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Burpple Guides, Western, Burgers 9 Best Burgers in KL A good burger — of scrumptious patties, punch-packed toppings and warm, fluffy buns — is a fun, messy and delicious affair, and we have here nine reasons to prove that burgers are really bundles of joy. From a truffled beef burger to salted egg yolk chicken burger and Wagyu beef burger, get your hands on this guide to KL's best.
Burpple Guides, Western, Burgers 9 Best Burgers in KL Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger to sink your teeth into. You know what we're talking about, thick patties with juicy centres topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two fluffy buns. This is THE guide to the best burger spots in KL!
Bars, Western, Good For Groups, Burgers Pork A Plenty How could I live without pork?!

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Sunday roast is a traditional British cuisine dish served on Sundays consisting of roast beef, lamb, chicken or pork, served with a side of boiled broccoli and carrots, a Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes.

The Sunday roast here consisted of roast pork, served with a side of broccoli, carrots, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and apple sauce. The pork had a tender crackling, which was complemented by the apple sauce. The Yorkshire puddings came in a serving of 2, which when doused with the gravy, gave it a nice mouthfeel. The sides were decent, with the fluffy roast potatoes a great addition to the dish. One of the better Sunday roasts around.
💵 RM52.90 / serving
💫 5 / 5
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This was rather disappointing dish. Although the batter flavor was not bad, but it has too much batter. We only get like 30% of the dish as chicken, all the other are batter. Price: RM24, Food: 6/10

When you reach Bo+co, you will surely be attracted by the very fragrant baked pizza base smell. We ordered a vege base pizza, it was good. As the pizza is too big, we take away the leftover. It taste even better and more crispy after I re-bake it once again. Price: RM32, Food: 8/10

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This cafe has a nice set up. It’s a cafe with nice simple interior. Coffee is good. Cakes are nice. Service is good. A place, nice for catch up. It has ample tables and both indoor and outdoor.

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Neighbourhood gem to enjoy ur favourite steak. Reasonable price at only RM120/100gm serves with mushroom and potatoes. 😋


This is the first time I tried the volcano island sharing platter from Manhattan Fish Market and I must say, it is a definite yummmm .... it is a combination of seafood curry with rice, sambal mussels, grilled fish, tempura scallops and baguette. 👍👍😍😋🐟🦐💝

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A warm bowl of California short grain rice topped with pan seared Australian ribeye, asparagus, onsen egg and truffle soy sauce served with miso soup. The beef was over cooked and the truffle soy sauce was not prominent enough. Overall it was quite bland. RM49 per serving.

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TFB launched their new membership for RM10 and it has a 50% off voucher with a free premium topping! In frame: Shoyu Salmon with vege and salmon skin. Tip: Ask for sauce on the side if you don't fancy a lot.

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Always a fans of poke bowl for customize bowl of meal that I enjoy. The fish bowl offer a variety of topping for your bowl of rice or greens. Aside from regular poke bowl, they do offer soup base poke bowl as well which I believe to fulfil the market needs in Malaysia.

However today was quite disappointed with my choice that the salad green wasn't too fresh and I missed out to ask them for keeping my dressing aside. My salad was drenched in dressing >


supplier planned dinner so many of my kl wish list not happening. but so glad for this place with good wine + local delights. lard heavy black hokkien mee, yesh!
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It was presented in kiddy size that you can easily want to order another plate...
Spicy yet so tempting.. Fried Laksa Prawn (RM6)
∼Thick chewy noodles fried in a savory sweet and spicy sauce, accompanied with bell peppers and prawn. The laksa referring here is Assam Laksa
Coconut Espresso (RM5.50)

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