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My pick is always the 'Special' with everything; beef slices, tendon & beef ball. What's unique here are the beef balls are pure meat ball and the beef slices are fresh. The pho "fur" is great but the pho broth isn't the 'clear' version. There was herbs after taste but am not convince it is an intense and concentrated broth made out of meats' bones boiling for hours.

This is RM27.

cangkuk manis (rm12), served with fried and crispy mani chai with cured egg yolk. Perfect to pair with tuak

the coffees are both great (b&w)! the sandwich 🥪 must be eaten right away if not it’ll harden cause its rye bread. really a great place to chill and catch up with the ones u love 🥰 the sits are not very comfortable but once you’re used to it and don’t mind it and as long as the coffee is great and the price is reasonable, i mean its not a problem then, right? 😊

Perfect place to come if you’re craving for a variety of pasta and spaghetti dishes. Cosy place environment and child friendly too! :)

Wow, for an egg lover, especially a die hard Ajitsuke Tamago lover, this sammich had me going back eggain and eggain because I can’t find and have not come across any other cafe or in this case, a Japanese cuisine cafe that serves ramen egg in a sandwich ! It is a very filling dish and even good for sharing so to be, it is worth every single cent. If you’re not a wasabi mayo fan, either request for it to be separated or lessened 😉 PLUS, their home made dark rye bread isn’t one of those hard crusty bread so biting into this sammich wasn’t gum-wrecking 😂 RM20 Ajitsuke Tamago Sando

What’s even better is stuffing a huge generous amount of ramen egg and turning it into a sammich ! 🤤 pair it with a cup of flat white and you’re good to go. I am craving for it right now 😩 been awhile since I last went to this cafe •

Ajitsuke Tamago Sando; RM20 using house baked dark rye bread, tomato, cheese, furikake, wasabi mayo AND THE RAMEN EGGS #highlyRAEted •

PS: Did I mention this house baked dark rye bread isn’t one of those gum-wrecking crusty toast ? Just the way I like my sandwich. Making every bite enjoyable fo sho 😉 •

#sunbathercoffee #ajitsuketamagosando #ramenegg #sammich #burpple #burpplekl #bangsarsouth #thesphere #mycafefood.

This is one of the best and exquisite eggplant dish I’ve had. Jasper-grilled whole Australian eggplant topped with saikyo miso cream, pistachio dukkha and lime at the side. The Kyoto white miso cream enhance the flavour in the soft eggplant and the pistachios gives more texture to it. RM32 per serving.

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Passion Fruit Dessert • This one caught our attention ! If you dig that sour yet sweet punch on your palate, try this crazy rich passion fruit dessert that will certainly make you feel its goodness from miles away just like Drake 🤪

Sweet Pleasure • Fancy a subtle way to hint your partner how they make you feel ? 😏 a good mix of crunchiness yet rich in chocolate flavor, right in its element !