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Singapore's Best Nasi Lemak
Singapore's Best Nasi Lemak
From foolproof nasi lemak in Boon Lay, to a rave-worthy option on Ann Siang Hill and even a grilled lobster option in Tampines — here are the 10 best nasi lemak spots in the country!
New on Beyond: October 2019
New on Beyond: October 2019
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The Painstaking Labour Behind Pig’s Organ Soup
The Painstaking Labour Behind Pig’s Organ Soup
You either love or hate offal and spare parts. At this hawker stall, the only one still selling glutinous rice stuffed in pig's intestine, we catch a glimpse of the sheer amount of work that goes into preparing this divisive ingredient.
1-for-1 Vietnamese Dishes with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Vietnamese Dishes with Burpple Beyond
Viet-ed and rounded up — here are some fab options for dinner with your loved ones!
 The Battle of the Bubble Teas
The Battle of the Bubble Teas
Which will reign supreme in the realms of cheese foam, brown sugary-ness, fruitiness, flavoured pearls and milkiness? Read on to find out!
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Faint taste of green tea & not much different from the original almond one leaning on the sweet not bitter end of the spectrum.

G.T lovers like myself - don’t expect matcha satisfaction from this!🍵😞

We asked the staff what was included in the Burpple offer. He told us anything in the mains, snacks and drinks section. After ordering the food, we then realised that we were charged extra $0.40. Upon checking with the staff, he told us, it's a standard price of $17.70. The price was based on the most expensive for each type of food, not based on the most expensive dish we ordered. Even though we were only charged extra $0.40, we felt cheated that we weren't informed beforehand. We would have made a different decision if we knew about it.

Heads up if you love croissants and pastries as OMC’s almond chocolate croissant can give Mother Dough’s a run for their money! OMC’s almond croissant is flat and dense. While not as fluffy or large as Mother Dough’s, it’s every bit as buttery rich, and pillowy soft on the inside. The aroma from the croissant is just heavenly, especially when it’s just fresh out from the oven. The interior is more cake-like than fibrous, but the texture is chewy and satisfying. In addition, there’s a dark chocolate-filled interior in this croissant plus chocolate chips on top. Almonds and chocolate are such a winning combination and this croissant is no exception. I’d gladly pay $5.50 for this croissant although it is slightly more expensive than Mother Dough’s.

Im surprised that hardly any reviews mention the baked goods at OMC, but these looked so good I had to try anyway (they look better on display - the staff suggested popping it in the oven as it was inedible without heating up although I was having it to go, and it got smooshed in the takeaway bag). While I agree that the brunch items like the Gashouse Eggs and French Toast are very good, consider giving the baked goods at OMC some love the next time you’re there!

'Japanese sweet roll filled with imported Japanese Tsubu-an (Chunky red bean paste)'
- Very thick and fragrant red bean within a soft fluffy bun
Surprisingly good, Very satisfying especially if you like red bean
Taste: 8.5/10

The most beautiful delicate plate of raw fish I've ever eaten 😍 there's even flowers as decoration; makes it look like a blooming Eden of deliciousness.

From right to left; flounder, aburi red snapper, amberjack and medium-fatty tuna (chutoro). And the finishing flourish is a scoop of bright orange ikura.

My favorite was the aburi red snapper. Its a fish with such a delicate texture and flavor, and the torching added a distinct layer of smokiness that brought out the sweetness of the fish. All the sashimi was so fresh and just melted in my mouth. Such a pleasure to eat as a fish lover.

Even the wasabi was obviously high-quality as it didn't set my tongue on fire, but rather provided a level of earthiness that matched the fishy flavors perfectly, just as the Japanese had intended. :)

Ramen Champion @ Bugis+
Tonkotsu Ikkyu

Note: Price is exclusive of 7% GST

- Egg was unfortunately overcooked. It was slightly sweet but would have preferred a stronger flavour.
- Firm noodles
- Rich, umami and porky broth
- Char siew had a fantastic charred caramelised taste and was very meaty, not the fatty kind but still had ton of flavour just felt that it could be less oily. Very satisfying and significant portion given.
For the price, I didn't think this was quite substantial though a huge portion of char siew meat was given. Would have preferred an option for complimentary noodle upsize and perhaps some vegetables or thin slices of char siew to be provided as well?
Taste: 8.5/10

More pictures at:

Smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese w touches of parsley, cucumber and pickled radish atop thick crusty sourdough

Always a long queue at Wah Kee noodles @ Amoy food centre!! (And finally got round to queueing for it🙈) what stood out were the plump wantons, springy noodles and it’s flavourful chilli it was tossed in!🍜