5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
Looking for a quality halal restaurant to dine at? We've got you covered!
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We indulged ourselves with these little snacks on sticks, deep fried with seasoning. Very sinful, but the seasoning and the crunch make it so addictive. There’s a fair range of loklok to choose from, and the platter comes with some simple Asian style sauces.

Finding the shop was a bit shady as a whiff of cigarette smoke overwhelmed me when I entered the mall, followed by some pretty girls in short dresses and high heels walking past me. The loklok shop itself was fine though - the dining area is in a dimly lit bar, with high chairs and all.

There’re two screens in the bar where they play and screen karaoke songs. You can ask for the mic if you’re brave (or drunk) enough to sing in front of all the customers. At some point I think some of the staff were singing some Chinese songs.

Was overall a fun experience enjoying our loklok with some soju, singing along to some pop songs - yeah we didn’t take the mic - but sang, ate and drink to our heart’s (and stomach’s) content!

Creamy milky ice cream with Oreo bits and marshmallows inside. Very kid-friendly - a sweet childhood dream come true! Been here multiple times and their ice cream never disappoint. I would say that it isn’t mind blowing but it’s good ice cream. Sweet Cheeks is definitely a go-to gelato place for my friends and I.

The seating area is quite spacious, with multiple tables and stools for slightly larger groups. We visited on a weekday night so finding seats wasn’t too big of an issue for us.

Another love letter… I was at Jurong Point Kopitiam for dinner on 6th Dec at 7.15pm. Menus on the screen and menus on the table are different! This caused the cashier to mix orders up very easily. Luckily I checked on the counter.

However, even thought I checked, I ordered Pork yet was served Beef? I am a holy Buddhist and do not take Beef at all… really disappointed. Beware!!!

The other egg sandwich was considerably more…eggcellent. The K-Sando ($10+) is a vegan sando that contains eggs…eggplants, that is. The miso glazed eggplant is garnished with kimchi & kale, dressed lavishly in a gochujang aioli, and sandwiched between the same chewy buns as before.

Despite lacking meat, the K-Sando felt surprisingly complete. The supremely savoury miso glazed eggplants are perfect, while the slightly spicy kimchi chipped in with an addictive sourness that gets the saliva going. The kimchi & kale combined to give a soul satisfying crunch to the otherwise soft sando, forming a complete balance of tastes & textures.

If all eggplants were this good, it might just egg me into reevaluating my hatred for the purple thing.

Tonight, I tell a tale of two egg sandos from @thestacksg. First is the Spam And Egg And Egg ($12 before additional GST), in which they really spammed the egg. A tremendously T H I C C slab of chicken luncheon meat is sauced up by egg salad, and is further, shall we say…EGGED on with the inclusion of a half boiled egg that retains a free-flowing yolk. Think Japanese 7-11 egg sandos, and you get the rough idea.⠀

The buns were chewy, reminiscent of bagels, and I had to check that they weren’t actually bagels. The moderately saucy egg salad is notably tangy, which aids in restraining the richness of the mayo & the runny yolk from the boiled egg. However, the chicken spam fell flat, as it wasn’t charred enough to develop that coveted crust, and it wasn’t salty enough to unite all the elements. Also, the entire sando was just soft all throughout, resulting in a decent but one dimensional sandwich of monotonous flavours & textures.

🥧 Crunchy Apple Cinnamon Egg Tart
📍Mother-in-law Egg Tart (@mil.eggtart)
📌 Jurong Point / Havelock II
💰 $2.60
🤑 Promo: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on @pickupp.sg

This egg tart reminds me of Christmas. The egg custard is silky and the cubes of apple are soft and well caramelised. A really good egg tart, super creative too 👌

Use my code 《BREADINOSAUR》to get @mil.eggtart 's unique tarts on @pickupp.sg at $5 off with min spend $14!

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10
🤑 worth the price: yes
🦖 would I buy again: yes
💍 would I marry: I would date

🍞 Strawberry Ring
📍Garden Pastry & Cake (@gardenpastry1977)
📌 Aljunied
💰 $3.20

You know its an old school cake when its coated in tiny peanut pieces. This Strawberry Ring comes with strawberry jam on top of a cake with buttercream and peanuts.

Its pretty expensive for its small size, but it tastes ultra nostalgic because of the strong buttercream and strawberry jam. Surprisingly not too sweet.

Pretty good, not sure if I'd get it again cuz of the price but a really really solid old school cake.

⭐ Rating: 8/10
🤑 worth the price: nah
🦖 would I buy again: nah
💍 would I marry: nah

Run by the 3rd generation of Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup at Tiong Bahru, and not many people aware of it when passing this stall; as there wasn’t any mention about it here.

Serving the same soup base and recipe with new way of preparation and cooking. Only one item on the menu with their signature Teochew style clear soup with lots of pig organ parts.

There soup definitely tasty and you could request for refill.

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