Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
It's time to welcome Burpple Bites, our new dining voucher programme helping you to enjoy even more food experiences and deals in Singapore, featuring over 40 restaurants and cafes and counting!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: September 2021
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: September 2021
What a bumper crop of new openings this month, from a speciality tempura restaurant to a cool new dessert shop from the folks behind The Dark Gallery!
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals (September 2021)
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals (September 2021)
As we close off the third quarter of 2021, say hello to top-performing new merchants on Burpple Beyond and take a sneak peek at what's coming in October!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: CBD Eats
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: CBD Eats
Spoilt for choice for your meals in the CBD area? Try out a variety of cuisines near your office and save on your meals with our 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deals at DOCO, Pasta Brava, Smooy, Flash Coffee and more!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Healthy Eats
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Healthy Eats
Time to come clean — we’re talking about your diet! We just made it easier to load up on protein and healthy grain bowls with 1-for-1 at Nature’s Nutrition (Aperia Mall), Souperstar (Guoco Tower), Sauté-san, W Acai (Funan) & more with #BurppleBeyond
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i didn’t like the chicken burger because i found it dry, so i thought the Chick n’ Bites ($6.40/6pc) would be dry too but they were very juicy & flavourful. but portion is small as compared to regular nuggets so I would recommend getting 10pc if you are eating this as a main instead!

This is it. I have finally found my dream pasta and it is the Cavatelli Con Prosciutto e Spinaci from Bella Pasta at Robertson Quay.

Everything about this bowl of pasta hit the spot for me. The pasta is homemade and was made al-dente of course, the savouriness from the prosciutto, the creaminess and flavour from the butter sage sauce, and just a dash of colour from the spinach. Absolutely divine.

This is such a simple pasta combination but packed with flavour and it’s a balanced meal - carbs from the pasta, protein from the prosciutto, and fibre from the spinach. What more could you want?

The butter sage sauce wasn’t too oily or strong and the final grating of Parmesan on top just before serving adds to the flavour and savouriness.

100% will be coming back for this in the future and to try out some of their other pasta dishes!

I recently tried this Yuzu Calpis Soda from the Japan series at XFT and was pleasantly surprised. I mean, not that surprised because I know what Calpis tastes like and I love it, but mixed with soda and in the form of “bubble tea”? Actually, it was great. I haven’t tasted something like this before and for it to come from a bubble tea shop was interesting.

I like the touch of creaminess that the Calpis brings to this drink and the fun side from the fizzyness of the soda. I went for the yuzu flavour as I thought that would be quite a Japanese combination. I found the drink much lighter than the usual milk teas because the Calpis does the trick of giving you that milky colour and creamy taste but without being as filling as milk. There also wasn’t an excessive amount of Calpis, so despite being lactose intolerant this was alright for my stomach. The yuzu purée at the bottom was yummy and provided the drink with enough flavour without overpowering - I could still taste all the individual components of this drink: yuzu, Calpis, and soda. As for the pink grape flavoured jelly inside, I couldn’t really taste any grape flavour in it but it was quite a light jelly to begin with.

I’d be keen to try the other flavours in this Calpis series but could do without the pink grape flavoured jelly, as it didn’t add much to the drink overall.

As someone who is lactose intolerant, Kind Kones is honestly just so great. I get to indulge in ice cream without fearing the worst from having dairy because all their products are dairy free!

I find that their dairy free products do not compromise the taste and texture of what ice cream should be because the flavours I’ve tried so far have all been super creamy, if not more than regular ice cream.

This is a single scoop of the Pandan Gula Melaka on a Charcoal Cone, which basically tasted like Ondeh Ondeh in ice cream form. This combination of pandan, gula melaka, and coconut is an absolute favourite of mine - they are such local and familiar flavours you can’t go wrong with it. This also wasn’t overly sweet but still tasted like having a delicious treat and the cone was thin but very crispy and able to hold the ice cream well.

I’m also very happy with their customer service every time I come because they are polite and friendly. Definitely my go-to when I want to indulge in ice cream that won’t give my stomach any troubles.

As you can tell from the title of this review, it’s my favourite matcha latte!

I have struggled to find a café in Singapore that offers a matcha latte made with pure matcha, no added sugar or milk powder, and not using a premix, so finding this was a real treat.

This is the Ice Matcha Cappuccino with oat milk, which is also blended like the Ice Cappuccino to make an extra creamy drink. They use the perfect amount of matcha such that it isn’t too bitter and I still taste the matcha more than the oat milk. I like how the oat milk compliments the matcha and I find that it goes better with matcha than other alternative milks.

Once again their customer service is great because they even let you know how best to enjoy this drink; drink half first then mix before drinking the second half.

This is definitely more than enough in terms of volume for this drink and extra refreshing on a hot, sunny day!

Omotesando Koffee is the one café I’m willing to splurge on for a really great cuppa.

It’s definitely on the more expensive side for coffee in Singapore compared to other chains, but it is so worth it.

This is the Ice Cappuccino with oat milk (as I’m lactose intolerant). I like their concept of an iced cappuccino because that isn’t very common and they actually blend the espresso and milk together to get this extra creamy drink. It’s topped with some cocoa powder and foam from the blending.

Before they had alternative options, I did try this drink with regular cow’s milk (because not even being intolerant to lactose could stop me from trying this in all of its original glory) and it tasted even creamier! They do recommend using cow’s milk for this as the blending creates more foam on top and the foam stays foamy longer.

This drink also only comes with 1 shot of espresso, which is enough for me, so the coffee taste isn’t too strong. I like their customer service because they always make it a point to let you know all the details of the drink you are ordering - eg. how many shots of espresso it contains, how an alternative milk may change the taste and look, and whether you want any sugar added in your drink.

I come back quite often as it’s conveniently located in the CBD, perfect for a post-lunch coffee treat but it’s more of a treat than my everyday coffee place.

My aunt and I have tried Cheong Fan Paradise for breakfast a few times now, and it’s become a family favourite to make those work from home days a little more exciting.

Pictured (clockwise from the top) are the Char Siew Cheong Fan, Prawn Cheong Fun, and the Plain Cheong Fan.

All three are delicious but my favourite is the Char Siew Cheong Fan because it has a good mix of fatty and meaty pieces of pork. The cheong fan is silky and thin, which pairs nicely with the gravy, which isn’t too salty, and the fried shallots on top. The Prawn version comes with a good amount of prawn and tastes great with their chili while the Plain version comes with cai po and a thicker sauce/gravy. I find that it tastes nicer with less of the sauce because it is on the saltier side.

Prices are very reasonable and each order comes with enough cheong fan to share or to have to yourself.