Chinese New Year 2023: Restaurants For A Splendid Reunion Dinner
Chinese New Year 2023: Restaurants For A Splendid Reunion Dinner
Chinese New Year is just around the corner! That means it’s time to plan for a reunion dinner with your loved ones.
1-for-1 Deals This Chinese New Year
1-for-1 Deals This Chinese New Year
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Burpple Beyond Deals: Cakes
Burpple Beyond Deals: Cakes
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6 Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurants In Singapore
6 Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurants In Singapore
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Burpple Beyond Deals: North East
Burpple Beyond Deals: North East
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We ate there a few times during the 1-1 period before it changes to 30%.

We did not make reservations but the guy was ok for us to wait indoors.

Service was fast even tho you can see there are short staffed. The young guy (owner) was funny and friendly. He was at our table making conversations, telling us jokes and pouring us drinks. Constantly refilling our cups when it’s empty.

Tissues were provided on every table. And the counter was manned by the staff since we can’t take the food ourselves yet. Sometimes, waiting for a few minutes for the staff to help you take food won’t kill you because they are short staffed.

Food were constant refilled too. I like how they have different varieties of tteok. The tteok were nice and chewy. For the price paid during the 1-1 they even include some seafood and different type of meats + fried side dishes and unlimited fish cakes and ramen noodles. Of course it is common sense to take only what you can eat and not waste food. You don’t need people to remind you of this simple thing 🙃

Lastly, don’t eat too full. Because there’s still the fried rice made from the leftover soup and ingredients you have from your hotpot.

Ordered a mushroom soup, army stew and fish filet burger.
Bread was served with the mushroom soup, bread was crunchy and fragrant, soup was a bit disappointing. Soup was rather diluted and didn't have much fragrant mushroom taste. Fish filet burger was served with fries and a sweet kecap sauce. Love that the fries come with the skin, fries was good. Burger was decent, tasted like real fish burger. Not sure the sauce was supposed to be for the burger or the fries. Noodles for the army stew weren't chewy enough and felt very starchy. The broth wasn't exactly an army stew kinda taste but didn't taste too bad either.

7 Kinds Karubi Tasting Set (350g): $66.80
+ $3.50 upgrade for rice, soup, and salad

Verdict: 😋

Eunos has recently been seeing some new F&B establishments opening up in the HDB estates of Sims Avenue of the late — recent additions to the neighbourhood includes Loving Nature Fortunate Coffee Cafe, as well as Yours Sincerely Bakery. Located at Blk 844 Sims Avenue just a few steps away from Loving Nature Fortunate Coffee Cafe is a new ice-cream parlour named The Last Scoop. The Last Scoop occupies quite a decently-sized shop unit with a good number of dine-in tables; twice the size of a standard shop unit at a void deck of a HDB block, and faces the open-air carpark of the HDB estate. Looking relatively different from the other establishments surrounding it, The Last Scoop’s features a relatively dim interior, though there are also corners of the shop that are brightly lit in comparison to some others. Decked with a movie-themed interior, the interior design of the space can be said to be rather similar, though comes with a fair share of neon lighting and colourful lights with movie posters adorning its walls. Being an ice-cream parlour, The Last Scoop offers some pretty interesting ice-cream flavours such as that of the Movie Night (i.e. sweet buttered popcorn ice-cream) and Wizard’s Brew (i.e. Earl Grey Ice-Cream infused with Thyme & Cinnamon); they do also have more conventional flavours like the Nutella Speculoos, and Yuan Yang Ice-Cream for those who are less adventurous. Patrons can opt for their ice-cream to come in cups or in cones, or pair their ice-cream up with a waffle. Beverages available at The Last Scoop includes drip coffee, flavoured lattes, and a range of soda, ciders and juices.

Having skimmed through the various ice-cream flavours which they have to offer, we found ourselves going for the Wang Zai Niu Nai Ice-Cream, as well as the Pei Pa Gao Ice-Cream; we also decided to have our ice-cream with a Waffle as well. On first look, the Waffle does look like any other classic waffle that ice-cream parlours typically serve up — the exterior of the waffle is brilliantly browned and we especially liked how the waffle here came with crisp edges that gave a good contrast to the plush interior that is sufficiently dense without being too heavy. Interestingly, the waffle carries a bit of a spiced note to it that gives it a somewhat of a slight flavour contrast to the typical waffle; something that made a difference to us at least. Both ice-cream flavours were both on point in terms of texture; smooth and creamy, whilst being sufficiently milky and at a comfortable level of sweetness — the Pei Pa Gao Ice-Cream being that familiar honey loquat syrup that is made into an ice-cream flavour here; evidently herbal notes with a sweetness from honey that is especially soothing. The Wang Zai Niu Nai Ice-Cream on the other hand was an interesting take of the Want Want-branded canned milk carrying that light whiff of sweetness from condensed milk that provides a dimension of flavours to the already milky notes of the ice-cream; pretty nostalgic especially for those whom had grown up with the drink.

Ice-cream parlours are aplenty around the island these days, and The Last Scoop just adds on to the never-ending wave of ice-cream parlours that had opened up in the heartlands. That being said, many of such ice-cream parlours do serve up a range of flavours that some may even find to be rather run-off-the-mill; The Last Scoop isn’t quite that however — they do have some pretty interesting flavours and inventive ideas on how to further give some basic ice-cream flavours a take of their own. We also liked how the concept just felt a little underground and rebellious in the way of how it is themed; the service is however sincere and heartfelt as they were able to give patrons introduction and recommendations of the various flavours available — a pretty fun-loving establishment given how they are like with little touches that they placed all around the ice-cream parlour. Despite its relatively hidden location, The Last Scoop is conveniently located a short walk away from Eunos Bus Interchange and Eunos MRT Station; a spot that is also pretty void of standalone dessert options like themselves. A spot that has quite a fair bit of potential, we would be looking forward to the folks behind The Last Scoop coming up with more creative ice-cream flavours in the long run — a dessert spot worth hitting if one is looking for that sweet, cold treat to end off a meal after having dinner in the area; also a spot that residents would be proud to have in their neighbourhood!

I'm so happy this opened near me haha. For years it was only in the wild west. It's really good for its price. I ordered soup because I wanted maximum soup. It's so Chinese yet so Japanese haha. I miss it already.

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It looks pretty and tastes better! This crispy prawn sushi roll gets rolled with furikake [i.e. combi of crushed bonito flakes, seaweed and sesame seeds], topped with crabmeat and drizzled of yuzu mayonnaise for added flavour.

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