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observation of nature, reflection and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the results of that combination.”- Denis Diderot
A new comer to the ever so dainty Dew dessert bar.. Strawberry and pistachio tart that has an interesting stark contrast of colours, textures and flavours too.. surprisingly it wasn’t too overly sweet but the pistachio flavour wasn’t really strong #afoodiesaffair #burpple #burpplekl #bangsareats #dewbangsar

A non-chocolate lover came in search of this permanent pop up store. Had some trouble looking for it initially. Thought it was between Dip n Dip and Cziplee. Apparently it was on the other side of Cziplee, facing the Pelita row.

Even though their specialty is chocolate, they sell coffee as well. In view of the hot weather, I decided to go for their Iced Chocolate. They have a vegan version, Iced Elixir. Love the fact that they top the drink with shaves of chocolate. The drink is made from dark chocolate but it isn’t bitter. Not too thick either. I love it!

This is RM11. The Iced Elixir is RM9.

nom nom nom🥰
Great hang out with the girls @alyssia_yu @tiffanynbl @imcalista @burpplekl and thorn among the roses @hype_mystyle !
From left to right: passion fruit, pear and lemon~ .
#neverknowhowtostopeating #chienfoodhuntadventure#burpple#burpplekl#desserts#namelakamy#passionfruit#lemon#pear#bangsareats


I love refreshing cocktails, especially on a hot days. So no surprise when I decided on this drink.

This cocktail is a mix of vodka, kaffir lime, limoncello, orange tea, lemon, cucumber and sugar.

It was as refreshing as I expected it to be.

This is RM38.

Bangsar has never ceased to amaze us with new eateries and new cuisine to savour or to even just have a lazy Sunday brunch! The latest edition to the Bangsar food scene is the Aussie inspired Urban Daybreak.. This place has generated a humongous hype surrounding its food especially the Avocado toast which is a fan favourite of the fellow Aussies! Do come in early during the weekends or if you can wait then visit them after 4pm as the crowds disappears to embark their food journeys of the day.. So I had the Perfect Omelette (RM24) which is a bold choice of word to express a humble egg. This is one of the reasons why we chose this dish as like how Jacques Pepin would say that a good chef will make an excellent egg dish.. it may seem nothing but it does resonates a lot for this restaurant.. For their Perfect Omelette, it was filled with baby spinach and smoked salmon and topped off with a heavy dollop of cream cheese accompanied by toasted almonds and mesclun salad.. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as well seasoned or well balanced as it may sound on the menu. The Omelette was well cooked with a creamy and buttery texture but it was under seasoned for most part of it and when it gets you towards the end of it; there it was a big hit of salt just slathers your tongue with it! It wasn’t the most pleasant experience and the bitter salad wasn’t a great accompaniment as it lacks in textures or flavours that complements or even elevate the dish.. it was overall a mediocre dish with lacklustre accompaniments

Average bara chirashi, proportion of rice to ingredient was significant lol. If you're craving for bara chirashi, this would hit the spot. I had the milk tea as well, while not too sweet it wasn't strong enough in my opinion. But overall, a nice casual spot for a Thai-Jap fusion meal.

More bar snack than brunch this, but it works out if you’re craving for heat in the AM. On the menu it states it’s served with jasmine rice but we got naan-like bread instead, which makes it easier to scoop up the thick curry.

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A little ex if you ask me for a plate of wings but at least it’s tasty. The crunchy wings are coated in a sweet glaze and somewhere in that is heat, like the sharp kick you’ll get from chilli padi. Spicy but so good! Pairs best with the in-house Bellini.

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Knowhere does brunch! Comes with bratwurst, toast, semi-dried tomatoes, hash browns and eggs. A little heavy on the salt for me but satisfying anyway.

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