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This fried ebi bagel portion is huge rm27 each, good for sharing. I suggest to order this with another small portion bagel . This is more oily but it helps to moist the bagel. I like it

Fresh ingredients, wonderful flavours & healthy meal

Perfect combination. Crab cake and dory fish were so good. Had sweet potato mash as my base.

Large option comes with 2 protein instead of 1. Had the chutney chicken and chargrilled tofu. Both were just okay. But the sides were good, hooked on eggplants and sweet potato.

Comes in a claypot. They will allow you to break the claypot with a hammer provided by them and later served on a plate as shown in picture. Very yummy!

New favourite. Here you can op for warm superfood bowl or poke bowl. I went for the superfood with molasses chicken. Wasn’t a fan of the protein but would go back to try the others.

💬 They offer a range of bagels: seeded, pumpkin, all sorts, salted, and plain. I recommend sticking to plain or salted. We tried the all sorts bagel for the Hawaiian and it was more dry and hard to eat in comparison to the plain we opted for with the Moo-ing Avocado.⁣⁣
Will be back to try the rest of their extensive menu + all their other baked breads and desserts. ⁣⁣
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A plus point with crunchy lotus add on. Recommended if you would like to try different Yee Sang other than the ordinary we usually have

Enough to feed 4!
Meat was soooo juicy. If you’re all about keeping fit, avoid the skin because that’s we’re all the fatty goodness went. But if you don’t mind the extra calories, dig right in. (The latter is very much recommended, worry about your diet tomorrow).

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Came here for the duck, stayed for the char siew and siu yok.
I kid you not, the siu yok was the very definition of melt-in-your-mouth. Char siew was perfectly caramelised.
Noodles were super springy.