The Edison George Town: Burpple Beyond Members To Enjoy Exclusive Privileges
The Edison George Town: Burpple Beyond Members To Enjoy Exclusive Privileges
Burpple Beyond members can now enjoy exclusive privileges on room rates and receive complimentary lounge access with the All Day Pass at The Edison George Town, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World!
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7 Local Venues Screening The FIFA World Cup 2022
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Burpple Beyond Deals: Creameries
Burpple Beyond Deals: Creameries
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First-Ever Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week!
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6 Stellar Thai Restaurants In Singapore
6 Stellar Thai Restaurants In Singapore
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Thick, frothy shot of freshly-whisked hojicha layered onto fresh oat milk. Slightly sweetened by default but I opted for no sugar to savour the richness of the tea.

Three ways to eat.
1. Enjoy as it is without adding anything.
2. Add some of the condiments (Spring Onion, Wasabi and Nori) to your liking and enjoy.
3. Make Ochazuke (rice with soup) with the condiments and Dashi broth from the small pitcher.

I prefer the third way as the broth was savoury and everything went really.

Their Unagi has a light crisp to it but I do find other restaurants serves better Unagi (softer and meatier) for that price.

Bali On The Cove also could be a great place to just chill over some drink, and overlooking the yachts here.

I ordered the hot chai latte but sadly it wasn’t hot but just warm. So it get cold down very fast.

Located far far away at one end of Sentosa Island, is this upscale neighbourhood called Sentosa Cove.

Totally feel foreign here as you could see majority are the western people here. And Quayside Isle is one of the popular place here to grab foods and drinks.

If you wake up early enough and come here, you would be treat with some decent cafe that open as early as 8am.

Bali On The Cove is one of them, located at level 2. You would find this place decorated with Bali chill concept. You could purchase some Bali inspired items from the shop as well.

Lobster Rosti is one of the popular breakfast item on the menu, if you have tired with the common big breakfast.

I really enjoy the fluffy omelette on the top of the rosti. Generous portion of lobster bites given I would say, and the rosti wasn’t too oily.

Just felt a bit disappointed because from photos I saw on internet, this item actually topped with some beautiful floral decor; but it wasn’t the case for me.

Good news to share! WAKUDA Singapore at Marina Bay Sands is now open for lunch, exclusively on Thur and Fri only!

WAKUDA has been using Okinawan produce such as the mozuku (seaweed), sodeika (giant squid), maguro (tuna), and umibudo (sea grapes) since April opening. You can look forward to savouring for the first time over lunch and dinner, precious Okinawan produce such as the brown sugar, okra, shikuwasa (lime), tiger prawns, and yakogai (giant sea snail).

Location: WAKUDA Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2, Singapore 018972

Let's talk food at Shin Gi Tai. Their Tako Wasabi ($10) is a super refreshing nibble, especially when the wasabi sauce punches your senses awake. The octopus bits have great texture - bouncy & snappy when you bite into them.

I loved this, although it's a bit too much for 1 person to finish. Totally would get this again - it'd be great as a sharing dish.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Indoor seats only

This Chinese Cantonese style is rather an acquired taste, as the strong herbal earthy sweet salty savoury flavours of the roast duck may not appeal to all, although I personally loved it.
Marinated with angelica root and charcoal roasted, the roast duck has a lovely tender bouncy succulent chew to texture.
Fook Kin
More details:

love that the macaroni used was not usual small curved ones. instead, it’s a slightly longer spiral shape that allows you to have more bite

cheese was good, pretty salty