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It’s easy to see why KL-ites and the community are big fans of this cafe-bakery: they provide a bountiful supply of sweet and savoury treats that are truly delicious. They're open till midnight, so pen this spot down for an indulgent after-work treat with friends. Some of our favourites include the sweet Cinnamon Roll (RM5.20), flaky Apple Tart (RM5.20) and the rich Burnt Cheesecake (RM20), which Burppler Joey Tee especially loves for its melt-in-your-mouth texture.
Photo by Burppler Anna Wong


A lovely spot for casual cocktails with a great selection of cakes and pastries. Would recommend the Awesome Blackout if you're into solid chocolate cakes.

It's definitely more of a cafe feel than a bar, so it's nice place to work after hours or for conversation over cafe/drinks.

Will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the food, but I've come back here often for the booze and bakes.


Both were recommended, and they were really yum. Really liked how the pie wasn’t too sweet and that you can a nice chunk of pecan with each bite! The rolls were generously coated as well. Hard to resist.

Can’t help but feel a little jelly of the folks near here – Huckleberry does yummy pastries! Of course I had this, and man, the croissant was super buttery and flaky, plus the well-seasoned egg mayo was just oozing out with every bite. Love!

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One word. Delicious!

A salty, sour, refreshing drink. Its made of dry sake, Pisco El Gobernador, Japanese salt plum, spiced jaggery shrub, lime & soda topped with toasted rice cracker. This drink reminds me of assam boi.


Another refreshing cocktail for me. Good for the hot weather in KL!

This has shochu, preserved orange peel, lime, lemonade and orange bitters. Love, love this drink.

This is RM34.48.

(Rating:5/5🌟) Burnt cheesecake (rm20) One of my favourite cheesecake is definitely from Huckleberry! Covered with a beautiful burnt crust on top and creamy cheese mousse-like texture on the inside which just melts in your mouth. Their cheesecake also available at Birch, DC Mall.

My all-time favourite butterchicken pasta!! It tastes better when it’s spicy so ask for extra spicy!

Coley's is an incredibly cosy affair, with a brilliant selection of cocktails worth exploring.

Their cocktails range from the standard classics to alcoholic twists on local delights (I saw a Sirap Bandung drink) to incredibly curious yet brilliant concoctions such as Whiskey Bubble Tea and their PB&J cocktail.

This place is small and is normally quite packed, so it's best to go in smaller groups of 2-4.

Prices are reasonable for the quality of the cocktails, but definitely on the steeper side - I'd really recommend this place for a fun night out of cocktail exploration and the overall cosy ambience.

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