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Food Fortunes for the Year of the Rat
Food Fortunes for the Year of the Rat
Learn what the year has in store for your bellies! Heed these suggestions and it will be an enjoyable food year for you.
Singapore's Best Steamboat
Singapore's Best Steamboat
Eight steamboat spots to keep you warm on a cold, cold night ā€“ there's halal hotpot in Paya Lebar, thick Japanese collagen brew in town and a comforting seafood hotpot option in Bugis. Huddle round, Burpplers!
1-for-1 Deals this Lunar New Year
1-for-1 Deals this Lunar New Year
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Best Halal Food in Singapore
Best Halal Food in Singapore
From spicy Thai food to creamy carbonara and crab cakes in a snazzy restaurant with a stunning view, we've put together 12 of the best Halal restaurants in Singapore. Ready, set, FEAST!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Tampines
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Tampines
Share yakiniku dons or sesame chicken popiahs with your friends, or indulge in glazed donuts and a good cuppa joe in Tampines!
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Give your friends the joys of 1-for-1 dining with a Burpple Beyond membership!

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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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The jelly was almost completely tasteless except for a bit of saltiness, which might actl be a good thing because the highlight of the dish was the lime chili sorbet which was refreshing and has a bite that only comes thru at the end. Still not recommended with their wife selection of sides

Scallops, ikura, butter sauce, roasted cabbage, chive oil

The sweetness of the Scallops was completely covered by the strong butter sauce, which was rlly too generous. Same problem with their squid ink Risotto last time. The dish is too jelak but otherwise i actl enjoyed it q a lot, due to the well roasted sweet cabbage. Chive oil overwhelmed by the butter sauce too, only the pops of ikura and the sweetness of the cabbage came thru

The chirashi bowl is such a joy to eat, this one especially from Manzoku ā¤ļø. OK, now Iā€™m ready to face work.

W scallions, chorizo crumble, lobster Porridge.

I personally q like the mild lobster Porridge, and the octopus was cooked q well too tho it lacks a bit of smokiness. Abit weird they use the same ingredient, tho i hope it's to garner feedback on it so as to improve on the new menu coming 1st FEB

Can add on uni for 6+

Crab, caviar, chorizo crumble, confit lemon. With lobster bisque sauce

Worth a try for the unique combination of flavours. Lobster bisque was again slightly fishy, or else my friend said he would have enjoyed it very much. The chorizo crumble has a hard texture despite the Small size, so definitely needs improvement there. Confit lemon doesnt come thru as well. Pasta was also slightly hard. Though there are all Small issues, it tastes pretty ok

Bread was rlly good, crispy and soft and well Grilled. Highly recommended
Butter was rlly full of umami, but the seaweed was abit too fishy.
Caramel Kaya is definitely recommended as well, they didnt go easy on the coconut milk at all and thats really what made it a stand out

Texture was ok and had a satisfactory bite, so the Double patty is recommended. Not crispy at all tho, dk if it was meant to be like that. Pepper had a real kick tho, and couldnt really taste much else. Overall decent option if u have to get sth here