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1-for-1 After Work Eat-inerary with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 After Work Eat-inerary with Burpple Beyond
Ever found yourself wondering where else you could go after dinner? Here are some 2-stop eat-ineraries for moments just like that.
New Year, New Meal Plan
New Year, New Meal Plan
Eat, Drink and Shop Healthy to earn Healthpoints and redeem attractive rewards.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: February 2020
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: February 2020
Make it FAB-ruary when you dine out at these awesome new spots for simple Chinese desserts, excellent tea beverages, yummy bakes in the CBD as well as modern Indonesian food!
7 Places for Fluffy, Light-As-Air Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore
7 Places for Fluffy, Light-As-Air Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore
“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna DIE!!!”
New on Beyond: February 2020
New on Beyond: February 2020
New 1-for-1 deals! Get your hands on freshly baked cookies from Ben's Cookies, feast on Masala Chicken Open Wrap and ice cold beer at Going Om, steep in premoum teas at Tea Villa Cafe and more.
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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Raw egg , Caramelised onions , tender pork slices and a special homemade sauce .

All sizzling within a hot stone pot.

Extremely satisfying .

Good crab cake and nice hollandaise sauce. Trust me is a very filling portion.

Popcorn chicken, black pepper sliced pork. Quick fuss-free lunch.

The pastel purple won the beauty contest against all other contestants at my visit (well, strictly speaking, this clinches the position of the 1st runner-up. I was swooned by Ms Ispahan and had it in my previous visit). Taste wise, the cream within the eclair has very strong hints of lavender (duh) fragrance. So strong that it seemed to be taste a lil' 'artificial'; raises suspicion of the use of flavouring. But of course, I place my trust in L'eclair - to use only natural, real ingredients in their beautiful bakes!

Vanilla and caramelized pecan:
Spot the sexy lil' black spots on the coat! They scream "It's 100% true-blue extract right straight from the vanilla pod!" The rich, vanilla fragrance (no artificial taste!) was warmly welcomed in my mouth Topped with caramelized pecans, the nutty-vanilla combi was simply something you don't wanna miss in your afternoon tea.

Lemon - yes! Light lemony aroma wafted with each cut & bite
Ricotta - hmmm??? Flavour's kinda missing here...

Served with berries compote, tangy lemon syrup that wakes up your senses (if you're not fully awake for food yet), whipped cream (milky and rich) and lil' bits of nuts and fruits here and there. It's the perfect kinda carb-y, lady-ish brunch item - perfect for the gram too! While the accompaniments were highly addictive (come on, admit it. The syrup, whipped cream and anything else sweet are highlights of any pancake/waffle meal), the pancakes can get pretty cloying when you arrive at the last piece. Well, you can always pop-in some of the berries to balance off the ‘heaviness’. For those who appreciate a mix of textures, there’re bits of crunchy granola clusters to go with the fluffy pancakes.

My advice? Share this with your girlfriends!

“$18++ ..... for a bowl of fruits and granola?!?!" YES, I hear your disbelief. But no, don’t strike this out of your consideration!

The price tag made my jaws drop, before the food arrived. Nonetheless, I went ahead with the order (with Burpple beyond, the price was more palatable. I told myself it's the price of an XXXL bowl of Acai from the usual Acai/health food players after the Burpple deal). Lil' did I expect my jaws to fall wider when this pretty garden-y looking bowl was presented before me. The blackberries (classified as 'atas' fruit in my food classification manual -resides in my head), frosty-like-a-slushie acai and massive overload of granola made it all seemed worth it. The serving size was HUGE , easily x2 the portion of large-size acai bowls (which in this case, justified the pre-discount price tag of $18.00++ ... well, kinda). Be warned, you'll walk away feeling so incredibly full (tho 'cleansed') from all the liquid & fibre!

Note: this picture is taken at the end of the meal. (Long and detailed review!!)

Paid $25.70 each after burpple discount for two pax. Do note that on top of the cost per pax, there’s $10++ per soup base and it doesn’t include drinks.

Firstly, the queue was long in-spite of the coronavirus so you would think it’s worth waiting and all that.

Next, burrple deals only eligible for seabass which is alright.

Soup - black bean and mala. Very oily, spicy (mala) and SALTY.

Quality of food - because it was salty, we had to order drinks (ploy alert!!) and even good dishes like beef and prawns felt meh because the soup was salty

Quantity of food - very filling! We couldn’t finish

Service - pot was burning our food and the staff didn’t regularly come and check to see if more soup is required but to be fair, they seem short of staff

I would recommend you to go just ONCE to give it a try because I was really excited about wanting to try the raved fish dish but now that I have, I don’t think I’ll come back.

Till the next review as I drown myself with water to get rid of the salt that will puff my cheeks tomorrow~

Great for a quick bite, but hardly filling at all.