Celebrating the Luxurious Oyster: Five Ways To Impress Everyone at PUTIEN
Celebrating the Luxurious Oyster: Five Ways To Impress Everyone at PUTIEN
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New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: December 2019
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1-for-1 Pasta with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Pasta with Burpple Beyond
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Tucked within Hotel Clover's lobby is this cosy 18-seater space decked out with marble tables, plenty of greenery and an open concept kitchen where you can watch the chefs work their magic. Run by the folks from Laneway Market, Brine is currently in their soft launch stage and only offers a tasting menu. The four-course tasting menu ($25) features dishes that are in the running to be in the finalised menu (slated for release on 23rd April). The offerings change daily (check their Instagram for updates), but if available, you must order the Tenderloin Tartare — lightly smoked, finely chopped raw beef mixed with powdered truffle and salt, topped with wasabi mayo and crisp lotus roots. For mains, meat lovers will enjoy the five-day ponzu brined ribeye that comes with mushroom pate, puffed rice and a poached egg. Note that all meats used are from halal suppliers. Pro tip: Brine is offering a 40% discount on their tasting menu, which brings your four-course meal down to just $15, so make this your priority this weekend!
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Order 4 different Chicken to try. Overall my dining experience was a wondrous joy.

Crunch chicken in boneless is good for those who is too lazy to get oneself busy with bones and all. Is a healthier version that doesnt use oil but baked. The meat for the thigh are chunky, juicy tender and succulent and it doesnt taste dry.

Half fried rice chicken was neatly cut into pieces and served in a tray made of wooden beer barrel. The fried rice chicken use rice flour as coating. The batter was light and the chicken fried to perfect crispiness yet retaining moist tender meat. The skin felt crunchier and less greasy than most other fried chicken.

Half Sauced Rice Chicken in Original Mild, with mild level of spiciness of the sauce was crunchy, sweet, spicy and flavourful on the outside and juicy, hot and tender on the inside. All the chicken are well coated with the mild spicy sauce, and in my opinion, the sauce is pretty spicy. 

Half Sauced Soy Sauce boasts a crunchy exterior and moist inside, slicked with a glistening, caramelised sweet sauce that hits all the right spots.

If chicken is not your dish, can try their army stew which is also comforting and worth the calories.

We order 2 of their Chef-recommend mocktails and you can taste a strong flower aftertaste. If you prefer flowery soda that is.

The other, lavendar, has a cool dark purple colour with a hint of sour taste. If you hop by the communal place make sure to try one of these.

The Seafood pasta was amazing, however the over fried duck taste too oily(you can see the entire plate is filled with oil)

Overall dining experience was pretty chill with good service from the staff, they even gave us a complimentary drink which is cute :) But it eventually gets louder once the crowd came in and you can barely hear your partner talking to you.

The little things they do to let you feel like you are part of the floral decor even when you are dining. I appreciate the beautiful set up done for each of their beverages. Even when they are serving other tables, you just can’t get your eyes away from all the different ways they serve the drinks. Doesn’t it makes you feel special?

Come on down to just grab a coffee and cake and spend your Weekend with your loved ones. Definitely a place to hang out and take photos!

I too thought that it would be a usual bland cafe mushroom soup, turns out i was wrong. The mushroom soup here is really good. You can enjoy the strong after taste of the mushroom and won’t get tired of it. If you are not very hungry you can come by this beautiful gem if you are at Katong!

Would like to come back to taste more of their food!

Such a waste this was only replenished at the end of my meal when I was stuffed. Simple but delicious rice. Given the ingredients, no wonder it tasted like chicken rice.

Came to check out this place before embarking on a trip as it’s got a raving review on Google.
The broth of Penang Assam laksa contains sardine, ginger flower, laksa leaves, Assam (tamarind), fermented shrimp paste, garlic galangal, turmeric, lemongrass but we still don’t feel completed with this dish just yet 🤓