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8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
Rediscover the traditions of Mid-Autumn festival by gathering around these buzzy mooncake flavours. Citi Cardmembers enjoy up to 30% off these sweet treats!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: August 2019
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: August 2019
From affordable souffle pancakes to sourdough loaves from Bali and elevated steamed baos— here are 10 hot new spots for you to check out this August.
'Cause it's Always a Good Time with #BurppleBeyond: 1-for-1 Beers, Wines & Cocktails
'Cause it's Always a Good Time with #BurppleBeyond: 1-for-1 Beers, Wines & Cocktails
Here are 11 spots for you and your mates to get buzzed — double the drinks, double the fun!
New on Beyond: August 2019
New on Beyond: August 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get iced coffees at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, chocolate tasting platters at The Dark Gallery, refreshing fruit teas at Hi Tea, sumptuous brunches at Cheeky and more!
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This is inspired by the classic Australian fairy bread.
Basically a warm soft white bread bun, spread with butter, and coated with colourful crunchy nonpareils (a rainbow candy confectionery).
Pretty to look at, fun to eat, decently tasty with a candy sweet flavour.
Baker & Cook
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Cute piglet char siew buns, but nothing fantastic about the flavour. Technology used to deliver the food was quite novel, and can be a fun experience for the first time.

Pretty standard, Kai Lan is crunchy but yet soft to chew. The Roasted pork was alright. Nothing fantastic.

The main reason for visiting Stuttgart cafe is this gorgeous blackforest cake with layered fresh cream, kirsch-laden black cherries on a sweetened shortcrust base coming together as a perfect symphony to end the meal, which whilst not the star of the show was tasty enough for us to wolf down all that BBQ pulled chicken goodness.

Ordered the Assorted Fish option, and it included salmon, tuna, swordfish, scallops. The sides (seaweed, jellyfish, pickles) provided a nice balance to the fish. Sashimi was fresh and good, but the highlight was indeed the rice. Rice was very fragrant, and left me craving for more! Portion was just nice as well.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Peek-A-Boo's playfulness strays under the radar from Preludio's current black and white themed courses, for beneath the cover of the deep-fried dehydrated rice cracker lies a multi-hued medley of blanched asparagus, roast morel mushrooms, jerusalem artichokes and smoked eel on a bed of mustard and yuzu emulsion - a textural and taste delight.

Taste: 3.5/5

Reasonably priced, delicious. Beef was done just nice and flavourful, the gravy went very well with the rice. Salad provided a refreshing contrast and tasted good too. Would come back again for sure.


This delightful bowl was from Shake Farm's brunch menu. I was so happy and surprised to see macro counts on the menu; this delicious looking bowl cost $26 and packs 41g of protein for only 600kcal. Arugula, sauteed spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes and sweet potato-carrot mash provide a bed of veggies on which sliced ribeye steak and two sunny side eggs. The rainbow of colors looked so eye-appealing, exactly how I like my salad bowls.

The steak was well cooked. It was rather thin but still retained its juiciness and was well seasoned with black pepper, albeit rather oily. The soft yolks of the eggs were like a salad dressing, pairing well with the earthy bite of the arugula, juicy pops of the cherry tomato and the sweetness of the mash. Altogether, it was a filling, satiating post-workout meal.

I liked the whimsical, colorful feel of the restaurant. The fairy lights, strings of flags and neon signs stood out from the more minimalistic nature of the other food places in the area. Also, the fact that it is open on weekends is a major plus.