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1-for-1 Mother's Day Deals, Promos & Exclusive Burpple Beyond Sets
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Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore
Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore
Need a quick tea and boba fix? These popular and lower-profile staples in the BBT scene are pretty, tasty and just perfect, featuring HOLLIN, machi machi, Yuan Cha, MILK and more.
 New on Beyond: May 2021
New on Beyond: May 2021
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Heartland Lunches
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Heartland Lunches
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Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar is known for its abundance of Japanese and Korean cuisine, but we think there's much more to discover, from authentic pasta spots to bagels, bolo buns and more! CONTENT
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If you are having russian food for the first time, feel free to approach the friendly staff. They will be glad to assist you with your choices.

I really like the cheese chebureki and medovik!

At 0% sugar level, this chrysanthemum milk tea already comes with pearls, so the sweetness is just right. Genuinely impressed with the relatively strong chrysanthemum flavour in this milk tea. I thought it would be diluted and stingy in taste, but this cup of milk tea checks all the boxes of what makes a decent cup of chrysanthemum milk tea with pearls. I honestly think it can compete with playmade’s chrysanthemum milk tea, however, the absence of sesame pearls definitely gives playmade the winning point. But for $3.90, I would definitely see this as an affordable bubble tea option that is worth one’s buck.

Wanted to try their limited edition famous lobster rolls but it was unfortunately sold out.
Went for the ribeye steak with an option of 2 mains. Fries and Mac and cheese were normal. The medium rare ribeye steak was nothing wonderful. It may have been cooked medium rare, but the steak quality wasn’t fantastic, so it really turns out to be what you’d expect, kind of a low quality fast food chain standard, especially for the price. At $19.90, this was one of the priciest items on the menu, together with the crabmeat pasta - which I believe I would have preferred over this underwhelming dish. Other food options were more affordable, and looked seemingly better than this steak. I would love to come back again and try other food items on their menu, especially when this steak did not satisfy my expectations of a rather chill and affordable cafe.

Revisited one of my favourite stalls at Tekka Centre; have been craving for their Chicken Cutlet Noodles for quite a while since the Circuit Breaker because this is pretty much my go-to here. Auntie seems pretty chirpy during the day of my visit; perhaps glad to see some of the crowds and familiar faces returning back as the nation goes into Phase 2.

Found the Chicken Cutlet Noodles for that day to be pretty darn good even when compared to their usual standards (maybe I am just missing it too much); always liked their fried chicken — fried fresh to order, the chicken is always served hot and crisp on the exterior, and juicy inside whilst not being particularly greasy, and great to have on its own. I absolutely dig the noodles and the sauce it’s tossed in; the mix of sauce and chili being particularly old-school and being almost everything to love about the dish — the reason why I seemingly just end up with this item so often whenever I am here, considering the marriage of two of my favourite items done well going on the same plate together!

I got the Tortellini Di Manzo after being showered with so many different pasta choice possibilities! The variety here is so extensive and seeing that not many places in Singapore can do tortellini justice I gave it a shot. OOMPH it blew me away with how the creaminess of the sauce gelled together so well with the texture of the tortellini. For tortellini, the pasta skin shouldn’t be too chewy, and this had an al dente texture somewhat reminding me of a Chinese wonton, but having an added depth when you bite into it. Loved the meat that was within as well!
It had me wanting seconds :( loved this place and how Theres just so much to choose from! It’s hidden in a quaint corner as well so really like the atmosphere :)

I picked the Root Beer Float, which is their bestseller and came recommended by their staff - what a great choice! You can taste the flavour right off the bat, and it paired well with the Milo-flavoured cone (which costs an additional $1).

Service was awesome! Location-wise, Creme & Cone is situated in a little corner of Lau Pa Sat, meaning you can either enjoy the air con and bright lights in the shop itself, or sit right outside at the wooden kopitiam tables. Either way, a really enjoyable scoop of gelato and we’ll definitely be back!

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Feedback that a long strand of brown hair was found in the food and the staff merely took the food away (although to be fair he did apologised but only much later); water was seeping in the shop; waiter was not wearing a mask; hygiene is honestly questionable