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 The Battle of the Bubble Teas
The Battle of the Bubble Teas
Which will reign supreme in the realms of cheese foam, brown sugary-ness, fruitiness, flavoured pearls and milkiness? Read on to find out!
Best Chicken Rice in Singapore
Best Chicken Rice in Singapore
Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for different things in a perfect plate of chicken rice, and it's almost impossible to agree on “the best chicken rice”. So instead, let's celebrate the many different ways chicken rice is delicious with this guide! Here are nine spots to satisfy your chicken rice cravings all over Singapore.
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals September 2019
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals September 2019
The time has come to welcome a brand new batch of awesome 1-for-1 deals! Also, take note of these 1-for-1 deals to redeem before they expire on 30 September 2019. This article will be updated WEEKLY, so keep your eyes peeled! (Last updated on: 16 Sep)
1-for-1 Deals at Hotpot Places with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Deals at Hotpot Places with Burpple Beyond
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New on Beyond: September 2019
New on Beyond: September 2019
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Friends of mine would know that I’ve BEAN SOY in love with JOLLIBEAN’s soy milk & pancakes ❤❤❤, so I was really stoked to know that they had recently launched the Brown Sugar series at all outlets! 😊
Here are the 3 new drinks:
🔹️Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Soy ($3.20)
🔹️Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Soy ($3.90)
🔹️Brown Sugar Pearl Chocolate Soy ($3.90)
First, the staff slathers the cup with a luscious coat of Taiwanese brown sugar 😍😍😍, before filling it up with ice, soy milk & matcha/cocoa blend for the latter (using Japanese matcha & premium cocoa powder). ✔ All 3 of them includes black pearls which remained soft & chewy even after being left aside for a while. 👌🏻
My personal bias would be the Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Soy 💯 as the original soy milk brings out caramel flavours of the brown sugar the best. 😋😋😋
For fans of matcha & chocolate, I would recommend you go for their Jspecial 💚 or Chocolate Soy Bliss 🍫 as they are richer! The brown sugar added some complexities but also mellows their distinctive flavours. 😂

The highlight of the meal is the seafood mac and cheese, which exceeded our expectations. While it differ from the usual crisp baked m&c, its creaminess and the tender seafood pieces (prawns, crab meat) go v well together.


Also unusual that its in a korean restaurant (fusion heh)

The new product of Dough Magic: 豆沙千层饼 (red bean paste pancake) is sooooo nice!
It’s nice not in a very traditional pancake way hahaha. The red bean paste is not sweet, it tastes very natural and healthy. The pancake is baked not fried, which is very attractive for someone who doesn’t like fried dough...
Price:1.5 SGD
They are also providing other new items like pizza pancake which I haven’t tried. Anyway, for this price, it worths trying.

The fried chicken made me slightly disappointed. Never a fan of chicken tenders as it doesnt feel the most authentic. Also the fondue cheese may be nice, but when mixed with the other cheeses (mozarella?) doesnt give off a striking taste. Would prefer going for more authentic chicken bites.


PSA theres 50% cashback on cashback app, which i only realised after paying for the meal...

Used the Burpple beyond deal and didn’t realise the add ons are not included in the 1 for 1! But overall still worth it. The bulgogi beef serving was generous and if you’re taking away perhaps need to request for another container of sauce. Have only tired omma’s sauce and it’s minimally spicy for quite a kick!

Loved the crunchy bean sprout (Korean big big kind), spinach and kimchi!!

Will be back :)

Impossible™ meat patty, xo mayo, cheese, heritage tomato, ketchup and onion marmalade in a toasted demi brioche bun

Double cooked house fries, truffle cheese sauce, shaved truffles, truffle aioli and chives