mousse, blueberry compote and a crunchy cornflake-cracker base. I reckon there could be more blueberry compote but still good for a light cheesecake.


Nescafe coffee mousse paired with Nescafe ganache, coffee pralines and topped with cocoa nib nougatine. Don’t underestimate this petite tart as the flavours are quite intense.