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Got the mentaiyaki kaisendon using burpple 1 for 1

- Generous serving of mentaiko and fish!!!
- Even spotted an abalone, scallop, and of course many cubes of tuna and salmon :)
- Promo comes w green tea, soup, and salad

- The mentaiko serving was too generous.... The mentaiko taste overpowered the fish taste hahaha so all I cld mostly taste was the sauce
- after awhile it gets too creamy and gelat
- quite pricey

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: if you are a strong mentaiko lover, you would probably love this. Else, I'd recommend you to try the normal kaisendon. Also, we paid $32 in total for 2 sets so not the cheapest - good try but may not come back if I can find btr alternatives

Part of the Les Amis Group, the food is sublime, service impeccable and ambience, luxe without being too pretencious.

I love their barachirashi don. ($42 for a lunch set and $60 for an alacarte dinner) you get an assortment of fish ranging from the common to the premium. The fish is marinated but not overtly so that you can still identify what fish you're having. Gobs of uni and ikura pearls amp up the umami factor while the tamago lends a touch of sweetness. Even the rice is the ideal temperature and acidity.

Reservations are highly recommended especially for lunch as they have two seatings.

Tried Apiary for the first time today and got the triple scoop ($11) with plain waffles ($6)

Flavours ranked (personal preference):
1) Earl grey - Standard and common favourite with a nice tea scent, nothing outstanding but not bad 7.5/10
2) Blue milk - evident from its name, has a very strong milk-y taste 7/10
3) Apiary - the honey taste is very strong and honestly all I can rmb so did not rlly like it hahaha but personal preference nO hAtE u do u 6.5/10

Waffles - nothing outstanding, pretty standard quality and size is alright 👌

Verdict: May return to try other hyped icecream flavours if any but unlikely to get the waffles agn considering prices arent the cheapest

(Part 1 of 4)
To start, the huge prawns atop the pasta were plump, moist, fresh and had no rubbery texture. Dig beneath it and you'll find an ordinary looking pasta, reminiscent of Aglio Olio. In other words, the jackpot. In a world which advocates substance over looks, this pasta must be the epitome of such an ideal. As before, the sauce and spices added into the mix clung on to the noodles really well. Loaded with the taste of Laksa leaves, the pasta gave an explosion of flavours. The closest description to it would perhaps be to boil the best bowl of traditional Laksa you can find down to a nice thick reduction before tossing the pasta in it. Closing my eyes for the next bite, it was honestly difficult to taste the difference between it and the more traditional varieties.

Thanks to Burpple once again for the Eat-up! :)

Full review at: https://liveeatbless.wordpress.com/2020/02/12/restaurant-review-le-coq-church-street-telok-ayer/

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8d1ILAHMzL/?igshid=1q44cpgcl0jf9

Always something exciting on Le Coq’s menu, and this Beef Crispy Rice just hit all the right spots! A layer of fried rice on a sizzling hot plate, leave it for a moment to get a nice char before scrapping it off (claypot chicken fans will love this). Top it off with a tasty, medium rare steak and this makes for an extremely satisfying meal.

Love how refreshing the springy chewy shirataki noodles are, drenched in mala sauce that is not overwhelmingly cloying/oily/spicy. Also enjoyed how tender & moist the chicken was. The best part of mala is really that burst of flavor from the spice biting into those potent peppercorns.

28 Feb’19, Thu⛅️⁣
📍Taan 炭 (Bugis)⁣
- Bbq sticks x 59🍖⁣
- Yuzu Kirin Frozen Beer🍻⁣
- Cranberry Kirin Frozen Beer🍺⁣

When le fren doesn’t really eat that much, 59 sticks of bbq meat, seafood and stuff, really not kidding, don’t let me see meat again~🙃⁣

Bbq sticks from chicken, pork, mutton, beef, seafood, vege n satay, spoiled for choice really~

You can also choose the seasonings such as original, chinese spice, spiced salt, teriyaki tare n spicy miso kimchi...

Decent but if you are not a big eater, maybe can just go for ala carte where each stick sells at $1.50 onwards...

Not really a fan of beer, but got impressed this round!😋⁣
Frozen foam at -5°C and snowy texture, ho lim leh~😬⁣
Don’t mind coming back for their beer really~👍🏻⁣

Damage: $58.75 (in total) Burpple Beyond one-for-one

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What if you can't afford or don't want fish head? You can still get this restaurant's signature curry with this dish! We're so impressed by our own genius. Anyway their curry was really very good and I salute. This had tau pok like the fish head version, but barely had cabbage. I'm confused.