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Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
While they might be few and far between, there are occasions where splurging on good food is necessary. Here's your guide to places well worth the splurge — there's an epic cocktail brunch, fun pizzas and wine, excellent Catalonian fare and a spot for natural wines and creative cooking!
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● Set of chocolate molten lava cookie + ice cream scoop (SGD$8.80).
The buttery molten cookie is filled with warm running chocolate lava. The cookie is crispy-crumbly at the outer side and chewy in the middle. There are also fine cookies crumbles sprinkled on the serving pan. This is accompanied by a rather generous scoop of ice cream. You may either have it in the ice cream bowl or have it placed atop the cookie (do note that placing the ice cream scoop on the cookie is what instantly breaks the cookie centre and results in the flowing lava). The ice cream I got was in brown butter flavour - reminiscent of salted butterscotch. Its subtly savoury hints is a perfect contrast to the richly sweet chocolate lava cookie. This cafe offers mostly unique flavours. This set's portion in its entirety may look like a reasonable dessert but it was filling for me - suffices as a lunch!

What’s better than hot soup in cold weather? Ice cream! Learnt this from the good folks in the UK when I was studying there 🙊

@boberteasg has dropped yet another new product on us; this time, in the form of our favourite dessert, ice cream!

Choose from the following 4 flavours:

Brown Sugar Boba Soft Twist ($3.30)
Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist ($3.50)
Milk Cha Soft Twist ($2.80)
Choco Oreo Soft Twist ($3.50)

Personally I like the Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist the most; a milk tea based soft serve topped with warm boba, you have to eat it fast before it turns into liquid. But hey, then you get a cuppa chilled milk tea! 😂 The other soft serves are great too and I like that the soft serve retains its solidity for quite a while; the Choco Oreo one was still in its shape and form even though I left if untouched for 20 mins!

The soft serves are only exclusively available at the BPP outlet for now.

A quiet hole-in-the-wall near the MRT, this is great for couples on no-frills date night. Get the Aburi Salmon Don ($13) and Anago Don (sea eel don, $18) at the price of one. If you've got cash to spare, make this a special treat with the Monkfish Liver ($7) to go with a bottle of House Sake ($20 a bottle).
Photo by Burppler Zack Goh

This pastry ($4.50) is apparently the 'fattiest pastry in all of Europe' and stands for 'butter cake' in the Breton language.

Well whatever, cause this glistening pastry sent me into a bread heaven and I'm not coming down for a while. Made with French butter with caramelized sugar, this pastry has a flaky, layered core and a crispy caramelized exterior. Like the lovechild between a danish and a croissant and then rolled in sugar and baked itself.

It's to be honest, absolutely delicious. Just that awesome sweet crunch and then the coil of pastry unraveling to reveal buttery flaky interior. Ah. My taste buds are blessed.


Though the chicken was really savoury, I felt really thirsty afterwards. The chicken thigh was juicy but the breast was quite dry. The food was good and substantial, but I felt that it was really overpriced. Don’t think I’ll be back

Ordered the 1 for 1 set (Mains, Drinks, Tempura) and it cost a total of $14.80 as shown in the picture. Serving seems a little small, however, it is quite cheap and worth for Burple beyond. Will come again. The left pic is the pork udon (more suitable for ppl who prefer a more bland taste) and on the right is the black garlic tonkotsu (a little more salty and flavourful). There is also a selection of tempura to choose from, and I chose the fish cake and fried chicken. So so not bad ~

Look at that glistening surface of the custard. How can such a beautiful pastry ($7.50) not taste just absolutely delicious? And indeed it was!

A crunchy, buttery tart shell is filled to the brim with a delightful lemony custard. The custard is actually super creamy on the inside (think mayonnaise-like consistency which is just slides down the throat super smoothly) and just burst with a tangy, refreshing, citrus flavor.

There is a perfect crust to filling ratio however I would have preferred the tart shell to be more easily broken through? It took some real work with a fork to cut through it and crumbs flew all over the place when I managed to do so. Still a really delicious dessert.


My type of Chirashi bowl, piled all the way with fresh sashimi cubes, cucumber, ikura and scallops! Very tasty and very affordable! I bought the large size for $19.90.