IWD 2021: We Chat With Pamela Chng, Bettr Coffee
IWD 2021: We Chat With Pamela Chng, Bettr Coffee
Always wondered about the story behind Bettr Coffee? This International Women's Day, co-founder Pamela Chng tells us about their social programmes to help disadvantaged women enter the coffee industry.
International Women's Day 2021: Interview with Denise Lum, Maxi Coffee Bar
International Women's Day 2021: Interview with Denise Lum, Maxi Coffee Bar
This International Women's Day, we caught up with foodpreneur Denise Lum about founding Maxi Coffee and her advice for women who want to start their own F&B business.
4 Must-Tries At The New Happy Ending Pizza Parlour
4 Must-Tries At The New Happy Ending Pizza Parlour
Do you usually leave your crusts unfinished? You won't want to at Happy Ending Pizza Parlour with their Happy Dips, unique pizza flavours and amazing fluffy chewy crusts!
Hawker Guide: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Hawker Guide: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Looking for one of the best hawker centres in the central region? Here are 10 stalls not to miss in Old Airport Road Food Centre, in the first of our new hawker guides series!
New On Beyond: March 2021
New On Beyond: March 2021
March into these NEW 1-for-1 deals: fish & chips at Master Chippy, 12-course omakase dinner in Beppu Menkan, salads from OE Salad Bar, nasi lemak at Grandma's Recipe and rosti sets from 6 Letter Coffee!
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The dish is visually apoealing. The rosti was very crispy. You wont feel jelat with the hollandaise sauce and the portion just nice. For those who likes their egg yolks runny, they would be disappointed. I feel this is much better than the rosti at Marche and at lower price point.

The go-to choice for insta-worthy pies of every variety, this cafe has opened their second outlet in Jurong! From their popular Pecan ($7) pie, boozy Rum Apple ($7.50) pie to their tangy and fruity Lemon Strawberry ($7), which had Burppler goodformood x raving that it was "one of my favs!! 😛😛Lemon was sour and meringue was sweet and imma suckER FOR lemon meringue!! Felt like they did it pretty well considering how all the textures were smooth".
Photo by Burppler goodfomood x

Located along Lorong Mambong, this restaurant serving up authentic and fresh sushi, sashimi and japanese cuisine is just a few minutes away from the Holland Village MRT. Bring your group of mentaiko-loving friends and order up the Aburi Mentai Set ($22), Supreme Unagi Roll ($17), Uni Foie Gras Roll ($26) and Mini Aburi Salmon Foie Gras Chirashi Don ($30) over a round of sake.

What I like about Kanada-Ya is both their Tonkotsu Mix Ramen and Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen with the latter being the original recipe of the brand which catapulted them to popularity. On the other hand, the Tonkotsu Mix is a mix of their thick tonkotsu broth with the chicken paitan broth, making it a best of both worlds. Every mouthful of that broth is followed by a creamy coating that lingers on your tastebuds for a bit while you continue to slurp down the raman noodles. The belly chaushu is nothing to shout about it is lacking the deep umami flavour from the marinate while the onsen egg is the essential part of the whole ramen experience.
✨ Kanada-Ya
📍 10 Paya Lebar Road, PLQ Mall, Unit 03-30, Singapore 409057
🌐 https://kanadaya.oddle.me/en_SG
🍴 [Media Invite]

Possibly an ode to the video game Red Dead Redemption and looked like heaven when I first opened the bagel. But sadly it didn’t live up to my expectations. The brisket and sausage were both a little tough and towards the end it got pretty salty. The slaw was pickly and crunchy, a very welcomed flavour to cut through the heavy flavour and heat of the brisket and sausage.

I was shocked by the size of this iced latte 😂 Love the aesthetics but not so much the portion.

The cafe was also clearly not meant for people to be working/studying in, they’ve taped all the wall plug outlets so people don’t stay long. Also it’s pretty crowded even during weekday afternoons, expect to queue for a while.

Spicy and slightly tangy, just the way I like it. The pork belly was admittedly not as juicy/tender as I wanted it to be but I can’t complain, 3 tacos for $8?? The pork pastor tacos ($7.50 and not pictured) were good too. Even better the next day after all the flavours have sat overnight.

Appreciate how affordable this is compared to other Mexican restaurants. A great place to satisfy my Mexican food cravings without breaking the bank. Too bad its located in a very very small shop lot so dine in is pretty challenging, and it’s a little far!

Tender beef tongue served in tacos. This one didn’t have much flavour compared to its counterparts like the pork belly and pastor. Probably wouldn’t get it again.