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A bowl of signature 'xiong tong lala' with rice vermicelli, rich shaoxing wine and ginger. The taste seems drop abit but overall it still okay.


Lala noodles have grown to become a crowd favourite at this retro coffee shop located at the fringe of KL’s Chinatown.

Every bowl is cooked upon order and this can lead to long waiting times during peak periods. A generous serving of fresh clams is boiled in the stock that contributes to the sweet flavour profile of the soup. Superior chicken stock, clams, rice wine, chilli, spring onion and ginger are some of the many ingredients that makes up the broth. The clans and soup are poured over bee hoon and it’s filled almost up to the brim.

The soup was packed with umami. It’s slightly spicy as there’s chilli added (no chilli available upon request). Adding rice wine to the soup stock definitely brought out the best of this dish. The clams were sweet and succulent which made it a delight to eat it. It’s superbly good and I finished the soup down to the last drop.

They’ve got other noodle dishes on the menu but I’ve yet to try them. Will be back for sure. Do check out the other stalls such as the famous beef noodles or char koay teow.

Spice up your nights with exquisite Thai grub at this sexy restaurant in DC Mall. Food is fantastic and service is excellent, so rest assured you're going to have a great meal. Your orders should include the Pomelo Salad (RM58), Massaman Chicken Curry (RM58) and the Prawn with Erawan's Sauce (RM98). Get the Fried Rice (from RM38) to devour those dishes with. Note that dinner service is split into two sessions, 6.30pm and 8.30pm, so plan your night accordingly!
Photo by Burppler Ali K

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Tonkatsu soup blended with chili oil with a piece of roasted pork, spring onions, black fungus and spicy miso paste toppings RM21

After a shopping spree at Central Market, take a short stroll to this decades-old coffee shop for a hearty local feast. You'll find a variety of stalls serving hawker fare including chicken rice and wantan mee, but we highly recommend ordering the Lala Noodles (RM11). Each bowl is cooked to-order, so be prepared for a long wait. Once your bowl lands in front of you, dig in immediately! Expect bee hoon soaked in a flavourful Chinese wine-laced broth, and lots of fresh clams. Also have the Beef Noodles (RM10) that feature a generous portion of tender beef slices and a variety of innards. Pro tip: The dining area is small. Ask to share tables instead of waiting for an empty one to get seated faster!

Another standout dish at this coffee shop. Gotta love the generous portion size for the affordable price it’s tagged with. Great broth too – sweet, salty and beefy in all the right ways. Dig in fast as the noodles soak up the soup very quickly! It’s loaded with tender beef slices, beef balls and innards, which I was told you can ask to omit the latter.

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try this! A part of me really wishes I never did because now I’ll be craving for it all the time. This lala noodles is stellar, and that broth is an absolute killer – laced with Chinese wine, ginger and more spices. Perfectly cooked noodles and fresh clams, but the star is truly the soup. It’s walking distance from the mrt station so that makes it more convenient.

Another famous dish from Lai Foong!
If you come by here, please do not miss this (you will regret it). Service was a tad bit slow but I can assure you that this is truly worth the wait.
Generous serving of fresh clams, in which it’s flavours seeped thoroughly into the beautiful broth.
This bowl is truly made for rainy days. I can imagine drinking the spicy and rice wine-laced (?) broth when it gets chilly.
KL is a hell hole but I will definitely brave the nightmarish traffic for this!

This place is one of the few spots in KL where you can find honest good food!
Sat down and went straight for the famous beef noodles.
Didn’t expect the noodles to arrive so quickly! My (HUGE!!) bowl came loaded with beef slices and innards. Took one sip of the broth and was blown away by how sweet and flavourful it was! I can sip on it for days.
Come before 12pm on weekdays. We went at 11:30 and still managed to avoid the lunch crowd.