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was disappointed by their Nasi Kerabu here.. they don't have the blue rice... 😟 Probably I should try their Nasi Dagang next time..

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Not only does this pizza joint sport a self-built wood-fire oven, they also make both their sourdough pizza dough and buffalo mozzarella in-house. How much cooler can they get? This unassuming spot in Shah Alam does Neapolitan-style pizzas justice with their take on the classic Margherita (RM26), which is taken up a notch with their housemade mozzarella that's lusciously milky and bouncy. Another crowd pleaser is the Beef Pepperoni (RM26) brimming with salty pepperoni. For those with a sweet tooth, WOP also offers dessert pies, and the Nutella and Strawberry (RM22) drizzled with dark chocolate syrup is sinfully delicious.
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A saltier pizza compared to the rest (cause of the pepperoni) but a good one nonetheless. The tang from the dough does help to cut through that saltiness, but it’s expected given the amount of cheese. Also really appreciate how generous they are with the pepperoni – each slice gets a full one!

They do the classic Neapolitan Margherita justice with their use of sourdough dough and housemade mozzarella. The pie is perfectly seasoned with the right amount of saltiness, and that cheese – omg. Such good flavour and I love how it bounces back with each bite. Honestly I just wished I topped up RM5 for more cheese.

A pizza gem in Shah Alam that doles our some amaaaayzing pies! This one sees mushroom, charred onions, rocket and fresh feta cubes. The heaping amount of arugula gives it a burst of freshness. Absolutely delicious! Could even do without the feta imo.

• Butter fish rice
• RM9 (S), RM11 (L)
• 9/10

• Ayam Geprek
• RM13.80
• 8/10 - it's crazy spicy

• Mi Sedaap Sambal Hijau Petai
• RM 6.80
• 7/10

Imagine spaghetti with beef masak lemak, this is exactly it. Masak lemak basically is spicy turmeric coconut milk stew, and to have it with beef is something I actually enjoy. While I like to have it with steamed rice usually, I found it to be a weird combination to have it with spaghetti. I believe I will just stick to the usual rice combination and skip the spaghetti altogether in the future. That aside, the stew was nice on its own and the beef was tender too.

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