5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
Looking for a quality halal restaurant to dine at? We've got you covered!
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Very delicious brunch cafe with fusion dishes. Flavours are very balanced. Smoked salmon, mentaiko with pork floss is a great combination. The curry beef stew is also very fragrant, meat is tender, and goes well with the sourdough bread.

Enishi's opening hours are 11AM-3PM, 6-9PM daily; their official website says they're closed on Sunday, but that was actually when I dined there for lunch. I could get seated immediately at ~12:30PM, but by 1PM they were full as some pairs/groups came by.

This was a little different from last year (albeit that was on a Saturday), when I had to wait in line to get in even at an odd timing of 2PM - was just a 10-minute wait as a solo diner, though. Nothing too terrible.

I can only imagine how packed this place gets, as there are only 10 dine-in seats. Not sure if the lines still snake around the corners on weekdays from the office crowd... Does anyone know?

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Indoor seats only
🖥 No reservations accepted
💸 Order & pay before you get seated
💦 Water is not chargeable
🙋🏻‍♀️ Service charge applicable
🚫 No GST
📍 Inside International Plaza, #02-85A

Wanted to get a small plate at $4.50 but I saw the serving is so small, decided to up one size ($6.50) but kinda too much for me. Haha. I find that it’s quite plain, lack of wok hei, wish that it could be more flavourful.

Location: 133 Penang Authentic, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, 51 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-193, Singapore 588215

Really wanted to try Peranakan food so decided to pop by this eatery near office. Meats were tender, gravy was addictive (remember to ask for another portion of rice!), and the standout was the Ngoh Hiang which was chunky and meaty. Unpretentious and cosy, will definitely come back!

6 Dec’22, Tue🌧
📍Yi Jia Chun (The Arcade)
- Pig Stomach and Pork Ribs Soup 豬肚排骨湯

Peppery pig stomach soup warms one up on a rainy day~

Plenty of pig stomach and pork ribs, nicely prepared, generous portion and no unpleasant gamey smell!

But be prepared to leave that place smelling like I don’t know, I need febreze…

Damage: $7 (without rice)

I can't judge tea but this wasn't bad at all. The presentation is very unique and it allows the tea to cool quickly which was nice.

Very lovely that they deboned it, makes for satisfying eating. It's somewhat mild a braised but it's braised pretty well, and quite tender too.

Not bad at all if not for the queue

Quite tender, soup was flavourful and peppery enough. HOWEVER, both dragon ribs and short ribs? weren't available and that's very unpleasant

Given that all the song fa branches taste the same, there's really no reason to come here and queue in the hot sun for 20-30mins with tourists