The Edison George Town: Burpple Beyond Members To Enjoy Exclusive Privileges
The Edison George Town: Burpple Beyond Members To Enjoy Exclusive Privileges
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Burpple Beyond Deals: Creameries
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6 Stellar Thai Restaurants In Singapore
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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They only serve black rice, and it's a full bowl(pictured half bowl after we split it)

And there's good reason they only serve one type of rice, it's frigging delicious. The moderate chewy texture was perfect, you're still eating rice but it's just slightly different. Contrast to normal black rice that's tough and dry, and it's hard not to appreciate how good this is

PSA pork jowl not avail until Feb 2023

Rib fingers is one of my personal favourite cuts, I think it's little known and the texture is wow.

PUJIM uses iberico bellota and that sets them apart from the normal kbbq places, even those slightly more upmarket places. You can't be a top tier kbbq place if you use US beef and random pork. It has to be Japanese wagyu and iberico/kurobuta pork. And PUJIM does

This cut in particular had a solid bite, and was quite juicy too. Plus it's a rare cut, all the more reason to order it. The only problem I had with it was that it was cut into pieces that were a little small, so it's not as satisfying and hard to wrap the lettuce around(then you're tasting mostly lettuce)

Tbh their meat quality is top tier so salt will do, don't touch any of the dips or wraps. That's how good meat should be savoured

After work dinner with my wife.

Needed some beer and the beer was on happy hour till 8pm i think. Ice cold draft beer is always great. Fresh with some hint of honey notes in the beer.

The pork ribs came with 2 sides. Fork tender fall off the bones. so rich tasting, i wash it down easily with a pint of beer.

The braised short ribs was very tender and tasty. but too rich tasting, would be better to have some vegetables 🥕 potato 🥔 together with the braised short ribs to balance its richness.

come weekdays before 8pm for a good deal of beer and meat 👍🏼

visited on a Thursday afternoon

steady crowd but waiting time wasn't long. seats available upstairs.

used chope deal $10
+hash $2.50

good for sharing as brunch.

Authentic tasting Thai food with affordable pricing. All the dishes we ordered were great! Portions are generally small though. Tom yum soup and steamed fish with lime, featured in the photo here were just 2 of the dishes we ordered. No time to take pictures for the rest. Heeehee.

Really nice cafe and great ambience! The restaurant is extremely well styled. Staff were very friendly as well. Food tasted great and there was even free flow rice topped with furikake and soup! Would definitely come back again!

Tried both the Mango Grapefruit With Yoghurt and Mango Purple Rice drinks for the first time!
The signature Mango Purple Rice was not too sweet and the purple rice was really unique. Absolutely loved the chewy texture. Highly recommend this!
The Mango Grapefruit With Yoghurt was also really nice and refreshing too, with the yoghurt complementing the rich mango flavour. It also had a generous amount of mango.

Tom Yum Kung - $17.90
Large portion of Tom Yum soup, creamy version, that’s good for sharing with 2-3 pax. Soup taste rather balanced, not too spicy nor sour. Includes decent portion of chicken and seafood. Perfect combination with rice, best pick during rainy weather
Little Elephant