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 The Battle of the Bubble Teas
The Battle of the Bubble Teas
Which will reign supreme in the realms of cheese foam, brown sugary-ness, fruitiness, flavoured pearls and milkiness? Read on to find out!
Best Chicken Rice in Singapore
Best Chicken Rice in Singapore
Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for different things in a perfect plate of chicken rice, and it's almost impossible to agree on “the best chicken rice”. So instead, let's celebrate the many different ways chicken rice is delicious with this guide! Here are nine spots to satisfy your chicken rice cravings all over Singapore.
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals September 2019
Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals September 2019
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1-for-1 Deals at Hotpot Places with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Deals at Hotpot Places with Burpple Beyond
Gather the gang round these pots, ‘cause things are about to get hot and steamy.
New on Beyond: September 2019
New on Beyond: September 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get hit-the-spot udon at Tamoya Udon, delicious coffee at Morning Grind Cafe, Halal la mian at EVENTASTY Hand-pulled Noodles, wholesome protein bowls at The Autobus and more!
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SO. GOOD. Not exaggerating but honestly one of the better renditions of capellini, full of umami n prawn flavour mm 😍 Sugarloaf cabbage was drenched in a savoury seaweed sauce and sprinkled w nuts dang it was gr8. Full marks for both dishes wow

Decor was really clean and fits the theme of recess time with benches that reminded me of school canteen. Food was affordable and really tasty! Bonus: Playing with some old school games from your childhood while waiting for food was really nostalgic and amazing experience

Service was prompt and pleasant. Had original king with level 2 spiciness, food was good and portions were generous especially with the char siew toppings. Soup was a little too thick for my preference but would recommend it to those who like thick broth

Would recommend this place to people who enjoy their ramen with a thick broth. The slices of pork given was generous. Staff was attentive and attended to our needs.

If you are particular about the way you want your ramen to be done, ramen nagi offers some degree of customisability. Thumbs up for effort!

loved how my items came in such earthy japanese interior design worthy cutlery - really added to my matcha cafe experience lol (!)

lavender earl grey mille crepe // $8.50 // never really tried mille crepe cakes before so for a first timer, i would assume this fits the criteria of a decently good mille crepe cake. fluffy lavender chantilly cream paired with thin crepes made this a pleasantly palatable dessert, without the stuffed feeling after. i felt like the lavender flavor was very strong (which may be a problem if you don’t have a preference for floral type flavors) and overpowered the earl grey flavor. couldn’t rly taste any earl grey tbh, so you should only get this if you’re craving something floral and not if you want to satiate any earl grey cravings.

rose + matcha macarons // $3 each // the flavors were very intense for both macarons, which was great but the biscuit shells were a bit too crunchy for my liking as i prefer my macarons to be more chewy in the center. may be better to have your macarons elsewhere

hojicha tea // $4.50 // expensive for a single cup of tea, but with such precision in brewing and authentic roasted green tea taste, i guess it was worth it

overall, i’d come back to matchaya but maybe next time i’d stick with their ice creams instead.

$8.80 for a set of ice cream + lava cookie // was in the vicinity and decided to pop by for a cute snack!! got the chocolate lava cookie + speculoos ice cream today — warm, freshly baked cookie that had a sugar cookie crunch like texture around the edges with a gooey center and oozing out chocolate, paired together with the icy cold ice cream (yuck look at me and my lack of a better adjective to describe ice cream) makes for a treat that is mad yumz !!!

Absolutely love this place! Good old Singaporean dishes. Food was served hot and promptly after we ordered. There were even old sch games around for us to play. If you are looking for affordable options in the Esplanade area, this is a great hideout!

Special marinated fried chicken.
Fingers licking good!
Deep fried, crispy outside, juicy tender inside!
Definitely family friendly taste.

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