Best Halal Cafes in Singapore
Best Halal Cafes in Singapore
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Chose thai milk tea and rum&raisin, both were pretty good! Rum taste was strong. Waffles here are above average.

While we hear the news of everyone’s fav ice cream store shutting its doors in the neighbouring hood in June (goodbye Creamier, I’ll visit Gillman barracks & Tiong more often), getting good ice cream is now right at my door step!
Located just behind the CPF building, Denzy Gelato offers unique flavours such as elderflower monitors, cereal milk & basil, to basics like macadamia & chocolate. They even have a guilt-free version of chocolate, chocolate skinny 😉
I ordered the macadamia (premium flavour) and single scoop was filled to the brim with a huge generous scoop. The nuttiness of the macadamia was subtle, without being too bland. If I had this as a cookie-wich, it’ll be pure bliss 😌
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Had these at 50% off during their March promo (originally $18 each). Preferred the fresh one as the shime one was too salty (they had marinated it). Both were fresh and tender nevertheless, but still a little pricey.

Do not recommend.

1. The service was beyond terrible. Literally, the female middle-age staff kept SHOUTING at us for our orders.

2. Since the 1 for 1 is for the founder bkt set, she claimed that “that set is sold out”. Then I said okay, we’ll leave then because that’s what we wanted. Suddenly she came back with “we have it. You MUST order a more expensive set to get the founder’s set for free.” We had no other choice and ordered it instead.

3. The soup was to salty and meat was too tough. I wouldn’t recommend it for the food’s quality too. It’s a tourist place.

The other younger male staff are friendlier and kinder. Crazy middle aged woman kept screaming at the younger male staff and another older male staff. What a disappointment.

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Every dish at China Square Hainan Famous Beef Noodles Rice 中国城海南牛肉面 (#01-45) costs $5 nett. They serve a couple of delicious soupy options, with white rice 白饭 (50¢) costing additional:
[1] Raw Beef Soup 生牛肉汤 / Beef Soup 熟牛肉汤
[2] Beef Ball Soup 牛肉圆汤
[3] Combo Soup 牛什汤

If you are a noodley kind of person like I am, you can opt for either the dry 干 or soup 汤 variant of these:
[4] Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面
[5] Beef Noodles 熟牛肉面

I ordered the Dry Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面; the generous amount of thick sauce was pretty good, mixed in with the thick bee hoon 粗米粉 that thankfully wasn't overcooked.

I initially thought there weren't enough beef slices, but I ate my words when I made it to the end of my dish with a food ratio of noodles & beef in every spoonful I had. I liked how the beef slices were sliced to a good thickness & weren't over nor undercooked

While I didn't find this a mind-blowing bowl of noodles, I did enjoy it & I also really liked the soup that came with it - definitely want to try the soup version next time!

Had this as part of their weekend special menu. The calamari was impressive- surprisingly juicy and chewy... the chef shared that he didn’t marinate it much, it was so fresh that there is no need to do much to it and it’s flavour and texture just radiates... loved it!

The duck meat is tender and good but I’ve had better elsewhere at that price. The creamy potato gratin on the side was really good though...