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Recommended lists of Best Late Night in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Supper, Local Delights, Late Night Best Local Supper Spots In Kuala Lumpur What is supper, if not a fun, spontaneous trek in the dark that leads to late night gratification? We, for one, are spoiled for choice in this city that (almost) never sleeps, with satisfying options for nighttime nasi lemak, incredibly rich cheese naan and roasted chicken wings. From a wealth of places, we've whittled it down to these top 10!
Burpple Guides, Supper, Late Night Best Supper Spots In SS15 In the day, SS15 is the traffic-laden student hub, but after dark, the area transforms into this treasure trove of late night eats. Whether you're looking to study in a cafe over late night coffee, sup on Middle-Eastern cuisine with the gang or tuck into warm nasi lemak at night, there's a supper spot for you in SS15!
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Hawker Food, Late Night Jalan Ipoh's Best: Local Delights Whether you're starving in the late of night after a drinking session or looking for a rewarding dinner after a hard day's work, you'll find it in the comforts of local delights along this road. There are satisfying steamed fish, belly-warming bak kut teh and so much more in Jalan Ipoh.
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Chinese, Hawker Food, Late Night Bukit Bintang's Best: Jalan Alor Eats At bustling Jalan Alor, your abundant choices for street eats stretches from one end of the street to the other. Let us lead you to the best picks, from divine roast pork noodles to delicious grilled fish and drunken chicken noodles!

Top 10 Places for Late Night

Top 10 places for Late Night

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Can never go wrong with South Indian food at this place. There is a reason why people queue for this all the time! We had the chicken biryani and there were generous servings of the very tasty fried bittergourd, cucumber, cabbage as well as chicken curry/ dal. We also ordered the Chicken 65 and lamb masala.

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Although fried chicken wings seems to be an ordinary essential in every bars and pubs, the ones over here definitely distinctive from others from taste wise and large portion. They were brined in Chinese cooking wine prior to deep frying which leaves your palate that bitter linger taste of alcohol and sprinkles of Tzechuaj pepper gives you that kick. They are serve with a pineapple hot sauce. Definitely great munch to go with alcohol if you’re feeling peckish. RM25 per serving.


This plate of sinful bar bite consists of dehydrated red cabbage, crispy nori and fish skins, fish maw and tamarind dusted with curry powder is terribly addictive. Served with a sambal mayo dip that makes it irresistible to decline. RM25 per plate.

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Whiskey based cocktail with Jameson, honey, salted plum, lime and ginger ale. I find it refreshing due to the lime and plum but it was slightly salty and alcohol content is low. RM25 per glass.

This mug of fresh coconut water infused with lime zest and Beefeater London dry gin cocktail is a thirst quencher. The local infused flavours is an easy drink for amateur cocktail drinker and pair well with deem heaty bar food. RM25 per mug.

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This Pre-prohibition classic cocktail made with raspberry syrup, lemon juice, gin and shaken with egg white is definitely a ladies favourite. Creamy foam with a sweet and sour after taste. RM40 per glass.

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This was interesting to have. 6 pieces of baked parmesan cheese and served with honey on the side. Although good with the honey, I preferred it without.

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Homemade pizza base, minced chicken, pineapples and bell pepper. Nothing to shout about. I would skip this.