Hawker Guide: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Hawker Guide: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Looking for one of the best hawker centres in the central region? Here are 10 stalls not to miss in Old Airport Road Food Centre, in the first of our new hawker guides series!
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Little Vietnam:
1) Spring Rolls($5.50) - 8.25/10 Umami burst of flavor, crunchy. Shiok with sweet chili oil is good with the spring rolls. Reminds me Abit of yam rings.
2) Pho Dac Biet ($8.80) - 7.75/10 Beef fats is shiok,chewy. Beef ball is handmade,tender. Noodles are chewy, soft enuf. Macam eating a full beef. Got one part of the beef which is tough tho.
3) Soupsop drink($4.30) - I think I figured that I can't appreciate the flesh of soursop. The drink was ok.

Bella Pizza:
Best pizza I've tasted. Worth the price.
Chill vibes, classy place. Water was served quickly in a larger cup compared to other places.
Both pizzas smelled amazing. Pizzas are thinly crusted.
1)Pizza Bella Pizza($26) - 7.25/10 Saltful of goodness becos of salami. Beef pepporini with spinach and cheese is sufficient enuf. There is the cheese pull. The touch of spinach is quite surprising. Beef is meaty.
2)Pizza Burrata($28) - 9/10 Cold and creaminess of cheese with tomato is fruity,sweet and good combo. Like the amount of ingredients on it. Umami in the mouth. Crust is crunchy and got char.
3)Brownie Di Cioccolato($12) - Brownie is firm enuf,not too crumbly. Ice cream is solid. Nuts, with ice cream and brownie is good. Crunchiness,cold,hot,chocolaty all in one.

Tree [email protected]:
1)Smoked Duck Pasta($6.50) - 7/10 Smells full of mushroom cream sauce. Noodles are ok, but the cream sauce nvr really matches well with the noodles. Duck is nice, got Abit of texture and char,Abit salty too. Everything in one mouthful has the smokiness of duck but the sauce doesn't do much to help the dish,it is just a bystander.
2)Sweet Potato Fries($5) - 8/10 Tastes good,like sweet potato. Like the addition of sugar and softness of the fries. Crunchiness is present too. Quite surprised at this standard of fries tho.

Three's A Crowd:
Nutella waffle with Baked Apple & Roasted Pistachio($18.50) - Legit ice cream. More gelato kind. Smooth. Ice cream flavors are on the light side, the flavor ain't obviously distinct unless taking big scoops of them. Baked Apple had apple bits inside. But still, the texture isn't like the cheap kind. Ice cream scoop is big also. But they go well with th waffle with cereal. Nutella waffle with cereal is good combo as the firmness of waffle is replaced with crunchiness of cereal. Waffle is a tad too airy tho.. For a good dessert,this is not bad. Sweet overall.

Playing anime songs as background music,not bad I say. Eg Go by Flow. Quite small and chill place.
1)Ninja Lord($19.90) - 7.5/10 Shrimp tastes fresh. Salmon is cold and fatty. Tobiko are burstful and salty.
2)Kabayaki Unagi Don($15.90) - 7.25/10 Tango is sweet and flavorful. Rice can be cooked longer. Scallops are clean. Cucumbers are fresh and crunchy, jap cucumbers. Unagi is pleasant, better than some places. All in one mouth is really an experience.

Ayam [email protected] Wahyu ($6):
*Caution- This should oni be tried by those that like to eat food at their rawest point*
*Rice portion is huge, soft, Abit moist. Cucumber is crunchy and got the oceanic taste. Chili is sweet and potent, slowly creeping in to occupy the throat,it is more of the wet kind of chili too. Soup is heavy doused with chicken broth, but kinda refreshing. Fried tofu is crispy, don't taste like those bought from supermarché. Crunchy bits are airy and crunchy at the same time. Chicken is Abit dry. Like the combo of moist rice, wet chili,soup and fresh cucumbers with dry chicken and fries tofu.

A little eatery in the corner of Serangoon Gardens that I frequent. They don't accept reservations, so be sure to go early if you want to dine there if you want to avoid queues during peak hours. Service is good and staff are always polite.

Featured above is the Abalone Cheese Beehoon ($14.90) that is on a 1-for-1 promotion till 31 March. They frequently have similar promotions for their Cheese Beehoon menu that is only available for dine-in. The broth of these have a sweet-savory, milky taste and is loaded with a ton of ingredients like prawns, scallops and meatballs.

So far, these are the dishes I have tried and tasted and would recommend:

1.) Tuckshop Rice ($1.90)
A little rice bowl with egg, fried pork bits and some seasoning to wet your appetite.
2.) Yong Tau Fu ($5.90)
The eatery is under the family umbrella of BaiNian group that is famous for YTF. So you know what's up.
3.) Pork Wrap ($9.90)
These are heavily seasoned so be aware that its on the saltier side, but great for sharing. They are very well seasoned though, and I didn't the dish super value for money. It comes with an outstanding Thai chilli too. The 3 pork strips have to be cut yourself so they provide ✂️. I bring my mom who loves Korean BBQ for this often because the Korean eatery a few shops down the road is overpriced af
4.) Beef/ Pork Don ($12.90)
This is a giant tuckshop rice with tender slices of meat generously laden atop pearl rice.
5.) Fruit Tea ($7.90)
This is a beverage recommendation because I feel like it's really worth paying for. Comes in a glass teapot and four teacups, and is refillable for sharing. This tea isn't too sour, and is more like a citrusy fruit drink but with subtle hints of other fruit on your palette.

There are misses in the menu I have had before but overall I think the menu is pretty well-put together and is worth a try!

Here’s Honeycomb and premium Pistachio atop a plain waffle.. came on a Sunday evening just before the long queue starts and glad to find a seat within 10 mins. 2 scoops at $6, additional $0.80 for premium flavour, $4 for waffles, the happiness from eating - priceless!