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Recommended lists of Best Halal Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Halal Best Halal Cafes & Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur 2017 If ever your halal food options seem like an exhaustive list of Malay and fast food, think again. From Korean rice meals in Ampang to barbecued beef ribs in the quiet Tropicana Avenue and woodfired pizzas in Shah Alam, this is our newly refreshed list of cafes and restaurants that meet our criteria for delicious, halal fare!
Burpple Guides, Halal Best Halal-Friendly Restaurants In KL Eating halal doesn't always mean you have to cut back on variety. We scoured KL in search of halal-friendly spots (we have also indicated those that are halal-certified!) guaranteed to have you very happily fed. From nooks for pork-free tai chow to dainty dim sum and hearty steak dinners, there's plenty to inspire you in this guide. Happy feasting!

Top 10 Places for Halal

Top 10 places for Halal

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Halal

This is the Naj & Belle’s shakshuka, which is a combination of eggs, tomatoes, artisan chicken sausage, roast capsicum with crumbled feta cheese and sourdough bread.

The sourness and sweetness from the tomatoes is just right.

This dish costs RM29.

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I would say the meals in Amber are not just tasty but very affordable and has value for your money🤑 Just for RM18 i got my self a huge bowl of beef noodles, 3 side dishes and a chicken kebab. And the portions are big enough to be shared by 2 people, of course only if your not greedy 👍👍😍😋💝

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Nasi dagang cost RM9.90. You can choose what you want to add on; fish, chicken, prawns or squid.

I chose the squid which cost RM11.90. The portion isn’t very big and it isn’t very spicy.

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Laghman (لەغمەن / 牛肉面‎) is a dish from Xinjiang cuisine of the Uyghur minority in China. This soup noodle has been borrowed from the Muslim Hui Chinese of Lanzhou. Laghman comes from the Chinese word lamian (拉面) and is primarily made from hand pulled noodles served with braised beef and vegetables in soup.

The noodles were decent and springy, and came is an almost too big bowl with a hearty but light broth. The broth had that distinctive coriander flavour, lined with chilli oil. A good laghman has a clean broth that is not oily on the palate and comes with thick chunks of beef. However, the ones here had only a minuscule portion of beef, albeit served with 3 sides of marinated beef, chicken and preserved cabbage. Although not the most authentic you will find outside of China, it does give the taster an exposure to something different. If the flavour is too light, try adding some chilli oil and vinegar to up the ante.

💵 RM20.00 / set
💫 3 / 5
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Eventho Wondermama has closed this BV outlet, I still love their fried rice, especially this one with soft shell crab! It's just so delicious and the taste doesn't change no matter how many times I order it. Kudos to the team for keeping consistency, down to presentation. Yums!


If I could have scrambled eggs this way, every day, I would. Almost like a shakshuka, the creamy eggs are folded in with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Love the homemade Iskender bread given on the side – use it to mop all of the sauce up.

The cakes (RM13) are delicious especially the chocolate - to die for. Recommended!


So I do get some of my malay friends complaining how it’s so hard to find a good dim sum place around. And I think Dolly Dim Sum has made dreams come true. They almost taste like it has pork (except it’s chicken *excuse me*). And love love love the Golden Fried Rice. Topped with fish roe and a generous amount of fresh prawns it’s the perfect fried rice ever. Period. Love how it’s really egg-y and not drenched in oil although you do need to fork out a bit for a plate of fried rice but it’s worth every penny. Take a shot at their Egg Custard Bun (With Salted Egg Yolk fillings) which has a good ratio of pau to Egg Yolk sauce hahahah and their crispy Yam Croquette!

P.S: Visited their Avenue K outlet a couple of times, and I must say the interior is super pretty and they have the perfect natural lighting! ❤️

Avg Price: RM 30

1979 (RM24) is a pumpkin curry pasta dish with grilled chicken and pumpkin seeds. Quite tasty but could have been better with more sauce. Latte (RM10) was smooth. Definitely would come again.


Under the specials menu you’ll find this lovely dish of five juicy spiced lamb meatballs with beetroot hummus, Turkish bread, pickled veggies and sautéed asparagus that’s served with a mint yoghurt dip. This dish is a flavour bomb – the refreshing dip helps cut through the meatiness of the lamb, while the pickled greens provide contrasting bright flavours.


I’m still dreaming of this dish! This seems like a new addition to the all day breakfast menu and I sure hope it sticks. The luscious and homemade ricotta – it’s a little grainy but in a good way – is topped with crunchy peanut crumble that sits on lovely slice of brioche. To finish it off, it’s doused in kelulut honey (from stingless bees) – they tell us it’s supposed to have sweet-sour flavour notes. Everything works so well together and I feel RM14 is a steal for this dish. There are also options of cherry jam or tomato & olives to go with the ricotta, which I’m sure will be just as good.