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cranberry walnut bread, fontina, gruyere, membrillo

Note: All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST

Egg white omelette with vine tomatoes, onions, arugula and 1 slice of bread ($10.90++)
The omelette was really light and slightly bland but they do provide salt flakes, black pepper grounds and chili flakes at the side of evety table. I thoroughly enjoyed garnishing the egg with a mixture of all of them actually, it somehow works. Beerenberg Farm Strawberry Jam from Australia and Heritage Salted Butter were served along with the slice of bread which was crispy along the edges. Somehow, eating everything together (Omelette with the 3 different toppings provided, salted butter, jam and the bread) worked surprisingly well. The hint of sweetness and tartness from the strawberry jam, crispiness and fragrance from the bread complements the subtle saltiness from both the butter and the egg very nicely.
Taste: 7.5/10 (Simple and delicious light breakfast)

Homemade French Toast ($10.90++)
- Mixed berries and maple syrup
Really thick cut of french toast. The exterior was unfortunately not crispy while the inside was more chewy than fluffy, could definitely have been cooked longer. The bread was quite hard to cut into as well.

Flavourwise, the egginess of fthe french toast paired very well with the berries and maple syrup drizzled over it. The berries was no doubt the highlight of this dish with the maple syrup helping to ensure that the entire dish was not too tart. However, there were some parts of the toast which wasn't soaked as much into the egg mixture, resulting in some bites being too bland.
Nevertheless, overall, the berries sauce was not overly sweet and I like how the egg mixture had seeped inside some parts of the toast, maximising the flavour present whilst providing a creamy mouthfeel. Delicious.
Taste: 7/10 (Satisfying and value-for-money but the french toast itself could be improved)

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3-m4Ueghn3/?igshid=lmbysucznlhx

We came back for the garlic fried rice! It was a little bit bitter because the garlic was over cooked, too bad (ToT)
We didn't like the citrus sauce on the cold ramen (Hiyashi chukka) $14++ and neither did we like the minced pork on the tantan tofu salad $12++.
We will keep coming back for their garlic fried rice !

Generous portion of grilled eel $20++ and wagyu beef $20++ given 👍
Garlic fried rice $6++ was really unforgettable ! Will definitely come back for more of it.
$5++ for 4 pieces of mushroom, not worth it 😅

$11 //
felt nourished after this healthy AND tasty lunch at autobus!! i liked how it came with so many options for the base/protein/toppings and i decided to get the penne pasta, baked fish, garlic butter broccoli, onsen egg and furikake and hot + spicy sauce.
the pasta was yumz - lightly tossed in olive oil and some herb seasoning(?) (and it was a decent portion for me to be filled but not be over loading on carbs, which felt great lol)
baked fish - was given 2 chunks and i liked the way it was done, lightly pan fried and then baked so the skin was really crispy and the fish was very fresh as well
the hot and spicy sauce was spicy enough and had a slight tang to it, which complemented the fish and pasta well
the broccoli was more mehhh, it was really just boiled broccoli, no garlic butter taste that was mentioned, and could do with a bigger portion of veggies
the furikake was really just black and white sesame seeds, and idk i think i expected other japanese toppings to be added in the mix for it to be called furikake??

overall, enjoyed this meal sufficiently but i do think the price of $11 is a bit on the steeper side for what you are getting