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Best Fish Soup in Singapore
Best Fish Soup in Singapore
Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, comforting lunchtime staple. Here's a guide to 11 fantastic spots in Singapore for thick slices of fresh fish in light and clear broth, fried fish chunks in milky soup, and even a killer tom yum fish soup that will make you sweat.
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1-for-1 Deals this F1 Weekend
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Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals September 2019
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1-for-1 Mexican Dishes with Burpple Beyond
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New on Beyond: September 2019
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The fishballs, fish dumplings and fish cakes here are all handmade by the owner of the stall which is rare as most of these stalls buy factory made ones. The mixture of the lard oil, lard bits and sauces just hit your nostrils as the bowl is placed near you. The noodles are well mixed, crunchy to bite and tasty. The fishballs are very well made and also crunchy to bite. The same goes to the fish dumplings and cakes. Prices range from $3-5 per bowl. Fish cakes are sold separately at $1.50 per piece. Try this stall if you near Havelock Road area. Really yummidelicious.

Underdog #3 mama fita nasi Padang

Nasi Padang
Chinatown complex

I love walking around Chinatown complex market because once in a while, you find a jewel .

My recent haunt is yuan Lang Soy Sauce chicken / Hk style wanton mee at Chinatown complex ( see my earlier post ) .

The latest jewel I have discovered is this Indonesia nasi Padang stall . The food is sooooooooooooo good and so flavourful - the cooking is really from the heart .

Different from the usual nasi Padang stalls because this stall specialises in Indonesian type nasi Padang . The Assam fish was such a killer and so was the black sweet soy sauce chicken and the sayur lodeh.

The Chef is nowhere other than from Indonesia , Surabaya - so what you get is true authentic home style Indonesian cooking .

A set of Assam fish ( and a huge piece ) and a side of vegetables ( your choice ) is only 5 dollars - can you imagine ? ?

Ask for a huge dallop of her homemade sambal because it bursts with so much flavour and very very spicy too .

Much much much better in taste and quality and value than the famed nasi Padang along Kiliney road .

Try and see if you’d agree with me 😊
Best to go in a group so that you can order a variety of dishes to share .

Stop by to chat with mama fita because she’s so friendly and nice to speak with 😊

Smoked Duck Poppers - $10
Fried wantons stuffed with bits of smoked duck, cheddar & mozzarella. Comes with spicy mayo by the side. Surprisingly addictive small bites that’s great with beer. Great environment for catch up with friends over dinner and drinks
Burp Kitchen & Bar

I got the Caribbean(?) waffle with 2 premium ice cream and iced hojicha latte while my partner got the brown butter waffle with 2 regular ice cream and iced chocolate. I spent $23.50 for both of us, the ambience was great! Though the waffle was a little too soft.

If not for the Burpple 1 for 1, I would never have known that jem had this great cafe around :)

A group of 4 pax be just nice for this combo because the both of us lwere too full after having a waffle each.

Well, maybe not really a secret since half the time I’m posting about sweets.

Arrays of these beautiful macarons that are just begging to eat, greet us when we push open the door to @the_m_plot. But big macarons caught our attention with flavours like Raspberry Lychee Rose & Chocolate Hazelnut Praline.

The light floral fragrance from rose and lychee infused ganache complements the tangy raspberries! Raspberry Lychee Rose was a harmonious marriage of decadent flavour but Chocolate Hazelnut Praline was pretty well-balanced too.

P.S: we managed to save with #burpplebeyond. Two big macarons along with two pot of hot tea at $13.50, it’s a super great deal! Check out my previous post to join in the giveaway for Burpple Beyond annual membership~

The M Plot
Address: 9 King Albert Park, Unit 01-05 KAP, Singapore 598332
#Th_M_Plot #bigmacaron

Generous serving of açai topped w granola, coconut shavings, cacao nibs and goji berries!! Someone said that açai bowls are a fitness wannabe food but y’all this almond butter is literally BOMBBBZA!!! My bestie and I are so obsessed w this😙 We literally ate this a few days ago and we back for more🤤 Btw where my açai emoji at

Taste: 9.5/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10 (Issa little hot there I think their ac wasn’t working!)

Had the tomyum seafood pasta (front) and the chilli crab pasta (back). Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of seafood given in the tomyum seafood pasta, but it got a little jelat at the end as it’s a cream-based pasta. Chilli crab pasta was alright. It was a good deal with Burpple Beyond (my friend and I paid $9 each), but it was quite inaccessible and I might not go back if I didn’t have Burpple Beyond

Scoring a smoking-hot deal with Fat Belly’s refreshed 7-course Tasting Menu, the exclusive Alternative Steak Experience, is currently at $80/pax but with #burpplebeyond the price is set for 2.

For starters, we were presented with a lip-smacking consommé made with clarified beef bone broth with a few drops of aromatic scallion oil; a decadent financier with duck fat, foie gras mousse and Fleur de Sel as well as a delectable one-bite savoury tart filled with luscious truffle mascarpone studded with a thin yet flavourful piece of 24-month aged air-dried beef. Next up, the short rib served as somewhat of a teaser for the main course with a refreshing chimichurri sauce and a crispy block of potato pavé.

Then came the two items which spelled a perfect end to the string of appetisers, The Bikini and Beef Char Siew. Think homemade Wagyu Bak Kwa sandwiched between lightly toasted bread and warm gooey Emmental cheese. It does resemble our favourite CNY treat but was also a finer variation in my opinion as the meat was wondrous soft and packed a more robust punch. While the latter offered extra bite, and is prepared with strips of beef found between the ribs. Flame-grilled to give it that charred caramelised crust, the meat was first marinated in asian spices which seems to impart a slight sweetness. Carried in a bed of crisp kale, the char siew had a pleasant smoky quality and was not cloying at all.

Finally, the arrival of the AusKobe F1 Wagyu Tri-tip with a marble score of 4-5. A competent main done to a lovely medium-rare, the interior was pretty in pink and tender to the touch. Not too fatty or lean. Well-complemented by smooth pomme purée, burnt shallots, smoked Eryngii mushroom, the pool of deep-flavoured sauce added a depth as well with a light tang alike red wine reduction. Overall, the portion size being just right for me, where I could get a taste of the decadence yet not feel overly surfeited. After which, the meal ends off with a toothsome Pistachio mousse-like dessert.

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