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Burpple Beyond Turns ONE!
Burpple Beyond Turns ONE!
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New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: July 2019
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Slurp up These Saucy #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 Pasta Deals
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Bar Bites for The Best Nights
Bar Bites for The Best Nights
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New on Beyond: July 2019
New on Beyond: July 2019
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the pancakes were delightful as always! slight regret getting the chocolate one, though i suppose it was worth a shot, it was much sweeter than the blueberry one (or what i recall of it) and quickly got tiring. we went on a weekday afternoon and the ambience was much more tolerable after most of the crowd cleared :-)

The fried chicken is different from others. Marinated with herbs and boiled before it was fried. The noodles is delicious but not for u if you're on diet cuz a lot oils.
Fried noodles $6
Fried Chicken $6

This cost 17. Will not eat if there's no burpple 1for1.
Toast is acceptable.

First time trying, this is vegetarian version, there selling lots of variety of vegetarian tze char n mala Xiang guo, min $8 and all selection are charging at $2/100g. My order cost me $12.60. Not bad, u can choose ur spiciness.

Love love this Tangsuyuk.
Fair price range and authentic korean food.

Experience date: 19th July 2019
Damage: Approx $150

7th Oysters Festival by Greenwood.

Had a disappointed run as we are without Belon OOO & Gillardeau, their priciest oysters at 11 & 9 respectively. Nevertheless, we still had a joy with the others. They do have oysters platter at $99 coming with 9pairs but we decided otherwise.

Chebooktook, Tsarskaya, Kumamoto, Chefs Creek, Pacific Rock. We found Kumamoto tasted best among these 5 types. Sweet, succulent but small in size. Whereas the plump & meaty ones came from the cheapest Chefs Creek which is delicious in its own rights.

Had alantic cod fish & chips - it's soft to the bite and very fresh. Literally pry open the crust easily.

Angus burger, on cut, juice flow out with oomph! Tasted good but can be better at that price point.

Overall, we enjoy our mains and half of the oysters.


Ever since it became trendy, I haven't been a fan of Tom Yum pastas.. Simply because I've had too many that fall flat - either tasting too artificial or too watered down.

At first glance, you might think that At the Myo's Tom Yum Prawn Pasta ($12.00 nett) falls under the latter category - but you are absolutely WRONG.

I'm glad I read a review of this dish before I decided what to order (though, surprise surprise, it was a review from the year 2017!). What he said still holds true - it's a soup, as opposed to a creamy pasta. & that was a winner for me, because oftentimes I find tom yum cream pastas too damn artificial.

Despite it being a soup, it was still welcomingly milky, fragrant & harmoniously sour & spicy. I really wanted to slurp it down quickly, but I was already breaking out in a little sweat, so I had to pace myself.

The portion is pretty good - served in a deep bowl with plenty of spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & soup. The spaghetti was done al dente, & the prawns cooked perfectly to a nice glassy texture, with a good crunch to them. However, with their tails on, I felt they were difficult to peel in a deep bowl..

.. But I can overlook that since I enjoyed this dish so much. I am impressed.

💷 Cash/NETS only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
📞 Reservations possible - I just walked in, though
📱 Accepts GrabPay & FavePay
📶 No free WiFi

Set 4 ($6.10) is one of my favourite, who can pass up porkfloss?? It is even more worth it because we redeemed a $5 Toast Box voucher from grab The coffee was “Gao”, porkfloss generous, toast crispy and eggs runny - I can’t ask for anything more!! (Except for inflation to rise slower??)