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Burpple Beyond Turns ONE!
Burpple Beyond Turns ONE!
It’s been an awesome year of 1-for-1 dining. Read on for some #BeyondTurnsOne milestones.
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: July 2019
New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: July 2019
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Slurp up These Saucy #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 Pasta Deals
Slurp up These Saucy #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 Pasta Deals
Twirl your way through these 6 great pasta spots — with 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deals, the pasta-bilities are endless!
Bar Bites for The Best Nights
Bar Bites for The Best Nights
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New on Beyond: July 2019
New on Beyond: July 2019
New 1-for-1 deals! Get fusion pizzas at DePizza, skewers and ramen at Mikawa Japanese, hearty Thai at Soi 47, Taiwanese nosh at Tea Valley and more!
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The bread for this was not as soft and fluffy as compared to some of their other breads, requiring a tougher chew/bite closer to that of sourdoughs. Not sure if the bread itself was supposed to be black sesame infused because i couldn't really taste it, but the fillings more than made up for it and provided the much loved black sesame fragrance 😍

The texture of the black sesame fillings was kind of sandy, and the fillings are a tad sweet. I still love the bread and will definitely repurchase, but would prefer a lower sweetness level with smoother and thicker textures for the filling😊

There was a generous portion of sweet potato that seemed to be unsweetened, save for the natural slight sweetness of the sweet potato.

The sweet potato fillings were a combination of smooth, creamy mash with little cubes of sweet potato within which provided a slight change in texture.

The bread was super soft and fluffy! I always ask them to slice my bread because they are generally all so huge and it seems like too much of an indulgence, but this was so addictive i finished the whole big loaf at one go😅

Love at first sight. Love at first bite. And it wasn’t just me who felt that way.
The aged duck breast at last night’s invited tasting of the new menu developed by Head Chef Archan was a revelation. Although Chef was quick to humbly demur, saying they use a very good duck from France, what I enjoyed was how perfectly cooked it was. The skin and the meat were executed bullseye on point, and the IPA-infused orange glaze, bright and caramelly, went so well with every bite.
I dare say for me, her rendition even beats similar duck dishes I’ve had at a few other fine dining restaurants.

Ordered Nice to Meat you & The Fun Guy
Simple and yummy meal for a weekend brunch 😋

Aburi Sake sushi (left)
The salmon belly was so gratifyingly fatty and torched till it had a melt in your mouth texture. The mentai sauce added on to the creamy mouthfeel of the sushi and complemented the smoky, torched flavour of the salmon really well.

Negitoro sushi (right)
Was surprised when i was told that this was tuna belly, as all the tuna belly sushi i’ve had previously were Don’t think there’s many japanese restaurants offering this on their buffet menu either, which is exactly one winning factor of shin yuu.

You would be surprised at how many restaurants can screw up their simpler and more basic dishes, which thankfully wasn't the case here.The chicken skin was crisp and the meat tender and juicy. Most importantly, there wasn’t any “bloody” chicken stench.

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Bite sized sushi thats perfect for popping the whole thing in your mouth at one go so that you can enjoy the burst of textures and flavours. The salmon skin adds depth to the textures of the sushi, giving it a nice crunch in contrast to the soft sushi rice and melt-in-your mouth torched salmon which was wonderfully creamy. Best consumed as soon as you get your sushi,if not the salmon skin might lose its crispness!

Unagi and avocado; truly a classic pairing that can never go wrong. The fatty, well marinated and melt-in-your mouth unagi was really good, and even better that there wasn’t too much sushi rice which would have been a sad distraction