IWD 2021: We Chat With Jamie Koh, Brass Lion Distillery
IWD 2021: We Chat With Jamie Koh, Brass Lion Distillery
The woman behind one of Singapore's first craft spirits talks to us about her entrepreneurial journey as well as a sneak peek into Brass Lion Distillery's newest gin product.
IWD 2021: We Chat With Pamela Chng, Bettr Coffee
IWD 2021: We Chat With Pamela Chng, Bettr Coffee
Always wondered about the story behind Bettr Coffee? This International Women's Day, co-founder Pamela Chng tells us about their social programmes to help disadvantaged women enter the coffee industry.
New On Beyond: March 2021
New On Beyond: March 2021
March into these NEW 1-for-1 deals: fish & chips at Master Chippy, 12-course omakase dinner in Beppu Menkan, salads from OE Salad Bar, nasi lemak at Grandma's Recipe and rosti sets from 6 Letter Coffee!
International Women's Day 2021: Interview with Denise Lum, Maxi Coffee Bar
International Women's Day 2021: Interview with Denise Lum, Maxi Coffee Bar
This International Women's Day, we caught up with foodpreneur Denise Lum about founding Maxi Coffee and her advice for women who want to start their own F&B business.
4 Must-Tries At The New Happy Ending Pizza Parlour
4 Must-Tries At The New Happy Ending Pizza Parlour
Do you usually leave your crusts unfinished? You won't want to at Happy Ending Pizza Parlour with their Happy Dips, unique pizza flavours and amazing fluffy chewy crusts!
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Visited The Communal Place with a friend on the Friday. Even though it was a friday, it was not very crowded which I think both of us enjoyed because it was rather still peaceful.
We ordered a truffle fries to share and I ordered their Foie Gras # Masago.
They were very generous with their truffle fries and had a good amount of parmesan cheese and truffle oil. Their fries were also still crispy after some time which was good and surprising. I recommend sharing with friends because it is very filling.
The pasta which i ordered - had a pan seared Foire Gras on top. I loved the Foie Gras, it was pan seared very well, and it did not have a gamey taste to it.
The pasta was done nicely with a simple carbonara sauce. I felt that the foie gras is a good combination to this dish because after some time the flavours from the foie gras will coat the pasta and making it a very flavourful and rich dish. The ebiko and radish helped to cut the richness of the dish and I liked it alot.
I also had the cocoa for the drink (i forgot to take a picture). It was refreshing for a hot day and it wasn’t too sweet, however, I would have prefered a stronger coffee taste rather than just chocolate itself! :)

Service staff were friendly as well and were prompt! Will definitely come back for more!

Iberico pork, braised beans, aged balsamic vinegar and salad. Flavourful and juicy pork. Some might find the smell of the meat a bit strong. $33

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$4 for a tuna mayo toasted sandwich. Filling was filling. Worth the price?

Well value for money at $42++ for weekend dinner. The meat quality is fresh and good!

The dish was alright not super great but super worth for the price (spent a total of $11.60 on both mentai dons WHATT!!). Went on a fri night so the queue to order was slightly long. Waiter had a really quirky energy that made the experience quite fun overall!

I ordered a fried vegetable dish through their QR code (e menu) and got served instead a plate of raw vege. The server insisted that this was what we ordered, but when we double checked the e-menu, this raw vege dish wasn’t even on it. (how could we even order sth that wasn’t on the e-menu?)

The server did not even bother listening to our feedback about how there may be a flaw in their QR code menu system.

When we first entered the restaurant, we confirmed how we could use the burpple voucher with the staff (they said that we could use the 1 for 1 voucher on any item that was $18 and below) however when we asked for the bill they did not charge us on the item that was $18 (which we requested it to be) but instead told us that the item had to be below $18.

The dishes were mostly decent other than the raw vege which was unpalatable.


𝗕𝗿𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗣𝗼𝗿𝗸 𝗥𝗶𝗰𝗲 : Their Braised pork rice (卤肉饭) portion is alot and their preserved vegetable with chilli , pair it with rice is so shiok 🔥👍It is their grandmother 30 years recipe, when i taste it got the 古早味😍Their braised pork smell so good , with mushroom and tender meat. I finished it all 😋