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Dine Belly-Happy with the Family this CNY
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New on Burpple Beyond: Jan 2019
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The Community’s Favourite Restaurants on Burpple Beyond 2018
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Sweet and sour pork and bean paste fish head! The food had brought me happiness! Live to eat and be happy!



BREAKING NEWS: All Soufflé pancakes would be discontinued from 20 January onwards! ⚠️ Baked and prepared freshly upon order (swipe to view), each soufflé pancake set requires a waiting time of at least 20 minutes, and up to 1hour+ during peak periods, typically weekends. I waited a good 1.5 hours for the Tiramisu soufflé pancake on a Saturday evening a few weeks back, which was surprisingly prettt impressive, though it came in a smaller than expected portion. Said to be served with ice cream, mine came with a pool of what seemed like cream instead, and upon clarification, the staff mentioned that the machine was faulty at the moment. Well there wasn’t a choice anyway so we just had to make do with a melted ice cream anyways 😅. Despite that, I love how the soufflé pancakes are soft with a wobbly, jiggly effect and the texture was fluffy and cotton-like! 😋 Topped with cream that’s dusted with cacao flakes and powder, I love how the smooth, light cream came with a pleasant tinge of lingering saltiness that added another dimension of the flavour as well as a good counterbalance to the luscious sweetness. Fans of mangoes would be glad to know that there’s also mango soufflé pancakes here, a popular choice among many, served with real mango fruits and sauce thats’s also great for the gram!📸 However, the texture of pancakes today (19 Jan) was less impressive as before, with a foam-like texture that was light, airy, lacking the spongy,cake-y mouthfeel. Perhaps it might be due to the inconsistency in standard & preparation? 🤔 Also tried the 700ml White Peach Oolong Latte that’s served in a 1L cup and it was remarkably enjoyable, without any saccharine factor which I was expecting. The characteristic fruity sweetness of the infused peach flavour provided a pleasant albeit subtle, mellow lingering note to the aromatic oolong tea latte. Option to customize your sugar level as well and I had mine less sweet (75% sugar) whereby the sweetness intensity was just nice for me! 👍🏻
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Comes with free flow cabbage! Quite a filling portion size. For what it was I thought it was expensive. The fried pork cutlet and curry weren’t exactly memorable but it was quite easy to eat. The hot tea was good though! I still miss Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin at Ion Orchard (may it rest in peace).

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Both the salmon and egg benedict was really well cooked and went well with each other. Yumz 😋

My go-to place whenever I’m craving Indian! Their ultimate hawkerfest creations are literally the only thing you need to order here, especially the murtabaks!! 😍😍 Other things like maggi goreng, thosai, sambal egg etc are nothing spectacular. Umami-50 > ultimate > salted egg prawn basically, but if it’s your first time, the ultimate Murtabak is the basic go-to Springleaf must-eat. It’s really the ultimate Murtabak with the generous amount of tandoori chicken and cheese. But for a more interesting flavour explosion, try the umami-50! Truly umami with the spam, mayo and pork floss combi that is truly oh so good?? 🤤🤤 Salted egg prawn was not too bad and very generous with the salted egg paste, but can get a little jelat after a while. Might be a little pricier but defo worth every penny, especially with the aircon environment, fast service (don’t be intimidated by the crowd) and free flow fish and chicken curry, what more can one ask for 😭😭 Also, got all these at $25 off when I used GrabFood to eat at the restaurant itself 😂😂

The Chuck short rib was good, gamey 🐮, tender & juicy, love the fat distribution. Round steak was lean, tender but less flavourful comparing to Chuck, I would say healthier if I was looking for something less fatty. Burger was amazing with the oozing sunny side up 🍳 , tip: order coleslaw as the side, it complemented the burger very well, reminds me of old school fish burger with coleslaw we ordered at HDB coffeeshop. @bizensteakhouse Hope you guys come out with steak sandwiches 🥪, I tried using your burger bun with Chuck steak slices, and it taste really good 💯. I'm close to tasting every cut and every item on your menu, Bwahahahaha 😈🐧 #fatdieme #steaklovers #wagyusteaks #peanutsjourney #peanutfindingbutter #burpple