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A good burger β€” of scrumptious patties, punch-packed toppings and warm, fluffy buns β€” is a fun, m...
Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger to sink your teeth into. You kno...

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This is a specialty dish only available during the Guinness flavour by fire event

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A creamy cup of caffeine.

Smooth and rich in flavour and aroma

Was expecting something overly sweet, but with the first sip, this was the perfect level of chocolatetyness

You can taste the cacao which is sweetened by the milk.

Giving it a refreshing and not too overpowering taste.

No patty, but the onion rings were more than enough to give this burger such a magnificent flavour and mouth feel

A crispy chicken patty with tender juicy boneless chicken thigh.

The salted egg creame accentuates the flavor of the chicken


If you comes in group or family, then I definitely recommend you to go with this big size of pizza with four flavours on the top.

There’s teriyaki unagi, spicy seafood, peperoni and BBQ chicken.

This one is much better with the taste stronger for the pesto, as well as the accompanyed grilled chicken on the top.

Hide at the basement of Prangin Mall, the popular mall at the heart of George Town. Pizzaiola is a big Italian restaurant with plenty of seats catered for big groups.

But I do want to warn you that the portion for the spaghetti could be very small for big group, more a portion for individual only.

Nothing much to say for their Chicken Bolognese Spgahetti. The taste is pretty ordinary.

Unlike the usual fish & chip, their comes with a real fish with head and tail.

A tandoori marinated fish was fried till crispiness while still get to enjoy the soft meat inside. Served with crispy kale, hand-cut chips & tartare sauce.