Tastemakers Guide To Best Supper Spots in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Late Night Tastemakers Guide To Best Supper Spots in Singapore Suppers have a way of bringing people closer together and making food taste a little better. Add a dose of spontaneity to your life and wrestle for Yong Tau Foo at the stroke of midnight, share tasty Northern Chinese dishes with your friends for the first time or have a comforting bowl of peppery Bak Kut Teh after a long day at work. Our Tastemakers have trawled the island to uncover the tastiest places to eat after dark, so go on, quieten that growling belly of yours with this definitive guide to the best supper spots!
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Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers A trip down the famous food haven of Jalan Besar is not complete until you've checked all these places off your list. Laksa with fresh cockles? Comforting pig organs soup with a side order of mei cai? Gravy ladened scissors cut rice? Check, check and check. Follow our Tastemaker's recommendations for a guaranteed happy belly!

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Semla Bun!

Located at Konditori within the Bugis area, this place features a great selection of European-inspired artisanal pastries and bread loaves! Regarded as one of their signature bread, I went for the chocolate-flavoured semla bun - a soft bun filled with chocolatey creamy goodness!

The bun: SOOO soft and moist, it paired really well with the chocolate cream.
The cream: I thought it would be too "gelat" with the amount of cream pumped into the soft bun. On the contrary the cream was sooo good. Like the staff claimed, it tasted like a bun with ice cream. The taste of both bun and cream resembled the Gardenia cream-filled bread, but only better! Best served cold!

Cost: $7.90
Personal grade: A-

Pork Belly Miso ($16)

I love me a good pork belly. These pork belly slices are oh-so-tender and juicy — love it! There's an option to have the grain bowl with Garlic Japanese Rice or Quinoa Salad, and I went for Garlic Japanese Rice (no ragrets). The grain bowl also comes with a refreshing cucumber salad, miso cream (best to mix it in) and an egg. #Burpproved

Fish Head Curry

4 munchies: Who'd have expected to find a great fish head curry dish at this industrial canteen in Lower Delta? Brought still bubbling away in a large clay pot, the spicy curry gravy had a dominant coconut flavour, which explains its richness and creamy texture. The flesh of the red snapper cheek was soft and meaty; served with assorted vegetables including okra and eggplant, and crispy tau kee topping. It is best eaten with steamed white rice to soak up the fragrant curry! #Burpproved

Many thanks to the Burpple team for taking us to this hidden gem and the awesome treat!

4 Course Set Lunch ($38++)

An oldie but goodie. Set lunch won't break the bank either. These are the mains and desserts from today's menu- I very rarely say this but all were perfect. Two options per course so come with a friend to try everything.

4 Course Set Lunch ($38++)

2 options for each course. Bring a friend and you can try them all. Especially love the roasted cauliflower ❤️

Korean Rice Cake Buffet

There are 8 types of rice cakes and various vegetables to be enjoyed with your hotpot. There are 8 types of sauces available with recommended recipes or your can create your own sauce. The second part of the meal is Korean fried rice which you can do yourself or by the staff. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

Shishamo - Part of the $180++ Omakase Lunch Set

I can't say I have met a more glamorous trio of shishamos (pregnant fish) in my life. Chef @tomosushiiii accessorised them very fittingly, with... wait for it... micro tomatoes! Unfortunately klutzy me allowed one of them (the tomato, not the fish) to escape while trying to separate it from the minuscule branch it grew on. I hope that tiny runaway has been found so it doesn't become a splodge on the floor.