Hawker Guide: Amoy Street Food Centre
Hawker Guide: Amoy Street Food Centre
This two-storey hawker centre on Maxwell Road houses plenty of famous stalls and Michelin Bib Gourmand awardees, from refined wanton noodles to a trending cafe that makes crazy good chocolate brioche!
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1-for-1 Takeaway Deals: Breakfast Brunch Club
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New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: June 2021
Say hello to these new concepts on the radar this month, from affordable Japanese fine dining to a cafe specialising in flavoured cold brews – think melon and caramel!
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1-for-1 Takeaway Deals: Western Affair
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Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals (June 2021)
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We chanced upon @buddyhoagies_sg and I was sold when I saw a beautiful rack on the poster. It’s a pity though that the barbecue sauce only glazed over the meat and wasn’t infused within each pork rib. However, meat was still tender, soft and delicious so kudos to that.


Highlights with over 10 new items, from unagi offerings, DIY candies, Ramune Soda and Japanese matcha desserts. 

Feature :
💕Thick Cut Premium Unajyu ($7.80, UP $8.8)
💕Thick Cut Unagi Roll ($7.80, U.P $8.8)
💕Spicy Aburi Unagi ($7.80, U.P $8.8)
💕DIY Choco Banana Candy, Apple .
💕Soft Candy and Choco Kinako Mochi ($2.50 each, U.P $3.00)
💕Yuzu Ramune Soda and Melon Ramune Soda ($2.50 each)
💕Cream Daifuku Mochi (Matcha Azuki),
Cream Daifuku Mochi (Mango)*
Cream Daifuku Mochi (Durian)* ($2.50/piece, $10/5 pieces)

To place an order, can visit this link

Island-wide Delivery from $5 ~ $8 with min order of $45. Free Delivery for orders above $120!
10% OFF for Store Pick-up
*T&Cs apply


Toasted brioche served with salty butter with sweet cedar Jelly and topped with frozen foie gras shavings.
It's melt in mouth with mix flavour between sweet and salty and crunchiness from the toast.

💰$18/ 2 pcs.
📍Le Bon Funk.
29 Club Street.

New egglette cafe on the block! Love the effort on the deco, HK vibes. The owners were super friendly as well. They first started making egglettes at home because it was their son’s favourite snack (yes, they bought the egglette maker just for their son) and decided to open this cafe after perfecting the recipe. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they perfected it indeed. You rarely find cafes serving up egglettes in Singapore so I was thrilled when they opened! 🤩

Had an enjoyable lunch with a friend at The Communal Place this week, where I had their pulled pork burger and iced osmanthus sencha. The tea was refreshing, and the burger was savoury and immensely satisfying! Really recommend :)

Ordering takeaway during this phase 2 HA as a treat. I like the lamb leg done by Chico Loco - it’s cooked to perfection and it’s rather value for money too considering it’s lamb (which isn’t cheap in SG).

This is 500g of the Rotisserie Lamb Leg (ie 2 servings of the 250g portion on their menu).

I’ve requested to reduce the amount of sauce, hence it’s as such as seen in the pic. They have 3 levels of spiciness which you can choose - original, spicy, loco spicy. I’ve tried all 3 levels and personally, I like the “original” best.

This stall is the only one that sells this combination soup. And of course, I had to try it since I’ve come here to try their pork trotters anyway.

The soup was “fresh” to me - without additional additives like MSG etc, as with the ingredients. I’d say this is worth having.

It’s not common to find black bean pork trotter at the hawkers. So decided to give it a go. I’d say it’s nothing extraordinary, tasted just like braised pork trotter.