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Best Buffets in Singapore
Best Buffets in Singapore
Buffets are the perfect solution for celebrating milestones, birthdays and festive seasons with family, friends and colleagues. Here’s a list of Singapore’s best buffets, including sashimi sashimi feasts to sustainable eating and an international Halal option.
New on Beyond: November 2019
New on Beyond: November 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get North Indian fare at Table Restaurant & Bar, Halal zi char at Jiak Modern Tze Char, crispy rostis at Oberstrasse and more!
Best Pastries in Singapore
Best Pastries in Singapore
From luscious treats in MBS, to bombolones in Regent Hotel and good ol' traditional treats along East Coast Road— here are 11 to-die-for pastries that are well worth the extra lap around the field.
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Bar Bites for The Best Nights
Bar Bites for The Best Nights
Fancy cocktails and obscure craft beers — take a backseat. This one is all about the delicious bar snacks that keep the night going.
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Soups were quite weak. The kimchi soup tasted like water + kimchi. Underwhelming. The seaweed soup was slightly better. But don't bet your house on it.

Had the cured salmon BBP & soy citrus salmon BBP.

Presentation was cute. It's a small container with a cover. Similar to your Ben&jerrys pint container. The seasonings in the BBP wasn't alot, so we had to topup on our own. There's containers of sauces at the side for that purpose.

Portion size isn't fantastic. But with some soup and the drink, you should be reasonably satiated. Though not satisfied.

Would probably not return for a second time.

There's a large touch screen you can order from. The interface is well designed. Intuitive. Pay by card or cash. Sell collect pager system.

Food took under 10 minutes to be ready. The fresh Spring Rolls had a clean taste to it. The skin didn't taste soggy and the sauces provided match it well. If you are not used to eating raw vegetables, it's probably not for you.

The baguette was well toasted. Crispy and had a freshly baked taste. It's not like some bread that go stale if it's kept overnight. The pork was juicy and there was a proportionate amount of vegetables in the bread. It's rather satisfying to bite into. The baguette was well seasoned with the juices that came from the pork. Not sure if it's sliced or pulled pork. No time to look. Just kept eating till it was finished.

A farm-to-table bistro that features local and fusion cuisine at the Kranji Countryside.

The Banana Flower Falafel (top pic) went really well with the coriander mint yogurt, giving an interesting kick to our taste buds.

The Bollywood 3-in-1 (center pic) features a platter of banana bread, baked tapioca cake & steamed tapioca flour cake with palm sugar. These handmade desserts were done perfectly and not overly sweet at all.

The Nasi Lemak (bottom pic) had to be the most disappointing dish here. Priced at $12 😱, I can easily get a much better plate of Nasi Lemak at just $5... You should probably avoid getting this 🤭

4 pieces each of chicken tenders. The chicken was presented in its own little basket and cut into bite size pieces. The meat used was breast meat. It's rather moist and we'll seasoned. The batter used was pretty light and goes well with the condiments provided.

The honey butter powder.. That's like crack. You just want it to br sprinkled on everything. It's a little sweet and has that umami flavour to it.

Coffeeshop setting, so don't expect too much. Service took some time because it was the dinner rush. But the food didn't feel rushed at all. They took their time to do it right.

‘Tis a simple dish of fried fish fillets, modestly dressed lettuce, simple steamed rice, and a copious amount of mentaiko mayonnaise, but it sure is satisfying.

The crumb on the fish fillet was crisp and excellent, while the fish encased inside was flaky and had a nice, firm texture. That mentaiko mayo, as expected, was the undisputed MVP of the game. As you can see, it was slightly grainy, giving the mentaiko mayonnaise a very addictive grainy texture with the occasional pop every now and then. It was creamy, mildly briny, and unbelievably umami. Delicious stuff, I tell ya hwat.

This is the straightforward story of when fried fish met mentaiko mayo, but damn it’s one helluva love story. Miles better than twilight, to be honest.

I'm usually hesitant to order salmon because I've come across too many that are either too dry, or tasteless. But when I'm at marmalade pantry, I know it won't go wrong.

The salmon is cooked to perfection, soft and tender and the freshness of the fish really shows. The accompanying sauce is good but honestly, I just like enjoying the taste of the salmon in its own, its just THAT good. The vegetables on the side were also well seasoned.

The dish is definitely pricey but you pay for good quality.

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Favorite cold brew in the history of cold brews. Rich, thick, nutty and robust - I never thought cold brews could be this good until I tried this. Love the lively weekend vibe of this place and their coffee offerings - we also tried their nitro cold brew (on the left) and it tasted a little like coffee stout. Definitely one of the best coffee spots in Singapore!