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Welcome to Cheras.

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A hidden gem in the town of Cheras, located directly opposite Sunway Velocity mall.

This place might have been familiar to you, for the boba cake but this time round, they’ve launched an ice cream cake.

The thick layers in between are actually ice cream blocks, which was inserted within the crepe cakes. It’s interesting I would say and like every other crepe cakes, this also melts in your mouth.

The best way to enjoy this cake, is to pair it with a cup of coffee of course. Coffee and cakes sounds good?

Chicken fillet, eggs, spring onion and onions served on a bed of warm rice. Can’t decide whether I prefer this over the minced pork bowl. Both just so good!

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Swapped the rice to salad for an additional RM2. The fluffy creamy egg is just perfect with the pork. I could have this everyday!

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It was a crazy hot afternoon. Somehow, we still had this in our minds. Crazy us, braved the traffic and heat ugh, to get to this place with parking issues as well! Talk about satisfying one's foodie calls. Simple yet heart and tummy warming meal.

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If you’ve been a big fan of Thurs 2.0, the Earl grey boba cake shouldn’t be new to you. Great news! They’re now launching different types of toast into their menu, and this particular one, Blackpink is made up of taro (pink) and charcoal toast (black).

The outlook might not look too good, as seen in this photo (for illustration purposes only) but it’s definitely worth the try. Taro toast is a rare combination 🙈

Their Wanton Mee is really delicious. A great breakfast to have. Next time I visit again, I hope to have this for breakfast.

Gajah Mada served many Asian cuisine including this Indonesia style curry.

Pretty much taste the same like the usual curry we have, it comes with 3 pieces of chicken breast and leg. RM20.50++

Something to cheer up before a proper meal here, this taste much like the bandung with soda, together with various fruit bites. RM8.90++

I believe that everyone is into this boba topping on everything kinda hype.

So what makes this so special? The cake is actually an earl grey flavoured chiffon cake, which is topped with sea salt cheese milk foam and handmade boba toppings. Also once you cut the cake, you’re supposed to see Earl grey custard in the inside.

For the best experience, to indulge the cake as a whole and by that I mean “the cake + cream cheese + boba) altogether. Don’t eat them separately.

This cake is available in many different sizes, and if you want a huge one for birthdays, be sure to place orders in advance.

This cafe has a special vending machine like door and it’s located just opposite Subway Velocity, in front of Taman Maluri MRT.

Simple dish with simple ingredients, but packs a punch and gives 💯 satisfaction

It's a rainy night and I just want to warm up a little, soupy item is my favourite choice. Go Noodle house is always a go-to place for me for their friendly price tag and consistent quality. They seems to launch new menu with Herba soup, and I got one with pork slices. It was as good as their signature original soup. I wish to finish all the soup. Price: RM19, Food: 9/10

The Kao nai nai was one of the best brown sugar milk drinks I’ve had so far. The thin and torched creme brûlée layer on top really adds that roasted depth of flavour to the drink which sets it apart. The pearls are also a real game changer - they use handmade white crystal pearls and it’s the best!!