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Confusion hits when you order ramen, but they give you noodles and broth separately.

Turns out this is the specialty of Tsukemen ramen; where you're meant to dip each bite of (hot or cold, cold being preferred) ramen into the broth and pair it with the meat of your choice, mine being roast pork.

I wasn't too adventurous because I'm generally not the biggest ramen person but this place may make me a convert - I've not eaten much ramen, but I can tell you that this was good ramen.

Pretty excited to come back here and try out more of the menu.

Decided to try something different rather than the typical chilli Pan mee. Got the da pu noodles which was noodles with baked pork + minced pork. Added a heap of chilli ( as seen in photo) that did not come with the noodles. After all the noodles looks boring and innocent right?
10 mins later I was tearing. Unknown to me was the chilli oil below. I must say it’s quite shiok, though the flavour doesn’t match up to kin kin IMO...


It was a crazy hot afternoon. Somehow, we still had this in our minds. Crazy us, braved the traffic and heat ugh, to get to this place with parking issues as well! Talk about satisfying one's foodie calls. Simple yet heart and tummy warming meal.

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Definitely think the star of this restaurant are the pumpkin fritters. SO ADDICTIVE. I always come back for more!
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(Rating:1/5🌟) Original Yuzu (rm25.90) Tsukemen’s main feature is to have really hot dipping soup and mid-cold noodles, however this soup was served warm :( The noodles were thicker than usual, almost like the udon, yet too chewy for my liking.

Been searching for Tsukemen, or dipping ramen, in Malaysua ever since my unforgettable meal at Fu-Unji in Tokyo, which serves up a bonito fish based broth tsukemen. ⁣

📌 Mitsuyado Seimen, Starling Mall. [non-halal]⁣⁣
📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣
Marutoku Tsukemen [RM32.90]⁣
✨: Mitsuyado Seimen specializes in a yuzu and pork based broth tsukemen. The thick dipping broth comes with cubes of tender pork submerged within it, and as I opted for the Marutoku Tsukemen, my meal came with an additional side of flame-kissed charshiu, stir-fried vegetables, and a ramen egg. The noodles, with just the right amount of bite and thickness, are definitely my favourite part of the dish. I’d recommend getting the noodles cold over the hot option for optimal bounciness. And I have to mention the ramen egg! It’s hands down the most perfect ramen egg I’ve encountered in Malaysia. I wish I had gotten a photo of the perfectly runny centre. The char shiu was perfectly seasoned, tender, and with a smoky flavour. ⁣

💬: However, the broth is really, and I mean really OILY. It’s evident even from the photo how the oils pool on top of the broth. So it's no surprise that midway eating, the porkiness and richness gets overwhelming and cloying. I’m assuming the yuzu is supposed to cut through the richness but it didn’t quite do it. ⁣
Though I enjoyed my meal at Mistsuyado, I wouldn’t find myself craving a bowl. ⁣

The ox tongue was stir fried with chili, garlic and marinated with mirin. Enjoyed the chewy texture and the right amount of heat from the chili!

Unfortunately RM9 doesn’t justify the portion. While the gizzards with a sweet honey soy flavour was delicious, paired perfectly with a squeeze of lemon and had the right chewiness, it could’ve been bigger.

Love this bowl of seafood goodness! Seared yellowtail fin fish, salmon, scallops and salmon roe on a bed of vinegar rice. Even the wasabi tasted freshly grated and went so well with the dish.

Siamese Pasta, a fusion of Assam and Curry Laksa, is one of the crowd favourite in Fifth Palate. Give it a try if you’re a laksa lover who loves sweet, sour & spicy!