Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
It's time to welcome Burpple Bites, our new dining voucher programme helping you to enjoy even more food experiences and deals in Singapore, featuring over 40 restaurants and cafes and counting!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: September 2021
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: September 2021
What a bumper crop of new openings this month, from a speciality tempura restaurant to a cool new dessert shop from the folks behind The Dark Gallery!
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals (September 2021)
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals (September 2021)
As we close off the third quarter of 2021, say hello to top-performing new merchants on Burpple Beyond and take a sneak peek at what's coming in October!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: CBD Eats
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: CBD Eats
Spoilt for choice for your meals in the CBD area? Try out a variety of cuisines near your office and save on your meals with our 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deals at DOCO, Pasta Brava, Smooy, Flash Coffee and more!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Healthy Eats
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Healthy Eats
Time to come clean — we’re talking about your diet! We just made it easier to load up on protein and healthy grain bowls with 1-for-1 at Nature’s Nutrition (Aperia Mall), Souperstar (Guoco Tower), Sauté-san, W Acai (Funan) & more with #BurppleBeyond
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The dumplings were so good, each dumpling had a different filling and we had so much fun tasting all of it! The soup was great, light, and not too heavy despite the amount of sour cream poured over it! The pork chebureki "curry puff like" side was super good as well, crispy and not too oily!! The cake was slightly on the sweeter side but was unique and delicious!

On top of that, the staff was so friendly! He explained to us each dish and answered our questions patiently! Really made the entire experience so much more enjoyable! Will definitely recommend it if you're looking to try a new cuisine (especially since we can't travel now) :-)

When a friend who arrived at the favourite cafe earlier on his own spots a new pastry in the display shelf; and that’s when a visit is definitely mandatory to try that exact pastry that he has just sent you about. And that is how I ended up having the Pesto & Cheese Roll despite already stomaching half a portion of fried chicken waffle, a Canele, half a portion of a roll cake and most of a mooncake-inspired cruffin in an entire morning.

Brawn & Brains Coffee serving up their range of buns such as the Almond & Vanilla Bun and the Korvapuusti is nothing new, but the buns/rolls had always been of sweet flavour combinations — the introduction of the Pesto & Cheese Roll strays away from just that considering how it is a savoury flavour combination instead. Coming shaped just like my favourite Almond and Vanilla Bun, there is no doubt how I would also enjoy having this by hand; pulling away the first few layers of the roll, I utterly enjoyed the toasty, warm bread that is just so ever lightly crusty that came with a slight hint of herbiness from the pesto. As one unravels the roll further, the laces of cheese adds a savoury note to that herbiness — so flavourful and comforting especially when had with the Long Black, especially if savoury breads are your sort of thing.

I probably do sound like a broken record by now but I always have liked Brawn & Brains Coffee for the consistency of their food and service — it’s that place that I would always return to knowing that what I have been looking forward to will be what I get; makes it they perfect spot for me to always be able to grab a taste and experience that familiarity after trying out a couple of places that I had never been to and visiting for the very first time. Always excited to hear them trying out new things to put up out on the menu and giving them a go — looking forward whatever is coming up next if there already is something out there!

I seldom rave about South American food , more so for the humble taco but I tried all 5 taco selection offered by Alegria on their Taco Tuesday Nites and loved it !

It’s an exotic fusion of complex flavours and textures that feels like a delicious bomb in your mouth with every bite .

The Pork Sisig was my favourite , followed by the beef , prawn and Brussel sprouts and chicken Satay . Worth trying .

This is the first time we didn’t manage to snag counter bar seats here at Kyoten and dang it sure made a difference.
Meal still tasted great!
Make mental notes to reserve counter seats if you’re getting the omakase menu, the chefs are more well versed with what they are serving and the temperature of each nigiri sushi will be extra delightful (think chilled sashimi on warm rice).
Details that matter.

Finally trying the korean food at @ajummasg, managed to avoid the queues when we went there towards their closing hours (afternoon). Very satisfying bowl of noodles and it comes with free-flow sides too. The crispy pork belly reminds alot of the Chinese sio bak 烧肉 though.

Took adv. of the 1 for 1 Mains! I think their Carbonara pasta is great. The place is a bit tricky to find. The best way is to walk to the taxi stand at Plaza Sing, use exit at Yole.

We came here for their coffee a few times but finally get to try their food and they did not disappoint! Love their rosti! Paired so well with the Cajun chicken. Great service and coffee too!

Portions are really good to share, as every bite packs a punch! We got their cream-cheese pancakes and pesto chicken grilled cheese sandwiches which was stellar! I would say these pancakes are the best I've had; their made in-house and the super savory. Definitely on a different level compared to hotcakes! Highly recommend this place!