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Eating halal doesn't always mean you have to cut back on variety. We scoured KL in search of hala...

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• Ayam Geprek
• RM13.80
• 8/10 - it's crazy spicy

• Mi Sedaap Sambal Hijau Petai
• RM 6.80
• 7/10

Imagine spaghetti with beef masak lemak, this is exactly it. Masak lemak basically is spicy turmeric coconut milk stew, and to have it with beef is something I actually enjoy. While I like to have it with steamed rice usually, I found it to be a weird combination to have it with spaghetti. I believe I will just stick to the usual rice combination and skip the spaghetti altogether in the future. That aside, the stew was nice on its own and the beef was tender too.

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This bungalow-turned-cake shop in Section 16 that opens till midnight makes it easy to satisfy your late night cravings. Walk along the cake runway to choose from house favourites, such as the Dark Chocolate Mint (RM16.80) and Pandan Coconut Gula Melaka (RM16.80), but be sure to get the indulgent yet balanced Chocolate Ganache with Salted Buttercream (RM16.80). Also try a Coldie (chilled cakes) like the Matcha Cake-Tus (RM8.80), a combo of green tea mousse, mango passion fruit panna cotta and green tea almond cake.
Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

📌 Gold Chili, SS15. [halal]⁣⁣
📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣
Boneless Chicken Set [RM12]⁣
✨: Gold Chili’s rendition of the beloved Malaysian cafeteria staple involves a silky, luscious coating of butter and condensed milk over crispy yet juicy fried chicken. The fragrant flavours of curry leaves and the sweetness of the rich, dairy elements of the dish meld perfectly. A spoon of steamy white rice and a bite of sauce laden meat creates a simply heavenly mouthful. ⁣
💬: As much as it’s good, I wouldn’t travel to the area for the sole purpose of having a meal at Gold Chili. Would definitely consider going there if I were nearby though. ⁣
Do you like Malaysian style butter chicken (aka 奶油鸡)?⁣

Here’s a fun spot for dinner with your foodie friends. A new venture from the owners of Apple Samgyupsal and Shinmapo, this barbecue joint sees a focus on the versatile chicken. Come for the Famous Chuncheon Chicken (from RM59) prepared in four different marinades, like Honey Butter and Ganjang. To try several flavours, order the Signature Tasting Set (RM269) that's good to feed four. If you've still got tummy space, get the addictive Fire Ramyeon (RM39) and the Fist Rice (rice balls with seaweed flakes and chicken, RM29) to share. The perfect ending to that meaty meal? Their light and creamy Charcoal Burnt Cheese Cake (RM12).
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

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It is included in the Signature Tasting Set, but if you didn’t order that, definitely should end your meal with the cheese cake! It’s baked on the charcoal at the beginning and taken out at the end of the meal. Light yet creamy. So good!

If you are ever finding a halal chicken rice shop that did close to Chinese style, this is the place. While it is not the best Chicken Rice I had, it is relatively good. Soft meat, boiled chicken soup with peanuts, chewy fishball to go with the oil rice, simple and good. Do expect higher price tag here. An individual portion of chicken with rice will cost at least RM10. Price: RM28 for everything in picture plus an extra rice, Food: 7/10

For Kelantanese delights, look to this eatery for the likes of nasi dagang, laksa and keropok lekor. Dive straight for the popular Nasi Dagang (from 9.90), which sees a hefty amount of brown rice served with villager's salad, spicy sambal and protein of your choice – the Gulai Ikan Tongkol and Beef Rendang are their bestsellers. Feeling famished? Go for The Ultimate Nasi Dagang Capital (RM19.90) loaded with five types of meat and seafood!
Photo by Burppler Serena Ho