Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
Can't get enough of raw fish and seafood? Here's our list of places to enjoy a solid chirashi don without burning a hole in your pocket.
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Asian Flavours
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Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
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Location: VivoCity

As compared to the other roll cakes, Kele has more cream than sponge. I was instructed to put in the freezer if I am keeping it. Then take it out to thaw before eating.
And here’s the dilemma. If I never thaw long enough, the cream was nice because it tasted like ice cream but the sponge cake part was SO DRY! The choking kind of dry!
If I thaw long enough, the cake is softer but the cream had the bad icy taste that you get from freezing and thawing food.

Pandan - Wow I was really shock by how strong the Pandan taste was! And it tasted even better when it was in the form of hardened cream. But sadly I find it a bit too sweet and artificial.

Mango cream cheese - I asked the staff and she told me this is one of their bestseller. But… I totally can’t taste and cream cheese. Actually there wasn’t even any fresh cream taste. It was quite disappointing. Maybe they should made mango flavoured cream.

$10.90 per special roll but entertainer and burpple both have 1-for-1 on both the special and premium rolls!

Ratings 3/5
“Strong Pandan taste but dry sponge.”

Authentic Italian food with Italian ambience, suitable for a dinner date with your partner or even a chill gathering with friends. My partner and I both ordered STRACCI AI GAMBERI E CAPESANTE and I requested for it to be prepared in Aglio Olio style instead of the original saffron cream sauce. Despite the serving being smaller than expected, it is still very filling to the tummy. The staffs are very welcoming as well, a recommended place for pasta lovers :)

Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken Extra Value Meal, $6.40 from 𝙈𝙘𝘿𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙙’𝙨 ⠀


Early morning breakfast with our long-lost friend, who’s back for awhile.. Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken! Love it’s creamy and fluffy scrambled egg, (although I remember it to be more scrambled when we last had it at the other outlet..) paired with crispy fried chicken with melted Cheddar cheese and mayonnaise sandwich between the soft buns! Madly in love with it! Happy TGIF!!

#hungryunicornsg #mcdsg #mcdonaldssg #mcdonalds🍟 #scrambledeggburger #scrambledeggburgerwithchicken @mcdsg

End your meal on a sweet note with their desserts! 😋 Loved their Peanut Butter Slice ($6+) which reminds me of CNY peanut cookies! 💗 The Keto Bomb ($3) is yet another guilt-free indulgence you can opt for. 👌🏻
As for drinks, boost your immunity with their Immunity Green Juice ($12.50+) 💚, made with fresh spirulina, celery, green apple & lemon. 😊 For an increased protein intake, opt for their Protein Wake Up Call! ($12), a blend of vegan protein powder, peanut butter 🥜, banana 🍌,  espresso, cinnamon, almond milk & honey.

Featured is their Dukkah Salmon ($28+), which comes with a generous slab of salmon 🐟 sprinkled with their dukkah made with over 6 nuts & spices 🥜!
Accompanied by brown rice, roasted pumpkin 🎃, asparagus, pomegranate & rocket leaves 🥬, this makes a hearty & healthy eat! ✔

@tanyu_sg, 一万年前就烤鱼,一万年后吃探鱼!

Tanyu specialises in grilled Fish over 70 major cities in China with more than 300+ outlets.

8 Dec 2017, they lay their first nest in Singapore. In order to cater the diverse taste of local Singaporeans, they make use of variety cooking methods and offers 12 kinds of flavours for its Grilled Fish, such as sweet, savory spicy, salted, roasted etc.

Here's our first attempt dishes:

🐟Grilled Fish with Green Pepper
With Qingjiang Fish($49.90)

Fish options available:
🐟Seabass Fish($42.90)
🐟Limbo Fish Fillet($42.90)
🐟Limbo Fish($46.90)

🥔Golden Combination($13.80)
(Golden mushroom, lotus root,potato, crab sticks or Luncheon meat)

🦞Baby Lobster with Perilla ($28.80)
🍖Grilled Lamb Skewers(3-$6.90)
🥟Roasted Scallop(1-$3.90)
🍚Soy Sauce Rice w Cheese($8.80)
🥤Thunder Grape Drink ($5.20)

⚠️Reservation📲 is highly recommended as I've seen the crazy crowd myself!

If you feel unsafe to dine-out, check out their delivery 🚛link;

🐟Tan Yu🐟:
📍[email protected] B3-30/31/32
📍Westgate Mall B1-01/02
📍Bugis Junction 02-45

Kenya Kieni
by Coffee Collective, Denmark
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Floral

Truffle oil and mushrooms are a wonderful combination. And then there’s cheese. Who could say no to this holy trinity? This crowd pleaser is great for sharing amongst both vegetarians and non-vegetarians! The three different types of mushrooms on this pizza will definitely satisfy mushroom lovers. I also like the handcrafted dough, the crust was chewy, yet thin and light.

Each pizza supposedly comes with paired Happy Dip for the crust. We ordered four pizzas but was only served two dips - perhaps it was because we used the Burpple 1-for-1 deal. We were served the Pesto dip and the Barbecue dip - the barbecue dip was really tasty but I personally feel that the pesto dip could’ve used a lot more flavour. I was used to pizzas coming with dips back in Ireland, so it’s great that this place provides this pairing - apparently it’s the first online pizzeria in Singapore to do so! Now I don’t have to worry so much about having difficulties finishing the crusts of my pizza. :)

Cozily tucked in the corner of City Gate Mall, this small pizzeria boosts a perky interior that will catch a passerby’s eye. Service was good, although they forgot about our last pizza - but served it very promptly after our reminder. We also made a reservation but somehow it was lost in action. Not an issue though because there were many available seats on the Saturday evening we visited.

Quite a nice place for a chill, peaceful evening to hang out with friends over pizza. The Burpple 1-for-1 deal makes the pizzas a lot more affordable. Do note that the 1-for-1 deals are only applicable for the Classic Pizzas. Let the staff know your orders instead of ordering through their online system in-store, so you can use your Burpple deals!