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The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
The Sweetest 1-for-1 Dessert Deals
Delicate cakes, ice cream s’mores, nostalgic tarts, Swiss rolls, macarons, eclairs, pancakes and more with #BurppleBeyond! Enjoy leisurely weekend afternoons or after-dinner hangs with these sweet deals.
Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
A dog is a man's best friend — so it's only right that we sniff out the best spots to take your furry pal when you hop out for a meal. Whether it's for a date or a get-together with the fam, here are 12 spots to feast with your pooch!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: March 2020
MARCH foward, towards the promise of buzzy new spots to check out — foolproof bagel 'wiches, a hidden neighbourhood dessert spot, exquisite cocktails and unpretentious Greek food.
1-for-1 Date Night Deals with Burpple Beyond
1-for-1 Date Night Deals with Burpple Beyond
Take your favourite person out and design your ideal date night with Burpple Beyond — sip on cocktails, feast on stellar cuts of steak, or have cake and tea!
New on Beyond: March 2020
New on Beyond: March 2020
NEW 1-for-1 deals! Gelato at Madlygood, Halal mains at The Co-op, Impossible burgers from The Good Burger & more!
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Latest Food recommended in Singapore

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Very underrated place, murtabak is tasty and the curry is good. The place is a little small but well-maintained and clean.

This is straight up just cheese in between 2 naans. It’s the kind of food you’d crave when you’re damn drunk at 3am, and you’re staggering around in your kitchen looking for food.

Personally would’ve liked the addition of some caramelised onions in the naanwich. But ok la, to be fair, it’s not really authentic grilled cheese if you do that.

Though the word “sambal” sounds intimidating for chili wimps like me, this isn’t too spicy. This dish comes with a kick for sure, but it’s manageable.

Rather interesting combi of fries and quail egg, but this dish probably won’t be my go-to. I also prefer crispier fries, though I understand the fries probably got weighed down by the sambal sauce.

This place specialises in jaffles - toasties is the closest word to describe it. Pictured is the Nice To Meat You, which comprises of ingredients like beef peperoni, pork chorizo, chipotle mayo, poached egg and salad greens. It's a classic yet failproof combination, loved the way the bread was toasted, and ingredients were generous as well. Probably won't get at original price, but with Burpple's 1-for-1, then yes definitely. Cozy environment as well!

Humongous platter laden with meats like ribeye steak, fried pork belly, chicken tikka, wings and samosas.

I loved the chicken tikka, which was perfectly seasoned and really soft. The ribeye steak was pretty good as well. However, I thought the fried pork belly was too salty for me. I would probably skip that and gorge myself on the tikka.

Since it’s a full platter of meat, it can get a bit jelat. Thankfully, the sauces provided really helped cut through the heaviness of the meat. My personal favorite was the mint yoghurt sauce.

Honestly if I had this platter to share, I wouldn’t have space to eat any more food afterwards. This can easily serve as a main, even if you’re a big eater.

Thanks Taco Mantra for inviting us to taste your food! Thanks Burpple for helping to coordinate everything as well :)

Labelled as “must try”, this rather unorthodox dish stood out from the rest with its pop of colours.

On one side of the bowl was delectably fried chicken - light crisp breading wrapped the tender meat, drizzled with sweet chili sauce. On the other were the refreshing flavours of iceberg lettuce (and vegetable friends), dressed in yogurt and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

As someone with low spice tolerance, the cold creaminess of the salad was both an indulgence and comfort in the face of the heat. It’s a pretty good modern take on Korean cuisine with notes of sweet and savoury and everything nice.

Thanks to my parents who are fans of the Soya Sauce Chicken from @haikeesg, I have started to frequent the stall too. The one I visit is in the corner coffeeshop at the junction of Telok Kurau and Changi Road.
Their chicken is really smooth and delicious as it is properly saturated in the light but fragrant braising sauce. There doesn’t seem to be much visible fat on the flavourful skin, so I have been happily wolfing everything down.
The condiments here are worth a mention because there’s a fiery hot chilli (my fave!), a cooked oil-based ginger and spring onion sauce (my mum’s must-have) and a regular fresh ginger dip.
Pricing is very reasonable too. I paid about $33 for the lunch for two pax shown above, plus a takeaway order of half a chicken for my parents.

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A huge portion for $8, definitely enough of a protein fix after gym. The duck was tender and not too fatty while the char siew was great but lean (just the way I like it, but i do know lots of people who prefer fatty char siew).