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Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
While they might be few and far between, there are occasions where splurging on good food is necessary. Here's your guide to places well worth the splurge — there's an epic cocktail brunch, fun pizzas and wine, excellent Catalonian fare and a spot for natural wines and creative cooking!
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Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals December 2019
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1-for-1 Coffee with Burpple Beyond
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New on Beyond: December 2019
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Yes, it's home to renowned claypot rice and soy sauce chickens. BUT. This 𝘀𝗮 𝗸𝗲𝗶 𝗺𝗮𝗵 (沙琪玛) though, is one of the last of its kind in SG.
And what a snack it is. Unlike its packaged cousins which populate supermarket shelves, the freshness gave it an impeccable crisp, whilst also sporting the right amount of sticky-chewiness from the honey.
It hit with a fragrance which carried a tinge of sesame, then provided a bright dose of sweetness that refrained from going overboard. I beeline for the store everytime I am in the compound; try it while you can, even their business hours are shortening...
📍Chinatown Complex Food Centre, 335 Smith St, #02-78, Singapore 050335
⏱️ (Fri-Wed) 10am-3pm, closed on Thursday

Each seafood restaurant in Singapore will have its own version of chilli crab.
The version here is on the spicy side. A female crab is used here, so it comes with abundance of the delicious crab roe. The sauce absorbs into the flesh, it has a velvety texture from the eggs plus a bit of tanginess on top of spicy chilli sauce.
Full review of The Famous Kitchen is up on Chubbybotakkoala.com or copy this link http://bit.ly/cbk-541 .
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lasellacafella sem rating as last timE cox ordered same ting but dis time w drinGk honestly i think thAt aliciu’s meal p worth so mayb next time can trY d rice bowls instead of D brunch menus ~~

omG yeet didn’t know burpple had 1-1 here LMAOZ rice bowls here made cheaper with butpple and also near the mrt so conveniENT! ~~ we got d brunch muffin and the surf n turf which was p yumZ! xdxd good study spot!

kopi 7/11

beli sTrong coffee but datS how i liek it hehe xd loV burpple 1for1 4r makin diS affordable <33


got 2x cafe latte; stronk coffee loV d mix between coffee n miLk not bad q worth location convenient againZzz!!!!!

Competition is tight in lorong 8 for char kway teow with as many as 4 char kway teow stalls. This, however is in my opinion the best. They also have the longest queue though, even though you may not see it as they have a queue system.

The noodles is well fried with enough wok hei, seasoned with the right amount of dark soy sauce, which combines with the noodles really well. Generally on the wetter side, but not the wettest around. Really really yummy. Cockles are also very fresh and juicy. Overall very well executed and balanced dish.

NINGZ: supr gyud d beef ohmYmyMy d wagyu portion was so generouSly given & and the sauce w the rice and beef wah oooOmph honestly nothin myCh speciAl abt the salmon don but oveRaLL truly damn worth leyh ~~

LEE: the beef one was supER GUD I love bEef cooked righT and was chewy n soft at the same timeright combi n aMt of d sauces also hehe wouLD COME BACK 4 d bEEF BOWL AGAIN (1-1 makes it Super worth iT!!!!) the salmon was okkkk thought would b the sashimi rice but iZ normal rice instead!! but alls swiKkKk is worth it n damn ez to find the location :—) can fiTe w rakki

$17.80 // a really generous portion of (extremely fresh) seafood cubes (including salmon, tuna, octopus, prawns) which was layered with more than sufficient wasabi mayonnaise. (spicy, but sooo good) served on a bowl of hot japanese rice which had some shoyu sauce on it and it’s topped with some ikura, which adds more to the flavour if your taste buds need a break from all the spice. such a good dish!! but also really filling (and i wasn’t able to finish it zzz)

Ordered the level 1 spicy maze soba and it felt like level 10 spicy omg it was WAYYYYYY too spicy and my whole tongue was numb at the first bite. Had to get boost juice to cool off my tongue and it took me a good 30 min to get thru half the bowl and i didn’t even finish it cause it was way too spicy. Will never come back agn :(

Taste: 4.5/10
Presentation: 6.5/10