1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Asian Fare
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Asian Fare
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Best Watering Holes For Beer In Singapore
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1-for-1 Deals This National Day
1-for-1 Deals This National Day
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Thomson
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Thomson
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*lobster and chirozo was unavailable and substituted with fresh oysters*

Finally tried one of the more $$$ deals as a teen in singapore. The place should consider giving a bread basket of some sort as all their bread items were out of this world 😮‍💨. Overall, the food and ambience were great, presentations wonderful, tho it felt more like a 4-course meal as the portion sizes for the first 2 dishes were way too small like 1 cheese bread and 1 oyster only per person cant satisfy me :((

Cheese bread 5⭐️: Totally can understand the hype. So good and addictive. Confirm a calorie bomb given the strong cheese taste and the amount of butter I spread per bite

Oysters 4⭐️: Really fresh but nothing special

Beef Tartare 3.5⭐️: The bread was really nice. Wished more bread was given as the beef got a little jelat over time eating it alone.

Scallops 4⭐️: Fresh and well seared. The taste of the butter sauce could be stronger.

Wagyu Beef Petite 3⭐️: A little tough; the sauce and the mushrooms had little taste. Could not detect the truffle at all but the addition of brioche bits was interesting and nice.

Hamachi 4⭐️: Simple and light asian-influenced dish. Fish was well cooked and had a nice texture but clams felt a little out of place.

Apple Mille Feuille 5⭐️: My favourite dish❤️❤️ Super crispy pastry and interesting smoked calvados ice cream flavour with a slightly complementary salty taste to balance the apple filling which had the right amount of sweetness.

The servers were really friendly and attentive and a mini cake was prepared for my friend's bday. Although sometimes I felt a little pressured to spend more: the usual still/sparkling water question and we were asked quite a few times if we wanted any additional appetizers, drinks and desserts.

Managed to stick to only $148++. Worth it treat once in a while :D

Very Cantonese. You instantly can tell from the egg noodles and the tamer seasoning. Here, you can't dislike the noodles lah. Wantons were okay too. But despite some fame, it's not a bowl worth returning for.

From Ding Gua Gua's branch. Very good rice. Crunchy, fat shrimps. Two types of chilli. But like all Ding Tai Fung spin-offs, the premium price means there's no room for failure.

Always long queue so I bought $10 worth. Don't know why the flour kinda dense and moist. Tutu kueh has been like this for years now. Maybe rushing it due to the popularity causes this. Peanut and coconut were still the best. We also tried red bean, which is pricier, but it's dumb.

Okay buy this better than pay more to buy from Each-A-Cup. Not great but at least it's enjoyable.

was treated to a good meal at Masizzim! ordered the highly-raved rice balls with crab meat, steamed egg with cheese, beef stew and the kimchi fried rice — everything was incredibly delicious & pleasant! would highly recommend to those looking for authentic korean food