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A pretty big portion if you’re not that hungry. The patty was nicely cooked and juicy

This is RM29.

The price is determined by the size of the lamb you select from the chiller. A bit too much fat for this one. Otherwise, it was flavourful and delicious.

This cost RM67.

Although this is a steakhouse, they do offer non-meat items. The price is determined by the size of the salmon you choose from the chiller. Then you choose what sides you want. I loved how fresh the salmon was and it was grilled perfectly (for me).

My salmon cost RM75.

I have reviewed before on other dishes but this time, we tried something different 🥰
🍲 Kimchi Jigae Beef (RM19.50): This one was quite good, the broth is flavourful and warm. Plenty of beef and mushrooms in there. Best eaten with rice or dip your gimbap in there. Nyumsss! ⭐️8/10
🍙Kimchi Gimbap (RM12.50): This has always been my favourite. I have reviewed it before but just that this one has kimchi rolled in it. Crunchy and fresh as always. When dipped in the kimchi jigae, makes it extra tasty. Actually can’t really taste any kimchi in there but still, its tasty as the normal gimbap ⭐️9/10
🍥 Cheese Topokki (RM17.90): I loved the topokki when I first tried it but this one, it was unfortunately undercooked. Felt that some pieces of topokki was quite hard. Also the sauce was abit sweeter than usual. The only saviour is the cheese. So I have to rate it low this time ⭐️5.5/10
📍Sopoong Korean Restaurant @mysopoong (available at Berjaya Times Square, IOI City, Starling Mall, My Town Mall, Melawati Mall, EkoCheras & Central I-City)

Tried the raved grilled cheese and honestly, I felt there’s something lacking. It could be the thick toast or the tomato sauce that I still has the bias from Provisions’ own grilled cheese. But anyhow, the salted beef and cold noodles are so nice, especially when the sun’s blazing during the weekend noon. The slight hints of sesame oil, perfectly salted beef, silky smooth rice noodles. Outstanding. Pumpkin curry pasta, reminds me of dhaal curry that’s a perfect match with a crispy roti canai (sidetracking, but I’ve been craving for weeks 😩). It would be perfect if they’d throw in more cherry tomatoes.

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🍙 Ramyeon + Gimbap (RM18.90): The ramyeon taste like how any ramyeon should taste like, decent taste of gravy for us & added cheese for RM2.30. The gimbap however is SUPER YUMMY! 🥰Tastes like its freshly made, crunchy and good. Would go back just for gimbap & kimchi ⭐️8/10
🥢 Ramyeon + Topokki (RM18.90): Their ramyeon has a set that comes with a side dish and we choose topokki. Added egg to ramyeon for RM1.60. Topokki dia sedap!! Tapi dapat sikit je sebab side dish kan, worth the try⭐️8/10
📍Sopoong Korean Restaurant @mysopoong (available at Berjaya Times Square, IOI City, Starling Mall, My Town Mall, Melawati Mall, EkoCheras & Central I-City)