Hop On Burpple's Exclusive Mooncake Promotion!
Hop On Burpple's Exclusive Mooncake Promotion!
Prepare for a delightful surprise from Burpple this Mid-Autumn Festival!
The Best Korean Food in Singapore #Trending
The Best Korean Food in Singapore #Trending
The ultimate list popular Korean food joints, powered by real-time data.
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival With These Exquisite Mooncakes
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival With These Exquisite Mooncakes
The Mid-Autumn Festival will soon be upon us again! This can only mean it’s time to stockpile on some tasty mooncakes.
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Beyond Deals: Western Food
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Beyond Deals: Decadent Desserts
Beyond Deals: Decadent Desserts
Get your dessert cravings fixed with these decadent #BurppleBeyond deals!
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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You can choose to either seat outdoor, or indoor with the flower decorated. But I would definitely recommend choosing the seat at the side facing the greenery view.

A lot of items to choose from their brunch menu, and their croissant waffle is one of the popular item.

Comes with truffle scrambled egg, sundries tomato banger, balsamic roma tomato, hash brown, sausage and of course the croissant.

The croissant has the satisfactory kind of texture that pair well with the truffle scramble egg.

A restaurant you can find at Fort Canning Pak, housed within Fort Canning Centre at the corner. They open from morning till night for any kinds of occasions.

If you are here early like me, they open from 9am serving brunch.

They also served extensive selections of drink here as well, from your morning coffee fix to some refreshing drink like this one.

Made from their homemade rose syrup, lychee syrup and jasmine tea. Beautifully presented.

The flavour is really carried by the minced meat and the sauces, as well as the good pork lard.

The chili has a strong raw heat. GO EASY ON THE CHILI, otherwise you're gg to sweat almost immediately.

But ofc everything works well enough tgt, it's a very satisfying bowl

Maybe the best I've tried. Light umami and a bit of herbal flavour at the back, quite meaty too. Very addictive

Chili was sharp and contains some funk w/o body. Sounds weird but really really works. The strength covers the light flavour of the jelly tho


Strawberry and pistachio

The strawberry was brilliant, it's either the lightest sponge I've ever had or the most cake-like cream I've had

Pistachio flavour was there as well, and both weren't too strong so they came tgt nicely, surprisingly

Matcha doesn't come thru much

Yuzu and goma were strong. In fact the yuzu was so strong it covered up the goma at first, the goma comes thru at the end.

As someone w sensitive taste buds the flavours clashed a lot and didn't mesh but my dining partner highlighted to me that not everyone perceives it the same way.

She's right because this is a bestseller here, their signature and so it must be that most ppl find it strong but harmonious enough to like it

The elements come tgt well, the basil wasn't too strong after you combine everything and eat in one bite. Rockmelon sorbet was quite pleb, a bit sour and not v sweet, and actl taste like a slightly icy sorbet.

I'm sure there's no additives but there's also no mindblowingness