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The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
Delicate cakes, ice cream s’mores, nostalgic tarts, Swiss rolls, macarons, eclairs, pancakes and more with #BurppleBeyond! Enjoy leisurely weekend afternoons or after-dinner hangs with these sweet deals.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
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Hello & Goodbye to These Beyond Deals: March 2020
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New Year, New Meal Plan
New Year, New Meal Plan
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New on Beyond: March 2020
New on Beyond: March 2020
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Conveniently located along Amoy Street, @chicolocosg is a fast-casual Mexican rotisserie and bar that offers lunch combo deals for the CBD peeps, as well as a great spot to chill out after work. Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we managed to enjoy 1-for-1 dinner sets (Main & Side & Drink) at about $11++ per pax.

👉Quarter Chicken - SGD9
👉Sauces - SGD2 each
chimichurri yoghurt, pico de gallo verde, hot spicy cheese sauce, chipotle mayo
👉Fries - SGD5
👉Guacamole - SGD5
👉ChicoSlaw - SGD6
👉Sparkling Fruit Agua Frescas - SGD5
green apple & prickly pear, passionfruit & mango

All in all, the sides and sauces were great but if you can only choose 2 of each, go for their fries, guacamole, chimichurri yoghurt and hot spicy cheese sauce👍. As for their signature spit-roasted chicken, I wasn’t too happy with the fact that they were served cold at room-temperature. You might also want to avoid ordering their sparkling fruit agua frescas as they were surprisingly diluted. Perhaps, we were just unlucky that day🙃.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have you ever come across traditional soups that are served in a coconut? The last time I had was during a trip to Guangzhou.

Indeed a Guangdong or Cantonese favourite, to have this traditional Foshan classic served in this manner, with a selection of Chinese herbs. Double-boiled directly in the coconut, the refreshing coconut juice and meat, blends together with the nourishing goodness of the herbs adding a hint of natural sweetness. Of course you can also have a taste of some cooked coconut flesh. Feels really healthy, but it might be an acquired taste as a boiled coconut might not be of a familiar taste.

Except for the saltiness, I would say the lobster braised ee-fu noodles was one of the highlights that I had at Wok Palace. Half a hefty lobster accompanied with shiitake mushroom slices, cabbage and ee-fu noodles drenched in a braising sauce that was really heavy on the palate. Though plump, considering the price and portion, the price seemed hefty too.

Wok Palace is a #burpplebeyond partner, but note that this dish is excluded.

The presentation was appealing to the eye. I'm a huge fan of waffles and theirs are definitely worth surrendering your carbs intake. It also comes with a pot of tea each! 😋
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How did caramelised onions w tomatoes & basil taste so good? 🤤
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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

While most might be more familiar with the White beehoon at Sembawang White Beehoon, Wok Palace actually serves a rather different but also tasty version. It’s not heavy on the egg sauce, but more of a soup beehoon, that’s packed with umami flavours from the seafood. Pretty generous with the fresh prawns, squid and fish grouper slices. Something interesting was the addition of onion slices, though adding a slight pungency. Good to be shared between 2.

Have been patronising this stall for years and have always ordered the kekoumian, but I decided to try the mee hoon kueh that day instead. It looked hand torn, and it wasn’t doughy! Served in the same broth as the kekoumian - not too salty, light, but flavourful. The broth is the star of the bowl. Comes with veg (there is a lot in my bowl because my friend gave me all of her veg), minced meat and an add-on egg. A perfect lunch option for me :)

I have previously reviewed about other traditional kuehs here, but it’s the first for their ondeh-ondeh. You might find it a little pricey for a small ondeh-ondea ball, but trust me, the quality justifies for its price.

It’s one of the few with a thin chewy kueh skin, that’s hardly found. Usually the factory made ones have thick kueh skin with little filling. I was taken aback by the mini ‘explosion’ that I had in my mouth upon the first bite, as the sweet brown gula melaka started flowing out. Everything complemented nicely, with the grated coconut. You will also find a literally sweet surprise after the gula melaka, as they also incorporated a small block of brown sugar in the filling which you can bite into.