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Chill vibes, well thought-out Mediterranean plates and delicious brews come together to make this entry a neighbourhood favourite in Ampang. If it’s your first time here, consider trying the best of both worlds with the Duet (RM14), which comes with a single Espresso and either a Piccolo Latte or a Flat White. On food, try the popular Gish (RM26) — delicious spiced lamb meatballs with beetroot hummus and Turkish bread. The community also has high praises for the Thai Embassy (RM20) starring deep-fried siakap. For a light bite, go with Burppler Sunita S’s recommendation for heavenly Ricotta Toast (RM14) with cherry jam.
Photo by Burppler Sunita S

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The one & only cafe with awesome coffee in Desa Pandan . Swing by say hi 👋🏻 to Hijaz Proffessional Barista cum Owner Founder. He’s the man behind the machine , yes he will serve you coffee himself:))) .
#iamnotaphotographerilovecoffee .
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📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Fish Prosperity Burger Medium Value Meal [RM16] ⁣⁣
✨: Curly fries!! These are one of the many things I look forward to during the Chinese New Year. You can never have a bad curly fry 🍟 This year, McDonald's released a new version of the Prosperity Burger with a fish patty. Personally, I am a fan, but mainly because I'm a grandma and I love soft foods. It's easier to bite and chew given the absence of skin, fat, tendons, or stringy bits normally present in the chicken or beef patty. As a fish patty itself, it's nothing special. It is heavily drenched in the Prosperity black pepper sauce, pairing nicely with the zing of the raw onions. ⁣⁣
💬: At times, the black pepper flavour gets a bit too much, but that's when the McFizz and a bit of curly fry comes in to save the day! 😂 The McFizz isn't my favourite, but it gets the job done. ⁣⁣
If you like heat and black pepper is your jam, definitely give the prosperity burger a shot if you haven't already! If not, just go get a large order of curly fries please you won't regret it 🤤⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣⁣Happy Chinese New Year! 🏮 ⁣⁣

Nando’s is always a safe, delicious bet for a satisfying meal. A full platter comes in with 1 whole chicken and 2 large/4 regular sides.

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Burnt Cheesecake (RM15.00) is good but we dislike the Carrot Walnut Cake -Tasteless and it is too light (RM13.00). Two Americanos & one Latte - Drinks are alright. Total bill: RM65.00

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Sinful but yummy! Chocolate chip cookies never taste better without dunking it into milk. Me and Nat tried the cheese cake called cheese bedebah which was creamy and not too sweet. Coffee boleh saja...

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Quite a small portion of buttermilk chicken (pictured) for RM14.50. This is their large size.

The buttermilk chicken was okay but not spectacular. We also ordered sweet sour Japanese tofu and egg. Fresh fruit juice was good too and only RM3.50 for small & RM5 to go large. (Affordable!!)

Overall it was an enjoyable meal and affordable too. Just don't put too high expectation on the buttermilk chicken as it tastes pretty much the same as any other place that sells buttermilk dishes.

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Worth trying this creamy burnt cheesecake @ Souka Bake Shop, SS15 Subang Jaya. Creamy & Eggy taste and goes well with my americano.

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Situated nearby Sunway College (but might add time to the drive due to the hectic jam zzz). Please make sure to drop by early so you don’t have to wait too long just for a buttermilk chicken rice. You can choose either 6pcs or 9 pcs. Other than their signature, saw quite a lot of people ordered for their fish and also vege. Price is from RM8

The ricotta is a light and fluffy cloud that sits atop a thick slice of toast. Paired with jam, this ricotta toast is a great snack or light lunch option. Goes well with a long black.

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True to its name, the Behemoth is a hulking beast, a heaving platter straining under the weight of a mountain of delicious meat sweats. 200g each of beef brisket, pulled lamb, burnt ends, beef ribs, and a quarter of a chicken. Everything on the plate was decent barbie, save for the burnt ends, which was conspicuously missing any char at all and was more akin to "char siew". If you do happen to see the daily special of housemade sausage on the menu, order it and thank me later.

Then we come to the sides - some very well seasoned and moreish mashed brotatoes, cassava chips, thicc brown gravy, refreshing coleslaw, buns, and rather average corn bread. Thankfully, The Behemoth also comes with bottomless servings of icy cool lemonade to wash down all the meat and carbs with.

Taste: 3/5