5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
Looking for a quality halal restaurant to dine at? We've got you covered!
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Perfect for big group gatherings, the Grilled Seafood set is a great sharing platter to have.

With their own seasoning, the seafood items are fresh & succulent, paired with their in-house spicy sauce.

From scallops, to grilled oysters, clams, cockles & grilled vegetables-this indulgent platter must be shared, lest you get a heart thumbing experience.

When our local meepok blend with Japanese style, you could enjoy a new way of having it.

Mr Meepok has serving their Japanese style of meepok at the neighbourhood of West Coast area, in one of the coffee shop here.

The signature minced meat noodle has the usual ingredients like minced pork and braised mushrooms. They also added the onsen egg, meatballs and mock abalone slices to it.

The vinegar taste wasn’t that strong to me, but the onsen egg added a different taste to it.

If you're looking for authentic Vietnamese food, you should check out An Là Ghien. A must order would be their Bánh Xèo, Vietnamese pancake that is fried & grilled with sliced pork, prawns, bean sprouts & an assortment of vegetables.

For the uninitiated, this comes with rice paper which you'd use as a skin, somewhat like a popiah skin to wrap the pancake, lettuce and/or mint leaves & sauce together. In order to use the rice paper, you'd have to spray water on it first to often it into something more flimsy & foldable.

On its own, the pancake is super flavourful! Perfectly crisp along the edges, the ingredients are well-balanced & complements each other so well.

The luncheon meat was $5 and the char siew add on is ($2.50). I find that the rice portion abit little. The luncheon meat was normal. The char siew is not too fatty and is tender as well. It is different from the usual roasted char siew. The egg was really good and runny. The whole bowl was not dry as there were sauces.

It says permanently closed. So is the deal valid at their new address?

T3007: Earl Grey Buddha Tea
Green Teas | Grand Classic Tea Blends
A rebirth of ancestral fragrances, this masterpiece was inspired by the legendary Earl Grey blend and is composed of exquisite green teas and rare bergamot from remote lands.

Two freshly baked scones served with TWG geisha blossom tea jelly and whipped cream

TWG Tea Macarons $2.50/per piece
Bain de Roses Tea, Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate, Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut

This dish costed me $16.90 but it was soooo worth it!! Creamy and cheesy with a strong truffle flavour. I also ordered it the corn soup that came with toast and a drink for extra $4.80. The vibes of the cafe was very comfy and the staff were really friendly too! Would definitely come back again to try their other dishes.