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Comes in a claypot. They will allow you to break the claypot with a hammer provided by them and later served on a plate as shown in picture. Very yummy!

New favourite. Here you can op for warm superfood bowl or poke bowl. I went for the superfood with molasses chicken. Wasn’t a fan of the protein but would go back to try the others.

A plus point with crunchy lotus add on. Recommended if you would like to try different Yee Sang other than the ordinary we usually have

Enough to feed 4!
Meat was soooo juicy. If you’re all about keeping fit, avoid the skin because that’s we’re all the fatty goodness went. But if you don’t mind the extra calories, dig right in. (The latter is very much recommended, worry about your diet tomorrow).

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Came here for the duck, stayed for the char siew and siu yok.
I kid you not, the siu yok was the very definition of melt-in-your-mouth. Char siew was perfectly caramelised.
Noodles were super springy.

The uniqueness of this laksa joint is that the hae ko(fermented shrimp paste) for the asam laksa is self-service, so you can literally drown your laksa in that savoury hae ko if you so wish 😉I value my tastebuds though, so I am not so bold haha 😂

I come here occasionally because the Szechuan-style cooking gets me every time. Ironically though, their lowest spicy level kills my appetite too soon due to its unique piquancy(thanks Szechuan peppercorns) so I usually go for their ‘Unique Flavour’ non-spicy style which at least still comes fried with sesame seeds and peanuts. It’s very much worth it if you come in a group and share a big bowl complete with noodles/rice, but alone it can be hard to estimate how much food is enough and since the price of your meal is determined by weight, it can be easy to rack up a high price eating alone, especially if you’re a meat lover because meat items have a higher charge per unit weight. In summary, this would be best for friends and family who love Mala steamboat but don’t want the hassle of cooking the food in a pot in front of them 😁

Always try to make a stop when I’m in Sunway area