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Best Fish Soup in Singapore
Best Fish Soup in Singapore
Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, comforting lunchtime staple. Here's a guide to 11 fantastic spots in Singapore for thick slices of fresh fish in light and clear broth, fried fish chunks in milky soup, and even a killer tom yum fish soup that will make you sweat.
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Did Hollin revamp its menu or sth haha nonetheless honey pearls are the everyday pearl flavour! i'm trying very hard to taste the honey and i have to say the texture of the pearls is kinda nice to chew though i can't rlly comment for sure if they are freshly made pearls as for the drink itself it's supposed to be earl grey tea with fresh milk and i do kinda taste a lil of earl grey haha oh idk why the drink kinda just has a lighter taste and i'm not complaining actually!

As the name suggests, it is death to workout due to a deadly indulgence of delicious-ness. The smooth concoction was creamy and sweet that it tasted like liquid coffee ice cream. Served in a cute experimental bottle, it was good as an after-meal dessert drink with its ensuing hints of vanilla.

Had these meats all by myself today.
The 250g ribeye was well worth the price of 24 dollars, and came with my favourite cafe de paris sauce. Was done medium rare and well seared which ensured a crisp texture. It was pretty good. Tender, flavourful, juicy, but nothing too amazing.

The 250g Flat Iron on the other hand, was really so- so, I suggest you go without it, even though it's cheap ($18). Since flat iron steak is one of the tougher cuts, its hard to do it well. Unfortunately for MediumRare by Saveur, they failed to meet my expectation of a good steak. It was robust in flavour no doubt, but extremely hard to chew on. Trust me, you'd have an aching jaw by the end of your meal. You'd be better off ordering their Sirloin ($18) for 200g. Really hope MediumRare gets their Flat Iron steak sorted out.

The sides were done decently, nothing special. The creamed spinach was light on the palate, and the coleslaw ensured freshness and was a nice contrast to cut through the richness of the steak.

Overall I'd rate : 3.5/5. Service was excellent definitely. However, it's rather unlikely that I will come again.

After hearing my friend recommendation, I decide to give Chic-a-boo a try. I'm glad to say, it does not disappoint. For $8.90, we were about to get 2 piece chicken, 2 sides & a drink. They use fresh chicken instead of frozen. Their sides were great as well. For a price of $8.90, it is almost equivalent price to KFC 2 piece meal but of a better quality.

I would go for Chic-a-Boo for KFC all day. I do hope that they opened an outlet in the West side for Westies like me to enjoy.

Didn’t remember what was part of this dish, so when we saw how black it was I was initially wondering if that was charred bits of the fish and whether we should eat it. I must say it was surprisingly moist, and the squid ink crust complemented the fish well! Pistachio pesto was fresh and nice too, but perhaps not as nice as the Avo dip (that came with 4 crisp-on-the-outside yet soft-inside slices of sourdough bread).

Perfectly cooked asparagus with just the right amount of char. First time trying it with burrata - flavours went really well together.


The colour doesn’t look appetizing but the curly pasta shape is uber cute! It’s also cooked al dente and had a nice bite to it. I liked that there were nuts in my pasta which added a dimension to my carby meal. There was a herby aftertaste, but I liked it that way because it made the whole eating experience feel very clean and healthy... yums.

Both are average, nothing too spectacular. Even though it was pretty packed on a Friday evening.