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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Chinese Cuisine
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Restaurant Gaig: New Five-Course Menu At Michelin-Starred Spanish Restaurant
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals: Best For Cafe Hopping.
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Visited Graffiti Cafe @ NEX on a late Monday afternoon and ordered (1) Set B (Wanton Noodles, Water Chestnut Drink, and a Soup), and (2) Ah Balling (Longan Soup).

Ambience: 5/10 (for a quick meal alone)
It is a decent spot for a very fast meal alone for when you are running short of time. The area is quite cramp and if you do visit during peak hour, it can feel like you are squeezing with the rest of the diners.

Service: 5/10
The collection point for food is not well-planned out as it is situated in the middle of the store right in front of a sitting area. Given that it is such a cramped area, it does not give the diners and people who are taking-away much area to walk. The queue display system is also placed such that you can only view it only if you are standing near it. As a result, people who are taking-away their food are forced to cramp around the collection point in the middle of the store, causing a lot of congestion and blockage for other diners who want to walk pass the area - such as to collect their utensil (which is again, poorly designed as it is placed near the cramped collection point which induces a lot of blockage). The staff on the other hand are actually relatively pleasant and friendly!

Flavour: 7/10
A very good bowl of wanton noodle that is very flavourful, filling, and affordable. The fried wantons are very crispy, noodles are Q, and with each bite of the tomato sauce that is infused with the noodle, it makes me wants to go back for more. The Ah Balling also impresses me as well - chewy and comforting when consumed together with the Longan Soup. My own complain is that the Water Chestnut is way too diluted. It felt like I was drinking a drink with ice that has been left under the sun to melt for 20 minutes.

Overall, I feel that Graffiti Cafe is a very good place for a quick meal if you are craving for an affordable yet delicious bowl of Wanton Noodle and Ah Balling.

@salt.oldairport has been slinging out incredible grilled & fried chickens for years, but it’s only now that I decided to try their Signature Chicken Cutlet with Mushroom Aglio Olio ($8.50 nett) instead of the grilled chicken. Lemme tell y’all that I regret absolutely nothing.⠀

Everything that constitutes an impeccable fried chicken cutlet is checked off the list. Well salted, juicy chicken fillet? Check. A thin, earth shatteringly crunchy layer of blistered batter that cocoons the chicken? Also check. A sweet & superbly savoury sauce glaze on the chicken? Yup, check. Gluttonous satisfaction? Check, all present and accounted for.⠀

The grease control on this fried cutlet is pretty remarkable, as you can get through about three quarters of the chicken before starting to feel the guilt of grease creeping up. Alas, this chicken cutlet is so gargantuan that the oiliness eventually adds up and gets you at the end. Still, it was rather delicious while it lasted. As for the aglio olio, there ain’t much to say. It’s al dente, gloriously garlicky & subtly spicy, a simple yet stalwart choice to complement the chicken cutlet.⠀

Sure, Singapore’s hawkers might be about to run into a chicken supply crunch, but that don’t mean that you gotta cut these cutlets out of your diet.

This features 2 types of fish, accompanied by crunchy grilled cauliflower with smoky vegetal sweet spice flavour, over a base of sticky black rice with healthy grainy sweet flavour.
There's a medium-sized fillet of grilled barramundi fish, tender and moist and flaky with smoky sweet savoury salty flavour.
But the star is the hickory-smoked salmon fish, with its tender flaky juicy texture and bold smoky savoury sweet salty flavour; the hickory wood lending a depth of addictive deliciousness.
NUDE Seafood
More details:

A short walk from Telok Ayer MRT, this steakhouse has a nice classy ambience and excellent service. The waiters were attentive and polite. It was a wonderful experience with amazing food. The Bone Marrow & Caviar on Sourdough was a great start to the meal, as was the Grilled Octopus. The Spicy Crispy Pig's Ear was quite memorable as the portions were quite generous and we spent some time snacking on it. The spice and dipping sauce were quite enjoyable. The Chunky Beef Heart Tomatoes and Truffle Mac & Cheese were served next which were also great. The truffle was very aromatic and the dish had a deep and rich flavour. The tomatoes tasted light and fresh especially with the dressing. Both worked well with the Wagyu Steak which was a nice medium well. The steak was tender and juicy and the sauces provided were nice and not overpowering at all. The Tiramisu was a great last dish to complete the meal. All the portions were quite good and we spent almost 2 hours from start to finish.

delivery was ex for me but it’s okay the discount replaced it so free delivery for me instead :D

Pardon the non-aesthetic photo... Was happy to dive right in & slurp up this refreshing beverage. Dad likes to go out with me cos it's the only time he can share a pint of beer with someone 🙃

Brewlander's Best Dad Award ($18 nett full pint / $11 nett half pint / $15 nett HH* full pint) is a pleasant IPA that is piney & slightly herby. Also a lil bit tropical.. Not like crazy fruity, but in a good way that lends a brightness to this beer to make it refreshing.

Both of us enjoyed this very much!

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Quandoo
🙋🏻‍♀️ No service charge
🚫 No GST
💦 Water is not chargeable
📍Inside Valley Point Mall
🚪 Enter from River Valley Road (not from within the mall)
* 🍻 Happy Hour: 12-6PM, Mon-Fri

L to R: Lychee white peach,Earl Grey, Ispahan, Paris Brest, Mango Banana, Pink Guava

TLDR; Eclairs are very pretty but most look better than they taste. Worth a try with Burpple as it is quite pricey (~$8.50 each). Would consider going back to get the Ispahan again using Burpple.

1. Lychee white peach (seasonal): Looks pretty, but lychee taste was mild and couldn't taste the white peach - 2/5
2. Earl Grey (seasonal): Could taste the earl grey but I didn't like it. Best part was the blueberries - 2/5
3. Ispahan (classic): Must-try! Light floral taste really complemented the lychee. The rasperry's tartness balanced it out and also added texture - 5/5
4. Paris Brest (seasonal): Very plain and unassuming at a glance, almost skipped on it but it was nice. Hazelnut cream reminded me of ferrero rocher and the nuts added a nice crunch - 4/5
5. Mango Banana (seasonal): Mango blended quite well with the banana, but nothing exceptional to go back for - 3/5
6. Pink Guava (seasonal): Sounded interesting but just felt that it tasted weird. Give it a miss - 1/5