Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
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[90 Minutes]
Location: Rendezvous Hotel (Bras Basah)

Tteokbokki Hotpot Buffet 🙆🏻‍♀️ - Although they are strict about 90 minutes of eating time, we were already full after an hour.

For the tteokbokki, I LOVE THE CHEESE ONE THE MOST! I find that the sweet potato one has a weird taste to it.

Do not take one skewer of fishcake per person! Share it! Because the fishcake will become super huge from soaking up the soup. I was so full after eating one skewer by myself.

Didn’t take a separate photo for the cooked food but the fried chicken were really good! You can request to get the drumsticks (that’s what I did haha) The sauce was pretty sweet (not that spicy) but you can request not to add it. I like the fried seaweed noodle rolls too! It was really well seasoned. The fried Mandu was not bad but a bit too fried so it was p hard.

The meat was normal. Nothing to shout out about. Tastes like what you get from the supermarket. Didn’t take the prawns because I was too lazy to peel hahah.

WAHH AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LEAVE SOME STOMACH SPACE FOR THE FINALE: Bokkeum bap (Fried rice!) 🤩 Super flavourful with the leftover sauce from cooking all the food.

Queuing time: We reached around 12.15pm and entered at 1pm.

Managed to buy the chope anniversary 1-for-1 deal at $17.53 for 2 pax (U.P $14.90++ for Adult on Mon-Fri Lunch)

Ratings 4/5
“Worth it at the discounted price or student price!”

🥜 tauhu goreng
my fav dish after the pork chop! the tauhu was deep fried so it had a crispy coating over the soft & delicate inside. the peanut sauce had the right balance of sweet and salty, one of the nicest ones i’ve had!

🥬 chap chye
the cabbage was cooked until soft, just how i like it. they are also generous with the black fungus and tau kee which provide a contrasting texture to the otherwise mushy cabbage. the sauce it was cooked in was also extremely flavourful!

🍤 kueh pie tee
the bang kuang filling was super flavourful & had a yummy texture — soft, but still with a good bite to it. i do wish the shell was crunchier though!

without a doubt i always oder the fish taco and truffle pizza cuz it's so BOMB

crispy, salty & tender. this fried pork chop is exactly what you want in a pork chop. the outer layer was so so crunchy, one of the best i’ve tasted 😍

The garlic pork is so guud & crispy! Beef boat noodles is spicy or more of peppery.

starbucks had a 1-for-1 on their s’mores frappe, strawberry choux frappe & green tea frappe over the past week! the last time the s’mores frappe was available, i remember absolutely loving it, so of course i had to get it again.
and i was not disappointed 😌
a mouthwatering blend of vanilla, coffee and milk swirled with chocolate sauce and graham cracker bits, this frappe is definitely a cheat day-worthy dessert. the combination sounds insanely sugary, but it didn’t actually taste that way at all!
would i have it again? yes. maybe not soon, but most definitely yes.

rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Just a simple ice cream cone but comes with this gimmicky trick the wait staff does which is to flip it upside down to prove the cone-stickability. Rich and creamy treat but does get a bit overwhelming towards the end.

i’m a big fan of pb&j sandwiches, and an even bigger fan of bagels; so when i saw this on the menu i knew i had to try it.
first off, the bagel was so good — a crispy exterior and moist, chewy inside, plus a nice chocolate flavour from the generous amount of chocolate chips scattered throughout.
the layers of pb&j filling were also very rich! the peanut butter had actual peanuts inside that gave a nice crunch, and it was superr gao.
when it came to the jam, i opted for raspberry (instead of strawberry), which was too sour for my liking.
all in all, $6 (+ tax) for this bagel IS a bit on the pricey side, but they really don’t skimp on the ingredients and the flavour combination is out of this world 🤤