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The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
Delicate cakes, ice cream s’mores, nostalgic tarts, Swiss rolls, macarons, eclairs, pancakes and more with #BurppleBeyond! Enjoy leisurely weekend afternoons or after-dinner hangs with these sweet deals.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
MARCH foward, towards the promise of buzzy new spots to check out — foolproof bagel 'wiches, a hidden neighbourhood dessert spot, exquisite cocktails and unpretentious Greek food.
Hello & Goodbye to These Beyond Deals: March 2020
Hello & Goodbye to These Beyond Deals: March 2020
New 1-for-1 deals! Indulge in fork-tender Beef Brisket at Meatsmith, twirl your way through Prawn Mentaiko Pasta at Chao Ta and more!
New Year, New Meal Plan
New Year, New Meal Plan
Eat, Drink and Shop Healthy to earn Healthpoints and redeem attractive rewards.
New on Beyond: March 2020
New on Beyond: March 2020
NEW 1-for-1 deals! Gelato at Madlygood, Halal mains at The Co-op, Impossible burgers from The Good Burger & more!
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This place is half the price of Man Man, and honestly I think it’s just as good. The unagi has a crispy charcoal-grilled exterior, with a fatty chewy interior. The double portion is super generous, and sure to satisfy any unagi cravings. I think the unagi is made from live eel too, so it’s really fresh.

I know they say there are 3 ways of eating this dish, but personally I prefer eating the unagi normally. It’s such a pity to drown the crispy unagi in dashi.

10/10 would recommend. Definitely would be back again! Beats Man Man hands down when it comes to ambience and price. It’s a place I can visit regularly for my fix of unagi.

Let's nom nom nom...🍔🍟🥗🍮🍒🍓🍹
And who's your favourite bear?
Mine is ICE BEAR! 🐻

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A fish soup eatery that sells a comprehensive lineup of braised food. Interesting.

Teochew style, which means white fish and clear, savoury soup. The batang fish was lovely - plump and firm. The soup might seem a bit muted to some, but was just nice for me.

Rich, buttery and impeccably seasoned. I’ve had a great deal of mash in my life and I’m happy to say that the ones served here are amongst the best. The salt and pepper calamari were nice and crispy too. Hit the hot chick chicken burger if you’re feeling hangry - the patty’s juicy and comes with a generous portion of fresh, skin-on fries. Oh and I can’t leave without saying this - thank you for your wonderful crew!

Traditional Claypot Rice for lunch at Vivocity. Flavourful nice rice.⠀

📍 Location:
Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice
Food Republic
1 Harbourfront Walk
03-01 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

For starters, it’s huge. Yes they call The Dip ($7.90) here a slider (they’ve got the tiny ass buns to complete the look), but the slab of fried chicken here is MASSIVE. Just notice how much it’s jutting out from the buns, it’s easily larger than my hand (fingers included). But we all know size ain’t the only thing that matters. I was flabbergasted when I bit into it, and released a flood of juices liberally pouring down my fingers. The crunch on the chicken’s great, slightly sweet and sticky sauce absolutely delish, and man I seriously can’t get past how juicy and tender the chicken was. We opted for “Hot”, their 3rd level of 🌶, and it definitely packs ~1.5-2 times the heat of a McSpicy. Seeing the size of the chicken, the satisfaction I’m getting from it, and its price point: I reckon The Dip’s giving the McSpicy a good run for their money.

Ordered both lobster rolls to be Chunky’s Connecticut (garlic butter), and it came with two drinks, seafood chowder and a side of chips! The half lobster roll looks surprisingly big here. Chips were pretty crunchy and a little sweet, and as for the seafood chowder, it was really delicious! Lobster meat was not as hot as we expected but overall the portion of lobster meat is quite decent. It’s worth it to try the lobster rolls at this place with the Burpple Beyond promotion!