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Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals
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Rice to the Occasion With These 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond Sushi Deals
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Soup base is only peppery taste and nothing fantastic about peppery soup with curled up kway.
Was expecting thicker pork broth taste.
Definitely unlike the Singapore-style kway chap, where you’re offered a variety of meat, tofu, Veges etc.
For the signature bowl at $5, expect to go away still hungry.
We ordered various sides for sharing, Crispy pork was bland and tough, not as shiok as a well done shao rou and fish sausage is so-so, mostly fats than fish meat.
Rating: 5.5
Price: $5(signature bowl)
$6(Thai fish sausage)
📍945 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534711

Opened by the same guys behind The Affogato Bar at Cluny Court, this new dessert and coffee bar its snazzy younger sibling. The rich and intense Trilogy ($16) sees 70% dark chocolate sorbet, caramel blanc and dark cocoa, served with a double shot of espresso— for cocoa fanatics only. For local flavours, go for the unique Coco Black ($17) that combines a shot of espresso with coconut ice cream, pulut hitam and fragrant kaya bread pudding. Pair your desserts with a cup of hot Dark Mocha ($5.50) that is smooth and deliciously bittersweet.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

We ordered the non wagyu version which comes with chawanmushi, miso soup and soft boiled egg to be mixed with the rice. The beef was cooked to medium rare in front of us and the sukiyaki sauce was just right with a hint of sweetness to enhance the flavors of the beef. There was also this big piece of tofu hidden under the mountain of thinly sliced beef, talk about a full lunch 😍
Discounts with @chopesg

Beef Sukiyaki Don SGD15.90

Honestly could not resist the pristine pictures of these cute little cakes on ig anymore so I choped a time in my schedule for this!! Thanks to burpple beyond, we got to enjoy these if not the price point could have been a problem for me ahahah anyways we chose the popular(and ig worthy) Ms ispahan and Goma cake. Ms ispahan, an intricate lychee rose creation, was a mouthful to pronounce but it left my mouth with a fragrant, refreshing taste. It’s primarily a mousse cake, with a raspberry jam layer and lychee layer, both surrounded by rose infused mouse sitting on top of a crumbly base and coated with white chocolate and topped off with a piece of lychee(refer to pic 3). Sounds heavenly right? Ahahah it really brings out the inner high tea tai tai in you.
As for the goma cake, I didn’t know what I was expecting but this really blew off any doubts I had about black sesame cakes. Like the fragrance of the black sesame was ever present in each mouthful and even in the outer cream layer, like it looks deceptively light grey but the flavour is equivalent to putting sesame raw into your mouth. The sesame cream in between the sponge is more of a richer, grinded sesame flavour. The sponge was the winner like honestly I can just eat the sponge all day. It’s was so floofy!! 😍😍I really don’t know how they managed it to be fluffy and nutty at the same time but it really taste that way. The crumbs on top were a savoury sweet taste and paired with the cream really well. This cake proabaly takes a lot of effort as according to the staff it’s only served a few days a week and I’m glad I went on that day!! Overall, I prefer the goma cake due to its mildly sweet yet fragrant taste and it’s a must try if you ever go there!!
#afternoontea #cake #gomacake #lycheerosecake #nesutopatisserie #burpplebeyond #burpplesg #burpple #sgcafes #sgcafefood #sgfoodlover #sweettooth

Just what the doctor ordered on a hot, hot day! With #BurppleBeyond, you get a 1-for-1 deal for either milkshakes or fruit frappes (can’t be combined). The only difference is that the fruit frappes are simply ice blended gelato/sorbet with no milk.

Cool down like a baller with #BurppleBeyond and get two jumbo cups for the price of one. We opted for the nicely balanced Lemon Cheesecake and Sea Salt Butterscotch. We really liked the 96% Sugar-Free Chocolate too — intense and not too sweet!

This is a very tasty fruit tea with cheese foam. Richness of strawberries taste but do not cover the fragrant of tea.
Can even taste the strawberries fruits from the drink.

Daisuki! However the cost is slightly high at $8.70.