Formula One 2022: Restaurants In The Vicinity
Formula One 2022: Restaurants In The Vicinity
The highly anticipated Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022 event will soon be back! Fast cars and adrenaline pumping action awaits but don’t forget to fill your bellies before the exhilarating race.
The Best Way to Enjoy Mookata in Singapore
The Best Way to Enjoy Mookata in Singapore
Despite the hot weather, Singaporeans just can’t seem to stay away from mookata, and for good reason. Having mookata for group gatherings and late-night supper makes for an affordable and fun dining experience that not only fills your stomach but also delights your taste buds!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Scrumptious Waffles
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Scrumptious Waffles
A waffle is essentially a canvas for almost any combination of toppings. Check out our list of the best Waffle joints in Singapore!
Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Indulge In These Mouth-Watering Mooncakes
Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Indulge In These Mouth-Watering Mooncakes
It's that time of the year again! The Mid-Autumn Festival will soon be upon us. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these magnificent mooncakes so you can gift, gobble, and 'gram them.
Singapore Food Festival 2022: "Real Foodies Only"
Singapore Food Festival 2022: "Real Foodies Only"
Ready your tastebuds! The annual Singapore Food Festival is set to cook up a storm with a Festival Village and over 70 gastronomic experiences.
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Very decent tzechar style fried rice, no frills but executed well. I like how the shredded veggies are free flow basically

The fried salted fish bits had a somewhat hard crunch and that makes the rice very, very addictive. I couldn't stop until half of it was gone before eating my sides

P.s. Been waiting to eat this and review since my dad dabaoed this back a few months ago >

Last time was a fluke, apparently my parents said they didn't detect anything wrong w it at all when they had it on the day itself.

And today proves it, it's good as usual without any stench. Maybe don't leave this overnight in the fridge

They got this white pieces that are slightly chewy, supposed to replace squid, not very sure what it was. Prawn was fine, the noodles were slightly sticky and the stock was good too. Noodles were textbook.

Lard was crunchy and very smoky, that helped to carry the noodles which only had a bit of wok hei. Chili was putien-style and the intense sourness means that you don't need to squeeze lime over, it's not as spicy as you would expect from the colour.

Overall a very decent plate

Supposed to be a milk cake, so I'm not very sure how authentic this is

However this was very interesting. The texture is honestly very difficult to describe, even tho it's not very weird. It's kind of like small bits of fudge, with more bite, but also not really. However there's a complex flavour to it and some savouriness. Very, very sweet too

I'm not a big fan of this, but it's palatable.

Great brunch location in city. Crowded even on Sunday! Quite big portion size. Had difficulty finishing 1 main per pax. Rather limited indoor sitting.

Being a somewhat unagi-lover, the Hitsumabushi (medium) at Man Man checked all the boxes! Just a right size for 1 pax, and I really love the authenticity of the wasabi served here - you have to grate it yourself and though it’s not as spicy and flavourful as the usual wasabi we are used to being served in other restaurants / supermarkets.

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Nice tasty broth but a little salty for me. Fish is fresh. Super with Burpple 1-1 deal!


Housed in West Mall’s Koufu (Level 4), this noodle stall is one of the relatively popular stalls. Although the price is on the higher side for most of their items, they offer an interesting twist to the regular BCM and fishball noodles you get elsewhere, with some of the premium bowls offering Japanese ramen eggs and abalone pieces.

The Sanwan noodle comes with 3 balls - a pork meatball that was dense and savory, a fried fishball that had a firm exterior but soft fish meat upon biting into it, as well as a regular fishball that was bouncy and tender. The amount of meat (minced meat and lean pork slices) was also considerably generous. Their savory chili did pack a punch but might make your noodles rather oily.

On the side, you’d also get a bowl of steaming hot pork broth that’s nice to warm up your stomach before you start the meal! The food court was however a bit cold so that might cool your food down rather quickly but there are other popular options including koo kee YTF, pepper lunch and pao fan.

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