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Singapore's Best Meatless Eats
Singapore's Best Meatless Eats
If you're looking to balance out your diet, go on a detox, or if you're simply vegetarian, here are 12 places that serve up tasty meat-free eats — think faux sashimi, hummus with fluffy pita and Thai basil "pork" and more. We didn't think eating clean could taste this good!
2019 In (Food) Review: The Trends You Loved
2019 In (Food) Review: The Trends You Loved
Pat your belly in satisfaction — let’s reminisce on food memories of the year!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Somerset
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Somerset
Share wagyu beef bowls or Thai green curry with your friends, or indulge in flaky flavoured croissants and a good cuppa joe in Somerset!
Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
A dog is a man's best friend — so it's only right that we sniff out the best spots to take your furry pal when you hop out for a meal. Whether it's for a date or a get-together with the fam, here are 12 spots to feast with your pooch!
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
Whether you’re vegetarian or simply looking for meat-free eats, enjoy these tasty 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deals!
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鮨次郎;Fish is must-have in Chinese New Year menus and eaten frequently during the celebratory period. This is because the word in Mandarin (鱼 yú) sounds like another Chinese word meaning “surplus”, meaning you have such an abundance of fortune that you actually have a surplus! Head over to Sushi Jiro, where we have the freshest “yú” for you to choose from!
Make your reservations at:
Keppel Bay 6252 4333
Online: https://www.sushijiro.sg

New Ubin at Tampines may be their test kitchen where they perform live human experiments, but they also got some of the old classics that made them great on the menu too. Of course, I’m talking about the USDA Choice grade Black Angus Ribeye. At fifteen bucks per hundred grams, the smallest steak at five hundred grams will blast a seventy five dollar sized hole in your wallet. Is it really worth such a premium?⠀

The answer is yes, it’s worth it when you save it up for a special occasion just to make it even more special. Mind you, USDA Choice is the second highest grade of beef, and Black Angus cattle are renowned for their intramuscular fat marbling. It’s roughly on par with a Wagyu A4, so the price ain’t a ripoff. ⠀

New Ubin cooks their steaks to a delicious default medium rare, which is the absolute ideal steak standard. I have never and will never be a fan of steak being cut up by anyone other than myself, but I was willing to look the other way at New Ubin. The beef was terrifically tender and so sinfully fatty, with just the right balance of fat & meat. The savouriness is simply stellar, even though it’s really only salt & pepper on the steak. But then again, that’s all you need and want on a top notch steak.⠀

The wedges are an afterthought in all honesty, especially when the steak’s served with the scrumptious heart attack fried rice. It’s just rice that’s fried with the beef tallow rendered from the steak during cooking, but it was incredibly irresistible.⠀

Yeah man, this is so good I’d steak-uh I mean steak-no I meant stake. Yeah I’d stake my money on this black beauty, all day everyday.⠀

Thanks @veronicaphua for inviting me, and @newubin for the hospitality!

I underestimated how addictive this $3.30 hunk of bread would be. It has the most perfect chewy texture and crumb. Even the seemingly crusty exterior was easy to chew through.

It seemed really wet and undercooked, almost to the point where I expected raw dough. But far from it, I found a delightful fluffy bread studded with walnuts. Even the walnut to bread ratio is perfect.

This is honestly a steal at $3.30 and is really really good. If you bring your own container for $0.10 off and the staff was nice enough to cute my bread up for me. Duke Bakery is officially my favorite bakery (overtaking Breadtalk)


Wallet friendly prices.
Also known as cucur udang.
Crispy outside when fresh off the frying pan.
Fluffy inside, each with a prawn.

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Chef Woo gave a whole new definition to Hongshao, or Chinese braised, by utilizing this cooking cue on Ibérico pork. My first impression tells me that it resembles char siew with a delicate caramelic sweetness and a heavy saltiness. Unfortunately, its texture was also disappointing, making it really hard to chew. The Chinese bacon just adds on to the overall savouriness. Perhaps the charred Brussel sprouts was the only thing that worked for me in that entire dish, especially when it tamed all the other saltiness.

Good robust shrimp based soup. Prawns, prawnballs? Prawn dumplings. 19.90 sgd

We loved our experience here. All the cocktails we tried were delicious. Well balanced, interesting flavours. Can't wait to go again.

This gift set contains six kamquat-shaped mochi, filled with pure Black Gold Mao Shan Wang durian. This means that you'll taste way more of the premium bittersweet durian than the mochi itself, perfect for durian lovers. And because the mochi is also soft, the overall the texture is seamless.
Besides the MSW mochi, Peony Jade also has this rat-shaped pineapple tarts. My sister-in-law liked their pineapple tarts, due to its buttery crust and generous pineapple fillings that weren't too sweet.
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