9 Must-Try Italian Restaurants In Singapore
9 Must-Try Italian Restaurants In Singapore
We Singaporeans love our local food but sometimes a tweak in our palettes could prove to be just as satisfactory! Italian cuisine is definitely one that most diners crave every so often.
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Restaurant Week 2022 (Autumn Edition): Get Your Early Bird Tickets With Burpple Beyond
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This is good enough to bring me back to Thailand. Comes with a good amount of prawns and mushrooms and it has a well-balanced spicy-sour taste, making it perfect especially on rainy days 》$12

The fried rice lacks wok-hei while the omelette is too rich (creamy and buttery) which gets jelak over time. They are however generous with the portion and crab meat makes it value for money. The chunks of crab meat were fresh, sweet and went really well with their tangy, sweet and savoury chilli. Pair it with the fried rice for more flavours 》$10

If you have more people to share, they also have a special omelette fried rice ($29) that comes with fried rice, garlic pork, Thai basil pork and seafood omelette with crab meat and prawn.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant @singaporemarriott unveils NEW a la carte menu featuring elevated Cantonese Classics

Highlight include the *NEW* Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig wrapped with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage ($508++) Roasted to perfection, crunchy, crackling skin stuff with moist & flavourful glutinous rice.

Location: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865

Chocolate lava cake with a gooey chocolate centre; the cake oozes a thick dark cholate lava when the cake is slit open. Paired with vanilla ice cream and crumbs, the latter adding a contrasting crunchy mouth feel from the soft and fluffy cake.

There's also three dollops of orange sauce, which has a spiced aftertaste that I can't identify. It surprisingly pairs well with the cake.

Rating 7.2/10.

Another staple from the Zi Char place that I usually order. You get a fair decent amount of pork slices that's fragrant with onions and coated with a savoury sauce, rice and an egg. A hearty meal; just beware that some of the vegetables that they cook the sauce with can be a bit fibrous and hard to chew.

Rating 7/10.

I always choose Kitsune Udon ($6.90) (not that actual cheapest from udon menu) They got slighty grilled kistune (japan deep fried beancurd) and got that "char" taste and taste really salty tbh. It made a whole udon broth to be salty 🥲.

I noticed that they already cooked most of tempura in advance before lunch time. So I suggested that do coming around opening hours for hot and crispy tempura.

Jumbo Kakiage ($2.40) (mixed vegtable tempura) I almost cannot eat it finish as it was quite big in size. It was quite hard to slice through the tempura. (not that crispy and still have crunchy)

Potato Cheese Mochi ($1.80) (new) it's quite chewy for mochi but it's not that hot enough. I felt that it's ok for me.

Kashiwa Tempura (×2) ($2.20) (new) I did enjoyed their marinated chicken (similar to what I eat before) before dipping into deep frying. The chicken is not that hard and contained a lot of batter inside.

Flavourful broth and beef was soft! Portion was big too :)

Beef noodles were really flavourful. Very generous with the portion and the ingredients for the price. Beef was really tender as well. They had free truffle sweet potato fries with every bowl purchased and those were extremely addictive as well. Highly recommend.