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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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Tried the Oats Cereal yoghurt and Watermelon yo-tea!

the oats cereal had a light oat taste, slight tang from the yoghurt while being creamy. filling and refreshing!

the watermelon yo-tea was light, refreshing, with real watermelon bits! it had a jelly that was cooling and tasted a little like yakult!

both had such a clean aftertaste and i believe quality ingredients were used!

Feature :
💕Pan-fried Sliced Duck and Foie Gras with Crepe.
Homemade crepe wrapped the crispy fried beancurd skin and served with crispy skin roast duck and pan fried foie gras, julienne tomatoes, leeks, cucumber and refreshing butterhead lettuce.
💰$18.80 per person, minimal 2 persons.
💕Poached Scotland Bamboo Surf Clam in Prawn Broth
The umami prawn broth, served with bamboo clams and condiments like julienne ginger, black fungus, coriander and deep- fried dough fritters.
💕Braised Duo Vermicelli with Pearl Abalone & Pork Belly in Abalone Sauce
My fav, the combination between fried bee hoon and tang hoon coated in the braising liquid
enriched with pork belly and abalone sauce, served with slices of pearl abalone.
💕Fresh Chinese Yam with Sea Cucumber in Fragrant Spicy Sauce in Claypot
Australia sea cucumber served with crunchy Chinese yam batons, capsicum, spring onion segments, onions and dried chillies; fragrant, with light wok hei and tongue-tingling gravy.
💕Poached Choy Sum, Black Fungus & Cordyceps Flower in Chinese Ginger Wine .
This dish May looks simple, but it’s actually really comforting, jade green veggies served with ginger wine broth (the ginger wine broth is good )
💕Pan-fried Threadfin with Supreme Soya Sauce
Fresh fleshy fish first deep-fried, then simmered briefly in a superior soy sauce.
💰 $58.80 (600-700g)
💕Cheng Tng Sweet Soup with Six Treasures and Golden Luo Han Guo in Whole Fresh Coconut
Cold dessert to end your meal, peach
gum, white fungus, ginkgo, dried longans and lotus seeds
💰$ 13.80 per person

📍Crystal Jade Pavilion
1 Harbourfront Walk, Unit 01-112, VivoCity, Singapore 098585

i tried the strawberry lemon yo-tea & mango purple rice. the strawberry lemon yo-tea packs a strong punch and kinda wakes you up with the sourness so if you like anything lemon flavoured or sour, this is the perfect drink. it's got little strawberry bits inside and leaves a refreshing after taste.
As for the mango purple rice, the rice is chewy and quite a yummy alternative to pearls. As someone who has braces, it doesn't stick to anything. The mango flavour goes really well together, it's creamy and thick and honestly a very filling drink.
Would totally buy again! :-)

Visited Chir Chir Bugis Junction with a friend and we loved it! The portion of chicken is really generous and really fresh as well. Even the mango salad that we ordered turned out to be really delicious and it was more than enough for 2 of us. The staff were super attentive, friendly, and kind. Definitely recommend if you love Korean fried chicken!

Crystal Jade Group has open its third fine dining concept restaurant at VivoCity. Taking over the former premises of Crystal Jade Dining IN, Crystal Jade Pavilion serves up modern Interpretations of classic Chinese dishes amid a bright and breezy setting with an expansive view of the sea and Sentosa island.

Location: Crystal Jade Pavilion, VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-112, Singapore 098585

Love the minimalistic vibes in this cafe with great Westlife songs. We tried the Horlick Tim Tam flavour and Espresso Caramel Biscuit flavours. Both are impressive! Not too sweet but very flavourful. Quality ice cream with nice fluffy waffles and maple syrup.

1 degree Celcius no sugar almond milk cold brew coffee had the taste of roasted almonds. How unique! 👍

They got this chili oil thing which has a bit of spice but much more oil. It's unique and it's alright but the huge amounts of oil turns me off, nor was it particularly tasty. Kway Teow had a good bouncy texture tho

The prawns were big and it's got a nice sweetness. Pork ribs were tender but I thought what stunned from this bowl were the pigtail. It's full of umami, extremely tender and it's huge.

Broth was also pretty decent, it's the savoury salty kind.

Overall it's pretty good but there's no need to travel all the way here for this