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The bacon was thick and substantial. Overall it was a lovely sandwich without much sauce so I can taste every ingredient in there. Like it this way!

Basically it’s an omelette wrapped over Japanese rice and Japanese curry around it. Good presentation as always for Japanese food and taste wasn’t bad even tho I wonder why they call this curry. Should be sweet spiced gravy?

For fifteen dollars nett, @gyunamisg Unagi (freshwater eel) Don is quite alright. A respectably sized slice of unagi is slathered with teriyaki sauce while grilling, and laid over a bed of rice. That’s all there is to this simple unagi don.⠀

Even though the unagi don is simple, it is simply delicious. The unagi was flavoured well by the teriyaki marinade, and acquired a nice char & crisp from the sugars in the teriyaki caramelising while grilling. The skin was a little tough however, and definitely required more grilling on the skin side. It’s a minor nitpick, and it doesn’t interfere with the fact that fifteen bucks for unagi don in Orchard road is an acceptable trade.⠀

However, you can save a little bit of moolah for bubble tea later on. Gyu Nami is one of burpple five hundred and seventy partners, and you can get two dons of your choice for just twenty five dollars! Not bad at all if you ask me. Once more, thank you for having us, @gyunamisg & @burpple!

Remember when I said that the bowls at @gyunamisg are on the smaller side? Well, there’s good news, because beSIDES the rice bowls, they’ve got sides to fill up your belly. Pick from a trio of chicken yakitori sticks, or tamago mentaiko, or plain ol’ edamame at five bucks each.⠀

The chicken yakitori would doubtlessly be the first pick for most diners, and after sinking my teeth into it I can see why. Slightly smoky and incredibly tender, these chicken skewers were quite tasty due to the yakitori sauce that had been slathered on copiously while grilling.⠀

However, I preferred the Tamago Mentaiko. A block of Japanese omelette is drizzled with mentaiko mayo on top and blowtorched for extra flavour. The mentaiko was tasty, but they should’ve put more for better effect. However, the tamago is stunningly light and bouncy. Normally Japanese omelets tend to be rather light as it is, but this one required minimal effort to chew and was akin to eating an eggy cloud. Definitely a side piece that should be a mainstay on any table, for sure.⠀

Thanks for the hospitality, @gyunamisg & @burpple!

And now we get to the meat of the matter, the main reason why @gyunamisg was catapulted into the limelight in the first place. While their Signature Wagyu Roast Beef Don has gone up in price from $10 to $15 since their move from Amoy Street Food Centre due to higher food costs, the quality has remained superb throughout.⠀

An abundance of sliced roasted wagyu is artfully draped on top of the mountain of rice beneath, and a soft boiled egg is gently laid into the well created by the beef wrapped around the rice. As expected of wagyu, the beef is tremendously tender and fatty, and most pieces are alluringly medium rare. The beef is sparingly seasoned, instead deriving most of its flavours from the signature sauce that’s poured over one side of the bovine mountain.⠀

Alvin, the director, informed us that the sauce was mostly unchanged from the original recipe. There’s a bit of cream for that extra velvety richness, but most of the sauce is yogurt. This keeps the calories down, and imparts a titillating tang to all the richness in the bowl with the yogurt’s inherent sourness. While this bowl is on the petite side, the flavours punch well above its weight.⠀

Better yet, with #burpplebeyond you could get two bowls of this Wagyu Roast Beef Don for just twenty five bucks nett! And yes, the offer is also applicable for takeaway orders! A solid bargin by anyone’s standards, for sure. Thank you for your hospitality, @gyunamisg & @burpple!

@gyunamisg has come a long way since their beginnings in Amoy Street. Back then, they only had cooked options on the menu, but now they’ve got Salmon Sashimi Ikura Don as well as Salmon Mentaiko Don ($15 nett each) on their menu.⠀

The salmon sashimi was of decent quality and fantastic freshness. Blowtorching it, however, brings it up to a whole new level. The fat in the salmon had rendered out somewhat, and the salmon acquired a nice, comely char on the outside. The mouthwatering mentaiko sauce is drizzled on top of the seared salmon, and blowtorched. That’s right, the salmon has been aburi’d twice, giving extra smokiness and an additional complexity of flavour. Better yet, the rice underneath is dressed in a mix of vinegar and soy sauce. Hooray, finally a donburi place that doesn’t neglect the rice!⠀

As for the salmon sashimi, it’s simple but effective. The fresh salmon only carries mild hints of fishiness, but that was easily masked by a quick dip in soy sauce & wasabi. Plus, there’s an abundance of suitably sized slices in the bowl. Combined with the bursty, briny salinity of the ikura (marinated salmon roe), and the simple yet superbly seasoned rice, most sashimi cravings should be sated.⠀

But what if I told you that you could get a little discount for both of these bowls? That’s right, #burpplebeyond has a deal for you. Two bowls of your choice at Gyu Nami are going for twenty five bucks flat. That’s $12.50 a bowl, which is a good bit of business considering the quality of the food & the location. The portions are on the small side though, so big eaters may consider getting a side dish to pair off with the dons.⠀

Thanks for hosting us, @gyunamisg & @burpple!

subscribe to their telegram channel for deals on discounted bowls for their outlet at nus! was only $10.90 per bowl which made the meal an absolutely deal (: pork was soft and melts in the mouth, topped with generous mentaiko sauce.

so delicious! bought the smoked duck and shrimp flavoured pizzas, which were thin-crusted and full of flavour. definitely worth-it with burpple deal as each pizza is rather large!