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1-for-1 Pasta with Burpple Beyond
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Truffles Eggs Prosciutto $22
The Breakfast Works $24

The texture of the scrambled eggs was smooth and tasty (without/with truffles). The taste of the truffles was not too overwhelming.
Warm brioche was served and they were well toasty with cripsy sides!

Take note: The Breakfast works portion is really huge!! would recommend to share with a friend.

Thanks to 1 for 1 deal, the total bill was about $28+ inclusive of gst and service charges

Terrible experience. Food was salty, mee tai mak extremely salty. Fishball has strand of hair inside and only 1 cook, unbelivable wait time when there are less than 15 people seated? The worst part is the lady said 30 minutes waiting time when it was 1 hour, press the buzzer incorrectly and gave 3 others their food first, despite arriving later than us. Not worth the wait and the reviews, there are way better fishball noodles in west coast market. Skip this on weekends if you have kids who are hungry.

The duck was delicious! Beautifully presented as well. The meat is very soft and tender with crispy duck skin. I enjoyed the dish! The only down side I find is the truffle mash potato that comes with it. I felt the truffle taste is too overpowering that covers the taste of duck. I might go back if I crave duck confit.

Or sweet and sour pork. We got the XL version for $40. Its different from the Chinese floury kinds we know, its more substantial, crispy and engulfed in a sour, tart sauce.

Its at Dong Fang Hong

The pork belly is made to the right texture. The taste was good and the sauce that comes with it suits perfectly. The plate only includes 2 pieces of pork belly, loaded with veggies so if I didn’t have 1 for 1 I wouldn’t buy it. Though I must say it taste good.

If you find tomato-based 🍅 pastas too mainstream & cream-based pastas too heavy, this Vongole Pasta ($21) @craftsmenspecialtycoffee at Mohd Sultan will be your go-to! 🍝

Featuring a generous amount of fresh CLAMs, anchovies, parsley, lemon & capers in a white wine reduction, this makes quite a decent plate of pasta. 😋😋😋
This plate may look unassuming but the anchovies had imparted some nice savoury flavours 💕, which enhances the natural sweetness of the clams. ✔ The lemon 🍋 & capers also lent a zesty & refreshing touch.
A relatively lighter plate of pasta to enjoy! 👌🏻

Despite being located on the secluded eastern Singapore, this stall has a long queue on weekends. The broth was rich and intense but I didn't finish every drop of it. Prawns were fresh too.

Celebrated a birthday here, first time at a korean chinese place with jjajangmyeon filled with lots of onions with tangy black bean sauce. Theres a lot of similarities in korean and chinese food, and the marriage of them here pays tribute to the best of them

Got the $12 one, though I recommend to go for the $15 one if you prefer more meat!