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Recommended lists of Best Food & Restaurants for Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Fine Dining KL City's Best: Fine Dining In the finer parts of KL live some of the city's best fine dining establishments. Some are elegantly perched atop skyscrapers while others are nestled in the midst of serene hills. Be it the finesse of dim sum, the exclusivity of Japanese omakase or the satisfaction of South American eats you seek, this guide will have a fine place to please.

Top 10 Places for Fine Dining

Top 10 places for Fine Dining

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Fine Dining

A good experience for Omakase Dining! Excellent service. Be prepared to pay RM400 per pax

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This is the bomb! Highly recommended for fried chicken lovers, the fried chicken ribs see impeccably firm and crisp skin and tender slivers of deeply flavoured flesh. The seasoning鈥檚 almost alike nam yu (fermented bean paste) 鈥 salty, briny and zesty.

I鈥檝e always had my doubts about this dish (Ribs? Not dry meh? So little meat!) but I鈥檒l admit I鈥檓 now a convert. Love that the ribs are deep-fried in bite sized pieces so they鈥檙e easy to hold, even easier to eat down to the tiny, tiny bones.


Great date spot food is amazing but portions are quite small and prices is quite high but worth a visit for those special occasions


2 star Michelin? It should be 3 star!
So delicious! So fresh! And so yummmmmy