New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: July 2021
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: July 2021
Dine-in is still not allowed until mid-August, but that's not going to stop these hot new tables from offering incredible takeaways and delivery, including the first Singapore outpost of the famous San Francisco bakery, Mr Holmes Bakehouse!
Best Hotpot Takeaways in Singapore
Best Hotpot Takeaways in Singapore
Nothing like a hot pot filled to the brim with tasty broth, premium meats and condiments to soothe your nerves during this difficult period.
Burpple Beyond: Enjoy 1-for-1 Takeaways at Home (22 July to 31 August)
Burpple Beyond: Enjoy 1-for-1 Takeaways at Home (22 July to 31 August)
In response to the new dine-in restrictions, you can now pick up 1-for-1 chirashi dons, all-day breakfasts, burgers, pasta and noodles from 300+ participating restaurants to enjoy in the comfort of home from now to 31 August!
1-for-1 Takeaway Deals: Burgers
1-for-1 Takeaway Deals: Burgers
Treat yourself to a satisfying, hearty burger in the comfort of home! Check out these 1-for-1 Takeaway deals available at Erwin’s Gastrobar, The Wired Monkey, Crossroads Cafe (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel), Yummo Chow & more with #BurppleBeyond
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Waffles
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Waffles
As they say, waffles are just pancakes with abs so get your fix at these spots! Whether its for brunch or dessert, you'll never go wrong with 1-for-1 waffle deals at Communal Coffee, Sweet Cheeks Gelato, 100labs, Play Gelato & more with #BurppleBeyond.
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Meat and chill!! 🥩🥩🥩
Hidden deep in sixth avenue, this rustic and cozy restaurant serves wine and ribs, steaks and other usual western dishes. Since it was a rare reunion of both account owners, we decided to order a slab of grass fed wagyu to commemorate!!! we got it in medium and it was well charred, and the 250g portion was delightful to enjoy especially with the well made black pepper sauce. For $34, this dish was the limelight of our dinner. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻On the side, we ordered calamari rings that were generous in portion, but not so much in the batter. It wasn’t anything special, but they were decent to munch on in between the savoury bites of beef. Lastly, we ordered a pulled pork quesadilla which was decent too! We felt like the cheese could have been given more graciously and the tortilla wrap could have been toasted more for the crispy edges texture😼😼

Got it for S$1 thank to voucher redeemed with 10 points in FrasersExperience app.

Very lucky to have someone who understands my taste buds so well to gift these lovely croissants to me while we are kinda stranded at home due to the dine-in ban that came in force with the return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) — wouldn’t have expected to be able to savour Bacha Coffee’s pastries at the comfort of home.

Bacha Coffee’s packaging has never been short of exquisite which makes it perfect for gifting — the standard box for six comes with a glittery gold cardboard base, while the box comes thoughtfully with cut-out flaps that can be used as a handle for hand-carry; transparent plastic windows on the side so everyone can get a peek of what’s in there. Have always been a fan of Bacha Coffee’s flavoured croissants — the Orange Almond being my favourite and probably the first ones I have tried before the queues started to form at the ION Orchard branch; also their very first outpost in Singapore.

If I were to pick, the Kaya Croissants will be my favourite of the two — probably because it is the only flavour that I have come across so far that comes with molten cream being stuffed within. Bacha Coffee’s croissants come coloured — the Kaya one coming with alternating stripes of green and is topped with desiccated coconut; taking a bite on the croissant reveals the tiny air pockets within the pastry, and is still lightly crisp. That being said, it is how that earthy yet sweet custard filling that caught our hearts here — the Kaya filling being all smooth and creamy akin to the ones made from scratch from other specialty cafes; nothing gloopy and gritty like the commercially made ones, while the deep and earthy notes of Gula Melaka(?) gives it a rich flavour without being overly sweet. The Almond Coffee features the same pastry, though instead comes filled with a almond frangipane that is spiked with a caffeinated boost — also pretty delicious.

Looking forward to return to Bacha Coffee when dine-in resumes; while the queue at their ION Orchard outlet is pretty crazy to say the least, I quite miss that relaxed yet exquisite (albeit exaggerated too) vibe from the music to the decor — not to mention their range of flavoured coffees and croissants that somewhat hits the taste buds for me. But meanwhile, just let me savour on these first …

Tastisfying flame seared sushi feast to fill the belly for the night. Not forgetting to get our favourite creamy Hanamaki to satisfy the palate.😋 Yumz!
Aburi Platter consists of:
Caramelised Salmon x 4
Aburi Salmon x 4
Aburi Mentai Crabstick x 2
Scallops Mentaiyaki x 2
Aburi Mentai Shrimp x 2
Aburi Mentai Tamagoyaki x 2
Cheese Abalone x 4
Caramelised Abalone x 4
Hanamaki Bento consists of six pieces of yummy hamamaki.
Ordered via Grab. Extra charges apply.
🚩Sushi Express @ Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Ave, 02-K4/K5, Singapore 797653
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Back to those dabao days since Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is a thing yet again — that also means checking out some of those rarely-visited places around the office when a trip back was needed

First week of the dine-in ban and thought I would drop by Pratunam Market Place & Bar — one of the newer additions that had opened their doors at Sunshine Plaza slightly after Circuit Breaker. Not sure if there was a change in ownership, but it seems that the folks behind Pratunam Famous Chicken & Pork Leg Rice previously at Lorong 27A Geylang is serving up chicken rice, char siew rice and roast pork rice here now — the meats being displayed in a mobile pushcart that sits at the entrance of the eatery.

$4.50 is a very affordable price for roasted delights where duo combination is opted — the meats are pretty decent though nothing much to shout about; still a fairly good option considering there isn’t much roasted delights to opt around this area (depending on the locality) — the closest ones possibly being located at Parklane Shopping Centre, Tekka Centre, Selegie House and Sim Lim Square. Served wrapped in waxed paper, the presentation is undoubtedly old-school here; be it intended or not. The roast pork does come with a pretty savoury spice rub — considerably crisp skin on the outside; the meat is somewhat on the leaner side, while the char siew is also on the leaner side and does better than the “cardboard” char siew that some establishments serve. What really caught me is the rice and the char siew sauce here — the rice is pretty fragrant and flavourful; akin to that of the local chicken rice done right, while the rice is distinguishable to the grain. The char siew sauce adds a light honey-esquire sweetness that goes well with the rice; not to mention how the coriander adds to the contrast all flavours (yes, I have grown old).

Not sure if this would be something that they will be continuing after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is lifted, but it’s undeniable how this is a value-for-money deal that fits the office crowds here – especially given how the eateries at Sunshine Plaza are slightly pricier than the other buildings in the area.

$1.70 rainbow loaf with a scoop of ice cream. No ice cream uncle no problem!

Dabaoed the half chicken pot ($38.80) and prepared the ingredients at home. So satisfying!!

Cycled to dabao this and it was still warm by the time I consumed it. Ordered the Smash Double Cheese Burger ($8.40) with Cheese fries (+$2.50) and Pulled Brisket Burger ($7.50) with Truffles fries (+$3.50).

The Smash Double Cheese Burger had really juicy patties, which were packed with flavour but a tad on the saltier side. It’s a good burger and is sufficient to satisfy a burger craving but there’re better ones out there (nonetheless, worth it for the price). The Pulled Brisket Burger was really flavourful too, I enjoyed it thoroughly with every bite. Would have to say this was more unique compared to the double cheese burger. The brisket was on the sweeter side and the texture was so good. Unfortunately because the brisket was cooked in sauce, the bottom of the burger disintegrated.

Fries were on the drier side, but thank goodness they were thick cut otherwise I think it might be even drier. Cheese top up was relatively worth it, the amount of cheese was generous. However those of you who aren’t fans of creamy stuff, this might end up pretty jelak!

The aroma from the Truffle fries was so strong that when I took it out from my bag, the whole dining room was filled with the smell of truffle. However, there wasn’t much truffle taste so I personally feel that you’d probably wanna give it a miss and it’s not worth topping up $3.50 for it.