8 Taiwanese Places To Satisfy Your Braised Pork Rice Cravings
8 Taiwanese Places To Satisfy Your Braised Pork Rice Cravings
Lu Rou Fan or 'Lor Bak Peng,' more commonly known as Braised Pork Rice Bowl, is an authentic Taiwanese dish you shouldn't miss out on!
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Smash Burgers Spot
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Smash Burgers Spot
Here are the best burgers to try right now, from The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar, Crossroads Cafe, TORCHED, Big Boy Franks, to F1RST GRILL Gastronomic. Sink your teeth into these bundles of joy — juicy patties, punchy toppings, buttery buns and all - only on #BurppleBeyond!
ASPA: Asian-Spanish Tapas Joint Serving Singapore's First Claypot Paella
ASPA: Asian-Spanish Tapas Joint Serving Singapore's First Claypot Paella
Are you a fan of claypot rice and paella? If so, we’ve got just the food haunt for you!
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: May 2022
Newly Opened
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: May 2022
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Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
Best Young Hawkers in Singapore 2022
A hawker's life might be far from glamorous but that certainly hasn't stopped a new generation of hawkers from doing their part in preserving family legacies and introducing new iterations of hawker food.
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Tasting portion is the small bunch, really tiny. Normal portion is a decent size. We had mentaiko with squid ink, slightly salty but the brininess fits into the dish. Lamb pasta is also good, savoury hearty taste for those who like stronger flavours.

I tried Sea-Salt Hojicha + Osmanthus Pear Sobert (diary-free) (double scoop) for this round of time. I think that the thyme cone smell is so similar 👌 sea-salt hojicha was milky and creamy compared to osmanthus pear sobert was refreshing and less milky & creamy. I almost forgot to describe the taste for both of them. But then sea-salt hojicha is that mild roasted tea flavour whereas osmanthus pear sobert was fruit based ice cream flavour.

the menu only has 4 mains but it is quite delicious.each dish comes with two satays and i highly recommend the pork satay. Also their spicy is barely spicy so good for those who have bad spice tolerance like me LOL. water is not chargeable and staff are super friendly!

Decided to order Hojicha Latte ($6.50) (iced + $1) so I felt that the proportion for milk was a bit too much but I barely taste hojicha 😅 (like light roasted tea) So do stir through the drink if you wanted balanced taste. But the hojicha didn't absorbed well with milk but just sink on the bottom of the drink.

Part of the Luxuries 7-Course Spring Dinner Menu ($288.00++) available from Wednesday to Saturdays

I was really looking forward to dining here because there were so many good reviews, but I left disappointed. The food was average and the service was perfunctory, although the food was served very quickly. The ambience was also lacking. Maybe cos we came on a weekend and the weekday vibes are better?

Items worth a try:
- Tori Karaage
- Gyu Ponzu
- Tsukune
- Short ribs
- Bacon with Scallops

We ordered some other things as well, and our bill added up to about $96 (with no alcohol).

Cuban sandwich @ $16

The food seems pretty average after reading all the good reviews, expectations might have been a bit too high. Got this cuban sandwich that has got a plus sign next to it on the menu, it's alright just that it doesn't really feel very "cuban" enough, think maybe not enough cheese or something.

Got a bunch of other stuff -
Fuel me up @ $19
Chicky egg waffle @ $17
Bacon & spinach mac & cheese @ $17
Nacho pulled pork @ $12

They are all not bad though nothing quite spectacular. Good thing is that the prices are nett, and we got $30 using burpple beyond app. Might be back to try their pastas and mains which look good from the photos of other reviews.

Nutella Tart - $8.50
Revisiting Wimbly Lu and this time for their Nutella tart. This chocolate tart is made with gao gao Nutella chocolate. Every mouthful is a punch of Nutella. Chocolate lover will definitely enjoy. Flush it down with a glass of ice shaken lemon tea ($5.80) for the shiokness
Wimbly Lu