6 Comforting Hawker Dishes For A Rainy Day
6 Comforting Hawker Dishes For A Rainy Day
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The rice is quite fluffy but the brinjal chili is what's unique in this picture. It's got a sour smell that's not particularly good but its mild body brings some heat which works well w their other mild offerings

I never liked it and unfortunately this didn't change my opinion. It's a decent execution

Their salted fish fried rice is by far their best item for the stir fried carbs, quite a bit better than even the Yangzhou fried rice

The uncle doesn't like having to cook an extra small portion but this is a great decision, the slightly sweet and very well balanced pork was tender, quite similar to the chicken. Their meats are all superb here

PSA opens at 9am

Not much kimchi taste, it doesn't taste like any fried rice I've had but still comforting. Well charred as you can tell, there's crispy bits and there's some body but not overly savoury. Goes super well w the side of kimchi. There's some wok hei as well, somehow it's quite good without too much umami.

P.s. if u don't mix it the bottom gets burnt, I didn't cos I wanted crust and I'd say it's somewhat worth the intensification of flavours at the bottom

I tot the lady boss is in charge of the service but now I know she makes a mean fried rice, this was by her

Nice gelatos. Especially you are able to have a couple of favors when you and your friends are open to share their with you..

1 waffle with 2 favors. At least won't be too much for 1 to have.. ( too boring after eating a while & stop eating the remaining) nice topping to go along with the waffle if you have finished the ice cream earlier.

Ordered the Tom Yam Gong, was able to choose the level of spiciness from less spicy, normal and extra spicy. I chose less spicy to try since was my first visit, it was within my level and will try normal on my next visit.

NUMB mouth-watering spicy chicken (口水双椒鸡)is quite authentic. Love the numbing flavour.

Recommend Succulent fried chicken wings (川味炸鸡翅配手工薯片)with special handmade chips as well. Featured spiced wings marinated with Sichuan spices. The chips are handmade and freshly fried.

Applewood smoked crispy chicken (苹果木熏香酥鸡)is a must order dish. The applewood create a special flavour to the chicken.

Overall, NUMB is a nice Sichuan fusion restaurant in CBD area.

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