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A refreshing drink for a hot day. But taste-wise was average and there are other famous brown sugar milk drinks out there that use fresher milk.

ok obvs my photo suxx but this cheese toastie is so good!!! I love this place so much the bread is great.

observation of nature, reflection and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the results of that combination.”- Denis Diderot
A new comer to the ever so dainty Dew dessert bar.. Strawberry and pistachio tart that has an interesting stark contrast of colours, textures and flavours too.. surprisingly it wasn’t too overly sweet but the pistachio flavour wasn’t really strong #afoodiesaffair #burpple #burpplekl #bangsareats #dewbangsar

A non-chocolate lover came in search of this permanent pop up store. Had some trouble looking for it initially. Thought it was between Dip n Dip and Cziplee. Apparently it was on the other side of Cziplee, facing the Pelita row.

Even though their specialty is chocolate, they sell coffee as well. In view of the hot weather, I decided to go for their Iced Chocolate. They have a vegan version, Iced Elixir. Love the fact that they top the drink with shaves of chocolate. The drink is made from dark chocolate but it isn’t bitter. Not too thick either. I love it!

This is RM11. The Iced Elixir is RM9.

nom nom nom🥰
Great hang out with the girls @alyssia_yu @tiffanynbl @imcalista @burpplekl and thorn among the roses @hype_mystyle !
From left to right: passion fruit, pear and lemon~ .
#neverknowhowtostopeating #chienfoodhuntadventure#burpple#burpplekl#desserts#namelakamy#passionfruit#lemon#pear#bangsareats


The combo of the toppings are quite odd but I did enjoy it nevertheless.

This pancake comes with pineapples, turkey ham, melted mozzarella cheese and guacamole topped with salsa and crispy nachos. It was a mix of sweet and salty.

This is RM23.

This very chill little tea bar at happy mansion just the perfect quiet place to enjoy a freshly brewed tea.


Always a fans of a hot chocolate that made with their chocolate. So glad that they finally opened up their first cafe. More creative idea to pair with their wonderful chocolate.

The chocolate + coconut water is the perfect drink for the hot weather. I had a very rich and creamy chocolate+espresso+coconut milk. Perfect for those who enjoy a rich cup or chocolate.

A selection of homemade chocolate desserts and truffle also available in store. *totally love the interior of this place 😍


At RM20 & RM18 respectively, it might be a bit pricey to some but the matcha cream cheese goes well with the smoked salmon and sesame bagel. The nitro kombucha is hojicha based and tasted how a kombucha would taste like but with a added tea hint.

Masterchef alumnus Marcus Low's creations were really delish. We shared 3 cakes - yam + pine nut, chocolate + calamansi, watermelon + asam boi. My favourite's choc + calamansi, the tartness of the calamansi curd in the middle is lovely with the dark chocolate. Yam lovers will love the yam mousse plus the crunchy pine nut base. Watermelon + asam boi is very good too, even though I'm not an asam boi fan. Overall not too sweet and a lovely little spot for a sweet tooth. Too bad their special desserts are only available at night!

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