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While IPPUDO ramen in KL might be hard to beat, here are eight other spots that are sure to satis...

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Mention this kopitiam to any KL-ite, and they’ll say you must have the La La Bee Hoon (RM10). Each portion sees delicate noodles in a fragrant broth of ginger, chilli and Chinese wine, crowned with a truckload of fresh clams. On rainy days, this dish truly hits the spot. If you’re here with a meat-loving friend, point them to the popular Beef Noodles (RM10), which Burppler Michelle T. declares one of the best in KL (alongside Shin Kee Beef Noodles that's also on this list!).
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho

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Bookmark this simple yet downright delicious porridge along Jalan Hang Lekir for a solid breakfast before the work day begins (they're open from 4am!). Get the signature Raw Fish Porridge (RM7) that comes piping hot and drizzled with sesame oil. Throw in the accompanying raw slices of carp, fresh ginger and coriander, stir and enjoy. Other favourites on the menu include the Crispy Innards Porridge (RM5.50) and the Homemade Pork Ball Porridge (RM5.50).

I’d gladly make a trip to Petaling Street just for this delicious bowl of porridge. Each bowl is served piping hot that’s drizzled with a little sesame oil. It’s so hot that the raw fish cooks immediately when thrown in! And they’re very generously with the fish slices too. Only three tables at this stall, so be prepared to share.

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Of all the ramen spots on this list, this one has the richest and fattiest (in the best way possible) broth. The flavourful Bankara Original (RM24.80) can be a little salty, but Burppler Jin Wong testifies it’s the best ramen he’s had, while the Buta Miso Ramen (RM34.80) sees a creamier broth topped with juicy pork belly slices. Kick the flavours up a notch with condiments – we personally enjoy crushing in some raw garlic and adding a dash of chilli oil for some heat. Seal the meal with something sweet like the creamy Annin Tofu (almond jelly, RM9.50) best shared among two.
Photo by Burppler Sam Chong


This good-for-groups Japanese joint in The Starling Mall specialises in tsukemen – a ramen dish where you dip your noodles into a separate bowl containing a concentrated broth one mouthful at a time. Order the speciality, the Original Yuzu (from RM24.50) that sees thick Japanese noodles (served hot or cold) and a signature yuzu sauce with cubes of pork. Expect an oily and tangy yuzu broth that coats the chewy noodles perfectly when dipped into. They even provide hot dashi soup to add into the sauce which you can drink after – you won’t regret this. Dress up your noodles up with the Half Boiled Egg (RM2.50) with a perfectly runny centre. So good!
Photo by Burppler XingWei Cheang

The signature yuzu tsukemen here is even tastier than I remembered! Rich, oily and tangy broth that’s perfect for coating the thick noodles (you can have it hot or cold). They even give you extra hot dashi on the side which you can pour into the sauce and drink after – best part! Only wish they were more generous with the meat or other ingredients in the sauce.

Love that they offer dry ramen and with their signature yuzu sauce too! Topped with an onsen egg, pork cubes, fish cakes and more, this dish so flavourful and refreshing. My fav is that with every bite you get the tang from the yuzu.

*This portion is small and only offered for lunch. Still very filling for one!

I am always excited to see a halal versions of this delicious Chinese dish. Benji's did not let me down. Super tasty with an addictive quality because of that chilli. Pasta was perfectly cooked, and anchovies were abundant and crunchy.

Soo tasty! I'm usually critical of Asian dishes in joints like this but this was a huge surprise. Perfect blend of sour, spicy and salty with fresh and fragant garnishes.

Confusion hits when you order ramen, but they give you noodles and broth separately.

Turns out this is the specialty of Tsukemen ramen; where you're meant to dip each bite of (hot or cold, cold being preferred) ramen into the broth and pair it with the meat of your choice, mine being roast pork.

I wasn't too adventurous because I'm generally not the biggest ramen person but this place may make me a convert - I've not eaten much ramen, but I can tell you that this was good ramen.

Pretty excited to come back here and try out more of the menu.