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Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
Best Places in Singapore: Worth the Splurge
While they might be few and far between, there are occasions where splurging on good food is necessary. Here's your guide to places well worth the splurge — there's an epic cocktail brunch, fun pizzas and wine, excellent Catalonian fare and a spot for natural wines and creative cooking!
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Say Hello and Goodbye to These Burpple Beyond Deals December 2019
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KL's popular @gonoodlehousesg landed on our sunny shore..... well, it has been rainy and cold recently.
A must order is the signature bursting meatball noodle soup. I wont go into deets but I should think the name speaks for itself. From handmade ngoh hiang, frog leg noodles to dry pan mee, there bound to be noods for everyone. If you love soup like I do, this will put a smile on the belly. Boiled for many hours using 40 types of fish bones.
With gloomy weather in the horizon, under the weather feels or in the soupy mood, this is indeed a warm and fuzzy comforting meal. A worthy visit.
Thank you @jillyeats for the invite and @gonoodles for the very warm hospitality.

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Worth it with Burpple Beyond! The garlic butter rice is fragrant and better than the pasta as a base. The fried chicken can be quite salty, but still crispy and tender nonetheless. The teriyaki chicken is alright too.

My first try, nice place.
Bowl came with lemon sauce, not bad.
Enjoyed the hot from oven salmon fillet with crispy lettuce

Paradise Dynasty is one of the 1st in Singapore that serve delicate Intoxicating XLBs to celebrate this festive seasons🎉
Tispy Dipsy Xiao Long Baos
🗯️Tsing Dao Beer
💛Red Wine w/ Cheese
💚Shao Xing Rice Wine
🧡Glenlivet Scotch Whisky
💥Martell VSOP Cognac
Kick start your festive celebrations with this drunken basket of surprises
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Wow. I didnt expect it to be this good. Apart from the skin not being crispy, there isnt too much to fault. The meat was so succulent and quite flavourful. It tears off the bone so easily. Seasoned just right as well, though it can go with the superb brown sauce(aka mushroom sauce) as well. The brown sauce is one of the best ive tried too. Not overwhelming, had a depth of flavour, and not excessively seasoned, for a sauce. It doesnt taste too unhealthy either.

Really surprised by the quality of this restaurant and it does blur the lines between a fast food joint and a proper restaurant

Its very different from the soft and airy muffin youre used to. Hard on the outside and crumbly on the inside, it's its own thing and im sure some people will really enjoy it. I found it okay, and am particularly Fond of the mild sweet taste so it isnt necessarily a dessert

I love guacamole! Burrito Bowl topped with tender and flavourful pulled pork with the addition of guacamole. So simple yet so delicious.

Burrito Bowl $10.90
Guacamole (Regular) $6
Nearest MRT: Yishun