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Cheap & Good for Groups in Singapore
Cheap & Good for Groups in Singapore
Your impossible schedules finally match up for that long overdue group gathering. Count on this nifty guide for cheap and good munches for the whole gang, from skewers in Geylang to prawn noodles in Somerset!
New on Beyond: November 2019
New on Beyond: November 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get fried chicken rice bowls at Paddyfolks, Labanese fare at Tabbouleh, breakfast platters at Crossroads Cafe and more!
Best Korean in Singapore
Best Korean in Singapore
From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatang— here are the best of Singapore's thriving Korean food scene. Be prepared to feast!
1-for-1 Steak with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Steak with Burpple Beyond
Only prime cuts for you, Burpplers.
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
Best Cafes in Singapore 2019
From a contemporary joint for yummy egg dishes to a chic little nook for dog-watching and a stunner doling out delicious kueh salat, these spots check all the right boxes.
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Our favorites were the curry chicken with charcoal you tiao, sticky shiok sotong and slow-braised pork belly. The sauce were so yummy that we had to order more rice to finish them off! Also had the crispy pork belly and shrimpy calamari which were crunchy and would go so well with beer and whisky!

Decent dons with Burpple Beyond. The set came with drumlets, green tea and miso soup

The salmon had a sous vide texture and just undercooked to retain a nice moist and oily texture. Mentaiko tamago was great too - cut in thick slabs and topped with heaps of mentaiko mayo.

My new regular place for nasi lemak, at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. We've probably tasted many different nasi lemak in Singapore and Malaysia - some heavier, some lighter, some using Jasmine rice, some using basmati rice, some enhanced with flavour essence, while some have a lighter natural fragrance.
This one sits at one end of the spectrum which is lighter, for many reasons - it uses basmati rice, so it's more fluffy, less sticky, less cloying. It also has a light, natural fragrance from coconut milk, so it doesn't feel overly lemak or guilty. It's one nasi lemak that is easier on your tummy.
But as with all nasi lemak stalls, you need a bit of luck when it comes to the fried accompaniments. It's really good when it happens to be freshly fried, but at times you could get those that has been left to air for a while.
Still, it's one stall I'll keep coming back to whenever I'm here.
Aliff Nasi Lemak
Stall 27
Serangoon Garden Market
49A Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555945

8am to 5pm daily (according to Google map)
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The Dark Gallery was a fine dessert stop for my friends and me on a Monday night. We began like any other Singaporean would, trying free samples of ice cream flavours before finally settling on what we already knew we wanted from the beginning.

First up was Truffle Chocolate. Two ingredients that could hold their own thrown into the mix, they were gonna be the power couple of the dessert world. We learnt that evening that it requires the superior olfactory senses of pigs to snuff out truffles in the wild. Not here, no. One free sampling stick was all it took for our snouts to be knocked out by the truffle. We Jolie well should’ve known this “power couple” would never work out, what a Pitt-y.

Second was the 88% Dark Chocolate, the highest percentage of the lot. Seeing that 88 was an auspicious number, I had to eighty-ate some of that! Almost immediately, however, the rich dark chocolate and oaky flavour snapped back “eighty-EAT”, cos that stuff was in-tense. This flavour was really authentic though, taking me back to its origins, almost literally because the oak made sure I didn’t just taste cocoa but the cocoa tree as well. We could only afford two scoops and this didn’t convince us.

The two scoops we finally settled on were reminiscent of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, the first time white settled on brown and it went well since the East India Company. Pure Vanilla was like that one girl who swears she isn’t like all the other girls... and turns out to be right. The Signature 80% Dark Chocolate, however, was the most impressive of them all. The Dark Gallery, in producing this masterpiece, probably had to first defecate in an elevator— cos they took that shit to a whole new level. Jokes aside, and pardoning my imagery, not many ice creams come close to that last scoop of ice cream! Just like our shameless British colonial masters after the war, I’ll be back!

This colorful and aesthetically appealing bowl ($24) was so delicious and tasted so clean and healthy!

There was a generous slab of thyme-seared wagyu beef atop three types of grain (quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearl barley). The sides included roasted butternut squash and zucchini, blistered cherry tomatoes, carrot and cabbage slaw, sauteed mixed mushroom and furikake baby corn.

The grain mix was the major highlight for me. Just the perfect mix of textures and grain sizes with a beautiful bite. The sauteed mixed mushroom was super flavorful and juicy, the coleslaw not too heavily dressed, and the vegetables roasted to a sweet perfection. The cherry tomatoes were juicy and provided a good contrast to the crunchy raw slaw and the corn. I also loved the nutty flavors imparted by the sesame seeds in the furikake baby corn.

And the beef; so delightfully pink and tender. Not the best beef or the juiciest, but certainly enough to stand its own in this delicious bowl.

I rarely think grain bowls are worth the price tag because how good can a grain bowl get? Thankfully, Populus has showed me a shining example of a simple grain bowl executed well.


📌my go to place to grab yummy and healthy food!!

The cauliflower fried rice was okay, chicken was a little dry but ya since it’s supposed to be healthy I’m not complaining much. The kungpao chicken was rly flavourful!! Cashew nuts gave the dish a nice crunch.

I can imagine how long queues might soon form at this stall .....

A newly opened family run stall specialising in xiao Long bao , dumplings and hand pulled noodles and rou jia mo ( Chinese crepe with braised pork fillings )

The simplest things are usually the best .
Chewy hand pulled noodles , scallion oil and crisped julienned ginger strands tossed in homemade chilli .

This is love at first sight ( taste ) .

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