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Cheap & Good for Groups in Singapore
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New on Beyond: November 2019
New on Beyond: November 2019
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Best Korean in Singapore
From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatang— here are the best of Singapore's thriving Korean food scene. Be prepared to feast!
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1-for-1 Steak with Burpple Beyond
Only prime cuts for you, Burpplers.
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
From a contemporary joint for yummy egg dishes to a chic little nook for dog-watching and a stunner doling out delicious kueh salat, these spots check all the right boxes.
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November 16/17 only… pop by Heart of Darkness on Tras St to try out this pairing of beers with cake specially curated by neighbouring patisserie Nesuto.

The pairings…
🍰🍺 Citrus Meringue Tart paired with Conquistador's Mexican Pilsner
🍰🍺 Coconut Pineapple Panna Cotta paired with Dream Alone Pale Ale
🍰🍺 Chocolate Cherry Pudding paired with Director's Cacao Nib Porter
🍰🍺 Tiramisu Coffee Tart Paired With Excited Magpie Dry Irish Stout

My favourite pairing would be the Tiramisu X Stout as I'm more a fan of stout vs. beer, plus I'm a caffeine addict, so the coffee notes just hit the spot.

The pudding and porter pairing is also delightfully creamy and chocolatey.

If you like your hoppy beers, you'd probably like the pale ale and panna cotta pairing.

And the pilsner paired with citrus tart is light and refreshing. Best to start with this and work your way though the heavier flavours. That way you'll also leave the best (stout X coffee tart) for last. 😄

Available from 11.00am–10.30pm, but get in earlier if you want to just sit back, chill and savour the flavours.

— Heart of Darkness —
55 Tras St, Singapore 078994

Peanut Butter Slice ($8.90)
A superb cake loaded with thick luscious and rich peanut butter @awfullychocolatesg . Definitely on the sweeter side but the savoury peanut butter helps cut the sweetness a tinge. The cake is a perfect match with the signature Hei ice cream ($8 double scoop) as the dark bitter notes of the chocolate compliments the peanut butter so well.

Love love the cake as the espresso was so rich and strong! The texture of the espresso cream was almost pudding like, sitting on top of a chocolate cake base. Maybe the espresso was a little overwhelming on the taste buds as i could not taste any of the chocolate cake. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it so I am guessing that this might be well liked among the coffee lovers. Well as for hei, I think that the intensity of the chocolate has been watered down:(

Great for family dinners! Tze char dishes were on point, dim sum was very creative as well (pig dim sum was really a salted egg yolk bun that was pretty well done). Price was a little high but I suppose that’s to be expected for restaurant standards. Desserts can be given a miss though- the avocado dessert we had tasted very strange and a little like rubber.

rating same as alw 4 mi!~ has becAme a goto bowl plAce bcoX v hearty! plus anothur featuRe oF a mR G! he rates it a 7.5/11 DIDnT give a lot of deets abT hiS experience derE buT by d lookS of hiS emptY bowL @ d enD, i hv concluded tT it iS a yum! sad thAt thiS is d lAst 141 (sorry ningZ) buT wuLd still come bck 2 this loVely truffle smiaoling plAce ~

Crispier than butter naan and obviously stronger due to the garlic. Very good. Then again it's $7, so...

Maybe the best naan I've eaten? It's like prata on steroids. Then again it's $7, so...