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Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Supper, Late Night Best Local Supper Spots In Kuala Lumpur What is supper, if not a fun, spontaneous trek in the dark that leads to late night gratification? We, for one, are spoiled for choice in this city that (almost) never sleeps, with satisfying options for nighttime nasi lemak, incredibly rich cheese naan and roasted chicken wings. From a wealth of places, we've whittled it down to these top 10!
Burpple Guides, Supper, Late Night Best Supper Spots In SS15 In the day, SS15 is the traffic-laden student hub, but after dark, the area transforms into this treasure trove of late night eats. Whether you're looking to study in a cafe over late night coffee, sup on Middle-Eastern cuisine with the gang or tuck into warm nasi lemak at night, there's a supper spot for you in SS15!
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Late Night, Hawker Food Jalan Ipoh's Best: Local Delights Whether you're starving in the late of night after a drinking session or looking for a rewarding dinner after a hard day's work, you'll find it in the comforts of local delights along this road. There are satisfying steamed fish, belly-warming bak kut teh and so much more in Jalan Ipoh.
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Late Night, Chinese, Hawker Food Bukit Bintang's Best: Jalan Alor Eats At bustling Jalan Alor, your abundant choices for street eats stretches from one end of the street to the other. Let us lead you to the best picks, from divine roast pork noodles to delicious grilled fish and drunken chicken noodles!

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Top 10 places for Late Night

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😍😋 #hmfoodsteps📍kl
不知不覺半個月就這樣過去了,似乎昨天才剛來到KL呢!來到了這裡看到了許多平常看不到的,感觸良多。最後一晚Teacher N 一家和H送我們上grab之前,我一一和他們握手擁抱道別。當時還沒什麼,只是有點不捨。但當上了車之後從車後窗看他們的不停揮手的身影時,還是不爭氣地飆淚了。還記得我去到學習中心時看到一個五六歲的小孩,明明就很餓明明就吃麵包吃得很開心。但當我問他麵包好吃嗎的時候,他以為我也餓了二話不說直接把麵包遞來要我嘗一口。拋開難民身份標籤,這些孩子和我們沒什麼不一樣。甚至本質來說比我們一般人更加簡單樸實,他們要的真的不多。就只是一般人理所當然擁有的。

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Laksa lemak pasta #pasta #yummyinmytummy #moroccanminttea #tea #mantrabarkl #yummy #instayum #sedap #jalanjalancarimakan #burpple #burpplekl

For pasta, you may try this popular dish which comes with a choice of streaky beef bacon / chicken ham, dash of miso & sake, fresh grated Parmesan and splash of chilli Togarashi spice! You may nosh your pasta up with add on of half boiled free range egg @ RM2.90.

💰: RM28.90++

🍽 Kouzu | One of my favourite Japas (Japanese-inspired Tapas) here in @kouzu_ttdi is the amazingly Crispy + Juicy 🥟 Spring Chicken Gyoza 🥟 food is good but the service & waiting time can be improved though 💰:RM17++ 📷: @lai_carmen
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Happy Pizza Tuesday - if you love pizza, do pop by @kouzu_ttdi to have a try on their Nihonjin Pizza at RM12 each, on every Tuesday from 5pm -11pm! Valid until June 2018.



Looking forward to our recee and purchasing of logs for the project. Feels so surreal that we are actualizing months of prior planning!! 這個領導正在learn on the job,順便把一些下一次3.0應該注意的事項紀錄下👌🏻 #hmfoodsteps📍kl

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Artisan’s homemade plain bagel is glammed up with thick slices of smoked salmon, cream cheese, rocket and tomatoes. I love how crispy the bagel is and how that adds a nice bite against the smooth slices of fish.

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For RM12 you’ll get a big and fluffy pancake topped with a runny sunny side egg. What’s the ‘tampal’? There’s cheese melted between the two so it sticks. Choose either a slice of turkey ham or beef bacon to go with it. It’s simple and really satisfying.