Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore
Can't get enough of raw fish and seafood? Here's our list of places to enjoy a solid chirashi don without burning a hole in your pocket.
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Asian Flavours
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Burpple Bites Dining Vouchers Is Your Newest Way To Eat!
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Puffs are encrusted with a crusty crust, filled with fresh, luscious and burst of flavour. As cream used was fresh, it was neither jelak not too sweet. Black sesame cream was light and fragrant with a hint of roasted taste.

Inspired by the streets of Seoul, focuses on giving all their customers a satisfying meal in one-and-a-half-hours through Korean goodness.👍 Diners will start with fishcake skewers, followed up with Tteokbokki & Ramyeon in the hotpot, and lastly their Signature Fried Rice to compete the meal.😌 It’s a pity we didn’t managed to try their fried rice since we were already so full from the hotpot…

To start “hotpot-ing”, you’ve to choose your desired hotpot sauce from their variety of sauces - Homemade, Tteokbokki, Gungjung, Jajang, Carbonara, Volcano & Mala! And of course, you can opt for preset combinations.

Tteokbokki lovers can rejoice, as has 5 different sorts of Tteokbokki to enjoy. From Round, Sliced & Hollow Rice Cakes, to Sweet Potato Rice Cakes and lastly Cheese Rice Cakes too!😋

Swipe left👈 to check out their full buffet spread, which ranges from cooked finger bites, to your classic hotpot items (Meats, Seafood, Vegetables, Noodles & many more)

For the full Tteokbokki hotpot experience, you won’t regret topping up SGD9.90++ for a cheese ring! Zhng-up anything and everything by dipping into the melty cheese & corn. SHIOK SIA🤤

💌Thank you for the kind invite and for having me!☺️

📍90 Minutes
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road 01-01, S189559

We ordered the Healthy Herbal fish and the mala hotpot. The mala was not bad, but the grilled fish was really good. It was also very affordable at $13.80! Will definitely be back for more. :)


To be honest, I had difficulty picturing how the young jackfruit turned into nuggets like these. They may look unassuming, but these deep-fried nuggets of shredded young jackfruit seasoned with five-spice powder were actually quite tasty as an entree. Slight hint of sweetness as the batter uncovers, but don’t expect the creaminess of the raw fruit. Perhaps with the five-spice powder seasoning, it became rather savory than sweet although I am not surprised to see a young jackfruit used in this culinary manner. Served with sweet and sour dipping sauce by the side.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mrspho for hosting us!

From a Malay snack stall. My first time encountering mee jiang kueh by Malays, not counting martabak, which is a different thing. This was average lor.

Ok food, agonisingly slow service.

Was not impressed by the food and service here previously and ordering takeaway from them is not much better.

The beef was alright but wasn't "shabu shabu" as described -- it was actually composed of (admittedly tender) chunks of beef instead of the usual strips found in shabu shabu. Quite a lot of it was also onion filler.

What really made this experience sour was how atrociously slow although 3/4 of the floor was waiting for their food and a queue was forming outside. I had to wait more than 20 mins to takeaway -- at the end, I just went in and helped the oblivious waitress pack my food.

After trying the stall at West Coast, I ordered these from Tampines for my friends. With 2 sets of 1-1 Mixed Grill and 1 ala carte Aglio Olio, the total cost is only $39.50. Which works out to be $7.90 only. The serving is extremely generous and good that mixed gril can choose between black pepper or mushroom sauce. My friends commented that the greens maybe too little. But overall still the best value for money. Wish that different locations can have different selection so that we get to try different types of Western Food.

This combo I have chosen cost $23. With the 1-1, the total cost is $30 as we ordered hazelnut cola and sour plum drink. There was no serving of water in this HDB setting. The cola is bitter, not as nice as can’t really taste the hazelnut. Didn’t realised it was a halal restaurant till we entered. For a weekday evening the crowd is quite good. The serving of the food is generous but the seasoning is not authentic how a Don is like in Japanese restaurants. Maybe the combo could not draw out the unique taste of chicken/beef. I usually love Japanese rice and will finish it all, but tonight I didn’t finish my bowl. Will not return if there’s no 1-1 as it is pricey in general (beef was not featherblade as advertised) and not exactly the taste which I expected. They should update their Burpple menu accordingly.