New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: May 2021
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: May 2021
Mayday, mayday, there's an onslaught of hot new restaurants and cafes coming your way, from Wanton Seng's first offshoot to a vegan cafe in the East with "eggless egg" toasts!
1-for-1 Deals This Hari Raya Puasa 2021
1-for-1 Deals This Hari Raya Puasa 2021
Redemption of most Burpple Beyond deals will be locked from 5pm on 12 May and the whole of 13 May, but here are 39 spots still offering great 1-for-1 dine-in offers!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Food-To-Go
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Food-To-Go
With the new COVID-19 regulations, let’s keep safe by encouraging takeaway with these 1-for-1 deals at Pita Bakery, Tea Pulse, Olla Specialty Coffee, Potato Corner & more with #BurppleBeyond!
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Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar is known for its abundance of Japanese and Korean cuisine, but we think there's much more to discover, from authentic pasta spots to bagels, bolo buns and more! CONTENT
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Forever glad for The Better Half’s existence at the Everton Park neighbourhood — the place being almost a default spot for me to chill out at whenever I am meeting friends around the area and ending up being late; a cosy nook that I could get to do my own stuff whilst sipping on a cup of coffee and have a cake without stuffing myself before having lunch.

I have attempted to bake Black Sesame Loaf Cakes with Kinako frosting before, and its just something I just can’t seem to get right considering the recipe I have obtained — so I knew that it was the Black Sesame Cake that I wanted to go for after seeing the it being available on the counter on the day of my visit. Featuring elements such as black sesame sponge, black sesame spread and butter cream, and coffee crumble, the Black Sesame Cake is one that I wished I could have baked all by myself for how good it was. The cake wasn’t too crumbly nor dry; sufficiently moist, light yet spongey, whilst hinting of a roasty, earthy flavour from the black sesame — the black sesame spread and buttercream further enhancing the texture and flavours with its creaminess and punchy notes of black sesame that perfumes throughout the smooth buttercream that also reminds us of the classic buttercream cakes from old-school bakeries. The coffee crumble on the top provides a crunch for a contrast of textures for the entire cake.

The Better Half is probably a spot that I would drop by for cakes at the Everton Park area — especially so considering how I do love the simple cakes that they have that aren’t quite as over the top as some mousse cakes/entremet can be; it’s that sheer simplicity that makes their cakes so appealing and comforting, yet are also especially well-made — somewhere I am always looking forward to return to again.

A classic side 🍤,  dip these in Kanada-Ya's homemade tempura sauce! 👌🏻

Light tempura batter of a nice crispy crust encasing soft chewy calamari rings 🦑, pair this with their creamy tartar sauce for a delightful treat! 😉

Made with Tonkotsu broth 🐖 & their improved homemade chicken broth 🐔, paired with al-dente wheat noodles 🍜, this was quite an average-tasting bowl.

A new & improved recipe, this is the only option that comes with chicken broth 🐔 & yellow wavy noodles 💛. This broth is clearly lighter than the Tonkotsu broth but still rich & creamy - chicken soup for the soul! 🤣

Very impressed by their herb and cheese scone. Carrot cake serving was quite substantial and great that it wasn't too sweet. Only allowed to order cold brew with the burpple deal - thought its taste was pretty nondescript hmm. Found their staff a little on the less welcoming side but the spacious and comfortable environment made up for it.

Shukuu Izakaya is a very authentic Japanese restaurant and sake bar. We ordered the Shukuu’s Experience Platter as we wanted to have a taste of the variety that the restaurant has. It was a delightful experience, perfected with the sake of the day.

Dishes were salty and mediocre at best. Shockers to follow.

1. We had our meal with a black face waitress. From the moment we stepped in, we were served with bad attitude and impatience..but nvm.. all that aside

2. We already had a full meal and were asked if we wanted tea. Would anyone expect 4 pots of tea? Or 4 cups? In typical good dining experience, the waitress would at least let us know in advance and to ensure if it would be too much. Moreover among the 4 of us, 3 of us ordered the same tea while 1 ordered another kind and so we got 3 pots of the same tea. It was really too much for us! We didn’t expect this.

3. We feedback on how we didn’t expect 4 pots of tea with 3 of the same to the black faced waitress and she didn't take it well and perhaps assumed we didn't want to pay full price for the pots of tea.
She didn't reply and walked away with much attitude. We asked if we could speak to the manager and she told us she was the ‘manager’.

4. Subsequently another guy came and told us he was the manager. He hinted though the girl was here longer, he’s the manager of her cos of ‘certain issues’. He seemed to listen to us but after that told us there’s nothing he can do and they will address this in their meeting later. As customers do we need to know this? There’s certainly no service recovery.

He also added ‘we can’t waiver off the tea pots order’ and we released ‘it’s not about paying for the Tea’ once again!

5. The final shocker which we call the FINISHER was the chef/ owner Christophe stepping into the private room angrily and throwing the receipt and card at us and saying this in a condescending manner "I can’t believe this is about the pots of tea. I can only waive off a pot of tea. Take your card and go'.

We tried to explain to him it is never abt the price of the tea or the pots of tea but the whole experience and service we have gotten!

Instead we gotten a..

“GO” angrily from Christophe and he stormed out without even asking / listening to us..

All we did was try to feedback or express how we felt, we were disregarded and managed in a terrible condescending manner. We all left the restaurant traumatized by the experience.