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Juices served in little cute “tempayan” for that extra special touch. Not too sweet either.

Nice enough meal with two cute sized spring chicken, beef balls and nasi lemak condiments. Reminds me of a combo of nasi kerabu and nasi lemak.

A place where you looking for premium sake this is the place to be, I tried Kuheiji Sauvage 2019 Japanese Premium Sake, its really fruity and goes perfectly well with their Yakitori. Price is reasonable and service is fantastic.
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This is one of their signatures. It comes with either 5 pieces of lotus leaf bun or 4 bowls of poppy seed rice. Opted for the buns. Thought the salmon curry would be something different from the other options. The curry was really good thought a bit more spice would make it better (I’m highly influenced by Indian curries haha).
The salmon are all in small pieces and deboned. There are also eggplant and long beans in the curry. Wish the curry was more so we can soak our buns in it.

This is RM50.

Spiced rum with calamansi and pineapple juice, laksa leaves, ginger flower and assam boi. It does come tasting like assam laksa! The bowl it was served in reminds me of those bowls used for Chinese medicine. If you want something different, try this!

This is RM42.