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Top 10 in Cheras

Top 10 places in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Latest Reviews in Cheras

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Still as good as before! Minced pork, fluffy scrambled eggs and bonito flakes.

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Word on the street is that this Las Vegas-born poke restaurant’s menu is designed by Nobu's ex-executive chef, Karu Wedhas, so you can expect a level of finesse. You won't go wrong with signatures like the aptly named It’s Stupid Good (RM23). The umami-packed bowl comes with fresh tuna or salmon cubes, surimi crab and crunchy tempura flakes over a bed of rice. PJ folks, look forward to one opening later this month at The Curve!

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This Las Vegas-born poke restaurant is ahead of the game: service is efficient, the ordering system is modern (you use and iPad and everything!) and the food is great. I like that it’s listed on the menu the best way to enjoy the dish too. For my order, it’s tuna over salmon, and with sushi rice instead of multigrain. Everything’s fresh and I especially love the tempura flakes for crunch, but the clear winner are the sauces. The yuzu miso and umami sweet soy is just heavenly when mixed together, and it really brings out the flavours of the fish. I can’t wait for their next outlet to open at The Curve as this is my new favourite spot for poke bowls.

P.s. The story goes an ex-Nobu chef crafted the menu, so you can expect a level of finesse with the food.


This shop is located inside of a neighborhood Taman Midah.

The restaurant ambience will give you a homie feeling so is very comfortable feeling and extra info there is baby chairs and plastic cutlery for kid.

They are specialize in sausages and ribs and I did heard that all their ribs are imported from US and for the sausages are own made by them self

The ribs tasted amazing and also the meat just slide off the bone easily which only cost us rm50

The sausages are so flavourful with herbs we just ordered the sausage plater consist of all of their sausages flavour
Out of their specialty their basic flavour pizza and pasta also tasted very good . pricing wise here is slightly above average for a neighborhood restaurant.

Well overall ambience 8/10 food 8/10 Price 7/10
(P.S sorry forgotten to record the pricing for the rest)

Hearty, and though it says porridge, there are minimal grains and you can fill up with a warm, no-rice meal here just with the sumptuous ingredients. #steamboat #kualalumpur #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #burpplekl

Cha-Croissants (2pieces) RM10
Cha-Truffle (4pieces) RM11
Black Sesame Cheesecake RM13
Ya Shi Xiang RM13

I can’t believe how good and how realistic this Japanese vegetarian restaurant is, the food at Zen House will make your brain buzz because your actually eating vegetarian food but it taste like your eating real seafood and meat. 😍😍👍☺️😋💖💖💖

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Although it says tuna, it had the least tuna ever. Instead of tuna, it had more chicken cubes. Love the strong tomyam taste.
Just wish they had more tuna in it, as the name indicates.

This was RM8.90.

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