Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
A hawker's life might be far from glamorous but that certainly hasn't stopped a new generation of hawkers from doing their part in preserving family legacies and introducing new iterations of hawker food.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: May 2022
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New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: May 2022
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Good For Gatherings
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Good For Gatherings
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Best Buffets in Singapore 2022
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Tanjong Pagar
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Tanjong Pagar
When it comes to lunch in the bustling CBD area of Tanjong Pagar, what are the perfect spots for a well-deserved midday boost? Here are some of the top places that will leave you going spoilt for choice with myriad food options in Cherki, Angel & Devil, City Hot Pot, Makai Poké, BAFO, Hororok, Nanami Izakaya, and many more!
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Yan ji has opened several branches now but it's always good to come and try the OG one. While it's franchised it seems that the owner of this stall isn't actually related to the rest, she mentioned that she doesn't know how the rest taste.

Rest assured though, having tasted both I would say it's very similar. The original is salty and that's why there isn't too much broth, while the other branches give as much soup as you expect for a normal seafood soup place.

Otherwise the seafood is always cooked to perfection, the soup actually takes a back seat and becomes more of a gravy for the rice, and the meatballs with dried solefish are as delicious everywhere

Not only is this place the OG it's probably also the most affordable. That said you're paying for Aircon and more soup at the gourmet places

You mian was on the softer side but somehow still diffirent from the norm, can't rlly tell why.

It is slurpy as mentioned, and despite the soy and chili is actually a comforting bowl, because while the sambal has good depth on its own it doesn't come through when you mix it. Not that it's a knock on them, just to suit the older folks in the area I guess.

Their homemade fried shallots are ridiculously crispy and fragrant, unfortunately again it loses its character when you mix everything(it becomes soggy as well)

Overall it's a comforting bowl which I enjoyed as well

Doesn't come with veggie usually

It's soft and the soup was light yet there's enough depth to be comforting. Plus it's eggy

The MHK is on the softer side, very weird shapes but that led to the middle having more chew

The MHK itself really has some character even tho overall it's a comforting bowl. Not bad at all

Getuk Getuk (a dessert made with cassava/tapioca with grated coconut toppings ) VS. Getuk Ubi (with "sweeter" coconut toppings - in orange) are so addictive and one of our top lists in Bengawan Solo.

These 2 types of Getuks are available only in some outlets.

Sweet and succulent clams swimming in a savoury sauce of its own juices, extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes and white wine, a classic combo that's just begging to have a piece of bread to mop it up with.
Taste: 3.5/5

Affordable ramen found in Canberra Plaza, just right opposite Canberra MRT Station across the bridge.

If you come on weekday, go for the valuable set that comes with a bowl of ramen with a side dish and iced green tea.

The tonkotsu broth was creamy and tasty, suitable for anyone to eat.The side dish you can choose from karaage, gyoza or takoyaki.

Order the pork rib stew! Generous portion of pork ribs

We opted for a relatively healthier option to start the day and we were glad that it was more flavourful than expected. The feta yoghurt at the side goes really well with the sourdough toast. We liked the crunch from the nut toppings as well. The serving size may look small here but it's actually pretty filling.

We came on a weekday morning and got a table in a few minutes. There's no service charge here 😀