New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: May 2021
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars In Singapore: May 2021
Mayday, mayday, there's an onslaught of hot new restaurants and cafes coming your way, from Wanton Seng's first offshoot to a vegan cafe in the East with "eggless egg" toasts!
1-for-1 Deals This Hari Raya Puasa 2021
1-for-1 Deals This Hari Raya Puasa 2021
Redemption of most Burpple Beyond deals will be locked from 5pm on 12 May and the whole of 13 May, but here are 39 spots still offering great 1-for-1 dine-in offers!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Food-To-Go
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Food-To-Go
With the new COVID-19 regulations, let’s keep safe by encouraging takeaway with these 1-for-1 deals at Pita Bakery, Tea Pulse, Olla Specialty Coffee, Potato Corner & more with #BurppleBeyond!
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Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar Food Guide
Tanjong Pagar is known for its abundance of Japanese and Korean cuisine, but we think there's much more to discover, from authentic pasta spots to bagels, bolo buns and more! CONTENT
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Have ordered the laksa spaghetti, waited v long for the food as there is only 1 chef serving 3 tables. The lady who served us also can't wait to clear our plates even though we had not finished our food.

Got the small bowl to try. Good customer service and enjoyed the Acai!

A truly impressive menu all around. My favourites were the Uni, lardo & caviar toast for starters and the seasonal Eton mass for dessert, they were really elegant and memorable dishes. Not to forget the star of the show, the Wagyu zabuton, easily some of the best beef I have tried. The cuts of meat here are so unique, and paired with their wide range of wines, really comes together to give an unforgettable social dining experience.

It's my second time eating here, and this was a much better experience than my first! Ramen on a rainy day is a decision that could never go wrong, and today's meal was extremely satisfying 🀀

🍜 Ajitama-Uma Ramen ($14.90)
πŸ“Œ 9/10
πŸ– The noodles were nice and firm, and the broth was extremely mouth-watering. I like that the soup isn't boiling hot, so the noodles aren't overcooked and soggy by the time I reach the end of the bowl. Rather, the soup is served at comforting warmth that doesn't burn my tongue, allowing me to appreciate the depth of the thick soup. The Cha-Shu was also really good, with a good meat-to-fat ratio. It was soft to the bite, and well flavoured. I found it to be a improvement from my first time here, where the pork belly was tough and bland. The egg was also cooked perfectly this time, with a gorgeous golden runny yolk. Bamboo shoots also added a lovely crunch to the meal.

πŸ— Combo Set C ($4.90)
πŸ“Œ 9/10
πŸ– Not pictured is the chicken karaage combo i added to my meal! Available from 11am-5pm, there are four different combos to choose from, featuring various sides and a cup of green tea. The karaage was nice and crispy without being too greasy, and was marinated really well.

πŸ₯“ Diced Pork Chashu ($0.00)
πŸ“Œ 9/10
πŸ– A limited time offer I got using Jpassport, and it was a lot more than I expected. The chashu is really soft, almost a melt in your mouth experience. I polished off the plate really quickly because of how well done the sauce was!

- $9.90
- the toppoki was chewy and cooked well
- the chicken was a little disappointing as it wasn’t very crispy
- highly recommend for you to get the beef bulgogi as its tender and generous in portion size
- skip out on the hotteok as you can probably fine a similar version of it in the supermarket
- if you’re a fan of sesame oil and egg, you may want to consider getting the fluffy steamed egg

Disappointing visit because I really wanted to like this place! The portion is small and the food lacked flavour. There was no sauce in the bowl, only soy sauce and wasabi for the salmon. Worse still, I had stomachache and diarrhoea afterwards. Sincerely do not recommend unless you have no choice :/

This has to be the freshest sashimi I have ever eaten! The toro melts in your mouth literally, and with wasabi, it enhances the freshness of this fatty tuna. While the uni is so creamy, and you don’t even have to chew or even swallow it because it just slides down by itself (it starts melting on the ice bed if we put it there for too long too!).

My favourite part of eating them is to put as much uni as possible onto the crispy seaweed, wrap it and bite it in one mouth!

When we headed over, they ran out of their charcoal calamari, so we ordered the charcoal octopus instead which tasted amazing as well, I love to match it with the japanese sauce given which elevates the pleasantly charred flavours in the octopus.

The Clam Soup gives out a really refreshing taste with the radish and slight orangey-yuzu taste, which helps to clear the palate before our mains.

🀀 5/5
πŸ’Έ $120/pax for their omakase
πŸ“ @nokasg

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