Deals this Vesak Day
Deals this Vesak Day
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Places for Mother's Day
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Deals This Mother's Day
Deals This Mother's Day
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Special Treat for Mum!
Special Treat for Mum!
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Deals This Good Friday and Hari Raya Puasa
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Settled at the Food Garden food court at Asia Square for lunch not too long ago and was fairly intrigued by a curry rice that another diner was having — didn’t recall that the Food Garden food court had any tenants that serves up Hainanese-style curry rice; turns out that Hor Fun King 河粉星 had recently introduced a new line-up on its menu. For those whom are not aware, Hor Fun King is a concept that is run by the very same folks behind the Gochi-So Shokudo ごち惣食堂 brand; other brands that they also run includes Tun Xiang Nanyang Delights 豚香南洋館 — both brands can also be found alongside Hor Fun King within the Food Garden food court at Asia Square. In line with the introduction of their “Hainan Curry” series of offerings, Hor Fun King seemed to have installed a display case at its counter where one can also find various meats being stocked up — the different types of meats that are listed under the “Hainan Curry” line-up includes that of the Honey BBQ Pork Curry, Pork Chop Curry, Chicken Chop Curry and the Crispy Prawns Curry.

Speak about “Hainan Curry” and we most obviously would not be able to give their Braised Pork Curry a miss — the pairing of braised pork belly (or even the crispy pork chop in fact) with Hainanese-style curry bringing the most quintessential form of Hainanese curry rice. While Hor Fun King does describe on the elements that comes along with their dishes, it is noticed from the illustration on the menu that the Braised Pork Belly variant does come with braised pork belly, braised vegetables, sunny side-up and rice that is fully drenched in a braised sauce and curry gravy. With that being said, it does seem that the folks had missed out on the sunny side-up for our order if the illustrations is something representative of what is being actually served.

Digging into the rice first; we really liked how the rice comes completely drenched with curry gravy — there is definitely more than sufficient curry to go along with the portion of rice here, while the curry is also noted to be thick and rich; one that is definitely punchy without being overly “Lemak” with the coconut milk just like how one would expect out of Hainanese-style curry. The addition of the braised sauce actually helps to add a bit of depth to the notes of the curry gravy as well. We would probably liked it even more if the pork belly was to be drenched with some braised sauce for a deeper flavour; that being said, the pork belly does come a little more leaner here — comes with a fibrous bite and was sufficiently meaty, and also comes without any noticeable, undesirable porky stench that would have hindered the entire experience. The braised cabbage also does come with some pieces of black fungus for a bit of a chewy and springy texture; the braised vegetables coming with a soft bite with a subtly sweet note that went well with the curry-drenched rice. At $7.50, the Braised Pork Curry from Hor Fun King is likely something that we would have again — the lowest-priced item from the “Hainan Curry” series at Hor Fun King is the Honey BBQ Pork Curry at $6.50, and the highest-priced would be the Crispy Prawns Curry at $8,; also items which we are happy to give a go some other time as well!

I have heard a lot about Reiwa Soba Kappo since they first started out as a hawker stall in the Jalan Besar area just before or during the Covid outbreak but never got a chance to check their handmade soba out until recently.

For starters, we had their maguro tatsutaage or deep fried tuna. The marinated tuna chunks are lightly coated with rice flour, deep fried, topped with grated daikon and served in a tangy ponzu sauce.

We loved the tender marinated tuna chunks. They were sweet and juicy and paired really well with the grated daikon and tangy ponzu sauce. It's great as a starter or paired with their buckwheat soba!

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Ordered the Original Ribs and New York Striploin with Red Wine Sauce. They were incredibly tender and juicy - the ribs pulled apart so easily and had the nice meat to fat ratio. The red wine sauce paired perfectly with the steak which was medium perfectly. Did not feel jelak when eating, best paired with their ice cold full pint beer. Portions were decent with 2 sides to select for each main dish. Atmosphere is nice for a friend date since its a cozy space :) Would come back for the ribs again!

[Tampines, Singapore 🇸🇬]
[Coffee Shop]

Woodlands Claypot Prawn @woodlandsclaypotprawn is the first to offer charcoal claypot prawn in Singapore! Follow me to its latest outlet at Food Loft in Space @ Tampines, which has taken over the space formerly occupied by Saveur Thai and Smashed. The coffee shop is well ventilated with lots of fans around. Similar to the woodlands outlet, just chope a table before getting the order list from the counter.

Over 40 side dishes available to accompany
Charcoal Claypot Prawn Speciality Prawn Broth 砂锅虾特色虾汤 (S$32.80), with prices ranging from S$0.80 for Maggie noodle to S$10.80 for Tiger Prawns.
Where we selected the following
Bursting FishBall 爆浆鱼丸 (S$8.80)
Empress Clam 贵妃鲍片 (S$8.80)
Hokkaido Scallop 北海道带子 (S$10.80)
Prawn Paste 虾滑 (S$10.80)
Snow Crab 雪蟹 (S$8.80)
Tiger Prawn 虎虾 (S$10.80)
Toman Fish Slice 多曼鱼片 (S$6.80)
Chicken Slices 鸡片 (S$6.80)
Shabu Pork 涮肉 (S$8.80)
Smoked Duck 熏鸭 (S$8.80)
Wa Wa Cai 娃娃菜 (S$2.80)

The prawn broth was rich and flavourful with 12 to 15 big, juicy prawns in the claypot. There’s free flow non-chargeable sauce bar. Refillable prawn broth at no extra charge. They provide disposable gloves to peel prawns.

Everyone agreed that the Hokkien Mee 福建面 (S$8.80) was a must order. It was served with a raw egg (similar to moonlight hor fun 月光河粉), sambal, and 3 huge prawns on top. Mixed it well for an extra creamy texture. Plus rich wok hei taste.

Post an insta story and tag @woodlandsclaypotprawn_tampines
You can find this notice at the counter! Don’t said I bo jio!

Woodlands Claypot Prawn @woodlandsclaypotprawn_tampines
Address 🛖 : Food Loft, 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent, # 01-16 Space @ Tampines , Singapore 🇸🇬 528605
Open 🕰️ : Tue - Sun : 12pm - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Tampines (EW2/ DT 32) East West Line/ Downtown Line
Note 📝 : Take bus service 168 or 27 at Tampines MRT Station or bus service 68 at Tampines Bus Interchange and drop off at Tampines Wafer Fab Park

not the easiest place to get to but feels like a breath of fresh air away from the hustle of life😊 worth get a whole loot of bakes (not sure when will be back 😂)

🌟 pain au chocolat ($6)
Perfectly executed!
⭐️ Classic croissant ($4)
kudos to the Butter, can taste the richness of it and generously used, however will love it more if the layering is thinner
⭐️smoked yuzu donut ($6)
Had high expectations for this as burnt ends is famous for the smoked meat after all and yes it tastes like smoked meat 😶 which kinda overwrote the yuzu flavor - was very confused if its savory or sweet 😅
🌟 cheese & garlic scone ($3)
For the savory lovers!
🌟 cranberry earl grey scone ($3)
Favorite of the 2 scone flavors for me!
🌟 sea salt dark chocolate cookie (bake of the day)
🌟poached red wine pear danish (bake of the day)

overall, i’m quite happy that it’s not priced ridiculously like another bakery in orchard🙃though it’s a branch off from the michelin award-winning restaurant ‼️ There is open seating outside for breakfast takeaways which is great 👍 don’t mind coming back for more for another wkend or PH local escape ✌️

Terrible. The pancake's texture is worse than frozen ones. Sauce is decent but tastes Chinese, like those 煎饼果子 kind


I’ve always spurned whisky highballs as fizzy wastes of money & whisky that don’t even qualify as a cocktail. However I decided to give Nobu-ya legendary Whisky Highballs ($15++) a fair shake since I had heard about it’s rumoured strength. I am totally thrilled that I did, because Nobu-ya’s whisky highball is probably the most potent one in all of Singapore.⠀

The traditional highball is the simplest drink to make: whisky & soda water are poured over the rocks and stirred. Nobu-ya doesn’t do anything fancy, but the drink director who made my highball free poured (!!!) a whole lotta Suntory whisky into the mug, filling it about halfway with whisky and then topped it off with soda water. Even after accounting for all the ice in there, I’m almost certain that there’s at least five (!!!) shots worth of sweet, sweet whisky in every highball. ⠀

Getting buzzed on a budget this close to my office? It’s almost like divine providence, I tell ya.

I’ve been a fan of @fernandospizzasg ever since I tried their pies a while back, and I was elated to discover that they’re on #burpplebeyond. They’ve got 1-for-1 on hero sandwiches, baked dishes like lasagna, and of course, 1-for-1 half pizzas. For the first half, I chose a cheese base pizza, the Sausage Fest ($14 nett for half, I believe), and for the second half, I chose Fernando’s signature tomato based pizza, the Fernando’s Special ($15 for half).⠀

The same charmingly chewy and light thin crust was the foundation upon which both ‘zas were built on, and the toppings did justice to the prime pizza crust. The Sausage Fest seems pretty standard at first with spicy sausage, cherry tomatoes and a stretchy blanket of mozzarella, but then broccoli crashes the party. As a broccoli buff, I thought the vegetal, roasted flavour of the broccoli was a nice twist and added an extra bit of variety to the mildly spicy, supremely savoury & enjoyably herby (courtesy of the oregano) Sausage Fest.⠀

The Fernando’s Special was truly special. The tastefully tangy tomato marinara base held the roasted fennel sausage, roasted red peppers, onions and olives. Just like the Sausage Fest, Fernando threw another curveball by sneaking in cauliflower. Unlike the broccoli however, I am not a cauliflower fan, but I still enjoyed the texture of the roasted cauliflower alongside the sweet roasted red peppers and onions. I’m obsessed with olives, and I loved the inclusion of olives that gave the pizza bursts of stunning savouriness & richness. ⠀

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the Special is best enjoyed slightly cooled off, so as to ensure that all the toppings don’t slide right off. The Sausage Fest, on the other hand, demands that you dive right in.

Had an absolutely wonderful experience at Meadesmoore. The staff were very attentive and cordially explained the dishes in detail to us.

The Australian Wagyu Beef was fantastic. Succulent and juicy – the fats simply melted in my mouth. We were given two sauces that complemented the beef perfectly, I personally preferred the barbecue sauce. Even without the sauce, the beef was already marinated and it was slightly salty.

The tiramisu exceeded my expectations. The soft cake paired with the absolutely fragrant and velvety Tiramisu cream made for a great dessert. What surprised me was the touch of Rum that really enhanced the flavours of the Tiramisu, giving it a clean finish.

The Mac and Cheese was right up my alley as well. Made with four different blends of cheese, seared and topped with a cap of truffle the Mac and cheese had a rich cheesy flavour that was both indulgent and satisfying.