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I can’t believe how good and how realistic this Japanese vegetarian restaurant is, the food at Zen House will make your brain buzz because your actually eating vegetarian food but it taste like your eating real seafood and meat. 😍😍👍☺️😋💖💖💖

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Although it says tuna, it had the least tuna ever. Instead of tuna, it had more chicken cubes. Love the strong tomyam taste.
Just wish they had more tuna in it, as the name indicates.

This was RM8.90.

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I was amazed by their steam egg. It was smooth and watery that it run down the throat like liquid. Perfection! Price: RM15 per pax, Food: 10/10 (They truly deserve this! 😉)

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For those with a lighter palate, a simple bowl of fresh and lightly marinated salmon cubes, tamago and fish roe to top it off.


On offer every weekend, this is worth the trek to these rundown Cheras flats every time. The most perfectly swirled, buttery smooth omelette with glazed pork belly (the fat to meat ratio is high on this one!) and Simplicite’s soft and tangy sourdough slice.

Deceptively simple but the components are done so well, they come together beautifully.

Was cruising the food scene at MyTown mall cheras and came across Santai Penyet. Was caught of guard that something so simple can be so good if cooked just right. Simply love the santai lele rice that is crispy fried catfish with white rice, accompanied by their ulam, three choices of sambal and bakso soup. The fish accompanied by the sambal takes you to sambal heaven. Spicy level will not burn your tummy making it good. Lazat .... 😘👍👍

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