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8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
Rediscover the traditions of Mid-Autumn festival by gathering around these buzzy mooncake flavours. Citi Cardmembers enjoy up to 30% off these sweet treats!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: August 2019
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: August 2019
From affordable souffle pancakes to sourdough loaves from Bali and elevated steamed baos— here are 10 hot new spots for you to check out this August.
'Cause it's Always a Good Time with #BurppleBeyond: 1-for-1 Beers, Wines & Cocktails
'Cause it's Always a Good Time with #BurppleBeyond: 1-for-1 Beers, Wines & Cocktails
Here are 11 spots for you and your mates to get buzzed — double the drinks, double the fun!
New on Beyond: August 2019
New on Beyond: August 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get iced coffees at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, chocolate tasting platters at The Dark Gallery, refreshing fruit teas at Hi Tea, sumptuous brunches at Cheeky and more!
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1 for 1 burpple. 2 scoops amounted to $4.60 (70cents extra for each premium scoop) Seemed to me that most of the icecream was under the premium category, though we felt that they tasted pretty regular. We got the Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin and a Chrysanthemum with Goji Berries. The Chrysanthemum one was a little too sweet for our liking, tasted like drinking a Yeo’s packet drink nothing special. Nonetheless the price was affordable. Might try other flavours when we come the next time.

Ordered the burpple 1-for-1 hotpot set ($28++). The two soups were Hot and Sour Tamarind and Free Range Chicken. Super recommend! The portion was just nice. But the soup ran out very quickly and we asked the waitress to add more soup for us. Only found out that adding more soup cost us additional $7 when footing the bill...we had thought that refilling soup for a hotpot is usually free of charge. Nonetheless, the soup was really worth it. Would come back again!

Interesting fusion of asian and western cuisine. Cosy ambience with very dedicated staff. Tried the hae bee hiam linguine and it was really good!

East meets west here! A jumbo prawn baked and drizzled in mentaiko sauce. Decadent, sweet and juicy. Do note a waiting time of 30-40mins is required as each order is baked to perfection on the spot!

I chose sayur lodeh, ikan bilis with peanuts and beef rendang. Plus a bit of chicken curry gravy on the rice. The food here were on the spicy side so be prepared. Got a nice burn in my tummy after this. The curry vege was flavorful and the vege was nice and soft but not mushy. Got a pc of fried tofu too. Ikan bilis was delicious. But more peanuts than ikan bilis. Beef was on the tough side. A lot of dishes were sold out when I arrived on a Saturday night 8pm.

Pan fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice》$10.50

I ordered this after trying the Kagoshima pork belly sushi previously that made me crave for it again. This time round I got the don which was more worth the price tag. Instead of having a whole long slice of pork belly on their sushi, the don comes with smaller pieces of meat and onions. It was still as good especially with their sweet sauce on plain rice. Craving satisfied! 😊 I'm just wondering if they have the option to swap my plain rice for sushi rice? Maybe I should try that next time 🤔

Waited for the ice to melt for less sweet version. They were generous with the ingredients. Tasted very home made. Really nice.

Very refreshing. The sweet sour ratio was just right after I crushed the lemon with the straw.