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Best Malay in Singapore
Best Malay in Singapore
From satays by the beach, to nasi ambeng feasts and elevated nasi lemaks — here are 8 spots, offering great Malay cooking, for you and your loved ones to makan at!
8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
8 Buzz-worthy Mooncakes For The Curious, The Trendsetters and The Adventurous
Rediscover the traditions of Mid-Autumn festival by gathering around these buzzy mooncake flavours. Citi Cardmembers enjoy up to 30% off these sweet treats!
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
Whether you’re vegetarian or simply taking a break from meat, it’s a feast with these 5 great spots with #BurppleBeyond!
Why Every Singaporean Should Be A Waiter At Least Once In Their Lives
Why Every Singaporean Should Be A Waiter At Least Once In Their Lives
The great thing is that where there are challenges to be faced, there are lessons to be learnt. And F&B is chock full of them.
New on Beyond: August 2019
New on Beyond: August 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get fusion udons at Udon Komadori, tasty Vietnamese at Moc Quan, beef omurice at Deli's Kitchen, chirashi dons at Kei Kaisendon and more!
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Prominent matcha flavor in this large size five-grained bun. A little amount of red beans added in the dough. Soft and fluffy. Worth a try.

Not quite like what you’d expect from the sound of it. Not sure which part of this resembles a cheesecake! Perhaps due to the fact that they sweeten the dish with yoghurt sauce, fig jam and beetroot. Interesting, but I’d rather explore the other dishes on hind sight.

This is my first time trying Salmon.. Overall the dish was good.. Well cooked salmon.. However.. I do find the pasta kind of dry and the dish is pricey too for its amt. It is $17.90.

The ambience is good.. Service is good. Better to book before u go to the cafe.

Sorry Burpple, but Burpple beyond was so NOT WORTH IT in this case. Terrible experience here on many counts. 1) the price they charged was the more expensive “wastage” price even though we finished all the food. With the mandatory drink order, the total bill added up to pretty much the same price as if we had ordered all ala carte, but we didn’t get to have the salad bar etc too. 2) They likely forgot our order of takoyaki until we reminded them because it took so long to arrive. When it finally did, the interior of the takoyaki was cold - obviously not cooked properly. When we told the service staff, his reply was “I don’t know, it’s prepared by the kitchen.” Wow, what “great” service recovery. Even when they replaced the items, they FORGOT part of the order again!!!! 3) Many items on the menu weren’t available - truffle items weren’t available BUT they said we could order the truffle salmon udon from another section of the menu. Sounds contradictory? The solution was that the truffle salmon udon had NO TRUFFLE in it -.- 4) Food portions are tiny, especially the amount (or lack) of meat. 5) Wasabi costs $3 - I didn’t bother to order it to find out how the portion is like 6) They insisted on cancelling my Chope reservation because I was using a Burpple deal.

Mushroom rice with sweet chicken ($2) from 7 Eleven. Best to eat it warm.

You can choose 2 types of chicken from the menu and I selected the crispy chicken and fiery chicken with garden vegetables as my sides. ($14.90) (tip: the garden veggies come with an oily dressing that I will always eliminate. The plain steamed vegetables are always the best counterpart to the flavorful meats)

The crispy chicken from Astons is one of my favorite fried chickens of all time. It has this delicious batter thats always fried to a perfect golden crispy crunch. (move over, KFC!) It seemed like this time the batter seemed a little too thick and floury though, hmm. And they use the chicken thigh which is always so tender and delicious.

The grilled fiery chicken is perfect dipped in ketchup. I love how it is so juicy, with the juices literally dripping from the meat as I cut into it. It is straight-up spicy, the kind of spicy that doesn't have much flavor to it and hence allowing the meaty flavors to shine through.

All in all, Astons isn't always 100% consistent and yes there is a perpetually long queue at this outlet, but dangggg they provide comfort food at such an affordable price :)


Miser portion of smoked salmon (3 slices), poached eggs, avocado chimichurri, red onion dices, cherry tomatoes, tzatziki lemon vinaigrette, sprinkle of seeds, rocket and quinoa. Not very filling for its price.

I can finally curb my cravings and get my fill of pork trotter bee hoon, since I last had it at @hapitrixs’s place in early part of this year. This simple yet so delectable dish is not commonly found in local hawker centres. Their pork leg bee hoon is served moist and absorbs the flavour from the canned pork trotter with a fair amount of meat, vegetables, bean sprouts and a lime to squeeze over it! Yum 😋
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