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Singapore's Best Meatless Eats
Singapore's Best Meatless Eats
If you're looking to balance out your diet, go on a detox, or if you're simply vegetarian, here are 12 places that serve up tasty meat-free eats — think faux sashimi, hummus with fluffy pita and Thai basil "pork" and more. We didn't think eating clean could taste this good!
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2019 In (Food) Review: The Trends You Loved
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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Somerset
1-for-1 Burpple Beyond Deals in Somerset
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Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
Singapore's Best Pet-Friendly Places
A dog is a man's best friend — so it's only right that we sniff out the best spots to take your furry pal when you hop out for a meal. Whether it's for a date or a get-together with the fam, here are 12 spots to feast with your pooch!
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
1-for-1 Vegetarian Dishes That Will Satisfy
Whether you’re vegetarian or simply looking for meat-free eats, enjoy these tasty 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deals!
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Look at that terrible pork rind. I thought these Pork Belly Baos would be a spin off of either kong bak baos or like roast pork buns, but nope these turned out to be — I’m most certainly declaring this — the worst bao creation I’ve had. The description says: pork belly, 5-spice red miso, XO dressed local greens. I expected melt-in-your mouth braised meat with a fantastic miso sauce, shrimpy xo sauce and maybe some slaw of local veggies. Nada. What I got was BOILED pork belly (look at the grey unappetising rind?!) with meat that was crazy rubbery, tough, and completely tasteless. The red miso was insanely salty and unevenly distributed, veggies were simply blanched without any semblance of seasoning, and where’s the XO sauce??? Dude this was so terrible I literally have nothing positive about it I can say.

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$8 for this creamy salted egg chicken. I think this is the best salted egg I had so far.

Finally tracked down Aussie rolls which used to be at chevron house basement.

The roll size was still generous but felt that the flavour and quality of the rice used to be much better .

Was missing the distinct vinegarish taste in the rice and the firmer bite on the grain .

Wat Tan means silky egg 🥚 . My default dish to order at any Tze char because though this sounds like a simple dish - so many things need to be made right for excellence .

Wok hei ✅
Generous silky egg sauce ✅
Good textured hor fun ✅
Fresh ingredients ✅

The wok hei was missing a little today but still god enough - the generous egg sauce more than made up for that .

Some days I just want a quick fuss free and pocket friendly meal - don’t need the ambience and don’t need the service Nor nicely plated food - Nor premium ingredients.

I was However quite impressed with what was dished out at Saizeria though I never can remember or pronounce the name of this establishment 😝

I just call it the cheap italian😝 place . Cheap but by no means cheap in quality or taste . The Thin crust pizza was actually quite delicious though you won’t expect the stretchy kind of dough . This was more like a one dimensional crisp dough but it was good enough - sufficient cheese , pretty tasty bacon and juicy pineapples ( not those lightly coloured canned ones ).

The whole pizza came together very well and the best part is that it is just sufficient for one person - you won’t need to over stuff yourself .

I like how the restaurant conveniently places the chilli flakes and the parmesan cheese for your use - not like most establishments that hide their condiments hahahha.

My first time here and definitely will be coming back for more .