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Celebrating the Luxurious Oyster: Five Ways To Impress Everyone at PUTIEN
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New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: December 2019
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New on Beyond: December 2019
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The Christmas Cheat-sheet
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Swing by the iconic Red House for breakfast with the gang — perfect for easties who aren't able to make it to the original outlet at Serene Centre. Share the delectable Grilled Cheese ($12) that’s balanced with sauerkraut and tomato jam, as well as their House Ricotta Tartine ($12) featuring smooth, house-made ricotta and delightfully tangy sourdough toast. Alternatively, go for the Scrambled Free-range Eggs ($14) and add on a side of Avocado ($3). Wash it down with the Long Black ($4.50) or refreshing Pink Lemongrass drink ($5).
Photo by Burppler Gan Zhang Xun

It’s really cute how the machine prepares your drink. The staff are really friendly too.

Macaroni and cheese; the place was surprisingly empty. The decor was really nicely themed though.

Cheese pizza - extremely cheesy; a little jelad after a while.

Absolutely appalling service - went there at 9 for dinner, knowing that the place closes at 10. when I got there, the staff had closed the restaurant and were packing up, and I was told that they’d closed up because there were no customers. Flora (possibly not her real name) told me that her boss had approved the early closure.

When I pressed further and showed her the official closing time, and told her that there was no reason to close the shop now that there were customers, she had the temerity to inform me that the restaurant was supposed to close at 9 just today, and that it closed at 10 on all other days.

I recommend against treating your potential customers as fools.

High tea buffet with some hits and misses. Tea/ coffee is unlimited but is limited to one choice of tea per pax, hence we chose 4 different teas to share. We had black tea Irish whisky cream, white tea White yin long, green tea Pai Mu Tan & Melon and herbal tea Granny's Garden. Service was great though.
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This is nice! The cheese given I think was generous and perfect, the incorporation of sauerkraut definitely made this sandwich more unique. If u’re no big fan of sauerkraut maybe can simply request to remove it, will still result in a good grilled cheese!
Also served with some tomato jam that I feel makes this sandwich more special!

After a major souffle let-down I still tried one of their cakes that I heard was great
This one is definitely much worth it than the souffle!
The sweetness is just right, the chocolate intensity is great, the pralines, fugde, and all other elements were nicely textured, had nice flavor, and each also had a nice amount so the overall texture balance of the cake was great.