5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
5 Quality Halal Restaurants In Singapore
Looking for a quality halal restaurant to dine at? We've got you covered!
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Bought a Capuccino, was given a Flat White free with Beyond. Both are smooth and aromatic. Nice ambience at Tanglin Mall.

It’s $6 at MBS but $5.50 at other outlets. The price of this has gone up over the years, but it’s still a must-order for me each time. The sauce is savoury, sweet, with just a hint of spice heat. The seaweed, dongfen, firm tofu, beansprouts and chili/pepper (?) is tossed in that sauce and it’s super satisfying - love the flavours and textures of this appetiser 🥰

I haven’t had dintaifung in so long. Glad that it’s still p good - I love the edges of the pork chop, those pieces have that crisp edge. It’s impressive how such a seemingly lean piece of pork can be so tender and not dry at all. The rice was also satisfying, the short grain rice is moist but not wet, with good flavour. Haven’t tried any of the dintaifung fried rice-inspired coffeeshop spots, so if any can match up it’ll be great.

I looove their kaya bun - so fluffy and thick, with a strongly coconutty kaya that isn’t too sweet, and has an appropriate ratio of kaya to butter to bun. Be sure to separate the bun halves so the butter doesn’t melt completely!

Pretty decent breakfast beehoon! Nibbled a bit of my parent’s portion as I had their toast. White beehoon was moist and 清淡. Quite liked the cabbage which was soft with some crunch. The taukee was nice too, especially the part with the crisp edges. Would definitely come by again to have this!

I didn’t have the coffee but it was quite well-enjoyed by the rest. Usually coffees smell rly good but taste is okay only, but this one was the opposite - smelt okay but tasted good, was reasonably strong.

Mackenzie Rex has been around since the 1960s. The Menu is rather extensive, it not only serves chicken rice, but it also serves up some excellent zhi char dishes, based on all the good reviews that's on Google.

Really just chanced upon this place as I had an appointment nearby.

Mackenzie rex is popular for their halal hainanese chicken rice, as well as their zhi char dishes.

The shop interior, as well as being located in the 1st storey of a rather old shop House, feels like I was back in the 90s, or in JB. Rather nostalgic.

The rice was rather good, the roasted chicken was fairly good. Sambal kangkong was rather good, but I am so used to having fried pork lard in my kangkong, so felt something missing. Kangkong portion was rather big for small size.

Overall 4/5 for me.

Geylang Bahru has 2 stalls selling Carrot cakes, and both of which are rather good.

Small portion is just right as a top up if u still feel hungry after a meal. It taste good and there's a small $3 portion to order from.

Will definitely return to have more again.


Rating: 4.5/5

Chicken - Meat was normal, similar to Aston chicken meat. Not much truffle taste / flavor

Umami pasta - very well hydrated with sauce

Spicy lime pasta - on the dry side, similar to oglio olio

🌟 Truffle mushroom egg pasta - egg & mushroom were a good wet ingredient that complemented the thin, pastry-like crust. (-) however, it’s missing truffle taste. Nevertheless, the best dish we like out of the 4