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1-for-1 After Work Eat-inerary with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 After Work Eat-inerary with Burpple Beyond
Ever found yourself wondering where else you could go after dinner? Here are some 2-stop eat-ineraries for moments just like that.
New Year, New Meal Plan
New Year, New Meal Plan
Eat, Drink and Shop Healthy to earn Healthpoints and redeem attractive rewards.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: February 2020
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: February 2020
Make it FAB-ruary when you dine out at these awesome new spots for simple Chinese desserts, excellent tea beverages, yummy bakes in the CBD as well as modern Indonesian food!
7 Places for Fluffy, Light-As-Air Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore
7 Places for Fluffy, Light-As-Air Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore
“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna DIE!!!”
New on Beyond: February 2020
New on Beyond: February 2020
New 1-for-1 deals! Get your hands on freshly baked cookies from Ben's Cookies, feast on Masala Chicken Open Wrap and ice cold beer at Going Om, steep in premoum teas at Tea Villa Cafe and more.
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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We decided to come here to see how different compared to its home city. It certainly has retained the style in terms of it’s decor that really does help to set the mood.

As for the food, they have a huge variety but it was average at best. The duck was nice and tasty at first but became a tad salty after a while. The stuffed dumpling was interesting and the filling was quite nice but the stuffing at the corners were not as much as the middle. The giant meatball was probably the best dish there. Otherwise the rest were an average but decent chinese meal.

It has left much desire to return to the huge variety of food in Nanjing but it was still a nice meal. Would not have come with the Eatigo deal though.

They have a wide selections of gelato that range from the usuals like chocolate and nutty flavours to fruity flavours like raspberry and passion fruit. In terms of nutty ones, their hazelnuts and pistachios seems to be pretty solid choices for me. For some extra kick, go for their fruity flavours.

The stated price is the menu price but keep alrrt on chope or shopee if you want a 40% off deal.

For the price, this is a lot of food given. It gives a very homly feeling, fills your belly adequately and satisfies your cravings. Note that the chilli may be spicy for some people.

Two things stood out to me:
1) Wow that’s a lot of toast
2) Wow that’s a lot of dips

Go crazy with the dips I think are butter, maple syrup, cream and more. It’s really filling and if you have a sweet tooth, go for this dish!

You get what you ordered. Served medium rare, it is a good steak. Well grilled, juicy and not too hard to chew. Still a good cut despite that it doesn’t really melt in your mouth. The sides are still pretty good. One of the recommendations if you want a simply good steak!

Recently started trending on Beyond so decided to give it a try and was not disappointed. Newly opened in a cosy but chill dining area, there is the light aroma of the charcoal in air from the oven.

As for the food, it earns a solid “WOW”. The tuna for one was tasty and was not fishy in anyway. There’s definitely the charcoal grill taste in the food which adds to the flavour. The grilled ladies fingers also were exceptionally, especially for someone who really hates ladies fingers. I would highly recommend this dish.

The humble sweet and sour pork is a favourite for many Chinese food lovers. Perhaps it’s one of the few dishes Westerners first encounter when having their first taste of Chinese cuisine.

Putien’s version uses lychee instead of pineapples (although I very much prefer pineapples) and is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. It comes with a medley of vegetables and the sauce is particularly sweet which probably comes from the lychees. I particularly enjoy how the batter is fried till crispy while the meat remains tender and juicy on the inside. There’s a good balance of meat and batter for the pork. For the health conscious, the meat is rather lean and contains little fat. It’s great but I won’t say it’s my favourite just yet.

Craving for good nasi padang? Head to Geylang Serai Food Centre where there are many stalls to choose from. One of the more popular stalls is Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang which almost always has a queue at lunch hour.

Nasi Padang isn’t as cheap as cai fan but what I love about it is how simple, delicious and wholesome each dish is. Servings are generous and can slurp up all the curry. There’s just too many items to choose from. And don’t forget to ask for some spicy sambal on the side. Order the Tahu Telur ($5) too.