Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
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What's different is that instead of the super hot chili paste they basically use sambal here. Otherwise it's alright, the veggies are cooked at too hot a temp it's difficult to eat immediately

A taste of childhood. Been eating there when they were at longhouse, first time having them again at balestier.

EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS IT WAS. Due to nostalgia I really love this(it was by far the best braised duck rice my younger self have had) but I will try to be objective.

Their grains are particularly delicious. Each has a life of its own, most places have grains that stick together but this doesn't at all. Superb with the sauce, good enough to eat on its own

Their chili is still smashing too. A sweet sour slightly viscuous clear garlic sauce, as well as a peanutty thicker sauce that brings a bit of heat. Mix the two for maximum pleasure.

Have to say their duck meat is not the most tender but good enough. Also there's mad skill in deboning the duck leg, it's super clean.

Duck soup is plain but nice, there's depth. Imagine salted veg duck soup without the salted veg lol

Still one of the best around

Seah Family is one of the stall here that sell duck meat with rice, noodle or kway chap.

Most people would come here for their kway chap set. Comes with tender braised duck meat, beancurd and braised egg.

The kway itself has a smooth texture soaking in a rather peppery of herbal soup. The chili sauce was light but easily to enjoy with the dishes.

Take note this is the one pax one, there's also a 2 pax one which is the more prominent one on the menu

It's passable, not nearly intense enough. There's also a lot of potatoes, much more than chicken pieces(tho they were enough)

Somehow i have to admit it's a bit addictive though, not very sure why. Also something interesting is that these 3 things:noodles, ckn and potato seem to harmonise extremely well, when I take a bite of only 2 of them I need to chase it with the third otherwise it doesn't feel complete

Chili absolutely sucks though, noodles werent very good either. It's stuck together and a bit hard, not the mention the shape is a pain to eat.

If you must order this, ask for knife shaven noodles as the experienced customers do. A lot easier to eat

Back again, it is definitely crunchy throughout unlike the Jurong East outlet, simply because of the crowd here which allows them to keep baking fresh

Egg custard was abit too sweet though

This got to be the most affordable and beefiest beef noodles I had. I had the $5 portion which had slurpy thin kway teow that came with sliced beef, beef tripe, beef brisket and big beefy beef ball.
Just look at the glorious bowl filled with loads of ingredients! Isn't it making you drooling?🤤
The soup was overwhelming with solid beef taste. Ingredients were well-cleaned and tender. Hmm... Maybe the sliced beef will be better if there is some form of light marination to it. Idk?🤔
I like how they were all cut in bite-sized for easy chewing and a better eating experience. Very thoughtful for the people who eats.🥳
🚩Horiginal Beef Noodle, 739 Bedok Reservoir Rd, 01-3139, Singapore 470739
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Update: mm2 has shut this stall. The cook is now their driver. I will miss this life-changing dish.