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The humble goreng pisang is one of the very traditional local snacks that has gone out of fashion in recent years.

Kee's Crispy Goreng Pisang is nowhere to be found on the list of 'The Best Goreng Pisang Hawkers in Singapore'. But I think the quality of their goreng pisang is pretty good.

For its fried banana fritters, Kee only uses pisang raja bananas that are ripened. You can tell the banana is ripe when it has a slightly black centre.

The stall offers fried banana fritters in different sizes- small ($1), medium ($1.20), large ($1.50) & extra large (king-size banana aka 香蕉王, $2).

Pisang raja is my favourite banana for banana fritters.

It has a high water content and is suitable for frying as it is still juicy after frying.

Kee's (fried) banana (fritter) had a soft texture. It was a touch overripe, juicy, creamy, and had a full custard-like flavour. Also, it had a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. It has a rich taste, yet does not taste overly rich due to the slight acidic taste.

The coat of batter that encased the banana was thin, crispy, but not hard (characteristic of the Chinese-style goreng pisang) and it had a very subtle saltiness to it.

The banana melted in my mouth along with the batter. Woah!

They also sell other varieties of fried fritters like tapioca cake ($1), yam/ taro slice ($1), and sweet potato slice ($1), but looking at the amount of fried pisang raja neatly displayed, I would say their flagship snack is still the pisang raja.

I also tried the (green/ pandan) tapioca cake ($1) because it is one of my personal favourites. The kueh has a nice, soft, and slightly sticky/ chewy texture which contrasts well with the crunchy, thin batter. Excellent!

Most fried stuff become soggy/ greasy after a while, but the batter of Kee's fritters remains crispy for a long time. The pisang goreng here is very good and worth trying. Worth the calories!

For the $1 items, you can get 6 pieces for $5.50.

Located at 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-34, Singapore 199583. Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, $4. Hidden in a not so accessible Hawker, we make our trip down specially today to satisfy our Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee craves! PS: If you are looking out for the BEST Fried Prawn Hokkien Mee, this is it... it’s also on our🔝To-go-to list for the most awesome, mouth-watering Hokkien Mee! Unlike the norm, this is towards the dry side with a lil wok-hei taste to it! Every plate is fried to perfection with generosity of prawns, pork belly, squids, beansprouts and egg! Thin bee hoon were used unlike the thick ones which most stalls uses. Chilli lovers will enjoy stirring the entire plate with their chilli padi and chilli which brings out another burst flavours that’s so irresistible! #hungryunicornsg #hainanfriedhokkienprawnmee #friedhokkienmee #friedhokkienprawnmee #friedprawnnoodles #goldenmilefoodcentre

The rice is smoky and has a good amount of char, the chicken is exquisitely tender and the salted fish bits add bursts of umami. 9/10, I haven’t eaten from that many claypot rice stalls but this ranks as the best I’ve had so far! #foodie #foodsg #foodiesg #foodgasm #foodporn #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #instafood #instafood_sg #burpple #hungrygowhere #delicious #delish #whati8today

While we were queuing and waiting for our food at next stalls (Fried Hokkien Mee & Chicken Rice)... the pipping hot, freshly fried up from wok Goreng Pisang caught our attention! It’s slightly bigger than the usual mini kind thus it’s slightly more ex. The batter is 💯 crispy, not too salty and the banana in it is very sweet 🍌 and soft. Yummy n shiok! ⠀

📍Located at 505 Beach Rd, Golden Mile Food Centre, unit B1-36, S 199583⠀

Rated Divine by makansutra in 2013 for their curry chicken noodles, this place is located at the corner of L1 Golden Mile Food Centre. They pasted a burpple review on their storefront so I decided to order immediately. The chicken was sweet and the broth has a strong spicy kick. It's better than most curry chicken noodles, but the divine rating just set my expectations too high. I'll have this again!

The chicken is poached tender and bathed in a delicious concoction of soy and sesame oil, with fragrant rice that glistens with chicken fat. And the soup they give actually tastes like chicken, not water.

No Go
Can Go
Must Go👍🏼

A unique noodle dish that features a delicious medley of prawns, pork ribs, sliced of hard-boiled egg and egg noodles doused in a flavorful yet tongue-burning chili sauce concoction, this chili mee is one that you should definitely try if you’re around Beach Road and looking for a satisfying meal.

It’s hard to describe the overall taste because there’s just so much going on with every single item executed very well, but all I can say is that you won’t regret it.

Mala Pork Set ($6.90):
The ingredients used are very fresh! Ordered Very Spicy (大辣) Level and I have to say it is SPICY!(even for someone who can take spice well) having said that, it is quite well balanced. Would definitely be back for their Medium level of spiciness 😂