Cheap & Good for Groups in Singapore
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Cheap & Good for Groups in Singapore
Your impossible schedules finally match up for that long overdue group gathering. Count on this nifty guide for cheap and good munches for the whole gang, from skewers in Geylang to prawn noodles in Somerset!
New on Beyond: November 2019
New on Beyond: November 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get fried chicken rice bowls at Paddyfolks, Labanese fare at Tabbouleh, breakfast platters at Crossroads Cafe and more!
Best Korean in Singapore
Best Korean in Singapore
From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatang— here are the best of Singapore's thriving Korean food scene. Be prepared to feast!
1-for-1 Steak with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Steak with Burpple Beyond
Only prime cuts for you, Burpplers.
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
From a contemporary joint for yummy egg dishes to a chic little nook for dog-watching and a stunner doling out delicious kueh salat, these spots check all the right boxes.
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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😛 Not the crispy flaky kind of "croissant" but the fluffy kind!! The salted caramel blends with the fluffy cruffin so well. I would like it as a simple grab and go breakfast, or even after-meal dessert!!

Tender shabu black pork slices, soak it for a few seconds in the soup and pop it in my mouth. I could do this the whole time if not for the price tag 😂

Feature Dulang Ambeng Royal for 4pax.
I enjoyed all except the lung(Paru). The lung a bit tough to chew ,but the rest are great.
It’s value for money. 💰$60.
📍Pu3 Restaurant.
111 Somerset rd, #02-20.

Featuring the following:
▪️Pikelet Stack ($14)
▪️Hawaiian Pizza ($16)
▪️Chicken Mushroom (Creamy) w/ Fusilli ($17)
▪️Chorizo & Mushrooms on Toast ($16)
▪️Chicken Pizza ($16)
▪️Roast Lamb Sandwich ($17)
▪️Chicken Sandwich ($16)
▪️Bacon Pumpkin Salad ($15)
▪️Summer Chicken Salad ($18)
▪️Corn Fritters ($16)
Situated at level 5 of Orchard shopping mall, @cafemanuka is a New Zealand inspired casual dining cafe with interesting menu titles such as "To start your day (and beyond)" & "Something extra".
"Local celebrity couple Candyce Toh and Ang Jun Yang, along with their business partner, took over this ‘fruit of love’ Café Manuka from Debbie and Nigel in 2014 when the latter had to relocate from Singapore for work reasons."
Of all, my favourite is the Hawaiian Pizza 🍕, comes in 10",thin crusted, well stretched with lots of toppings evenly spread out. 😋 Whats more, they do half-half options too! *Do note there's 20mins waiting time. Good for sharing is the Chicken Mushroom (Creamy) w/ Fusilli, which i find it enticing for the first few mouth with its texture and rich cream taste. 👍🏻
Thank you @singaporefoodlisting for the invite and @cafemanuka for having us! 🙆🏻‍♂️
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It is also one of the best producers of apples 🍎 and other marine products in japan 🎣.

From now until early January, @sunwithmoonsg will be offering specialty dishes from Aomori Prefecture 🤤!

Featured are the following:
1. Shijimi Ramen ($16.80) - plenty of clams topped off with green onions, seaweed and half of an egg 🥚 Light as compared to your typical ramen 🍜 The portion shown is a tasting portion 🙊

2. Mutsu Bay Hotate & Salmon Ringo Oroshi Nabe ($23.80) - scallops and chunky pieces of salmon in hotpot w grated apple 🍎 & sukiyaki sauce; this was extremely comforting to have 👅

3. Mutenka Yaki-Chikuwa Cheese Buta Roll Yaki ($11.80) 🧀 - cheese within a fishcake safe within grilled slice pork 🐖

4. Apios Bacon Cream Cheese Yaki ($14.80) 🥓- being a superfood, apios is a cross between a sweet potato and a boiled groundnut, this dish is essentially a super healthy meal which makes you v v full; tastewise it’s like having potatoes 🥔

5. 🌟 Butabara Steak w Kuro Ichigo Jam ($18.80) - this was one of my favourite dishes!!! 😋 Think perfectly grilled pork belly steak which ain’t too oily dipped into chunky black strawberry jam (which ain’t too sweet) YUMS!!

6. Sujiko Avocado Salmon Oyako Roll 🥑 ($21.80) - I think this dish speaks for itself 😉

7. 🌟 Mutsu Bay Hotate & Salmon Belly Teriyaki Kamameshi ($21.80) - this was out-of-this-world, seriously 😱 Was left pleasantly surprised and utterly shocked by how delectable this dish was - absolutely addictive w the fresh scallops and thick fleshy salmon belly 💯

8. Aomori Chestnut Baumkuchen w Lact-ice cream 🌰 ($10.80) - Low milk fat vanilla ice cream and dense baumkuchen cake!

❤️ Thank you @florencesjah for inviting and @brandcellar @sunwithmoonsg for hosting!

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A hidden gem located along Joo Chiat Road serving family size, contemporary western fusion food in a relax atmosphere.
Featuring Soup:
Bouillabaisse $18.
Seafood broth, Prawns, Mussels, Dory, Squid, Ciabatta Toast.
Love the hearty seafood broth. Full of Umami & the Seafood is fresh.
Pasta: Foie Gras & Masago $18.
Bacon, Cream Sauce, Linguine, Seared Foie Gras, Capelin Roe.
The Foie Gras is seared to perfection, leaving you asking for more.
The linguine is cooked to al dente, mixed well with cream sauce. Excellent
Communal Plate:
BBQ Pork Ribs Slab $22.
Oven Baked Pork Ribs, Homemade BBQ Glaze, Side Salad.
Ribs is fork tender, succulent and flavourful.
Mocktail $8 each.
Left: The Windflower.
Soda, Cherry Blossom, Floral Ice Cubes.
Sweet and refreshing. The floral ice cube really catches the eye when served.
Edible flowers are used in the ice cube.
Right: Lavender Sparkle.
Lavender Concentrate, Soda, Infused Syrup, Lemon Peel.
Refreshing, citrusy.
Surprisingly, the colour is of a darker shade of the lavender, which makes the drink prettier, looking heavier than it is.
Use promo code DINEOUT200 to enjoy double loyalty points when you make a Quandoo reservation.
Earn 200 Quandoo loyalty points, instead of the usual 100! A total of 1000 loyalty points can be redeemed for a $15 cashback directly into your bank account with a successful Quandoo reservation.
The Communal Place
‪465 Joo Chiat Road‬
‪S 427677‬
Tel: 6282 3359
Opening hours:
Mon- Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat - Sun: 10am - 11pm
Last alcohol-drink order 30 minutes before closing.
Thank you Debbie @debsho22 & @quandoo_sg for the invite; @thecommunalplace for hosting us & the warm hospitality as always.
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Glazed with maple tomato sauce and served with pasta and homemade pureslaw.
The exterior is charred, crisp with combination of slight bitterness with sweet maple tomato sauce glaze. The flesh is juicy, succulent and well marinated. Yum yum.
The pasta is al-dente and the pureslow is crunchy and helps to balance the fattiness in this dish.
Full review of Wine Mansion will be up on in the near future.
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Actually I’m being dramatic. I could most certainly eat ang moh food for my next meal. (Those additional rice for dinner does help keep the cravings away). The worst cravings I ever had was the time I was on an 11 day Outward Bound Course. There were 2 days where we had to canoe to an island (Pangkor Island) and set up camp there. I craved burgers and coke SOOOOO BAD it was unbelievable. Made worse when monkeys stole our food at the camp so we had a smaller than expected dinner.